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Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free Diet Been Around Since 1950’s

January 4th, 2013

Natural Remedies Gluten Sensitivity Related to Vaccination? The Gluten Free Diet is not a new thing.  It was written about in the 1950's, and was probably known a long time before that. It is interesting, I think, to observe that the sensitivity to gluten, which is suffered by many people these days, is not a new phenomenon.  Nor is coeliac disease a new thing.  However, it could be a phenomenon which is increasing because of several things: 1) Multiple vaccinations, with four or five different vaccinations being given at one time, to babies whose immune systems have not developed properly, could very well be ...

Vaccinated NZ Girl Dies From Meningococcal Disease 3rd September 2012

September 5th, 2012

Vaccinations Do Not Always Work.  This is the sad lesson for a family whose 12 year-old daughter died of Meningitis on Monday. Note:  See Merrilyn's post following this one, entitled: Vaccinations may help to prevent a bacterial disease, but vaccinations are no good on viral diseases.  If this case of meningitis was a viral one, then the antibiotics in the vaccine given her will have been ineffective for that reason.  But Vitamin C works on both viral and bacterial diseases....... Alternatives to Vaccinations:  Two other therapies can be used instead of vaccinations, and these are massive doses of Vitamin C when the ...

Did Vaccinations Cause Multiple Allergies In Young Child On Campbell Live?

May 17th, 2012

Child Has Allergy to Water.  Allergy To Synthetics.  Allergy to Dust Mites. Multiple Food Allergies The TV3 Campbell Live  show last night, 16th May, 2012, featured the story of a young child who is allergic to many things.  Even water is a problem for him. His Mum told the story about how this  poor wee thing had had a severe skin rash from a very early age.  The condition was so chronic that the child's skin was weeping.  Photos of the child as a baby showed his face totally covered in a red and angry rash.  His Mum now realizes that the ...

Flu Jab Vaccinations Promoted On Campbell Live Show, NZ 18th April 2012

April 18th, 2012

Vaccinations Can Damage Your Immune System. John Campbell TV3 has let us down.  Generally speaking,  I like his style of reporting and discussion, as he usually examines both sides of the issue in question. However, on the issue of vaccinations for influenza which aired on tonight's show, he failed to do this.  We only heard the view of ONE medical doctor who happened to be an advocate for flu jabs.  Makes me wonder if TV3 had been authorized by some government authority to give a pro-vaccination report, by making a seemingly investigitave approach on the issue, but without including controversial evidence against ...

Mercury Thimerosal In Vaccines Is A Danger To Children’s Health

January 14th, 2012

Dangers Of Childhood Immunization Dr Rebecca Carley has stated that children will receive around 2370 times the allowable safe dosage of mercury, if they were to receive every recommended vaccine for the first two years of life.  This is a serious concern if you are considering, or have gone along with, a vaccination programme for your child. Congressman Dan Burton apparently instigated an investigation by the FDA  into the use of mercury in childhood vaccinations, after his own grandchild became autistic following the administering of vaccinations  This FDA investigation resulted in a recommendation that mercury be avoided by drug manufacturers.  However, an ...
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