Coeliac Disease and Gluten Free Diet Been Around Since 1950’s

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Gluten Sensitivity Related to Vaccination?

The Gluten Free Diet is not a new thing.  It was written about in the 1950’s, and was probably known a long time before that.

It is interesting, I think, to observe that the sensitivity to gluten, which is suffered by many people these days, is not a new phenomenon.  Nor is coeliac disease a new thing.  However, it could be a phenomenon which is increasing because of several things:

1) Multiple vaccinations, with four or five different vaccinations being given at one time, to babies whose immune systems have not developed properly, could very well be one major cause of gluten sensitivity and other health disturbances.

2) The proliferation of food additives in our foods, and the use of toxic agricultural chemicals, are probably another major cause for our failing digestive systems.

3) The refining process in making flour could be another factor.  Processing wheat flour involves using chemicals on the wheat, such as bleach to whiten it.

4) The genetically modified strains of wheat grain, used for making flour and bread, could be a contributing factor.

Gluten-Free Diets In the 1950’s:  I have an old medical book entitled: ‘Healthy Minds And Bodies’ which was published in 1956 by ‘The Waverley Book Co., Ltd’.   An article written by Elizabeth Gilzean and Peter Bevan in this book recommends a gluten-free diet for coeliac disease, or celiac disease to use the American spelling.

Interesting to note the health interests of these 1950’s doctors and writers:  This same book also has one article on Homeopathic Medicine, but it endorses the use of vaccinations for many infectious diseases in another article entitled ‘Children’s Ailments And Illnesses’.

I have read in other books that people seem to have developed allergies, such as hay fever, and asthma, which have increased since around the time that mass vaccinations were introduced.  In fact, one source says that hay fever was never heard of before national vaccinations began. See Dr Hans-Peter Studer’s book intitled ‘Vaccination’, and also the book ‘Your Health At Risk’ by Dr Toni Jeffrey’s for more inofrmation on the side-effects of vaccination and whether or not they actually work.

Are Vaccinations One of the Reasons for the increasing incidence of gluten intolerance?  It is possible that vaccinations have  also upset our metabolisms to the extent that many of us have become intolerant to wheat, or to gluten.

It is also possible that the wheat itself, which is genetically modified, has a bearing on people’s intolerance of it.  Wheat has been mucked around with since the 1920’s in New Zealand, with new strains being developed every year or two, the aims being to maximize the yield for farmers, reduce the growing time, and so maximize the profits.  But this kind of modifcation which results in faster growing crops and bigger yields must also result in a grain which is deficient in many minerals and vitamins.  Then there is the devitalized and chemically-laden soil on which the wheat is grown year after year to consider.

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