Flu Jab Vaccinations Promoted On Campbell Live Show, NZ 18th April 2012

Vaccinations Can Damage Your Immune System.

John Campbell TV3 has let us down.  Generally speaking,  I like his style of reporting and discussion, as he usually examines both sides of the issue in question.

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However, on the issue of vaccinations for influenza which aired on tonight’s show, he failed to do this.  We only heard the view of ONE medical doctor who happened to be an advocate for flu jabs.  Makes me wonder if TV3 had been authorized by some government authority to give a pro-vaccination report, by making a seemingly investigitave approach on the issue, but without including controversial evidence against the case for vaccination.   Perhaps the drug agencies themselves had done their brain-washing on John Campbell and his producers,  so that they would conveniently ignore the other side of the question.  Were they all offered the free shots, I wonder?

At the conclusion of the vaccination topic, we  at least did have ONE TV person from channel 3 who chose not to take the vaccination – a conclusion I found to be satisfactory.  And we heard several people  earlier on state that, as they thought themselves healthy, and  they hardly ever got sick, that they would NOT be taking the flu jab.

Yet Campbell’s pro-vaccination doctor made an incredible and unbelievable statement about such healthy people  needing the flu jab more than ever.  He said that if you have not had the flu in 12 years, or whatever, then you REALLY NEEDED to have the flu jab vaccination.  Now, how can that be true?  Sounds like drug company indoctrination to me, reminiscent of the “More doctors smoke Camel’  cigarette story.

And great advertising for the doctor on the show.  Who does he know at TV3?

Campbell’s show tonight was not an impartial investigation on the effectiveness or safety of flu vaccines – it presented a case FOR vaccination, without examining any of the reasons  for NOT VACCINATING.  The doctor they had on the show was ridiculously enthusiastic about taking the vaccine, rubbing  hands and knees together gleefully in anticipation of the flu-jab customers  which were likely to flood his clinic this week after seeing this programme, swearing that flu vaccinations would do you no harm, etc, etc, but we never heard a challenge from another health professional on this doctor’s pro-rant for the flu vaccine.  Only one doctor on the show, and he was  backing the flu vaccine.

But there are plenty of doctors out there who do NOT believe in having flu jabs, or in giving their own children the regular vaccinations which are promoted by our own government agencies, and by the drug companies who  make and sell the stuff.  There ARE alternatives to taking vaccinations.

There IS a big question mark over the issue of the safety of vaccinations.  It would have been good if Campbell had bothered to look into some of the  anti-vaccine literature  published by medical people,  and by alternative health professionals.   There is plenty of research into the topic which might suggest that vaccinations are not always safe, and nor are they the best thing to prevent infections, including flu.

Vitamin C in large doses is one proven prophylactic, or preventative, for flu.  Megadoses of Vitamin C – i prefer calcium ascorbate as it is non-acidic – helps to kill off viruses and bacteria, and hastens the recovery of flu or other infections.  Vitamin A is another good one which destroys bacteria and viruses.  And there are heaps of Homeopathic remedies which will work effectively in helping to prevent or cure the flu and other infectious diseases, without damaging the body’s own  immune system.   Children generally respond well to the Homeopathic remedies recommended for childhood infectious diseases, such as mumps, whooping cough, measles, whooping cough,  and others.

But of course, if you are unfamiliar with the Homeopathic remedies, or herbal and vitamin naturopathic treatments, then you should seek advice from a qualified and experienced health practitioner to treat or prevent flu and other infectious diseases.

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