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Homeopathy And Vitamin C Therapy

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Sadly, a young girl has just died of Meningococcal disease in Wellington, New Zealand. She was only twelve.  She had been vaccinated for the disease, but succumbed to it anyway.  Which poses the question:  How long ago, I wonder, was she vaccinated for Meningitis, and is it possible that she succumbed to the disease BECAUSE she had been vaccinated?

Alternatives to Vaccination should be being explored by doctors all over the world.  And we hope that the drug companies do not get to patent ‘natural’ remedies so that they can make a profit from such simple remedies as Vitamin C, and Homeopathy.

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Many doctors and hospitals, backed by drug companies who lay down the law on these things, are reluctant to use alternative therapies such as Homeopathy and Vitamin C treatment.  Even when patients are dying in hospital, when vaccinations and antibiotics have not worked, and the patient has been given up for dead,  they will give every excuse for NOT trying Vitamin C therapy.  Homeopathic treatments are not used either, because drug companies do not want any competition for their pharmaceutical drugs which make them trillions of dollars of profit every year.

A case of swine flu in 2012, Auckland, New Zealand  proved that hospitals are beholden to the drug companies and will do anything to avoid using an alternative therapy to the one provided by the drug companies.  They would rather let a person die than to use any alternative remedy which might save that person’s life.  Because, if they use an alternative which works when their antibiotics have failed, then people will question the value of antibiotics and vaccinations.  The drug companies do not want people to question their methods.  Legal drugs are big business, not only for the pharmaceutical companies, but for the whole of the medical profession.

Vitamin C Can Kill Viral Illnesses, as well as Bacterial Illnesses:  In 2010, a man who had swine flu was being treated in an Auckland hospital.  Antibiotics were failing, and the man’s life was nearing its end.  Nurses had been instructed to take him off life support and to let him die.  Luckily, his family were present, and they did not allow this to happen.  They asked for Vitamin C to be administered in megadoses, as they had heard that Vitamin C could cure swine flu, as well as many other infectious diseases, if it is given in megadoses.  The hospital refused, saying that Vitamin C would not work, and the man would die anyway.  The family said “If you don’t give him Vitamin C, and he dies, then we will sue you.”  So, after a prolonged and tense debate,  the hospital gave the man the Vitamin C, and he recovered.

I believe that megadoses of Vitamin C should be given to children suspected of having Meningococcal Disease.  Even before the disease has been analyzed properly, Vitamin C could be safely given.  Since it can kill both viral and bacterial infections, it is the best measure to take if you are not sure what the disease is.  The diagnosis of the girl who died of Meningococcal disease on Monday is still given as ‘suspected meningitis’, according to television news on Wednesday, which gives an indication of the uncertainty around her disease.

Consequently, while the ‘word is out’ about Vitamin C curing swine flu and other infectious diseases, most doctors would not have any idea what homeopathic remedies might be effective in treating a case of cholera, or whooping cough,  swine flu, or anything else.  Doctors have been largely kept ignorant about how to use Homeopathy, and indeed, most of them think that Homeopathy does not work, because the myth that homeopathy does not work has been perpetuated by the drug companies since about 1920.  “There is nothing in it”, they say.

How Homeopathy Was Suppressed By Powerful Drug Companies:  In the 1920’s, the American drug companies sought to silence homeopathic doctors, by getting government agencies such as the FDA to make it illegal for any practicing doctor to publish any research whatever on homeopathy.  ALL RESEARCH FINDINGS, AND PROVINGS OF THE HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES, WERE FORBIDDEN TO BE PUBLISHED IN ANY MEDICAL JOURNAL, OR ANY OTHER PUBLICATION.

This wiped out the main competition to the drug companies empire building.  Many homeopathic hospitals and teaching schools in America were closed down, and doctors who still practiced homeopathy were declared to be ‘quacks’.

However, in England, homeopathy did not suffer such a tragic fate.  Everyone has heard of the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London. Until recently, there were around 20 Homeopathic hospitals operating over the United Kingdom.  Difficult economic times has led to the closure of many of these hospitals, as well, I think, as the declining knowledge about Homeopathy.  Drug companies fiercely promote their medicines world-wide:  They have the money behind them to promote and sell their pharmaceuticals.  Whereas homeopathy is not ‘patented’ by anyone:  There is no money to be made out of Homeopathy.  The idea with Homeopathy is that you do not put people ‘on’ to medications for life, essentially so that you can profit from them.  Generally speaking, in homeopathy, you treat the person until they get well, in which case  there is no reason to keep taking a medicine anymore.

The Royal family were great supporters and believers of homeopathy.  The Queen Mother used it all her life and lived to be 101. (A friend of mine said, when I told him about the Queen Mother  – “Well – imagine – she might have lived to be a hundred and ten if she hadn’t used all that stuff! – It might have ruined her health.”  A joke, of course)

Alternatives To Vaccination:  Vitamin C and Homeopathy.  Vitamin C is well-known as a prophylactic and a remedy for infectious diseases.  But Homeopathy works in preventing and curing illness too, if the right remedy can be found.

Some Homeopathic Remedies Which Might Be Effective In Cases Of Meningococcal Disease:

Dr John H. Clarke, M.D. suggests several remedies for meningitis in his book ‘The Prescriber’.  These remedies have specific potencies which actually have to be made up by a homeopathic chemist.  They might be of interest to some doctors who wish to explore homeopathic alternatives to antibiotics and other drugs. Some of these Homeopathic remedies which Dr Clarke recommends are:

Arnica 1, 1h. if the meningitis is due to a bang on the head,

Aconite 3, 1h when the patient has become fearful, anxious, restless, and has dry skin and is thirsty.

Belladonna 3, 1h. for when the patient is delirius, trying to run away, with flushed face and dilated pupils.

Bryonia 3, 1h. when there is pain with white tongue and nausea, but not much delirium, as well as depression and stupor.

Helleborus n. 3, 1/2h. for when there is pain at the back of the head and neck accompanied by much depression.

Apis 3X, 1h. if the patient is extremely nervous and makes shrill cries during sleep.

Sulphur 6, 1h for use after Apis or other remedies, especially if the patient has a hot head but cold feet.

For Tubercular meningitis – Dr Clark recommends Bacil. 30-200 taken in a single dose of 4 globules.

If the meningitis is due to a knock on the head, with resulting concussion:  Give  either Apis or Bryonia followed by Arnica.

Zinc. met. 6, 2h can be given after Belladonna or Helleborus, when the fever has subsided.

For “Typhoid meningitis” or “Spotted Fever”, Dr Clarke recommends

Meningococcin 6-30, 4h. – and Cicuta virosa 3, 1h.  If symptoms of blood poisoning are present, use Crotalus 3, 1h.  For pain getting worse behind the ears and down to nape of neck, use Am.c. 200, 2-4h.  If all else fails to relieve the spasm, use Actimon r. 3, 1/4h whilst spasms continue.  Then Gelsemium 1, 2h if there is paralysis, and for any deafness – first a 6, 4h followed by Sulphur 6. 4h.

Read Dr Clarke’s booklet ‘The Prescriber’ for more details.

Of course, a doctor must be seen if your child is sick.  Meningitis is a notifiable disease, and it is very dangerous.  These homeopathic remedies might be useful to keep on stand-by, though, in case of an emergency, or in case vaccination has not worked to keep the illness at bay.

Homeopathy For Emergencies:  I would keep these remedies in my medicine cupboard for emergencies:  Arnica 30, Aconite 30, Bryonia 30, Belladonna 30, Mercurius 30, Ledum 30, Sulphur 30, Helleborus 30, and Drosera 30.  You would use the chosen remedy every 15 minutes for around 6 doses, then spread the dose out to half hourly, then hourly, lessening off the dosage as the patient improves.  Usually, after the first day of being given the appropriate remedy, the patient begins to improve.  Then you can give a dose of just four or five drops once a day for about a week, or as long as it takes for the patient to recover.  If there is no change after using a remedy for several hours, then the remedy might need to be changed.

The Usefulness Of Keeping Homeopathic Remedies At Home:  It can be very frightening in those wee small dark and lonely hours of the morning when your child suddenly becomes sick.  In these cases, you can use the appropriate homeopathic remedy while you are on your way to the doctor’s or the hospital.  This pro-action, of taking a homeopathic remedy before any other medication can be sought, could just save a person’s life.  You might even find that by the time a doctor gets to see you at the hospital some hours later, that your child might have nearly recovered from having been given the right remedy.  Such a case I always found to be with using Drosera for Whooping Cough and Croup.  Once I remember being suddenly alerted in the middle of the night, hearing my baby suddenly having difficulty breathing.  I gave him Drosera 6C or 30C immediately, whilst we were preparing to race to the emergency doctor.  On the way, in the car, after having given him a few more doses of Drosera, we realized that the emergency situation was no more.  He was breathing normally again.  So we went home.

Ledum is a prophylactic (a preventer) of Tetanus.  I never had any of my children vaccinated  and used homeopathic Ledum instead, whenever I thought that Tetanus could be present.  Apparently, no case study has ever shown that the Tetanus vaccine really does anything to stop people getting tetanus.  As is the case with the whooping cough vaccine, or the meningitis vaccine, people can still get these disease though they have been vaccinated.  Which is a good enough reason to keep the appropriate homeopathic remedies in the cupboard.

It is always best to get professional advice from a qualified Homeopath before taking any Homeopathic remedy, especially if you or your child is unwell.  It is important to get the RIGHT remedy.  Sometimes there are several remedies which will do the trick, but sometimes, there might be only one or two which will cure the condition.  Also, sometimes you may need a constitutional remedy as well, and for this, you need to have a proper consultation, with your ‘case’ being taken, so that the appropriate remedy can be found.

In an emergency you may not have time to see a homeopath, especially if vaccination has failed.  So go along to a qualified homeopath NOW, to get his advice on what remedies you should keep in the medicine cupboard, in case of an emergency.

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