How Homeopaths Cured Some Cancerous Tumours

DSCO 1845Alternative Treatment For Cancer:  Hecla Lava.

Cancerous growths have been cured in the past by some Homeopathic Doctors.  Dr Shepherd is one such doctor who has used Homeopathy in her alternative cancer therapy to treat tumours.  Read Merrilyn’s previous post to this one, entitled:  Doctors Used Homeopathy To Cure Fibroid Tumours, which gives the sequence of remedies used by Dr Shepherd for treating a case of uterine fibroid tumours.

Important Note:  Personally, I would not rely on Homeopathy alone if I had a cancerous tumour.  Dr Gerson’s cancer therapy which uses castor oil each second day has cured many people of cancer and degenerative diseases such as parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, etc.  I used his diet and castor oil method to rid myself of a breast lump years ago.  If I were treating that breast lump right now, then I might perhaps use homeopathic Phytolacca in combination with the dietary and cleansing treatments.  Anyway – food for thought:  Let’s explore some homeopathic alternatives for the treatment of cancerous and benign cysts.

Dr Dorothy Shepherd’s book, entitled:  ‘Magic Of The Minimum Dose’ cites the results of some other homeopathic doctors in treating cancerous growths as well as her own. The information in this post is sourced from Dr Shepherd’s wonderful book.

Hecla Lava Discovered As A Remedy For Cancerous Tumours:  She discusses the use of lava from Mount Hecla in Iceland, and tells the story of how Dr Gareth Wilkinson first discovered this remedy which is now  used to treat tumours.  She describes the story as ‘a veritable “sermon in stones” that proves the truth of our law that like cures like’.  It goes as follows:

Dr Wilkinson had been on a journey to Iceland, shortly after an eruption of Mount Hecla. The pastures were covered with a fine ash, the result of the recent eruption.  He observed that many of the animals which were grazing on these ash-covered fields had developed large bony tumours of the jaw.  He twigged that it was the volcanic ash which was causing these tumours to develop in the animals, and that it were possible that this material might work in homeopathic form to reverse and cure such diseases.  So he took a sample of these volcanic ashes back to England and triturated them into homeopathic remedies.

Dr Shepherd says that he used the homeopathic Hecla lava to treat many cases of exostosis and other types of bony tumours in horses and in men:  the proof of the law that like cures like.

Hecla Lava in homeopathic form was found to be very efficacious for treating spongy, bony tumours.  Dr Wilkinson and his colleagues discovered that  they disappeared very quickly with the lower potencies, for example, 1/1000 grain doses, or 1/10,000 grain doses.

Kidney Tumour Responds To Hecla Lava:  Dr Shepherd tells of a case where she used the Homeopathic Hecla lava with a great deal of success to treat a kidney tumour in a middle-aged woman.

Her patient had had orthodox treatment earlier for an extremely hard tumour in the kidney.  The surgeon had removed the growth, thinking her cured, but a year later, the tumour had grown again. This time, the surgeon decided not to operate because he thought the tumour was incurable. He put the woman onto morphine to ease the pain and told her she had just three months to live.

The woman was in dreadful pain, and so sought the help of homeopathic Doctor Shepherd.

Hecla Lava Used Instead Of Morphine:  Dr Shepherd took the woman off the morphine straight away, and put her on homeopathic Hecla Lava instead.  The dose was Hecla Lave 3x, taken three times a day.  This remedy completely removed the pain.  After a little time, the woman was picking up in health and able to do chores which she had not been able to do before.  She lost the typically malignant and emaciated look which often goes with such cancers, and began to build up strength and a good colour.  Meanwhile, the tumour was getting smaller and smaller.  After 15 months of Hecla lava treatment, Dr Shepherd sent the woman back to the surgeon, for an assessment.  He found only a small trace of the tumour left.

The patient stopped coming to Dr Shepherd after this, so we do not know how she made out. But we do know that the pain was completely gone from taking homeopathic Hecla lava, and that the kidney tumour was reduced to almost nothing after 15 months of treatment.

Conium Maculatum Used To Treat Breast Cyst:  Dr Shepherd tells of a case where Homeopathic Conium was used successfully to cure a hard lump in the right breast.  We do not know whether this was a mastitis or a cancerous growth.  But – Conium has the capacity to produce hard tumours of the breast, and so, in homeopathic form, it also has the power to reverse such conditions.  After taking Homeopathic Conium, or Hemlock, for four months, the breast lump had entirely disappeared and did not recur.  Dr Shepherd is not sure of the potency she prescribed, but thinks it was the 30th.

Homeopathic Phytolacca, which is from the Poke berry, was used in another case to cure a breast lump on the left side.  It took six months to cure this breast lump completely. It is not known whether the cyst was cancerous or not.  Dr Shepherd treated the woman with the Phytolacca remedy in the 30th potency to begin with.  She also used compresses of Phytolacca Mother Tincture over the affected breast. The potency for the oral homeopathic remedy was later  changed to the 900th and the 1,000th dilutions, and after a few more months of this treatment the lump disappeared entirely, never to return again.

Dr Shepherd discusses another case of a breast lump on the left side, which was entirely cured after taking Phytolacca for six months.  This woman had a mass of swollen glands around the breast.  The Phytolacca, which is known to have a specific action on the breast, cured the lot.

I think that these latter examples show how potentially cancerous growths can be treated and removed with homeopathic remedies.  Thus homeopathy can be a useful tool in preventing cancer, by getting rid of the health problems which could cause cancer.

Multiple growths on the scalp were cured by using homeopathic Graphites, 1m.  Graphites is one of the specific remedies for treating wens, and is famous for preventing their recurrence.

Homeopathic Thuja was given to a woman who had developed cysts on the eyelids – Meibomian cysts.  A surgeon wanted to operate, but the woman was not at all keen for an operation to be done.  She sought out the help of Dr Shepherd.

Now Thuja is a famous remedy for the after-effects of vaccinations, whatever the symptoms be. Vaccination can produce cysts later in life, according to Dr Shepherd. Dr Shepherd guessed that these cysts may have been a late manifestation of ‘vaccinosis’, since her patient had had multiple vaccinations for various things.  And so Thuja was prescribed.  It worked. The cysts disappeared.  But then an itching eruption of the feet began, which was seen as part of the healing process.  But in releasing the vaccination toxins from the body, the feet ached and burnt and itched so dreadfully at night.  Sulphur 30 was given to hurry up the detox process.  No external ointments were applied, as it was necessary for the body to heal the problem from the inside out.  However, Homeopathic Sulphur did not seem to do the trick.  There was not much change.

Dr Shepherd realized she had missed some important symptoms in taking the ‘picture’ of her patient – the fact that the woman had an aversion to eating fat was one clear indication for Pulsatilla, as were her irritability, her desire for sympathy, and heat aggravating all her symptoms.  So Pulsatilla 30 was given to begin, and then Pulsatilla 1m a little further on.  This treatment entirely cleared up the skin eruption, which was the last stage of the healing process.

There are many other homeopathic remedies which could be used to help reduce tumours and eliminate cancers.  A professional homeopath should be sought if you opt for homeopathic treatment over orthodox treatment for a serious condition such as cancer.  This is because remedies are chosen specifically to suit the individual.  Whilst one remedy may have the potential to reduce a tumour, there may be another one better suited to the person’s temperament and peculiar set of symptoms.  See your homeopath.

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