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New Book:  ‘A Life of Natural Health’.

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I really hope you have enjoyed my new book, published on Amazon 21st March, 2018. Please leave feedback on my books in the comments secion below.

A Precis of the book, duplicated from the back cover:
New Zealander Merrilyn Hope’s third book, entitled  ‘A Life of Natural Health’, is a testament to her belief in, and devotion to, natural healing practices over a period of 40 years or more. The reader who wishes to enhance his/her own healing abilities and improve personal health should find it a valuable resource.
The author believes that most illness can be reversed through beneficial diet, cleansing procedures, the  avoidance of harmful chemicals, and rest and meditation.  All these aspects of health are discussed, with examples where pertinent, in this book.
‘Prevention is better than cure,’ the axiom goes: In preventing or curing an illness, it is essential, first, to eliminate harmful chemicals from your body and your environment.  Many cleansing techniques are given in Ms Hope’s book for this purpose, some of which have proved to be successful in curing cancers and other degenerative disease, by such  eminent naturopaths and doctors as Walter Last, Dr Max Gerson, Dr Clark, and Dr Eva Hill.
Dr Gerson’s anti-cancer method, which famously uses castor oil, enemas, and much raw food, and which the author followed to eliminate a breast lump, is outlined. New Zealand doctor, Dr Eva Hill, cured many cancers in her lifetime: Her more simple, dietary and cleansing procedure for preventing, reducing or curing disease, is detailed within these pages, and so, too, is the three herb formula of Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, who describes her method as a ‘cure for all cancers’.The chapter entitled, ‘List of Complementary Homeopathic Remedies and Sequences’ will be a useful reference, both for students of homeopathy, and for those using homeopathy in the home. Learn what remedies work well with each other, and what remedy will cancel out another remedy. See how the childhood illnesses, mumps, measles, chicken pox, and flu, can all be helped with homeopathy.  Read about how the harmful effects of agricultural chemicals, or troublesome vaccinations, can also be alleviated with correctly selected homeopathic remedies.

Whilst the book is based largely on the author’s experience, and the writings of revered, naturopathic, or homeopathic practitioners, the information given within the book should not be substituted in any way for qualified medical advice.  Do consult your doctor or medical advisor if you are sick.


Lemon Tonic Recipe And Homeopathy For After Shingles

Natural Remedy

The following tonic recipe was sent into Ewing Stevens radio programme and appears in his booklet ‘Ewing’s Phone People’, published in 1993.

I have not tried it myself in the healing of shingles, but it looks like a good, general tonic recipe, similar to one which Dr John Hilton gave to me about 30 years ago for the purpose of cleansing the digestive system and blood.

In an 8oz glass put two tablespoons of lemon juice or lime juice, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and one tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.  Top up with warm water and stir to dissolve the maple syrup.  Drink while still warm.

Rangi, who sent in this recipe, recommends taking this dose six times a day for ten days, then leaving for three days, and then repeating the whole procedure for another ten days after the break.

Vitamin E: Readers Digest ‘1801 Home Remedies’ says that Vitamin E can help.  A suggested dose is between 1200-1600 IU per day until the shingles clear up.

Vitamin C is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and should be considered for helping cure shingles.

Zinc can also help.

Cat’s claw herb is suggested in some herbals for treating viral conditions such as shingles.  Studies on cat’s claw herb show it can inhibit viruses. Take the recommended dose.

Drink plenty of lemon balm tea:  Readers Digest says lemon balm is effective in treating herpes viruses.  They suggest making a tea of two teaspoons of dried lemon balm to a cup of boiling water.  Allow to cool, then bathe the shingles blisters with the cooled herb tea.  Peppermint or spearmint herb can be used as an alternative to bathe the skin.

Drinking  several cups per day of lemon balm tea would also be good.  Lemon balm comes from the mint family, and is capable of inhibiting the different strains of herpes viruses.

Lysine, an amino acid, can help fight viruses.  Recommended dose is 1000mg taken three times a day while the outbreak is in the acute stage.

Note:  Reader’s Digest assures us that shingles are NOT catching, but that a person may develop chicken pox from coming into contact with a person suffering shingles:  This might happen if a person has not had chicken pox previously, and occasionally people do get reinfected, sometimes years after having had the virus as a child.

Shingles: Homeopathic remedies to consider might be:

For more detail on the use of these remedies, read this post


Antimon tart

Arsen alb




Hepar sulph




Ranunculus bulbosus

Rhus tox






Cider Vinegar Socks And Onion Pack For Coughs Fever And Flu

Natural Remedies For Fever And Coughs

Apple Cider Vinegar Socks Applied to the Feet To Reduce Fever

Of course you should see your doctor or natural health practitioner in the case of a fever, especially with a child.  But here is a simple remedy you can try in conjunction with their advice.

The idea of  reducing a fever by soaking socks with cider vinegar is taken from International Masters Publishers ‘Nature’s Medicine Chest’ – sorry, no date on this publication here.

I have not personally tried this remedy, but it sounds like a good one to me.  ‘Nature’s Medicine Chest’ say that it works well for children who have a fever.

Note: I think that the onion water idea, which I have outlined below, could also be used as a treatment for fever by applying to the feet.

Mineral And Vitamin Content Of  Apples:  Apples are a wonderful food.  They are rich in phtytochemicals which help prevent cancer and other diseases.  They are high in potassium and pectin, both of which help heart function and keep the immune system strong.

Apples also contain reasonable amounts of magnesium, calcium and sodium, phosphorous, choline, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E.

Apple cider vinegar contains all of the apple’s therapeutic value.  Cider vinegar is strongly anti-bacterial and has a cleansing and tonic effect on the whole body.  Drinking small amounts of diluted apple cider vinegar on a daily basis can help prevent candida overgrowth in the intestines.

Apple Cider Vinegar Sock Treatment:  The cleansing quality of the vinegar, plus the  inherent nutrients which are absorbed through the soles of the feet, aid the healing process and somehow help to bring a fever down.

It could be a very good remedy to use in conjunction with other therapies, such as homeopathy, for bringing down the fever which accompanies measles, mumps, or chicken pox.

With this method for bringing down a fever, all you do is to soak a pair of cotton socks in a cold solution made with equal quantities of apple cider vinegar and water.

My advice is to make sure you use pure cotton socks, and preferably white ones which will not contain dye.  Synthetic or nylon socks should not be used for this treatment, as the cider vinegar will draw out chemicals from the fabric.  Use white cotton socks.

Dip the socks into the cider vinegar solution, wring out, and put the wet socks onto the patient.  Reserve the apple cider vinegar solution so that you can repeat the process every half hour or as necessary.

Onion Pack On The Chest For Obstinate Coughs Or Pleurisy

In the past, I have used boiled onion water for the treatment for bronchitis and pleurisy.  All you need is a couple of litres of water and a large onion, which you chop and boil up until soft, skin and all.

This treatment. although a bit of an effort to perform, has been a life-saver for myself.  A large cloth or towel is soaked with the onion water, wrung out, and wrapped, while still hot, around the chest and back.  With this treatment, you leave the onion cloth on for several hours.  Wrap a plastic around so the bed-clothes don’t get damp, and then a layer or two of blanket to keep the heat and moisture in.

It is a good idea to drink plenty of hot lemon drinks, or simply hot water, while you sweat it out with the onion pack on.  Try to drink several pints over two or three hours.

This remedy has proved to be effective when nothing else seemed to work.  It broke the cough and reduced the fever after an hour or two.

I think that apple cider vinegar, diluted half and half with water, could be just as effective as the onion water remedy for putting on the chest when fever and cough are present.  But onions are cheap, and cider vinegar is not, unless you make it yourself.  So, seeing you need to have a quantity of liquid for the soaking of the towel, I would stick to the onion remedy for the treatment of choughs with the wet chest wrap.

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Homeopathy Vits and Colour For Measles Mumps Chicken Pox

Alternatives To Vaccination:  Homeopathy

A mother and her children who use homeopathy instead of vaccination
A mother and her children who use homeopathy instead of vaccination

Of course, you must take your child to see a doctor or homeopath or naturopath  if you suspect an illness.  But here are some remedies which could support any treatments your health professional may give.

Homeopathic remedies work well when the right ones are given.  With the help of a homeopath you can work out the right remedy for your child to help with the common childhood illnesses. The information given below might be useful in an emergency situation, and to help if you choose not to vaccinate your child.

First of all – It is a healthy thing for children to get measles, mumps and chicken pox.  Getting these illnesses strengthens the child’s immune system, and a strong immune system will help prevent them getting serious diseases such as cancer later in life.

Sometimes we hear about a child who suffers secondary afflictions from the childhood illnesses, and sometimes, they die.  But these cases are not the norm, and we always hear about naturopathic cures which have failed, or the child who was not vaccinated and died, but hardly ever about the failures of modern medicine, yet there are plenty of them, to be sure.

People often get the very sickness which they have been vaccinated for, and some have died after vaccinations. There is even a term for doctor-caused, drug-caused, or hospital caused illness, which is Iatrogenic illness.

There are so many accidental ways in which you can undermine your immune system, but vaccination is one which you can definitely rule out, by not doing it.

As long as the child has been properly nourished before getting sick, and is nurtured during these illnesses, then the child will do well to recover  with the help of homeopathy and vitamin treatment.

Measles, mumps, chicken pox, and, in fact, all the common childhood illnesses, can be dealt with effectively and safely with the use of homeopathy and/or vitamins and blue lighting.

And it is very interesting to note that even UNICEF has finally recognized the value of Vitamin A in treating measles.  In 2013 Unicef gave out quantities of Vitamin A for an epidemic of measles in Syria.

I think that it is only a matter of time, and homeopathy will again be used to combat outbreaks of measles, mumps and chicken-pox in such places, and hopefully at home.  Antibiotics are losing their efficacy nowadays, and some diseases cannot be treated with antibiotics.

Over 100 years ago, homeopathy was very popular in Europe and America.  It had been used successfully in Moravia to stem an outbreak of cholera, which did much to popularize homeopathy as a medicine in the UK and America.  Homeopathic hospitals and teaching schools were set up in many places.  As the drug companies in America got stronger, they grouped together to oust homeopathy from the medical establishment, and so homeopathic hospitals were shut down, and homeopaths and all other alternative practices discredited.

My children were not vaccinated ever again, after my eldest child became ill following vaccination injections at the age of 3 months, and again at 6 months.  When I saw how feverish and puffy and distressed he became after those two injections, with eczema breakouts, it was clear to me that these innoculations or vaccines were causing more harm than good.

After each vaccination injection, his sleeping pattern became disrupted so that he only cat-napped for a wee while, and he would waken with stomach pain which caused him to become very restless and to cry for hours.  He had been a so-called ‘good’ baby before that first injection.

After the first injection at 3 months, it took around two or three months before his system had settled down again, by which time he was due for the second injection.  And after which injection, the same scenario followed.

And so I endeavoured to seriously study homeopathy and natural medicine, so that we could treat the common illnesses ourselves, without having to go to the doctor and take unknown antibiotics or other drugs for the common childhood illnesses which happened to be doing the rounds.

Colour Therapy For Fever:   Blue light left on in the bedroom at night, in conjuntion with a homeopathic remedy,  brought childhood fevers down within a couple of hours.  I always kept a couple of blue light bulbs on hand, in case of sudden fevers and infections.

I discovered Homeopathy to be a safe alternative to vaccinations and effective in treating all manner of infections.

I also found Vitamin therapy to be effective for Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Croup etc,

Vitamin C and A, in higher than normal doses, are helpful to prevent or reduce the severity of symptoms of the common childhood diseases.  Vitamins C and A both quicken the healing process with measles, mumps or chicken-pox.

These two vitamins can be taken before your child gets sick, when an outbreak of these childhood illnesses is about:  They will do much to prevent or minimize the effects of the illnesses should your child succumb.

Vitamin C  For Measles Mumps Chicken Pox– Best in the form of calcium ascorbate, or Ester C, which are non-acidic – These can be given safely in larger doses when treating an illness.  Give every half an hour for around six doses.

As a preventative, an adult can take 1000mg several times a day – between 4000mg and 9000mg of calcium ascorbate in doses of 1000mg each.  For a child around 7 to 12, half this dose – 500mg of calcium ascorbate, several times a day – more often, and larger doses if treating an illness.

For children younger than 5, give just a quarter of a tablet, around 250mg per dose.

The patient should drink plenty of water, or hot lemon drinks.  These promote the good effect of the Vitamin C.

Vitamin A For Measles Mumps Chicken Pox:

With Vitamin A you need to be careful with the dose, and not continue it too long, since it is accumulative.  At the onset of the illness, you could use roughly twice the recommended amount for a child, but only for around three doses over 16 hours, by which time you should see an improvement.  Then stop giving the Vitamin A for two days.  Continue with the normal recommended dose after that.

Homeopathy works just as well, as a prophylactic, or as a means to minimize the severity of these diseases.  You need to study the remedies a little, so that the best remedy is chosen.

Here are some remedies which have been recommended by well-known homeopath W.A. Dewey who wrote ‘Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics’, published by B.Jain Publishers, New Delhi, Reprint 1996.

I used some of these remedies with great success in treating childhood illnesses.

Homeopathy For Measles

Aconite: Great for the sudden onset of any illness.  In measles use when there is fever and restlessness, can’t stand the light, coryza and a croupy cough.

Arsen Alb:  This is a prophylactic for many illnesses, including flu and measles.  A wonderful remedy, both prophylactic and curative.  It can be used in measles if the patient has deteriorated with diarrhoea, great weakness, delirium and restlessness.

Bryonia:  A good chest remedy. It can be helpful in measles in the second stage of the illness if the lungs have become badly affected. Rash is slow to come out. Cough is dry and accompanied by pain in the chest and limbs, and overall aches.

Drosera:  This is a favourite of mine.  It is an excellent remedy for Whooping Cough and Croup in children and in adults.  It is a prophylactic for whooping cough.  Drosera caused a quick recovery of these illnesses many times when these infections were raging in Auckland.  It is a great measles remedy when there is a cough like whooping cough or croup.

Euphrasia:  Another remedy for profuse mucous discharge. Eyes red and swollen and watery. Dry cough with maybe hoarseness.  Throbbing headache which lessens when the spots come out.

Gelsemium:  Dewey considers this remedy very important in measles.  For high fever with chilliness and croupy dry cough.  Patient wants to be left alone.  He says it is great for the second part of the illness when the spots appear, because gelsemium has a distinct effect on the skin.

Pulsatilla: W.A Dewey recommends this remedy for the later stages of the disease.  Usually there is little fever with Pulsatilla, but a lot of running nose and discharges. Mucous build up might cause earache, which is common with this remedy. The eyes might be gluey and sticky. A dry cough at night but better during the day. Mucous in the digestive system and diarrhoea with earache, a dry cough and little fever could indicate Pulsatilla.

Homeopathy For Mumps:

Belladonna is an important homeopathic remedy for Mumps. W.A. Dewey rates it as number one.  Use at the onset of the illness, when the glands are swollen , red and hot.  They hurt when pressed.  Pains are usually worse on the right side,  extending up to the ear, but not always.

Homeopathic Belladonna is also useful for the second stage of mumps, when headache and delirium may follow.


This is another highly recommended remedy for mumps.

W.A. Dewey refers to it in his book, ‘Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics’.  It has a great effect on the salivary glands, and it is often used in the second stage of mumps, when the fever has come down a bit, but with much salivation, smelly breath and sores coming out.


This is recommended by W.A. Dewey for both boys and girls, for complications arising from mumps, such as orchitic or mammary gland or ovarian problems.  Symptoms for this remedy include a thickly coated tongue, dry mouth, and pain increasing in the evenings.

Rhus Tox:

This can be used for left-sided mumps, when there are dark red or purplish swellings.  Lachesis is another remedy for left-sided mumps.

With Rhus Tox, the limbs ache.  The patient is very restless and symptoms worsen after dark.

Dr Dewey indicates it for erysipelatous inflammation and typhoid conditions.

W.A. Dewey lists some other more obscure but useful remedies for Mumps:

Pilocarpine muriate 3x for when the parotid gland is affected.

Conium for very hard swellings.  Conium is well-known for its ability to soften and reduce tumours of any kind.

Clematis and Aurum for young males with orchitic complications.

Pulsatilla for metastases of ovaries in females.

Chicken Pox Remedies:  W.A. Dewey’s book does not cover specifics for chicken pox.

I have listed those recommended for the disease which are listed in Miranda Castro’s book ‘The Complete Homeopathy Handbook’, published by Macmillan London Limited, 1990.

Aconite:  This is the first remedy to use, according to M. Castro.  Others to consider are Ant. crud, Ant. tart., Belladonna, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox and Sulphur.

Rhus Tox and Sulphur:  Either of these can be used to relieve intense itching.

Antimon Tart:  A good remedy for bringing out the rash.

Mercurius-s:  Recommended for when the rash is suppurating and sore.

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Useful Homeopathic Remedies For Measles

Childhood Illnesses And How Homeopathy Can Be Used As An Alternative To Vaccination or Immunization.

DSCO 1536

It is worth keeping in mind that vaccinations do not always work.  Some common childhood illnesses have developed strains which are resistant to vaccination antibiotics.  And sometimes complications can arise from vaccinations or immunizations as they are called.

I stopped having my children vaccinated after I witnessed  my first-born child suffering dreadfully because of vaccination/immunization injections.

Unhappily, I agreed to the first standard vaccination at 3 months old, after which his skin became reddened and blotchy, his little body swelled slightly, and he cried all the time because of digestion troubles.  These symptoms took several weeks to subside.

He had returned to a normal sleeping pattern, the swelling gone down, and the crying stopped, by the time the plunket nurse came around to our country home to give him the second shot at only 6 months old.  She had insisted that there was no other way to protect my child, other than to vaccinate, and that being in the country we needed to do this very urgently.  Again, sensing that this was NOT the right way to go about protecting my child’s health, I let her in to give my bub his second shot.  Same thing happened, only worse this time.  It was obvious that he had stomach pains as a result of the injection.  He swelled out as if he had water retention, and his skin became reddened again. He cried for long periods at night and his sleeping pattern was again disturbed.  It took a longer period for his health to return to normal after the second dose of the immunization medicine.

So when the plunket nurse turned up at the door again, when my baby was 9 months old, I had made my mind up that no child of mine would ever be vaccinated again.  My family, after that, had not even a tetanus injection.  Instead of relying on these antibiotic vaccinations, I read and read and read as much as I could about homeopathy, vitamins, colour therapy, herbs, and natural diets.  I also developed the use of the pendulum to help me select just the right homeopathic remedy for any suspected condition.

Mind you, it was always good to know that the hospital was available to us should anything go wrong.  A couple of times, when my youngest son had a midnight attack of croup, or whooping cough, we set off for the hospital in the middle of the night.  But we were spared the necessity of visiting the hospital after all:  I had already given him homeopathic Drosera just before leaving home, with Vitamin D and A rich Halibut liver oil capsules,  and these remedies suddenly did the trick as we drove along in the car, as we headed for the hospital.  His breathing became as regular as any healthy child after 5 minutes or 10, and so we turned the car around and went home again.

Measles, Mumps and Chickenpox can all be treated effectively with homeopathy, if the right remedy is given.  But because it can take some skill to choose the right remedy, I do not suggest that you simply decide not to vaccinate and hope for the best with your selections. You really need to have an experienced homeopath handy if you have no experience in using homeopathy.  So – see your doctor, herbalist, naturopath or professional homeopath in the event of any childhood illness.

However, the following  remedies, taken from Dr Stephenson’s book entitled  ‘Helping yourself With Homeopathic Remedies’, may be used as guidelines to help you to learn more about homeopathy in the treatment of measles:

For measles with sudden fever use Aconite or Sulphur.  You can start off with the Aconite, using a few drops of homeopathic Aconite every fifteen minutes for around 6 doses if the fever persists.  As the fever subsides, you stop using the remedy, or perhaps give just one dose per day.  Aconite, if used just for the first day or two, can be followed by homeopathic Sulphur, just one or two doses per day of the standard over-the-counter potency. I used to use the 6C, but the common potency these days is the 30C.

Homeopathic Sulphur, or Arsen alb, are useful remedies to use when the itching and burning sensation of the skin may be a problem.  The itching may begin after a few days, so you could switch to homeopathic Sulphur, or Arsen alb, after the initial Aconite has begun to work.

Bryonia is a wonderful remedy for bronchial complaints, and this can be used if bronchial troubles set in as a complication of the measles.  Drosera is another great one I would recommend for bronchial troubles, which actually isn’t mentioned in the list which Dr Stephenson gives. Don’t forget that Vitamin A to help overcome the infection.  Vitamin A and D, found in Halibut Liver Oil capsules, is very good in combatting lung infections.For small children, I would bite the capsules open and squirt the contents into my babe’s mouth, swallowing the remains of the capsule myself.  I sometimes used around 4 or 5 of these in one dose, repeating the same around an hour later if the infection persisted, and then no more.  You can overdose on these vitamins if they are used for a prolonged period.  So no more than two of these bigger doses, to be on the safe side.

Unicef Are Using Vitamin A as part of a measles prevention campaign in Syria.  At last, Vitamin A has earned its place in orthodox medicine.  It was always there, as physicians of old used to prescribe cod liver oil for everything.  But drug companies, and modern trends to ignore the remedies of old, put Vitamin A in cod liver oil in the back of the cupboard.  Now it is in the forefront again.  Praise Be.

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