Castor Oil Laxative

Castor Oil  is the best laxative, in my opinion. Castor Oil which is used as a Laxative has a beneficial effect on the health, because castor oil has the ability to draw harmful toxins out of the liver, the gall bladder and other organs and tissues.

Whilst the Castor Oil Laxative  is busy clearing the  bowel of toxins, it is also acting as a healing agent on those weaker parts of the body.  If you use the castor oil laxative regularly, in combination with a sensible and nutritious diet, minimise your stress and anxiety, and avoid exposure to chemicals, then I believe your immune system will benefit to help prevent your getting cancer and other disease.

Castor Oil when taken internally as a laxative treatment  can help the eyesight. Castor oil can also be applied nightly to the eyes to help conditions like cataract and macular degeneration:  just one drop of the oil is put into each eye before you go to sleep.

But here is the best way to use Castor Oil as a Laxative:

Breakfast First: Dr Max Gerson, who formulated a treatment for cancer using the castor oil laxative,  believed that the treatment worked best when a good breakfast was eaten daily..  This was a large plate of oatmeal porridge, eaten with one large raw grated apple.  No sugar or milk was added to this breakfast cereal:  sugar and milk weaken the cleansing effect of the porridge which is followed two hours later, roughly, with the castor oil laxative.  I add dates for extra sweetening, sesame seeds for calcium, and a knob of butter or a dash of ghee or olive oil to the porridge once it has been served.

At 10 AM you are ready to take the Castor Oil Laxative:

Take two tablespoons of Castor Oil, followed by a cup of black coffee which has been brewed.  Do not use instant coffee, as this has preservatives and other unhealthy things in it.  Real coffee grounds must be used either  by making percolated coffee, or  to make coffee which has been boiled on the stove.  Do not add milk or sugar to the coffee – it is purely for medicinal purposes.  If you have a bit of a coffee addiction, then  the Castor Oil Laxative, followed by a cup of pure black coffee will surely put you off drinking so much coffee.

It is best to take this in the morning, although castor oil can be taken with good effect in the evening.   Dr Gerson, who formulated a cancer treatment which used castor oil as an integral part of detoxifiction, recommended that castor oil be taken every second day at ten o’clock.

Enemas: Within five hours of taking the castor oil laxative, you must have an enema, or a colonic irrigation.  Dr Gerson recommended this, and Walter Last who healed many people in Whangarei, New Zealand, also swore by the use of the enema in detoxifying.  If you decide to skip the enema, you might feel very, very bad, as the castor oil attracts poisons from the liver which then have to travel through the bowel.  If you don’t hurry up the process of elimination and wash away all these poisons, you can suffer from auto-intoxication, which can be very unpleasant and even dangerous, if your body is harbouring a life time of chemicals.

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  1. Indeed, Castor Oil is the best laxative, for:
    – It works not directly but indirectly by activating and synthethizing several substances of the human body.
    – So any form of habituation is excludet.
    – In drawing toxins out of the liver you will lose all forms of allergies.

    The most efficient form in taking Castor Oil is the following one:
    – Early in the morning, not having breakfasted
    – mix 2 oz Castor Oil together with fridged orange juice
    and swallow this emulsion.
    – 15 minutes later begin to sip hot water.
    Normally, it will take 2…4 hours after having taken your dosage of Castor Oil for it to work.

  2. Thankyou for your comment on castor oil Ricini. And thankyou for sharing your method of using it. The orange juice surely helps to lessen the unpleasant flavour of the castor oil. Readers will be interested in your recommendations.

  3. It is better for the teeth to realize an emulsion of Castor Oil with fridged carrot juice instead of the orange juice.

    The Russian popular medicine recommends the dosage of Castor Oil in the following manner: 1 ml per 1 kg of the weight of the human body (e. g. weight of the human body: 65 kg –> 65 ml Castor Oil).

  4. This is quite a lot of castor oil – and you don’t say how often your medicine should be taken. I think that Dr Gerson’s method is a good yard-stick – two tablespoons every second day for serious illness such as cancer – For the purpose of helping tooth enamel regrow, I would use one or two tablespoons once a week – twice if you are following a diet similar to Gerson’s, which involves the taking of fresh vegetable juices every hour. If you are not taking optimum amounts of juices etc, then there is a danger that your body will become depleted of vitamins if you take castor oil too often. It works with a diet such as Gerson’s because all the vitamins washed away in detoxification are continually being replaced through juices. So once a week for castor oil would be a sensible recommendation for most people on fairly average diets.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  5. I agree: for most people once a week for Castor Oil is the best. After having taken Castor Oil for 19 years I have not remarked any form of depletion of vitamins.

  6. My dermatologist had me given up with a severe form of a sunallergy; so I had to find one’s way out of this. After seven years and 225 applications of Castor Oil (30 ml = 1 oz) I have lost all my allergies totally, especially the sunnallergy too.

  7. So prolonged use of castor oil cured your allergies? That’s great feedback Ricini. Really good to hear. Watch out though – We might have to defend our rights to use castor oil, as I think the drug companies may have a plan to stop us using this medicine. Will put up a post about this today.
    Thanks so much for your comments. They will be encouraging to people.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  8. Ricini I do wonder about your name. Are you having us on? Because Ricin is the poison which is found in the castor oil plant – but not in the oil. Ricin from the untreated castor oil bean is very toxic, as I am sure you are already aware.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  9. Naturally I know upon this, but in the pharmacy the official name of Castor Oil is “Oleum Ricini”. From the second part of this designation I have chosen my name.

  10. You write: “We might have to defend our rights to use castor oil, as I think the drug companies may have a plan to stop us using this medicine.”

    This will not be possible for Castor Oil is an essential substance in producing articles of the beauty culture. In purchasing a bottle of Castor Oil no one is forced to remark that he has the intention to gulp this liquid in order to move the bowels. You may say that this is for the beauty care; and indeed, in taking Castor Oil as a laxative your skin will become impeccable.

  11. So, you are saying this is a bad thing to do if you do not clear it out with an enema or colonic irrigation?

  12. Hi Leni – Castor oil has been used as a laxative for thousands of years, and is considered to be safe. Ayurvedic medicine has used castor oil for over 2000 years and still uses it to treat many different conditions. However, if you have a lot of toxins in your body from working in such things as paint factories, or with pesticides or other agricultural chemicals, or have been taking prescription drugs or recreational drugs,or using cosmetics such as hair dyes for many years, then you will have many more poisons in your body than a person would have had before these poisons were invented, say 200 years ago.
    Doctor Gerson found that he was ‘losing’ many of his patients who were initially starting to recover from his cancer treatment, which included castor oil every second day. He came to the conclusion that the castor oil was bringing out large amounts of poisons from the liver, and that they were not being eliminated quickly enough, but were being reabsorbed in the intestines again. The raw food cleansing and castor oil was causing auto-intoxication from the sudden release of poisons which were being absorbed back into the blood stream, and these poisons were causing these sick people to die.
    After Dr Max Gerson began using enemas with the castor oil as a treatment for cancer, most of his patients continued to improve. His success rate more than doubled after he used enemas with the castor oil treatment.
    This is why it is recommended that an enema be taken, to be on the safe side. But a person who is not at death’s door, and who has not abused the body with poisons of various kinds, should be able to take castor oil without adverse effects. If castor oil makes you feel especially ill, then this is a sign, according to Dr Gerson, that the liver is overloaded with poisons, and that an enema should be taken. Once the liver starts to clear itself of poisons, then the nausea usually disappears when you take the castor oil. No nausea is a sign that your liver is becoming healthy again, and that it has detoxified itself.
    I often take castor oil and do not use an enema. But years ago, when I was treating a breast lump, I HAD to use enemas as I felt so awful. But gradually I improved as I continued with the castor every 2nd day. After around three months, I stopped feeling ill, and the lump disappeared.
    Hope this helps. If you are in doubt, or you have a chronic condition of ill health, then you should ask your naturopath or ayurvedic practioner or another professional health expert.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  13. Indeed, you are right: “If castor oil makes you feel especially ill, then this is a sign, according to Dr Gerson, that the liver is overloaded with poisons, and that an enema should be taken. Once the liver starts to clear itself of poisons, then the nausea usually disappears when you take the castor oil. No nausea is a sign that your liver is becoming healthy again, and that it has detoxified itself.”

    Think at this: In moving the bowels by swallowing a good dose of Castor Oil you will not only be able to eliminate the poisons in the liver but the heavy metals (especially mercury) deposed in the human body too. The primary cause auf Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis is an intoxication with mercury.

  14. Thank you so much! I wanted to be certain that I do this correctly. I’m excited to see the results and have a feeling that it can help me with a few of my issues!

  15. Comment on castor oil to Leni from Georg alias Ricini,
    Dear Leni,

    You may be certain, that the best manner to stabilize the healthiness is the systematical detoxification of the human body in swallowing periodically an appropriated dose of Castor Oil.
    Ricini/Georg Schwach.

  16. Castor Oil As Anti-Cancer, Potent Detoxifying Treatment: Thankyou for your comment Ricini/Georg. It is good to have this information on the use and effectiveness of castor oil affirmed. Castor oil is a powerful detoxifyer, and is capable of drawing out heavy metals and other contaminants from the liver, the brain, and the other organs. It is one of the most powerful and effective healers of all natural medicines because of its detoxifying properties.
    I just hope that Castor Oil continues to be available for us to use without a prescription.
    I rank Comfrey as one of the top, valuable herbal medicines, as important as Castor Oil as a healer, but unfortunately, Comfrey has been banned in most countries, due to the drug companies’ greed in wanting control of this herb. This is to their advantage, as they now profit from marketing the same healing ingredients contained in Comfrey. Now we have to buy preparations of silica, and healing ointments containing allantoin, whereas before we all grew Comfrey in our gardens instead, and it was there whenever we needed it. For free.
    Drug companies have been trying to patent another healing herb, Turmeric, which is commonly used in Indian cooking, and is a powerful anitoxidant and anti-cancer herb. They have been trying to control its use in India, where millions upon millions of people use it every day – To capture this market would be an unbelievable on-going profit for the giant pharmaceutical industry, to the detriment of the Indian people and their wonderful curry. So far, the drug giants haven’t succeeded in monolpolizing the sale of Turmeric. Forever may this continue to be so.
    I hope that the public get cracking to campaign to have Comfrey brought back into the public domain, where it can be freely grown and used again.
    Let’s hope they don’t take control of Castor Oil by making it a prescription medicine, and that this healing oil continues to be made freely available for use as an anti-cancer therapeutic.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  17. Merrilyn, You write: “Dr Gerson, who formulated a cancer treatment which used castor oil as an integral part of detoxifiction, recommended that castor oil be taken every second day at ten o’clock.”

    Are you experienced in taking Castor Oil every second day?

  18. Hi Ricini/Georg – Yes, I DO have experience in using castor oil every second day to treat a chronic condition of ill health. I took castor oil every second day for a period of three months, using enemas, and mostly raw food, to get rid of a breast lump. This breast lump arrived within about three to four years after having been aerial sprayed by local farmers, whilst living in the Hokianga, with 245T which contains Dioxin. I think that this was one major catalyst in my developing a breast lump. We were reliant on the stream water for getting all our water, so poisoning from this herbicide continued for some time because of the run-off into the stream.
    The castor oil treatment worked for me, in combination with a very strict diet. After three months of taking castor oil every second day, with other treatments, the breast lump had gone. I relaxed my detoxification measures, and the thing came back. So I continued with the castor oil again for about two or three months after the initial treatment. After six months,or slightly longer, the lump had gone completely, never to come back again.
    Then, a few years later, after having poisoned myself from clearing a burnt-out house and section of asbestos and paints, plastics, and other hazardous material, I used castor oil again on a fairly regular basis. It took a long time to get well after this poisoning incident, but eventually, I made it. Obviously I should have known better than to deal with asbestos roofing and the toxic ash from the burnt house, but at least I DO have the experience of getting sick from it, and then recovering through diet, castor oil, and general detoxification. It is possible that others may be helped by my relating how castor oil, diet, meditation, etc, served to cure me of these conditions which had made me so very ill.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  19. Congratulations to your consequent Castor Oil treatment. Im am experienced in taking Castor Oil on a regular bsasis too, this because of a severe multiple poisoning, e. g. mercury. I was poisoned in such a grave dimension, that from 1992 to 1997 I was able to take 1 oz Castor Oil once the month, 1998 this dose once the week, 1999 to 2002 two times the week, since 2003 three times the week. For a long time I had to take a dose of 1 oz, later I was able to raise to 1 1/2 oz. It is some years ago that I am able to take 2 oz Castor Oil.

    Thank to this treatment I have lost all symptoms of a chronical mercury poisoning and at the same time I am free from all allergies, but I know, that I am obliged to continue in swallowing Castor Oil on a regular basis. On holiday I take a break in swallowing this stuff, but still I have a regular bowel movement without any problems.

  20. I have had year round allergies for a few years now that make me really tired. Allergy medicine only makes me more tired. I finally broke down and got a nasal spray prescription, but I haven’t picked it up yet. I am on my second day of taking castor oil. In your opinion and research, should I wait to see if the castor oil helps this problem? Can I take it with the nasal spray?

    Thanks for your information,

  21. Comment from Ricini/Georg to Leni,
    (note that Merrilyn does NOT advise anyone to take this much Castor oil – and not for an extended period. Unless you are advised by your naturopath or health professional, you should only take one or two tablespoons about once a week, or fortnightly, as a general preventative of disease)

    Ricini/Georg says to Leni: in the case of my severe poisoning I had to take 1 oz Castor Oil 225 times, this in all for seven years, in order to get rid of a severe form of an allergy against the sunlight – this to my immense surprise.

    Be patient with this!- Ricini/Georg

  22. Hi Leni – You need to see your doctor or other health professional for advice on this.
    I would recommend an alternative health specialist, such as an Ayurvedic practitioner, or a Classical Homeopath, Herbalist, or someone experienced in alternative medicine.

  23. Merrlyn reminds readers that what works for one may not work for another. Castor oil is a great detoxifyer and healer, but the dose and the frequency of the dose would depend on the individual’s circumstances, the disease being treated, and the severity of the condition. Long standing illnesses such as cancer, which usually take years to develop, are more difficult to reverse. Degenerative disease and other chronic conditions may take a year or more of treatment using castor oil, diet, meditation and other detoxifying measures, before the illness is cured. Some people may not respond to this treatment anyway, if their ‘time is up’. Not everybody responds to natural therapy, or radiation or chemotherapy, for that matter.
    It is advised that you SEE A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL for guidance on your treatment, especially if you have a chronic condition.

  24. Thanks Merrilyn! I do realize this and have set an appointment, I was just getting second opinions and educating myself by asking a few people. Your concern and information is appreciated!


  25. Merrilyn writes: “Some people may not respond to this treatment anyway, if their ‘time is up’. Not everybody responds to natural therapy, or radiation or chemotherapy, for that matter. However, many people have reversed cancers and other diseases with castor oil and complementary treatments.
    Remember TO SEE A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL for guidance on your treatment if you have a chronic condition.”

    And what is the matter in the case of a disease, when the physician is at the end of his know-how and he will tell you indirectly that his medical assistance upon this disease is concluded? – Exactly this has been my situation in 1992.

  26. Hi Ricini/Georg – I am with you on this. Better to try an alternative method ‘if your time is up’ and you have been abandoned by the doctors, rather than take their word for it, and do nothing.
    Of course, I am an advocate for natural healing, and avoidance of prescription medicine – The holistic approach is one which takes in all factors of a person’s life to reverse a disease, and to prevent it. The idea of just ‘taking something’ to fix a problem is only going to treat the symptoms, and not the disease. It is important to look at the causes of the disease, and to remove those causes. Holistic, natural therapies including homeopathy, do this very thing. They look at all the factors in the life.
    It is a shame, really, that so many people only consider the possibility of using alternative methods of curing a disease when they are at death’s door. The earlier the better, for any treatment – The more progressed a disease, the more difficult it is to reverse. Alternative therapies get a bad name, because most people will only try them at the very last, when the doctors have said there is no hope, and that the person has only weeks to live.
    It is true, though, that some people who get onto using a natural treatment very early on, still do not recover – some people do not respond to any treatment, no matter what, and one would assume that ‘their time is up’. However, many people do have amazing recoveries when adopting a nutritive and cleansing regime such as Dr Gerson’s. Personally, I have had excellent results with using a modified Gerson plan, which has included aspects of Walter Last’s approach, and other healers. I am still comparatively fit and healthy today, at the age of 62, because of using these people’s approaches to diet and health, and homeopathy, rather than using conventional allopathic medicine.
    However, it is important that I encourage people to go and see a health professional. We all need teachers. Reading about these things in books, or on-line all helps to broaden one’s knowledge and understanding, but there is nothing like going to see an experienced healer. You learn just so much from interacting with such people.

    It is nigh impossible to work out what you need to do to get well without knowledge and experience, and this is why seeing an expert is so important. It took me some time before I became confident and skilled in using natural remedies. It was through seeing Walter Last, initially, that I began to see the relationship between diet, detoxifying, good mind-set, and disease. Walter Last was my first teacher in natural healing.
    Thanks very much for your feed-back. I think this discussion might encourage some people to seek out a healer whom they can learn from.

  27. Merrilyn,

    I agree far-reaching for I think that you should broaden this. I am thoroughly convinced, that for each person it is absolutely necessary to detoxify totally in order to reach an old age, this on two different levels:
    1. The mental and spiritual level: all the convictions and confessions of faith being hostile against the life aught to be given up, for all these ones make sick. This is a severe and tough task for this goes to the roots of the identy.
    2. The physical level: All the poisons and heavy metal (e. g. mercury) deposed in the human body aught to be elimininated totally, and this in time. Think at this, that there exists a worldwide consensus amoung the physicians specialized upon the problems of the environment that the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s diseas and the multiple sclerosis is an intoxication caused by mercury.

  28. I agree that Castor Oil is the best laxative, but beyond this the external use of Castor Oil is helpful too, e. g when the skin is bursting at low temperatures and a dry air during the winter.

  29. Thanks for all the information, we as indians in south africa have been taking castor oil for many years. Especially for pimples and the pimples dissaapear. I was wondering if it will harm ulcers as I suspect I have ulcers but my tummy feels like I need a clean out.

  30. Thankyou Kajal,
    Being Indian and experienced in the use of castor oil, you will know, for sure, that the castor oil plant is poisonous, and that it is only the extracted oil which is used.
    I feel I have to state this again, because some people are not sure how to use it. I had a comment from Nang Nang in Myanmar who had a friend who poisoned herself 10 years ago through using the castor oil fruit. She was hospitalized, and lived to tell the tale, fortunately. The castor oil plant is prolific in countries such as India, the Middle East, and Myanmar, where it is grown as a commercial crop, and the oil extracted to sell overseas.

    I think you should visit your Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor about your suspected stomach ulcer. This can be very serious, and I do not think you should take anything at all without seeing a doctor, or some other health professional who can advise you about what to do.
    Do go to see the doctor or your Ayurvedic practitioner. Let them do the diagnosing, and let them decide what treatment you should follow.
    Best Regards,

  31. Thanks Merrylin, will do and yes we only buy the medicinal castor oil as some places also sell the non medicinal one as well. 🙂 never seen the plant only the bottles of oil. Never been to an ayurvedic doc either. Don’t know if we have any on johanesburg south africa.

  32. Recently the Max-Planck-Society in Germany has discovered the bio-chemical action of Castor Oil in the human body

  33. Well – these scientists HAVEN’T DISCOVERED the bio-chemical action of castor oil on the human body, because it has been known for centuries. Edgar Cayce, Max Gerson – there are many who have verified the action of castor oil as a healer of the body.

    So these new ‘findings’ by research scientists, on the value of castor oil. makes me very suspicious indeed.

    We have the evidence that castor oil has been successfully employed for reversing things such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and the like over the past 100 years. Usually, strict diets and other cleansing practices are combined with these treatments. But castor oil has been recognized as a healer of many things, including cancer, for a long time. Dr Max Gerson famously used 2 tablespoons of castor oil every 2nd day as a major part of his therapy for treating cancer patients.

    But would the medical profession listen to Dr Max Gerson? No – The FDA – Federal Drug Administration in America, stopped his practice and drove him out of America. I think he was even jailed for a time. He established a cancer clinic in Mexico, where he was out of reach of the American drug barons – the legal ones, that is. Speaking of the FDA and the powerful drug companies – they will do their utmost to terminate the practices of all those alternative medical people, or naturopaths or homeopaths, who are actually achieving great results.

    Seeing homeopathy as a threat to their drug empires, which were already starting to become powerful and rich in the 1920’s, they FORBADE homeopaths to publish any of their findings in any medical journals – even though volumes of research was being done by qualified medical doctors-turned homeopaths. It became illegal for homeopaths to publish the results of research, which meant that the public, as well as the medical profession, remained ignorant about homeopathy. The discrediting of homeopathy, and the witch-hunt on its practitioners, led to the closure of many homeopathic hospitals and clinics in America, although the situation in England was more favourable, with some homeopathic hospitals still surviving to this day.

    This ruling which banned the publishing of homeopathic research effectively curtailed the popularity of homeopathy in America, and drove its practitioners there into oblivion, or secrecy, or jail.

    Even today, homeopathic medicine struggles to combat the stigma of ‘quackery’ which was deliberately applied to it by FDA and the drug companies, to discredit the practice of homeopathy.

    All these scientists have done is put castor oil into their own frame-works of understanding, using their own ‘scientific’ terminologies. Most medical people seem to need this kind of reframing of an idea, or a remedy, done by those people influencing the drug industry, before they will embrace it.
    No doubt – The evidence and the proof of castor oil in reversing disease has been plain to see in alternative medicine for years.

    So long as there is money to be made from marketing pharmaceutical drugs, which, generally speaking, are aimed at keeping people dependant upon these drugs, which keeps people buying them, alternative remedies which actually reverse disease will be dismissed, or even banned, if drug companies see these things as a threat to their empires.

    The FDA and drug companies have managed to ban many useful herbs in many countries around the world. Comfrey, the ‘miracle’ herb, is an example of one effective healing herb which has almost disappeared because of pressure from drug corporations on various governments to ban it or prevent people from growing it.

    I hope that the drug companies do not get their hands on castor oil, which I know they would like to do. They tried to patent turmeric because it is also a good anti-cancer herb. But they failed, because millions of people use it in Indian cooking, all over the world. That is why they had a go at patenting it, because they would have made unbelievable amounts of money if they had succeeded in patenting turmeric. Fortunately, there were massive protests about this idea, and so it did not happen.

    Pharmaceutical companies are guilty of a multitude of sins in my opinion.

  34. Hello, great topic + blog. I am wondering if you could tell me the healing potential/difference between Jamaican black castor oil and the clearish castor oil. Also, when i took some clear castor oil internally a while back, it really didnt have the odor or taste that many complain about, does that mean its a low quality or second pressing or something like that? I contacted the company and it was only food grade…and its not that popular of a product in usa for people to demand the best castor oil. Should I buy some pharmaceutical grade stuff from india? And last….will taking castor oil get the pesticides/toxins out? In addition to the lax. quality…. we’ve painted our walls and there has been tons of fumes and stuff and its causing my joints to ache. any input greatly appreciated. thanks!

  35. Here in Germany the Jamaican black Castor Oil is unknown and not available. – Afterwards to your question upon the detoxifying of the pesticides in swallowing Castor Oil:
    All around the world the physicians specialized upon the ecology are in agreement with the conviction that the primary cause für Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis is mercury. In the brain of persons dying by Alzheimer’s disease the concentration of mercury is five times bigger in comparison to persons died by other diseases. You will find mercury not only in amalgam fillings but further in vaccinations. The chemical foundation of the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides is mercury too.
    This year it is two decades ago that I had suffered under a chronical intoxocation by mercury. So I know that it is really possible to detoxify the human body in swallowing Castor Oil, this in a consequent and regular manner. Today I am free from all the symptoms of a chronical intoxication caused by mercury.

  36. I thank God for the Castor Oil bean.

    I remembered the admonishment of my grandmother to “clean your system off.” For 25 of my 49 years I’ve been a “proclaimer” of the medicinal benefits in regular cleanings with Castor Oil. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and used several drug therapies–as a result I’d be sluggish and bound. I tried other products to relieve my body of these toxicants (All medication has the capacity to help and harm). Castor Oil is/was stupendously AFFECTIVE. I can bear witness to the thoroughness of this base product (I use Castor Oil quarterly) to detoxify my digestive system revitalizing and energizing y my body. Castor Oil has gained a wider audience based on its price. It was less than a dollar in the 1980s, now it cost almost seven dollars. In my opinion, it’s worth its weight in gold. I’m a long-time fan of Castor Oil.

  37. Thankyou Scott, for your great endorsement of the use of the ‘Palma Christi’, castor oil, as a cleanser of the system. Yes, it truly is a wonderful herb, isn’t it? Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic healer, also praised rininus communis, the humble castor oil plant, for the astounding healing properties of the oil obtained from the plant. He hailed the oil as the ‘Palma Christi’, the healing balm of Christ. Nothing like it.

  38. You often refer to a strict diet in conjunction with the use of castor oil for cancer treatment. Is there any way I can get hold of such a diet ?

  39. Yes – There are many different approaches to what I term a ‘cancer diet’. There is a macrobiotic approach, which I have not tried, but which has worked for many people. There is the Ayurvedic approach which is also good.
    But I believe that if you have cancer or some other degenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis, or Arthritis, then you need to get on to cleaning out the body as quickly as possible to arrest the disease. Castor oil is one of the very best medicines for eliminating poisons, as it has the power to draw poisons out of the cells. Enemas are used to wash away the toxic residues out of the intestines.
    Dr Gerson used the castor oil in conjumction with his diet of mainly raw foods and juices, but with one bowl only of cooked porridge every morning. I have elaborated much on the diet of Dr Max Gerson in many of my posts. Many people, such as myself, have followed a variation of the Gerson diet, or that proposed by Dr Eva Hill, to rid the body of tumours and other sicknesses, but I recommend that you consult a naturopath to help you follow a restricted diet such as Dr Gerson’s if you have cancer or another degenerative disease.
    I suggest you get hold of Dr Gerson’s book, and those of Dr Ann Wigmore or Dr Eva Hill to see how they helped people recover.
    You might get an idea from looking at posts of mine, such as ‘Cancer Diet For Anthony’, which outlines a procedure which I followed to get rid of a breast lump I had many years ago.
    Look at the post of mine entitled ‘Doctor Uses Just Three Herbs To Treat Cancer’ – I have several other posts on the subject up which might be helpful.

  40. I would just like to ask after taking this castor oil for laxative purging, or cleansing of the bowels, what exactly do you recommend to eat the next day and what about physical activity, like exercising? And also after taking the castor oil, do you recommend not eating and only drinking liquids until all things are completely eliminated? Also is there something we should be looking for that is eliminated that proves that we are infact cleansing not only our bowels, but these toxins? Thank you and I look forward to your response as I’d like to use this method asap to get cleaned out and relieve that “heavy/unwell” feeling that keeps me feeling like I’m bogged down somehow. Thank you very much

  41. Hi Miranda,
    Generally speaking, it is best to have fruits and plenty of salads after doing a castor oil cleanse. Drink plenty of water and/or juices such as carrot and apple juices. It also helps to use an enema withing 5 hours of taking the castor oil: This is especially important for people who have cancer or other degenerative disease.

    But castor oil has been used for 100’s of years as a purgative, a laxative, and a cleanser without using enemas. Most people of my Mother’s generation never used enemas after using castor oil. Many children were given a regular weekly dose of castor oil just to keep the bowels clean and the germs away. Castor oil, it was said by my uncle, ‘was good for what’s wrong with you’.
    If you are perfectly healthy, then you need not be so particular about following a raw food diet for a day after taking castor oil. But the cleansing effect of the castor oil will be better if you can stick to raw foods for a day, or at least lightly cooked vegetables and little heavy food or fats.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for your comment,
    Whatever you eat, I am sure that a dose of castor oil occasionally is always helpful for eliminating toxins, and for facilitating healing of the body.

  42. Hello,

    Well I just tried castor oil *4 tablespoons with orange juice * and its been 8 hours and nothing has happened except iv got a fever, and chills. I tried it as a laxitive because of servere constipation. Iv gone to the washroom 5 days ago and it followed extreme stomach pain! What now? Hospital?

  43. You are on the wrong track – never said anything about taking 4 tablespoons of castor oil with orange juice. You have misread instructions and are mistaking the castor oil treatment for the olive oil and orange juice one. You need help.
    See your doctor.

  44. Hi Ann,
    I believe that castor oil does help to lower cholesterol, if it is used in combination with an appropriate diet. Dr Gerson used the castor oil treatment every second day, in combination with a mainly raw-foods diet and enemas. He used this method for the treatment of many diseases and conditions.
    Thankyou for your question.

  45. Good evening,

    I was wondering if there is any way to take caster oil to help cover the taste. OJ does not work for me, and just the smell of it makes my body want to reject it. Is there a pill form, or a solid form? Or something that can help hide the taste? I know people claim that it is odorless and tasteless… but this is simply not true for me. As soon as it hit my tongue, I gagged.

    Thank you

  46. Hi Ann. The dose depends on what you are treating, really, and since I have no idea about the seriousness of your condition, I cannot advise you. You should really see your medical professional to help you decide on what to do. If you are continuing to take cholesterol-reducing drugs, then you MUST seek the advice of your doctor before attempting to heal your condition with castor oil.
    If I was treating cancer, and I was not taking any orthodox treatments, then I would get onto the Gerson-type treatment for as long as it takes to clear up the cancer. For cancer, I would take 2 tablespoons of castor oil every second day, combined with the raw foods, juices, and enemas as Gerson recommended.
    If I was treating my own cholesterol, and I was not taking any medications of any kind, I would probably take 2 tablespoons of castor oil once or twice a week, in combination with the raw foods, juices, some cooked vegetables, some protein of some kind, and enemas.
    But without knowing the person and their history, and what ailment they wish to treat, then one cannot give advice on how much castor oil to take.
    A safe, therapeutic dose, assuming you are not on any medications, would be one or two tablespoonsful once a week. This was the old-fashioned method of keeping disease at bay.

  47. Hello Leni,
    True – castor oil does not taste very pleasant. However, as Dr Gerson maintained, castor oil is a natural barometer of the level of toxins in your system – the more abhorrent the taste of castor oil, the more toxins you have in your liver and intestines. These, over time, are expelled with the castor oil and raw food-juice treatment. The longer you keep taking castor oil, and the more you detoxify, the less unpleasant the taste and smell become.
    The use of enemas, taken directly after the dose of castor oil and again 5 hours afterward, greatly reduces the nausea by quickly washing away the toxins which are released from the liver.

    So – as you slowly begin to detoxify, the nausea which you experience at the beginning of treatment is not experienced anymore. Your dislike of the castor oil reduces the more healthy you become.
    You can help matters by taking that cup of black coffee right away with the castor oil, and then following this with cups of chamomile or peppermint tea, which help to reduce the feeling of nausea.
    Alternatively, try taking a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, or the eating of an orange if you feel squeamish.
    Hope this helps.

  48. Leni,

    In the following manner you will be able to help cover the taste of Castor Oil:
    – Fill 2 oz Castor Oil in an adequate bottle.
    – Early in the morning, not having breakfasted, fill your mouth with a gulp Castor Oil and mix this there with your saliva for 10 minutes before gulping the pre-digested Castor Oil: You will not remark anything of the bad taste of Castor Oil.
    – Repeat this two times that the bottle will be empty.
    – About one hour after having swallowed the first dose Castor Oil the defecations will begin.

    Good results!

  49. Hi Georg/Ricini,
    I hope you are keeping well.
    I have a person wanting to contact you. He gives his name as Norman Gould and he can be found on facebook. He says he has been following your comments to my posts about castor oil.
    I haven’t looked at facebook for a couple of years now – Norman sent this message around November 2013.
    Kind Regards,

  50. Hi
    I heard so much about castor oil,as i have cholesterl

    and blood pressure will help to bring it down.I would love to try it but not sure .Please can you help me i do not want to risk anything.
    Kind Regards

  51. Leni,
    Indeed there exists a way to take Castor Oil to help cover the taste:
    – Fill a small bottle with 2 oz Castor Oil.
    – Early in the morning, not having breakfasted, take about 1 oz of this Castor Oil in your mouth and mix this there with your saliva for 15 minutes before swallowing this one.
    – Afterwards repeat this with the rest of the content of the bottle and you will have taken the recommended dose 2 oz Castor Oil for adults in a very comfortable manner.
    – About one hour after having swallowed the first dose Castor Oil the bowel movement will begin.

  52. I just started doing the Castor oil and is it normal to have burning in the rectum? The last 3 times i did the oil it burned for about 4-5 hours. And I did do the coffee enema later. I’m wondering if I am doing something wrong.

  53. Partly you are right: “Within five hours of taking the castor oil laxative, you must have an enema, or a colonic irrigation.”
    But remember in this context:
    What will be better for your health: a soapy enema, a tap water enema or rather a colonic irrigation? Here a soapy enema will exclusively consist of the solution of a natural soap (ivory soap, olive oil soap) in warm water without any chemical additives.

    In the chemistry the PH value is essential:
    – PH 7 → alkaline solution

    In the large intestine you will find the following values:
    – Beginning (ascending part): PH = 5,5
    – Middle (horizontal part): PH = 6,2
    – End (descending part): PH = 6,8

    A solution of a natural soap (ivory soap, olive oil soap) will have the following value: PH = 8,0 … 9,0

    So, by taking a soapy enema the content of the large intestine will be more or less neutralized, but by taking a tap water enema or rather a colonic irrigation the electrolyte balance will be disturbed.

  54. The mistake has been reproduced renewed. So I shall write this one detailed:
    – PH smaller 7 means: acid solution
    – PH equal 7 means: neutral solution
    – PH larger 7 means: alkaline solution

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