Homeopathic Arsen Alb For NZ Flu May 2013

Arsen Alb in Homeopathic Dosage is considered by some homeopaths to be a prophylactic for the Flu.  See the book by Dr James H. Stephenson, M.D. ‘Helping Yourself With Homeopathic Remedies’.

Unfortunately, right now on the 5th August, 2015, there is a website block on B. Jain’s available booklist, and so I cannot ascertain the date of Dr Stephenson’s publication, since I do not have this book in my collection. I do hope that this block is not some sort of prohibitive action to stop us from accessing these valuable homeopathic books.

I have also discovered that the list of praciticing homeopaths, registered on the British Homeopathic Association website, through the Weleda link, is also not available.  ‘Page not found’ is the response. http://www.britishhomeopathic.org/what-is-homeopathy/treatment/find_practitioner/

Flu Vaccinations Do Not Always Work:  I do not believe in having vaccinations for flu.  They are risky, and they do not always work in preventing the disease for which they are intended to protect. I prefer to use Homeopathic Arsen Alb.

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A friend of mine, who lives in the same block of flats as me, had her flu injection a few weeks ago.  Three weeks afterwards, she got a ‘bad’ dose of flu.  The injection made no difference, and she succumbed to the flu anyway. I probably caught the flu from this friend who had been immunized, but never mind.  All good.

I believe that you are more likely to suffer cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, obesity, depression, and/or a range of other diseases if you are in the habit of getting immunized.

Another friend of mine, who lives in the same street, can never ever have any more flu injections, because of severe and life-threatening allergic reactions which the  flu vaccination caused.  Three or four years ago, she had one injection which caused no problems.  But the following year, just before holidaying in Australia, she had another flu vaccination which almost caused her death.  Apparently the vaccination components had been changed from the one she had had the previous year.  She not only developed the flu immediately after this inocculation, but intense allergic reactions which, by the time they got to Australia, eventuated in her being hospitalized there in an intensive care facility.  Their holiday was ruined, and so was her health, which she has had to build up very carefully since this vaccination disaster.

How Influenza Strengthens The Immune System.

I have just had a ‘good’ dose of the flu.

I welcome the flu each season, as it flushes out the system and kills off other organisms which might otherwise sap your energy.  The fever which comes with the flu is actually a very beneficial thing which helps your body to throw off all the toxins it has been harbouring.  The flu symptoms generally take away your appetite, which is another good thing in that you get to do a natural fast while you have the flu bug.  So more toxins which might encourage a cancerous condition, if they were left in your body, get expelled whilst you are experiencing the flu.

This attack of flu which I have just recovered from without antibiotics or flu injections, responded very well to homeopathic Arsen Alb.  I did not need to use anything else in order to recover quickly from this flu virus of May, 2013.  All I did was keep the doses of homeopathic arsen alb going,  and keep warm whilst fasting for a week or so, with only a little fruit or lemon drink to sustain me most days.

The first couple of days, the headache was chronic and almost unbearable.  During this time, I took around 5 drops of arsen alb as needed, which was sometimes every 15 minutes, or half-hourly.  As the headache and fever subsided, I reduced the dosage of Arsen Alb homeopathic remedy to three doses per day.  Then, after a week, to around two doses per day.  Then, after around 10 days, to one or two doses per day.

Homeopathic Arsen alb worked miracles for me.  Often, after the flu, I get bronchitis which can take some time to recover from.  This time, with just Arsen alb, I have recovered very quickly, and with very little bronchitis.  The Arsen alb. is still effective for curing those bouts of post-flu coughing which still come on occasionally.

I put down my quick recovery this time  not just to the homeopathic Arsen alb., but to the lovely little warm flat which I now live in.  A year ago I was living in a concrete basement flat which got no sun, and which was exposed to incessant winds off the sea.  My health whilst living in this concrete, sunless flat, was very poor.  I succumbed to the flu several times whilst living there, and never really got over the bronchial symptoms until I moved.

Alternatives To Vaccination For Flu:

Arsen Alb is a natural antibiotic and cleanser of the system.  It helps encourage elimination of toxins through the bowel, and helps cleanse the liver and other organs at the same time.  Of course, I cannot say how well it would work on some of those new and deadly strains of flu, but if it were me, I would be prepared to give homeopathic Arsen Alb a go, as well as some megadoses of Vitamin C, if I could get it.  After all, Vitamin C megadoses have proved effective in curing some cases of swine flu.

Remember to stop taking your chosen remedy once you have really started to improve.  Sometimes you can continue a treatment for too long, which can bring about a mimicking of some of the original symptoms.  Thuja follows well after Arsen Alb, and is  a good remedy to antidote Arsen Alb if you have continued taking Arsen Alb for longer than necessary.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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