List Of Complementary Homeopathic Remedies And Sequences

What Sequence of Homeopathic Remedies Work Best?

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It is useful to know what homeopathic remedies work in harmony with each other. Some remedies complement each other, whilst other remedies may antidote the effect of a remedy already given.  Remember not to have drinks of coffee if you are using homeopathic remedies, since coffee is one of the main antidotes to homeopathy.  It is also best to avoid strong tea, garlic, alcohol, and strong spices whilst using the remedies.

Poisons such as fly spray, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals, should always be avoided by the person who is interested in protecting the health of the family. These poisons will also affect the efficacy of any  homeopathic remedies you may be taking.

Usually, we hope, just one remedy will work to cure most complaints.  I mainly used homeopathic Drosera for croup, or whooping cough, because my children responded well to this remedy.  Aconite usually cures ailments which come on suddenly after being chilled or getting wet, and Belladonna will usually fix those high temperatures when the child has red, flushed cheeks.

But sometimes, when complications have arisen, or in other unusual cases – such as treating a young pup who suddenly was stricken down with the Parvo virus after I had agreed to foster him until we found a home – it may be necessary to use a sequence of Homeopathic remedies to effect a final cure.  In this case, I had to use a combination of remedies in order to rid the animal of the deadly Parvo virus, which took some beating.  I kept feeding the poor wee thing with teaspoons of honey and water to keep it from being dehydrated.

Initial progress was made with Arsen alb, (or Mercurius) which  brought down the temperature.  This seemed not to be having any more good effect after a couple of days, so I followed with a day or two of Sulphur and Thuja, if I remember correctly.  Even then, the final solution was to give the pup a dose of castor oil, which had the effect of immediately cleaning out the bowel, and the grateful puppy suddenly, and surprisingly,  got up on its feet again, after having been at death’s door for several days.  Within a couple of weeks after its recovery, we found a wonderful home for this lucky wee chap.

Such was my lucky experience in using homeopathy for dogs.

Complementary Homeopathic Remedies:  The complementaries which have been found to be most effective for each given remedy are highlighted in the list which follows.  Of course, you would choose the complementary remedy which most replicates the symptoms of your patient.

List Of Complementary Homeopathic Remedies And Sequences:

This table is more or less a replica of that given by Harvey Farrington, M.D., who wrote ‘Homeopathy and Homeopathic Prescribing’.  I have added information into this as it turns up in other textbooks, or from my own experience.

ACONITE is followed well by Arnica;  Belladonna;  Bryonia;  Coffea;  Mill;  Phosphorous;  Spongia; and Sulphur.  It is related to Belladonna, Chamomilla, Coffea.

Dr John Renner used Aconite 3x and Bryonia 3x, given both together at the same time, every 30 minutes during  childbirth. He brought thousands of babies into the world using this combination. (Ullman 1988)

ACTEA SPICATA is complementary to Caul; Colo.; Sabi.; Stict.; Vio-o.  (Phatack, 1977)  Useful for swollen, painful joints, especially of wrist, fingers or ankles.  Old people sensitive to cold.  Change in weather often brings on symptoms.  Sometimes shortness of breath with cold weather.  A bluish tinge to the sight.

ADONIS VERNALIS:  Phatack says this is a great non-cumulative heart remedy, especially in cases where heart is weakened following rheumatism, influenze, nephritis, or due to fatty degeneration.  Can help regulate the pulse and strengthen muscles of the heart, help urine flow and improve conditions such as arrrhythmia, cardiac dropsy, hydrothorax, ascites, anasarca. Phatack claims it for ‘Compensatory hypertrophy of heart in cardiac stenosis and mitral regurgitation.’  His dose is 5-10 drops of the homeopathic tincture.  It is related to Bufo. and can be compared with Conval; Digitalis; Strop.

ALOES is followed well by Sulphur.  Aloes affects generalities, stomach, and is useful for surgery. Aloes is related to Lil-t; Pod.; Sepia; Sulphur (Dr. S.R. Phatak, 1977)

ALUMINA is followed well by Bryonia;  Ferr.m.  Alumina is complementary to Bryonia and related to both Bryonia and Plumbum.  Useful for female complaints, especially gynoecological.

ANT. CRUD. is followed well by Squill.

ANTIMON TART is followed well by Baryta carbonica;  Ipecacuanha.

APIS is followed well by Arnica;  Baryta carbonica;  Merc. cy;  Nat. mur;  Pulsatilla.

One popular commercial combination is Apis, Belladonna and Phytolacca.

Apis mellifica – Should not be given after Rhus tox.  Apis is complementary to Nat mur. (T.S. Iyer p.364)

ARGENTUM NITR. is followed well by Kali c;  Nat. mur.

ARNICA is followed well by Aconite;  Calc. carb; Natr. sulph;  Psor;  Rhus tox;  Sul. ac.

Some common and effective Arnica combinations are:

Arnica, Asafoetida, and Pulsatilla.

Aconite, Mercurius, and Arnica.

Arnica, Asafoetida, and Rhus Tox.

Arnica, Aconite,and  Rhus Tox.

Arnica, Mercurius, and Rhus Tox.

Arnica, Ipecac., and Aconite.

Pulsatilla, Arnica, and Lycopodium.



Arsenicum is a much used remedy.  It is followed well by Allium sativum;  Carbo veg;  Lachesis;  Natr. sul;  Phos.; Pulsatilla; Sulphur;  Thuja.

Harvey Farrington M.D. often uses Arsenicum followed by Belladonna.

Arsenicum alb. is also followed well by:  Nux vomica; Iodine; Rhus tox.; (skin diseases) Sulphur.  He lists as Complementaries to Arsen alb:  Carbo veg; Phosphorous; Thuja; Secale.

Arsen alb follows well AFTER:  Aconite; Agaricus; Arnica; Belladonna; Chamomilla; Chinea; Ipecac; Lachesis; Veratrum alb. (Farrington)

Arsen alb. antidotes:  Carbo veg; China; Ferrum met.; Graphites; Hepar sulph; Iodine; Ipecac; Nux vom; Mercurius; Phosphorous; Sambucus; Tabacum; Veratrum alb; Lead poisoning.

Arsen alb is antidoted by the following remedies: Camphor; China; Ferrum met; Graphites; Hepar sulph; Iodine; Ipece; Nux vom; Sambusux; Tabacum; Veratrum alb.

Arsen alb is used together in a commercial preparation with Gelsemium and Eupatorium Perf.  I find this combination very good for shingles and eczema when dairy milk is excluded from the diet.

ARUM TRI is follwed well by Nitric acid.

ASAFOETIDA is followed well by Causticum;  Pulsatilla.  The sequence of Asafoetida, China, Mercurius, and Pulsatilla is a recommended one.

Arnica can be followed by Asafoetida and then Rhus Tox.

One sequence which is frequently used is Asafoetida, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla.

Asafoetida will antidote some remedies, if given after them:  It antidotes Causticum, Camphor, China, Mercurius, Pulsatilla and Valerian.

BARYTA CARB is followed well by Antimon tart. It is useful to use either before or after Hepar sulph, Psorinum, Sulphur, and Tub.  Dr Adolph Von Lippe says that using Psorinum after Baryta carb can ‘eradicate the constitutional tendency to quinsy’.

BELLADONNA is followed well by Bor;  Calc. carb;  Hepar sulph;  Mercurius;  Nat. mur.

BRYONIA is followed well by Abro;  Alum;  Kali c;  Lycopodium;  Rhus tox.;  Sepia;  Sulphur.

Dr Adolph Von Lippe recommends Phytolacca to follow, if Bryonia and Rhus tox do not have effect.

CALCAREA CARB. is followed well by Bar. c;  Lycopodium;  Silica.

CALCAREA FLUOR. is followed well by Rhus tox.

CALCAREA PHOS. is followed well by Ruta;  Sulphur;  Zinc.

CANTHARIS is followed well by Apis.

CAPSICUM is followed well by Nat. mur.

CARBO AN. is followed well by Calc. phos.

CARBO VEG. is followed well by Arsen alb;  China;  Kali c.;  Lachesis;  Phosphorous.  Dr J. N. Singhal lists Kali carb and Drosera as complementary to Carbo veg.  He compares Carbo veg to Carboneum; Lycopodium; Veratrum album; Carbolic acid.

Singhal complements Carbo veg. with Kali carb. for chest troubles.  For haemorrhage and dysepsia, he complements Carbo veg. with China. 

Carbo veg. is commonly used for collapsed states and chronic conditions,  (Boericke)  in 30th potency or higher.  Dr Banerjee uses the 6th potency for chronic cases with wind in the upper part of stomach, or Lycopodium if wind is in the abdomen.  Dr Bhardwaj uses high potencies, eg C.M., for collapsed states.  Dr Singhal says that Carbo veg. can help save lives after severe illness such as typhoid, cholera, pneumonia, when the vital force is extremely low.

Carbo veg. for stomach complaints when Nux vom. fails to act, (Farrington),  for stopping internal bleeding, (followed by China), whooping cough, and asthmatic attacks in elderly, when there is much perspiration and heat, especially on forehead.  Note:  Veratrum alb. is another important remedy for near collapse, but with Veratrum album, the sweat is cold. Hoarseness often goes with Carbo veg..

CAUSTICUM – Potassium hydrate or Caustic potash.  Acts on nerves, muscles, bladder.  It is followed well by Carbo. veg; Graphites;  Lachesis;  Petros.;  Sepia;  Stan.;  Staph.  Related to Gel.; Kali-bi.; Pho.; Rhus tox.; Sepea. Dr Phatak recommends Causticum for retention of urine after an operation.  For children slow to walk and talk. Chewing difficult. Effects of lead poisoning. Anxious and sad.  Feels guilty as if responsible for some crime.  Negative outlook. Spoonerisms in speech, jumbling up order of words or letters.  Warts. Restless legs at night. Rheumatic pains, cramps in legs, taught tendons, stiff joints, weak ankles, difficulty walking.

CEANOTHUS: A great spleen remedy. Complementary to Nat. mur. and related to China.  For enlarged liver or spleen, and useful for leukemia.  Pain on left side under rib cage. Better for lying on right side.

CEPA is followed well by Phos.;  Pulsatilla;  Sarsaparilla;  Thuja.

CHAMOMILLA is followed well by Belladonna; Calc. carb.;  Mag. c.;  Sanic.

CHELIDONIUM is followed well by Lycopodium or Merc.d.; or follow Lycopodium with Chelidonium if the first does not work Related remedies:  Bryonia; Kali-bi.; Mercurius; Opium.  Chelidonium is a great liver remedy, acting more on the right side. Characteristic to Chelidonium is a yellow tinge to the complexion and upset stomach, which indicates liver malfunction, or jaundice.  Affects the right lower lung and right side of abdomen.  Right-sided pain. Better for lying on stomach. Feels anxious as if guilty of a crime.  Worse for change of weather, coughing, motion and at and

CHINA is follwed well by Arsen alb.;  Cal. p.;  Carbo veg.;  Ferr.;  Kali c.;

CINA is followed well by Calc. c.;  Drosera;  Sulphur.

COCCULUS is followed well by Petr.

COFFEA is followed well by Aconite.

COLCHICUM is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Spigelia.

COLOCYNTHUS is follwed well by Causticum;  Mercurius;  Staphisagria.

CONIUM is followed well by Phosphorous;  Silica.

CROTALUS HORRIDUS, a snake remedy. Like Lachesis, is a left-sided remedy which affects the nervous system and the heart, and shares many of the same symptoms, except it is worse for cold air.  Its complementary is Lycopus.

Related remedies to Crotalus are:  The Ophedia; Arsen alb.; Camphor; Carbo veg.; Lachesis; Laur.; Sul. ac.; Tarentula cub.

CUPRUM is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Calc. carb.;  Iodum.

DROSERA is followed well by Carbo. veg.;  Nux vomica;  Sulphur.

DULCAMARA is followed well by Alum.;  Baryta c.;  Nat. sulph.

EUPATORIUM PERF. is followed well by Nat mur and Sepia

FERRUM is followed well by Alumina;  Arsen alb.;  China;  Hamamelis.

FERRUM PHOS. is followed well by Nat. mur.

FLUORIC ACID is followed well by Silica.

GELSEMIUM is followed well by Arg. n.;  Sepia.

The combination of Gelsemium; Hydrastis; Calendula given 3x per day, 3 drops of each, was given for agricultural poisoning, Dieldrin, RoundUp, and other chemicals, by a Dr Gerald Gibb for a friend of mine. This treatment proved effective over time.

GLONOIN is followed well by Belladonna.

GRAPHITES is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Causticum;  Ferr. met.;  Hepar sulphuris;  Lycopodium;  Sulphur.

HAMAMELIS is followed well by Ferr. met.;  Fluoricum. acidum

HELLEBORUS is followed well by Zinc.

HEPAR SULPHURIS is followed well byIodum;  Silica.

IGNATIA is followed well by Nat. mur.;  Phos. acidum; Pulsatilla;  Sepia.

IODINE is followed well by Badiag.;  Lycopodium;  Silica.

IPECACUANHA is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Cuprum metallicum.

KALI BICHROMICUM is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Phophorous;  Psorinum.

KALI CARBONICUM is followed well by Arsenicum iodatum;  Carbo veg.;  Nitric acid;  Phosphorous.

KALI MUR is followed well by Calcarea sulphurica.

KALMIA is followed well by Benzoicum acidum;  Spigelia.

KREOSOTE is followed well by Sulphur.

LACHESIS is chiefly a left-sided remedy which is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Calcarea carbonicum;  Carbo veg.;  Hepar sulph;  Lycopodium;  Mitric acidum;  Phosphorous;  Zinc iodide.

Dr Farrington lists the related remedies of Lachesis as: Arsen alb.; Belladonna; Carbo veg.; Causticum; Conium; Hepar sulph.; Lycopodium; Mercurius; Nitric acid; Sepia; Tarent. cub.; Tarent. hisp.; Zinc; and the Ophidia.

Lycopodium, Phosphorous, Zinc and Iodine are particularly complementary to Lachesis.

LACTIC ACID is followed well by Psorinum.

LEDUM is followed well ty China;  Sepia.

LYCOPODIUM is followed well by Calcarea carbonica;  Iodum;  Kali c.;  Lachesis;  Phosphorous;  Pulsatilla Sulphur.

MAGNESIUM C is followed well by Chamomilla.

MARUM VERUM is followed well by Calcarea carbonica.

MERCURIUS is followed well by Aurum metallicum;  Badiag.;  Belladonna;  Hepar sulphuris;  Sepia;  Sulphur.

Mercurius also follows well after Belladonna; Hepar sulphuris; Lachesis or Sulphur, but should never be given after Silicea according to T.S. Iyer.

NAJA is not such a common remedy, but it has its uses.  It is related to Lachesis:  Both are snake remedies which affect the nervous system and the heart.  Naja, according to Harvey Farrington,  is often more useful than Lachesis for heart affections such as angina pectoris with pains going to shoulder and neck; for heart palpitations brought on by stress; frontal headaches accompanied by pains in spine and palpitations; myocarditis with stitching pains due to stress; uncomplicated cardiac hypertrophy in young people.

Naja’s related remedies:  Arsen alb.; Cactus; Carbo veg.; Camphor; Cimic.; Tab.; Lachesis; Laur.; the Ophidia.

NATRUM CARBONICA is followed well by  Sepia.

NATRUM MUR is followed well by Apis;  Arg. nit.;  Ignatia;  Sepia.

NATRUM SULPH. is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Thuja.

NITRIC ACID is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Arum t.;  Calad.;  Calc. carbonica;  ALycopodium;  Thuja.

NUX MOSCHATA is followed well by Calcarea carbonica;  Lycopodium.

NUX VOMICA is followed well by Bryonia;  Chamomilla;  Conium;  Kali carbonica;  Phosphorous;  Pulsatilla;  Sepia;  Sulphur.

OPIUM is followed well by Alumina;  Baryta carbonica;  Bryonia;  Phosphorous;  Plumbum.

PALLADIUM is followed well by Platina.

PETROLEUM is followed well by Sepia.

PHOSPHORIC ACID is followede well by China.

PHOSPHOROUS is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Calcarea carbonica;  Cepa;  Kali carbonica;  Lycopodium;  Sanguinaria canadensis;  Sepia;  Silica;  Sulphur.

PHYTOLACCA is complemented by Silica.  It is antidoted by Belladonna and Mezerium.  Mercurius is incompatible with Phytolacca.  Phytolacca is a great gland remedy, and is especially known for its action on the breast and its mammary glands.  Can be used for reducing breast lumps.  Its action is similar to Bryonia and Rhus tox:  Phytolacca will often produce a cure when these two remedies fail to act.

I have found that, in combination with non-acidic Vitamin C, 10,000 mg a day thereabouts, for as long as needed and dose depending on the severity of the condition, Phytolacca taken daily for three weeks at a time, then a break, combined with Bryonia and weekly dose of Arsen alb has cured the type of breast lump which occurs after exposure to toxic herbicides such as glyphosate in RoundUp.

PLUMBUM is followed well by Rhus toxicodendron.

PODOPHYLLUM is followed well by Calcarea carbonica;  Nat mur.;  Sulphur.

PSORINUM is followed well by Sepia;  Sulphur;  Tuberc.

PULSATILLA is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Bryonia;  Kali bich.;  Kali sulph.;  Lycopodium;  Sepia;  Silica;  Stannum;  Sulphur;  Sulph.  acid;  Zinc.

Harvey Farrington M.D. uses the combination Pulsatilla; Arnica; Lycopodium to good effect.

RHEUM is followed well by Magnesia carbonica.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON is followed well by Bryonia;  Calcarea carbonica;  Causticum;  Lycopodium;  Medorrhinum;  Phosphorous;  Phytolacca;  Pulsatilla;  Sulphur. 

RUTA is followed well by Calcarea phos.

SABADILLA is followed well by Sepia.

SABINA is followed well by Thuja.

SANGUINARIA is followed well by Antimon tart.;  Phosphorous.

SARSAPARILLA is followed well by Mercurius;  Sepia.

SECALE is followed well by Arsen alb.;  Thuja.

SEPIA is followed well by Nat. mur.;  Phosphorous;  Psorinum;  Pulsatilla;  Sulphur.

SILICA is followed well by Fluoricum acidum;  Hepar sulphuris;  Lycopodium;  Phosphorous;  Thuja.

SPIGELIA is followed well by Spongia.

SPONGIA is followed well by Hepar sulphuris 

SQUILLA is followed well by Antimonium crudum.

STANNUM is followed well by Pulsatilla.

STAPHYSAGRIA is followed well by Causticum;  Colocynthis.

SULPHUR is followed well by Aconite;  Aloe;  Arsenicum album; Badiaga;  Belladonna;  Calcarea carbonica;  Mercurius;  Pulsatilla;  Psorinum;  Pyrogen (also called Sepsin);  Rhus toxicodendron; Sepia;  Sulphuricum iodide.

Aloe and Psorinum are complementary to Sulphur, and can be used concurrently with Sulphur.

Iyer says to use Sulphur after Aconite – useful sometimes in cases of pneumonia or other acute disease.  Iyer also recommends the following sequences: Sulphur, Calcarea, Lycopodium, or Sulphur, Sarsparilla, Sepia.

SULPHURIC ACID is followed well by Pulsatilla.

THUJA is followed well by Mercurius;  Nat. mur;  Nitric acid;  Pulsatilla;  Sabina;  Silica;  Sulphur.

TUBERCULINUM is followed well by Calcarea carbonica;  Kali sulph.;  Sepia.

VERATRUM ALBUM is followed well by Arsenicum album;  Carbo veg.:  (Farrington)  These three remedies are the top three listed by Hahnemann for near collapse of the body’s functions, when diseases such as cholera, typhoid, asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia have weakened the body so much that death might seem imminent.  Veratrum album is called for when the vital organs are about to give up, with an overall  cold sweat.  Carbo veg. usually has a hot perspiration on the forehead, but rest of body may be cold and blue.  (Dr J.N. Singhal)

ZINCUM is followed well by Pulsatilla;  Sepia;  Sulphur.

Read also the post which follows this one, which gives a short list of antagonistic remedies:  “Homeopathic Remedies Which Do Not Mix Well”

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31 thoughts on “List Of Complementary Homeopathic Remedies And Sequences”

  1. This is great! Thank you! I am wondering why not take lower potency combinations of remedies that are compatible if all have strong indications for certain conditions? Thank you, again,

  2. Hi Vivien,
    Sometimes a combination of compatible remedies can be used. However the orthodox way of prescribing is to use one remedy at a time. Occasionally a homeopath will prescribe two or three remedies to be used separately each day – this is sometimes done with chronic diseases, or illnesses arising out of exposure to dangerous chemicals such as roundup.
    Exposure to toxic chemicals often means that a remedy might neeed to prescribed specifically to improve the immune system, and the symptoms arising from exposure tended to with another remedy,and another remedy used to remove the toxic chemicals as quickly as possible.
    But for general infections, such as measles or mumps or chicken pox – If the right remedy is used – one which covers the whole picture of the individual and all the idiosynchrasies of symptoms – then a cure can be expected. There are several remedies to choose from for any of these childhood infections, and there is a ‘right’ remedy for everyone, although there are several remedies which I would rate as near infallible for treating certain conditions such as measles or flu.
    There is a modern trend to combine certain compatible remedies, and this is done mainly as a marketing tool. The idea is that if one remedy does not do the trick for everybody, then one of the others might fix the problem.
    For example, you can buy a preparation for treating and preventing influenza called Infludo. This is a Weleda product, which is a very reputable brand.It contains various amounts of homeopathic Aconite, Bryonia, Eucalyptus, Phosphorous and Sabadilla.
    I have used this combination,and it is very good. But I must say that I find homeopathic Arsen Alb, just the single remedy, to be unbeatable in preventing and treating flu.
    Hope this helps answer your question.

  3. Thank you, Merrilyn. I get confused by so many different philosophies on how homeopathic remedies are best given. I was introduced via Anthroposophical medicine about 30 years ago and have been fascinated, studying as things came up personally and for family, and friends. I know enough to do somethings and am having financial challenges that prevent me from getting more expert help. I get a lot of assistance from ABC Homeopathy’s website, but that has its limits, too.

  4. I am also interested in training and getting some kind of certification in homeopathy online. Do you know of any programs that you can recommend?

  5. Thank you for this! My baby was given chamomilla (which worked like magic for her irritability and sleeplessness), but when her green stools and cough didn’t go away she was switched over to Cal Phos. Once on calc phos her sleep was worse than before the chamomilla, so we went back to the chamomilla. However the chamomilla no longer works for her?? Is it possible the calc phos rendered it useless somehow? Forgive me, I’m still trying to learn how this works.

  6. Hello Joy,
    You need the advice of a professional, I think. It is possible that one remedy has negated the other, but it is important to look at the overall picture.
    I would question if the baby is entirely breastfed, or is on dairy milk or another product.
    It could be that something in the diet, such as dairy or wheat, could be the problem. This would need to be looked at before selecting a remedy – if there is an allergy, then the food causing the mucous buildup would need to be eliminated from the diet, and then a remedy perhaps could be given which would help clear up the cough. It may be that the chamomilla might work if dairy and wheat are removed from the diet.
    Calc carb is sometimes recommended for children with milk allergies, but, since your child still has a cough, it would be best to get some professional advice before trying another remedy.
    Kind Regards,

  7. Thank you so much for your quick response Merrilyn! I have seen a homeopath, but her symptoms are getting worse despite his suggestions so I wanted to see if I could do a little more research. To answer your questions, she is solely breastfed, and I cut out dairy, soy, and gluten 4 months ago. That cured her colic, and she even started sleeping through the night for a few months, but she’s slowly been waking more and becoming increasingly fussy despite my still being off dairy, etc., Her stools have always been green regardless of what I cut out from my diet.

  8. I have skin problems: ringworm on my leg, eczema on my hands, eczema (possibly psoriasis on my hairline)…I had acne as a teen. I took Metoprolol (usually a half of the smallest dose) on and off for palpitations 4 years. Not until this last month did I find out that the terrible itching and breakouts can be a serious side effect. Three weeks ago I stopped the medication and began trying kali sulph. Is this a good idea? Can I take it with sulph? I’m researching on the internet until I find a practitioner.

  9. I posted earlier about skin problems. The ringworm and eczema have been tamed and are mostly gone. I’ve been taking arsenicum album @6c 2x-3x per day. However, the psoriasis (I think that’s what it is.) Is persistent. I started psorinum 12c 3x/day and symptoms worsened, even new rashes on other areas. I was told to stop psorinum for a few days then to restart @one per day. What I would like is suggestions on diet and what else I can do. I understand that psoriasis is different from eczema and “incurable” so I’m told. I’m a bit stubborn about not accepting that totally. Any recommendations?

  10. Hi Marka,
    Thankyou for your comment. I too was told that psoriasis was incurable, and that I would have it forever. I have found strict dietary measures do keep it at bay, but that it returns if I lapse too badly on my diet.
    I think it is important to cut dairy and wheat, especially in the form of bread, out of the diet. I have found milk, cheese and wheat to be especially bad for psoriasis. Sugar too. Walter Last instructed me to quit these foods when I had severe psoriasis (one doctor’s diagnosis at the time). I have found that psoriasis returns when I am lazy about my diet, and consume too much milk. When I leave off the milk, the condition disappears again after several weeks.
    Avoiding yeast-made breads of any kind, and also any products which contain yeast, can be very helpful.
    I have moved recently to Dunedin in New Zealand, and have not got all my reference books for homeopathy here yet. But I will endeavour to resource some more information for you when I can. Give me a reminder in a few weeks if I have not replied.
    Hopefully, you will find the above points helpful. Also, eat mung bean sprouts every day – even cooked mung beans are good. Mung bean sprouts were a must in Walter’s diet. It is helpful to take more Vitamin C in the form of Ester C or Calcium Ascorbate, Pantothenic acid (for nerves), Zinc, Selenium.
    Use Lecithin in your diet – one tablespoon of lecithin per day. Sprinkle Kelp powder on your food. One tablespoon of safflower oil or olive oil per day. The yolks only of two raw eggs per day provides some lecithin and minerals, as well as protein.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

  11. Hi Imran – sorry about the delay in responding. I have just moved cities.
    Yes – Lycopodium and Sulphur can be used together, although usually, they would be prescribed individually.
    Thanks for your question.

  12. hi merrilyn, principle of homeopathy is” like cures like” for eample- Alumina if given to a normal person will cause decreased intestinal peristalsis, if given to a person with decreased intestinal motility (ex-constipation)will improve the motility and cure constipation, but if these does not happen and the Alumina produces its known action which is slowing down the intestinal peristalsis then it will actually do more it is actually risky. its either improvement or worsening.

  13. Hi Merrilyn, had queries regarding principles of homeopathic medicine “like cures like”. for example Alumina if given to a normal person will cause decreased intestinal peristalsis, if given to a person with decreased intestinal motility (ex-constipation)will improve the motility and cure constipation, but if these does not happen and the Alumina produces its known action which is slowing down the peristalsis then it will actually do more harm. so it is actually risky taking homeo medicine. its either improvement or more deterioration.

  14. Hi Merrilyn,
    I am from India and suffering from acute OCD for the last 30 years. No counselling and Allopathic, occasional homoeopathic treatment helped though I want to give homoeopathy a try again.

    One of my doctor friends suggested me to take Staphysagria, which has not really helped. Another doctor suggested me to take Argentum nitricum. I am a bit confused. Can I take arg nitricum and staphysagria together alternatively for quick healing? Please suggest.

  15. Hey Dear Sir Dr,
    I want to know about my remedies sequence or antidote,
    as i checked my symptoms,
    It Comes equal to Ars Alb,Lyco,pulsatila and Sulphur(Normally mind rubrics set to lyco and pulsa and skin ailment to sulphar)
    how can these used, i mean which are antidote to each other, and which can taken along with.

    Please Guide

  16. Had parasite in bowel for 3 months (Dientamoeba fragilis)
    Won’t go. Have taken tincture of wormwood and black walnut with other ing to calm inflammation.(10 days) irritated bladder but persevered with Thuja.
    Have had two courses of antibiotics (doxycycline) with no success thus far. Have researched remedies with no avail.
    Re-tested this week and results be in next week. Next course of action would be flagyl antibiotic (not keen as the side effects huge)
    Think got thrush in gut…
    Any suggestions?

  17. I find castor oil to be the very best thing to eradicate thrush from the digestive system. I would advise that you ask your doctor, though – in case this is not the problem.
    I do not believe that castor oil could do any damage, but some doctors disagree – and if you are already taking medications, then the castor oil would interfere with the working of these.
    Have you eliminated milk, wheat, and sugar from the diet? These are very problematic foods in my opinion. Might be worth a try if you have not ruled them out already.
    Best Wishes,
    ps if it were me, i would eradicate those three foods and take a dose of castor oil once or twice a week for several weeks. But again – do ask a health practitioner before doing this.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I would advise you to see a practicing homeopath for advice on what remedy/remedies and sequences you could use.
    The condition and circumstances of the patient need to be considered carefully – treatment may vary from person to person and the same sequence for one might not work for another.
    Good wishes,

  19. Hi Merrilyn,

    24 yr M, vegetarian and teetotaller.
    Symptoms: excessive sweating of palms in winters , feeling tired whole day, need for air in the evening, gas disorders in the stomach, feeling heavy after eating, specially butter.

    One of teh homeopath prescribed: Calcarea carbonica
    i took, got some relief from gas and acidity , i moved cities and forgot my medicine, i went to another local homepath and was prescribed : Carbo veg.

    Can i take both of them on alternate days for quick relief. Please guide.

  20. I would follow the instructions which the homeopath gave you. Go back to the homeopath who gave you the Carbo veg if you are in doubt
    Kind Regards,

  21. Maam I am suffering from acne for the last 2 years. I too have dandruff and hair fall .very oily skin. Now I am under a homeo treatment and is taking sepia 10M . oily skin reduced but break out continues. It is over 5 months now since I took the medicine. Is this natural?? If I want to change the remedy???

  22. I want to have a remedy for my mother, 82-year old, patient of acute osteoporosis. Her two Dorsal vertebrae [9 & 10] have got fused due to this. She has acute pain due to this and not able to sit/sleep. I gave her Arnica 30 tds but with not much relief. Her weight is around 75 kg, bulky physique. Please advise .

  23. Can I take both Aloe30c and Lycopodium30c (both in water, just a few drops) the same day for bloating and digestive problems?

  24. I have a question: can I take both Aloe30c and Lycopodium30c the same day for bloating and digestive problems? Each dissolved separately of course in 4 oz. of water, does of one scant tsp.

  25. With due respect to Mr/Ms Merrilyn,

    I am a man of 59 years old. I am having frequent problem of running nose followed by stuffy nose and chest congestion. Please advice me combination of Homeopathic Medicines for these.

    B K Verma

  26. Hi Merrilyn. Wonderful information. I was wondering if i could get an advice here. My son had a cold and cough which i gave him ars. 30c. Then i gave him kali bich.30c. Most of his symptoms are gone. He only has a cough which sounds dry and a bit loose in the morning. I tried one dose of kali bich.200c. Its been 3 days since but no change in cough. What remedy follows well for his cough?
    Thank you.

  27. Hi, My father is 76 years old and suffers from artherosclerosis. He has also got Dementia. Recently, the Dementia problem has increased tremendously.

    Reading on Internet it seems, Baryta Carb and Phosphorus, closely matches his symptoms. Can he be given both the medicines alternately in the day? What would be dilution, 200, 30?

    Please help and advise.
    Many thanks

  28. Well, I would seek the advice of a qualified homeopath to ensure you have the very best remedies for your father. The homeopath would take a proper picture of the individual, making an analysis of all physical, mental and emotional symptoms, to come up with the best treatment.
    Personally, if treating myself, and using Baryta Carbonica as the main remedy, I would use the 30c potency, taken three or four times a day. Then, after a week on the Baryta Carb, I would perhaps take Sulphur as a one-off remedy, in a 200c potency. Sulphur is complementary to Baryta Carb. Then back to the Baryta Carb at 30c. This is where you need the advice of a professional, to watch the progress and decide whether or not you would continue with Sulphur 200c on a weekly basis. I would leave the Sulphur after one dose and observe the patient closely before repeating. One dose might be enough. Also, if marked improvement is shown after only a week of this treatment, using Baryta carb daily, and only one dose of Sulphur after a week, then I would stop both homeopathic treatments until you feel it is necessary to use them again.
    Baryta Carb, or Barium Carbonate, is known as a good remedy for ‘weakness of mind and body of old men.’
    I hope you can find an affordable and reputable homeopath to advise you.
    Best wishes,

  29. Hello I was wondering if you could answer questions for me if remedies are complementary does that mean that they don’t answer don’t and they can be taken at the same time? Right now I am using apis mellifica but the homeopathic I am working with wants me to take pulsatilla.

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