Homeopathic Remedy And Herbs For Cholera

DSCO 1681Vaccination Alternative For Cholera Epidemic In Haiti:  Homeopathic Camphor

Proven Homeopathic Remedy For Cholera:  Almost 100 years ago, a  medical doctor cured an epidemic of cholera in Moravia by using homeopathic Camphor.



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The United Nations have refused to give compensation to Haitians who suffered from cholera, even though it was the UN who brought the cholera epidemic to Haiti through their peace-keeping troops, the majority of whom came from under-developed countries which carry cholera, such as Nepal.  These troops were brought in to repair damage after the earthquake.

The United Nations have also declined to organize a vaccination programme to protect Haitians from succumbing to the disease.  This would seem to me to be a gross act of negligence, especially since it was their forces who brought the disease to Haiti.  Their negligence, and their failure to address the problem of their own making, makes a farce of their very existence, since they are ostensibly there to help countries in need.

It is probable that lack of funds could be the reason for the UN’s failure to try and remedy the problem of cholera in Haiti. If this is the case, then they are very short-sighted, because Homeopathic Camphor is an easy, inexpensive, and safe alternative to using expensive pharmaceutical drugs for cholera.

Homeopathic Camphor could be used instead of vaccinations for Cholera.  Doctors in Haiti could give out the homeopathic remedies for treating cholera at a fraction of the cost of pharmaceutical drugs.

Drug companies, and the FDA, need to relax their laws, stop demonizing homeopaths, and open up their eyes as to the potential of Homeopathy in treating the many diseases of the world.

Bayberry Roots And Bark For Cholera:  In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, these have been used in combination with dried ginger for treating the cholera disease.

Bistort For Treating Cholera:  Bistort is a herbal antiseptic which is rich in Vitamins A, C, and B.  Louise Tenney suggests it for treating Cholera, Plague, Small Pox and Measles.

Garlic Also Used For Cholera:  As we all know, garlic is a natural antibiotic.  Earl Mindell praises Garlic as a cure-all in his book ‘The Herb Bible’, published by Vermilion Press, London, 1994.  He reminds us of how Dr Albert Schweitzer used garlic to treat cholera, typhus, and amoebic dysentery  in Africa, whilst working there as a missionary.

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