Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free Diet Been Around Since 1950’s

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Gluten Sensitivity Related to Vaccination?

The Gluten Free Diet is not a new thing.  It was written about in the 1950’s, and was probably known a long time before that.

It is interesting, I think, to observe that the sensitivity to gluten, which is suffered by many people these days, is not a new phenomenon.  Nor is coeliac disease a new thing.  However, it could be a phenomenon which is increasing because of several things:

1) Multiple vaccinations, with four or five different vaccinations being given at one time, to babies whose immune systems have not developed properly, could very well be one major cause of gluten sensitivity and other health disturbances.

2) The proliferation of food additives in our foods, and the use of toxic agricultural chemicals, are probably another major cause for our failing digestive systems.

3) The refining process in making flour could be another factor.  Processing wheat flour involves using chemicals on the wheat, such as bleach to whiten it.

4) The genetically modified strains of wheat grain, used for making flour and bread, could be a contributing factor.

Gluten-Free Diets In the 1950’s:  I have an old medical book entitled: ‘Healthy Minds And Bodies’ which was published in 1956 by ‘The Waverley Book Co., Ltd’.   An article written by Elizabeth Gilzean and Peter Bevan in this book recommends a gluten-free diet for coeliac disease, or celiac disease to use the American spelling.

Interesting to note the health interests of these 1950’s doctors and writers:  This same book also has one article on Homeopathic Medicine, but it endorses the use of vaccinations for many infectious diseases in another article entitled ‘Children’s Ailments And Illnesses’.

I have read in other books that people seem to have developed allergies, such as hay fever, and asthma, which have increased since around the time that mass vaccinations were introduced.  In fact, one source says that hay fever was never heard of before national vaccinations began. See Dr Hans-Peter Studer’s book intitled ‘Vaccination’, and also the book ‘Your Health At Risk’ by Dr Toni Jeffrey’s for more inofrmation on the side-effects of vaccination and whether or not they actually work.

Are Vaccinations One of the Reasons for the increasing incidence of gluten intolerance?  It is possible that vaccinations have  also upset our metabolisms to the extent that many of us have become intolerant to wheat, or to gluten.

It is also possible that the wheat itself, which is genetically modified, has a bearing on people’s intolerance of it.  Wheat has been mucked around with since the 1920’s in New Zealand, with new strains being developed every year or two, the aims being to maximize the yield for farmers, reduce the growing time, and so maximize the profits.  But this kind of modifcation which results in faster growing crops and bigger yields must also result in a grain which is deficient in many minerals and vitamins.  Then there is the devitalized and chemically-laden soil on which the wheat is grown year after year to consider.

Recipe Gluten Free Salmon Cornmeal Quiche

No Need For Boring – This Gluten Free, Protein-Rich and Tasty Corn and Salmon Dish will  switch your family onto  Gluten-Free food,  for good.!

Instead of a wheat base, this recipe uses a gluten-free cornmeal  polenta mixture instead, which is very quick and easy to make.

Gluten-free food, I believe, is better for everyone than using wheat or wheat-products.  By going ‘gluten-free, you end up using a range of nutritious foods which you might not otherwise be bothered with.  You also save yourself the trouble with bowel problems by eating less bread and going for vegetables, cornmeal or rice, and protein instead.

Bread is constipating unless you compensate by eating major amounts of raw food.

Making pies and quiches at home is very satisfying, and your family will love you for it.  As well, by making your pie at home, you can make sure that your food is devoid of those harmful food additives such as flavourings, preservatives and colourants which are very bad for everyone.

First, pre-heat the oven.  Turn it on to 180C.

Here’s How To Make The Gluten Free Polenta Base:

Take three quaters a cup of fine yellow cornmeal.  Boil up three cups of water.  Add two tablespoons of butter, a pinch of sea salt, and slowly add the cornmeal into it, stirring well as you go to prevent lumps from forming.

Gently cook for ten minutes, stirring occasionally.  Allow to cool a little, then spread out the mixture over the bottom and up the sides of a well-greased pyrex dish, or another suitable pie dish.

How To Make The Gluten Free Salmon Filling:

Take a 400g can of salmon and drain the liquid off.

Put into a bowl with:

3 large free range eggs

One and a half cups of cream

Half a finely chopped onion

One finely chopped red capsicum

Half a small teaspoon of red paprika

One cup of corn kernels or cooked asparagus or green peas

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

Quarter a teaspoon cinnamon

A pinch of sea salt if desired

Mix the salmon up with the eggs and other ingredients.  Then pour out over the cornmeal polenta which you have spread around the pie-dish.

If you wish, you can sprinkle some grated cheese over the top, or some sesame seeds.

Put into the oven at about half-way up.  Bake for half an hour, or until the quiche has set.  Turn the oven down early on if the quiche begins to brown too fast.

This is a nourishing dish which can be served as a mains with a salad and/or cooked broccoli or mashed potato.  It can also be eaten cold as a lunch-slice.

It contains good quantities of iron, calcium, protein, fibre,  lecithin, fish oils, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 Riboflavin,  Vitamin B3 Niacin, and Vitamin A.



Apples Are Anti Cancer Food

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, as our Mums used to tell us.

‘A’ Stands For ‘Apple’.

Apples are healing.  Apples are versatile.  They can be eaten raw, juiced into fresh drinks, made into an apple and beetroot salad, or cooked in delicious deserts such as apple crumble, apple strudel, and apple dumplings.  Apples can be made into wine, or cider.  The famous  second century court physician Galen, who also treated the gladiators, apparently presecribed apple wine for almost every ailment imagineable.  ‘AA’  in Galen’s time must have stood for  “Apples.  Apples.”

Raw Apples Provide Essential Fibre:  Raw apples, eaten whole or grated up, are a nutritious healing food which can help you to avoid or to treat diseases such as cancer and arthritis.  Eat the seeds too, as these are rich in Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile, or Amygdalin, which is an anti-cancer agent. Raw apples eaten daily will help your colon stay clean and healthy.  Maintaining clean and healthy intestines will keep disease away.

Apples are Gluten Free:  Apples should be put at the top of the list of that Gluten-Free Diet.

Apples have an alkaline effect on the body, which is very healthy.  Alkaline foods help prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis and cancer from taking hold.

Heart and Lungs Benefit:  The flavanoids in apples, such as quercetin,  are beneficial for the heart and for the lungs.  Some naturopaths recommend an apple to avert an attack of asthma.

Rheumatism and Arthritis:  The humble apple is a traditional remedy to alleviate rheumatism and prevent arthritis.

More Benefits of  The Apple:  It is a great preventer of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as being an easy and effective cure for constipation, as well as for diarrhoea.  A diet of apples, done for three days, is a powerful cleanser of the whole body.  The apple is regarded as a specific for the prevention of bowel or colon cancer because of its high fibre, as well as the specific healing chemicals it contains, such as pectin, and laetrile Vitamin B 17 in its seeds.

Apples are rich in potassium, which is another thing about apples which is good for your heart.  This mineral helps to eliminate fluid retention.

They are high in Vitamin C, which helps to keep connective tissues strong, and which keeps the immune system healthy.

Apples are high in pectin.  This is a valuable  soluble fibre which plays a part in healing mucous membranes and in keeping the colon healthy.  Pectin has a healing effect on the mucous membranes.  Pectin helps lower cholesterol. It also helps to stabilize the blood sugar level, which makes it a good addition to the diet of the hyperglycaemic.  Eating plenty of apples will help to prevent you from becoming hyperglycaemic.

Apples contain Laetrile, also called Amygdalin, or Vitamin B17:  This plant chemical is proven to have an effect on cancer cells, and it is a good vitamin to include in your diet for protection against cancer.  Vitamin B17, Laetrile, is found in quite high concentrations in the seed of the apple.  Apricots, plum pips, nectarine pips, and peaches all contain Laetrile Vitamin B17 in their kernels.  Just don’t eat too many in a day. These pips also contain a form of cyanide, and so one needs to be careful with the dosage.  Probably the seeds of one apple should be plenty, without risk of over-dose.  There is a story about a man who wanted to get really healthy through taking extra Vitamin B17.  He saved up all his pips in a cup and then ate them all at once.  He died soon after, according to the story.

But this doesn’t mean apple pips are bad for you – you can also die from eating carrots, and only carrots, if you do it for long enough.  A carrot or two a day would be good for you, and so are apple pips if you eat only four or five little pips per day.

Apples are a great dieting food.   They are a  delicious low-calorie dieting food which will help you to decrease your waist-line without too much trouble.  Apparently, people who eat plenty of apples tend to be slim.

Apples are a tasty and healthful addition to your children’s lunch-box.  Eating an apple after lunch will help your children’s teeth to stay healthy.

The Benefits of Quercetin:  Apples are rich in the anti-cancer chemical quercetin, as well as anti-cancer laetrile.  Quercetin is a flavanoid chemical which also helps to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure.  Beside pectin in apples, quercetin is also  helpful in averting diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

No wonder the humble apple is  regarded as such a healthful food.

Recipe For Apple and Beetroot Salad:  This salad is an easy-to-make high fibre dish.  It can be used daily for helping the bowel to heal, or as part of a diet to heal cancer.  It is an ideal combination to use if you are doing a three-day cleanse, in which case you would eat it three times a day.  But check out with your doctor or naturopath to see whether this is ideal for you.

Simply grate one apple and one beetroot onto a salad dish.  Mix together.  You can either eat it just as it is, or:

Add around a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger. Pour over a tablespoon of olive oil, or another good oil of your choice, and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.   Dried raisins or sultanas complement the flavour of this salad.  An avocado can also be sliced into it, along with some fresh spinach.  A few slices of fresh, sweet orange make this whole combination really delicious.


Help Irritable Bowels

How To  Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome
A Gluten Free Diet:

  • Avoid all wheat such as bread and pasta, and all foods which contain gluten. Avoid barley and rye also, as these contain gluten.

Avoiding gluten means avoiding many commercially prepared products such as baked beans and cornflakes, unless the product specifically tells you that it is gluten free. Wheat is used to thicken baked beans, and corn flakes are often flavoured with malt which contains gluten.

  • Omit dairy foods from the diet as well, except for butter, unless you have a reason for avoiding butter. Instead of using dairy products, use coconut milk and cream in your cooking, and prepare home-made nut and seed milks for use on porridge, for cooking, and in smoothies.
  • Do not use processed foods such as margarine.
  • Avoid all food which has preservatives in it.
  • Avoid all sugar, dairy milk and cheese, wheat, and fermented foods.  Candida is often the cause of irritable bowel syndrome, and sugar, dairy products,  yeasts and even gluten in wheat can feed candida overgrowth. It is important to avoid sugar for a time, as well as wheat.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners to replace that sugar.  Sorbitol and mannitol are damaging to the liver and kidneys.

It is really important to avoid all yeast, as in bread and alcohol,  sugar, and all condiments such as tomato sauce, oyster sauce, or soy sauce, as these all contain yeast ferment:  Vinegar is a fermented food, and this must be avoided, at least until you have recovered.
Alcohol is a sugar food as well as a yeast food:  Quit alcohol.
Quit smoking, if you are a smoker.

  • Cook Your Own Food: It is best to prepare all your meals at home.  This way, you can be sure that no preservatives, no gluten, dairy or sugar or yeast products will end up in your food.
  • Adopt a High Fiber, Alkaline Diet.  Use more green vegetables in the diet, both raw and cooked.  Sprout mung beans and alfalfa so that you have them on hand to use daily.  Use brown rice as a wheat substitute.  You can use meat, chicken and fish in moderation.  Freerange eggs are good.  Try to procure organic free range meats and eggs.  Sunflower seeds and sesame seeds will provide extra protein and calcium.
  • Use Ginger as a Medicine: Half a teaspoon of powdered ginger  roots taken each day can help irritable bowel syndrome. This can be added to honey, or made into ginger tea.
  • Freshly grated ginger root can also be used to make a tea.  Use half a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger to a cup of hot water.  Let this sit for ten minutes, then drink the tea before your meal.
  • Peppermint Tea, fennel tea, chamomile and hops are also helpful to sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.  You can experiment with these to see which of these work best for you.
  • Garlic helps to combat candida:  Add garlic to your cooking, and add crushed raw garlic to your oil salad dressing.  Do not use garlic if it causes tummy upsets.
  • Cut down on your coffee drinking:  Caffeine in coffee can over- excite the system, including the bowel.  Caffeine also interferes with the balance of intestinal flora, which causes candida to proliferate in the bowel.:  This can be a cause of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It is a good idea to have a professional colonic cleanse at a colonic irrigation clinic.  Home enemas are also good, if you know how to use them, but getting a thorough cleanse done professionally cannot be beaten.  Sometimes irritable bowel syndrome occurs simply because of congestion in pockets of the bowel.  This does not stop bowel movements entirely, but causes a partial blockage where toxins gather.  Water colonics can get rid of this toxic material so easily.  You might find that your bowel settles down after the effete matter has been removed from it.

Gentle massage of the tummy with olive oil can help.  End with three clockwise circles around the outside of the solar plexus area.