List Of Homeopathic Remedies For Ear Ache

 Alternative Medicines For Ear Ache

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 First of all – A reminder to see your doctor or another health professional if your child or yourself has ear-ache. It is important to get professional advice, in case there is a serious infection, such as meningitis.  Also, if the ear-drum is about to burst, then antibiotics might be the best thing to give, to quickly avert the danger of the drum bursting.  While an experienced homeopath can deal with these situations as well as any doctor practicing orthodox medicine, it is not a good idea to self-prescribe your own medicines under these circumstances.  So – do see your doctor or professional homeopath for any sudden illnesses.

No harm in trying a homeopathic remedy for ear-ache while you are on the way to the doctor, though.  Many cases of ear-ache in my own family have been cured by taking homeopathic medicine before the doctor can be seen.  I have personally found Levisticum homeopathic drops to be very effective in helping the pain of a middle ear infection or blockage.  This remedy worked so well for me whenever I had ear-ache, that there was no need to take an oral homeopathic medicine.  At the time, I was very sensitive to formaldehyde, which, when I was exposed to it in paints or particle building board,  caused fluid to build up in the inner ear.  Some insecticides and herbicides also did the same thing.

For the treatment of simple ear-ache, there are many Homeopathic remedies to choose from.   You might like to read Merrilyn’s other post entitled:  Ear Ache Remedies.

Here is a general run-down of the main Homeopathic remedies, with some of the matching symptoms for each remedy.  My main sources of information, apart from my own experience,  are Dr W.A Dewey’s book, ‘Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics’, the reprint edition of 1996, published by B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 1921. Street No 10, Chuna Mandi, Pahargang, New Delhi – 110 055 (INDIA), and the marvellous little book by Dr John H. Clarke, M.D., ‘The Prescriber – How To Practise Homeopathy’, reprint edition published 1991, also by B. Jain Publishers in India.

Another useful book is ‘A Doctor’s Guide to Helping Yourself with Homeopathic Remedies’, which is by Dr James H. Stephenson, M.D. Parker Publishing Company, Inc., New York, 1976.  Dr Stephenson advises the following homeopathic remedies:

Veratrum alb – if the ears are cold and aching

Arnica or Dulcimara – if there is swelling in the glands below or in front of the ear, or both

Sepia – if the ears hurt in a cold wind

Urt-V – if the ear passage has shut because of swelling

Digitalis – if the veins are swollen

Dr Stephenson does not mention Chamomilla or Aconite, but either of these is often a good stand-by for sudden ear ache in babies and young children.  Chamomilla is great if the cause is teething, and Aconite works well to alleviate sudden problems, such as ear ache which started from getting chilled in the wind.  Belladonna can often fix an ear-ache, too.  Belladonna has the characteristic of flushed cheeks and a temperature – different to the classic symptoms of Aconite, which usually includes getting chilled or wet.

Dr Dewey includes the remedies Aconite, Belladonna and Chamomilla in his list for ear-ache remedies.

However, his favourite remedies for ear-ache would seem to be:

Belladonna- for violent, sudden pain – in acute otitis media – the stabbing pain is more violent than those which go with homeopathic Pulsatilla –  with Belladonna, the trouble worsens at night and the patient is better for warmth.

Capsicum – another remedy to use in otitis media – the mastoid process is affected and painful – Capsicum can be effective remedy for treating chronic suppuration of the ear with yellow coloured discharge – may be accompanied by headache and chilliness – patient usually has hot ears with pain stretching up to the throat – the eardrum may be perforated.  Dr Stephenson refers to Dr Weaver’s experience, who has successfully treated people with Capsicum, who otherwise were destined for a mastoid operation.  The homeopathic Capsicum remedied the problem so effectively in many cases, that an operation was not needed.

Causticum – good for fluid in the Eustachian tube – noises in the ear, and sounds echo in the ear  (Note:  Do remember those homeopathic Levisticum drops which are also helpful for these symptoms)


Hepar sulph – another remedy for otitis media – there is great sensitivity to touch and to drafts – patient is often irritable – good to use before discharge has begun – but can be used when the ear is discharging – usually slightly smelly

Mercurius – breath often smells unpleasant with Mercurius – useful for middle ear infections – roaring sounds in ears – paritod glands, tonsils, may be swollen –  face, ears and teeth may ache – Dr Stephenson recommends it for ‘scrofulous and syphilitic’ ear problems.


Silicea – often good fo9r middle ear infections – a common characteristic of this remedy is an itching and irritation of the middle ear around the Eustachian tube.  Silicea can help to promote healing of the ear-drum if the drum has already burst.  With Silicea there is often a hypersensitivity to sound.  Dr Dewey refers to Dr Moffat’s advice to switch to Lupis albus if Silicea has been used over a period of time.

Sulphur – the homeopath’s most common antibiotic and cleanser – Sulphur helps to cleanse the intestines and helps purify the blood.  Dr Dewey recommends Sulphur when other remedies might have failed.

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