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“The Cure For All Cancers”. 

This  is the title of the book which Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.  wrote.  In this book she gives the details of her tried alternative cancer cure, which uses just three herbs for treating cancer.  Of course, she recommends certain dietary changes, as well as life-style changes, and gives a list of numerous cancer-inducing chemicals which must also be avoided to combat cancer.

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The herbs which she uses, she has found, cure the cancer parasites within five or six days.  Continued treatment reduces cancer tumours, and also kills off  other unwanted organisms which can take hold in the human body.  ‘Cancer can now be cured, not just treated’, she claims, and you should keep those vital organs instead of submitting to the surgeon’s knife, ‘because you just might need them when you recover’.

There are several well-tried and proven alternative therapies for treating cancer.  Dr Hulga’s is just one of them.  I am well-acquainted with Dr Gerson’s castor oil-enema-diet method for curing cancer, as well as those variations used by Walter Last, Dr Ann Wigmore, New Zealand’s own natural-cure doctor,  Eva Hill, and all those practitioners of the Vitamin C Megadose and Laetrile treatments for cancer.

Dr Hulga’s cancer treatment is not one I have personally tried, but there is no doubt as to the efficacy of her method, since she has used it successfully over many years in her clinic.

I give it to you because of its SIMPLICITY.  The method is straight-forward and easy to understand, and it does not require that you purchase any strange or relatively unknown expensive herbs, or attempt any difficult procedures which some other treatments demand.  It might be just the thing for people who are not already ‘switched on’ to alternative therapies for cancer and other diseases.

So – if you are contemplating surgery for cancer, then I would urge you to postpone the surgery, talk to your health professional about trying  her method for a month, and then go back for a check-up to see if your cancer has reduced itself in size.  Then you might have a better idea about whether you should take that surgery or not.  Once your organs have gone, they have gone for good – or for bad, really. If there IS a way you can keep them, why not put in the time and effort to give it a go?

My sister’s friend was diagnosed with optic nerve cancer just three months ago.  She was told by a specialist at the Auckland Hospital that she would need to have her eye removed within a month.  She hated this idea, and went on her own programme of herbal treatment, with dietary changes and meditation, and now, only 2 months after beginning her own health regime, the cancer has reduced from 5.2mm to 3.6mm – all in the space of two months.

The method of Dr Hulga Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., seems a very easy programme to implement, and she includes 100 case histories in this book which illustrate its effectiveness. I am giving you just the herbal recipe here, but Dr Hulga has a lot to say about the many carcinogenic chemicals which you need to avoid in order to recover and stay well, and foods to avoid as well.

Dr Hulga waited until she had one hundred successful cancer case histories to report before publishing this book in 1993.  She has also written a book entitled “The Cure For HIV and AIDS”.

So – here are the three best herbs which Dr Hulga uses to cure cancer.

They are Black Walnut tincture, Wormwood combination capsules, and Cloves.

Now – you take each of these herbs every day for around three months.  But each herb has a different dose, and is introduced in gradated doses, so read this carefully.

1) Procedure for using the Black Walnut Tincture –

First Day of treatment – One drop of black walnut is taken four times during the day just for the first day. It can be taken at anytime, morning or afternoon.  Just divide the doses up so that they are spaced at least an hour apart. Dr Hulga says to take on an empty stomach, or half an hour before meal-times. Put it into any drink, except for coffee or tea or alcohol of course.

Second Day of treatment – The dose is increased – Two drops of black walnut is taken four times during the day.

Third Day of Treatment – The dose is increased – Three drops of black walnut is taken four times during the day.

Keep on increasing the dose by one drop per day, taken four times daily as above, until you have reached 20 drops of black walnut taken four times during the day.  You must do this gradually, increasing by one drop per day.  Do not be tempted to take a short cut and wham your body with a big dose of black walnut.  Don’t know what will happen – it won’t kill you, but it is not the way to go.

When you get up to 20 drops per day, you reduce the dose.  You keep taking 20 drops in one go, one dose of 20 drops, but you use it only once a day.

From now on – One dose of 20 drops of black walnut tincture  from now on for three months.

2) Procedure for using the Wormwood combination capsules – keep on using the Black Walnut as outlined above.  As well, use the Wormwood as follows:

First Day of Treatment – Take just one capsule of Wormwood with a glass of water before the evening meal.

Second Day of Treatment – Double the dose to just two capsules before the evening meal.

Third Day of Treatment – Increase the dose to just one dose of three capsules before the evening meal.

Keep on increasing the dose by one capsule per day, but still taking just the one dose of the Wormwood treatment each day, before the evening meal.  Keep adding a capsule each day until you are up to 14 capsules taken in the one dose before tea.

Take the 14 capsules for just two more days, one dose of 14 capsules each day before tea.

Then REDUCE the dose to just 14 capsules taken twice a week.  Leave a few days before taking the second dose of 14, and only take the Wormwood twice a week at 14 capsules on each of those two days.

Dr Hulga recommends continuing with the Wormwood treatment ‘forever’, taking 14 capsules in one go on two different days during the week.  This makes sure that no parasites will get the chance to establish themselves in your body ever again, she says.

3) Third Herb – the Cloves.

First Day – Take just one capsule three times a day before meals.

Second Day – Double the dose to two capsules, taken three times a day before meals.

On the Third Day – Take THREE capsules three times a day.

For the next Week – up until Day Ten – Continue taking three capsules of clove powder three times a day, that is, three capsules before each meal.  Do until Day Ten.

Now – After Day Ten – REDUCE the dose to just  ONE DOSE of THREE capsules per day.

Keep taking just three capsules per day, in the one dose before tea, for THREE months.

Then reduce the dose to  3 capsules taken just twice a week  –  For example, three capsules taken on the Monday, and again three capsules on the Friday, or Saturday……

Dr Hulga recommends that you continue taking 3 capsules twice a week forever to remain free of parasites which cause cancer.  This treatment kills off nasty beasties such as shigella and other pathogenic organisms.

Best Regards and Blessings To You All,


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