Mercury Thimerosal In Vaccines Is A Danger To Children’s Health

Dangers Of Childhood Immunization

Dr Rebecca Carley has stated that children will receive around 2370 times the allowable safe dosage of mercury, if they were to receive every recommended vaccine for the first two years of life.  This is a serious concern if you are considering, or have gone along with, a vaccination programme for your child.

Congressman Dan Burton apparently instigated an investigation by the FDA  into the use of mercury in childhood vaccinations, after his own grandchild became autistic following the administering of vaccinations  This FDA investigation resulted in a recommendation that mercury be avoided by drug manufacturers.  However, an outright ban was not implemented, and so mercury is still  used in many pharmaceuticals, including some childhoold vaccines.

This is alarming, that substances known to be harmful to man, and especially to children, are still allowed to be used in the making of antibiotic vaccinations.  In the hearing on the issue of Thimerosal/Mercury and its dangers to health, Congressman Dan Burton questioned pharmaceutical representatives about it.  He high-lighted the fact that Mercury/Thimerosal has been known to be a dangerous substance since 1929, yet it has continued to be used in pharmaceuticals including vaccinations. The only known test of mercury/thimerosal was in 1929, and all the people involved in the test died soon after of meningitis.

Congressman Dan Burton is pushing to have criminal charges brought against any agencies, including drug manufacturers and government departments, who  knew about this 1929 research-result which proved the imminent dangers of ingesting mercury/thimerosal, yet never-the-less, still condoned its use in vaccinations.  He is reported as having said, at the hearing:

“You mean to tell me that since 1929 we have been using Thimerosal and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had meningitis, and they all died?”

Mercury is a heavy metal which is very toxic to the body, and especially to the growing brain and body of a child.  Mercury has a profound effect on the nervous system and on brain development.  Mercury  poisoning in adults can cause nervous system diseases such as Parkinson’s, or Multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.  In children, Mercury poisoning would be more likely to result in impaired brain and motor function development, making the child less bright, and with slow co-ordination and speech development.  Even if  your child  does not have obvious Autistic symptoms, he or she still could be affected by the Mercury, and other poisons, being present in vaccines.

More than 50% of parents in America, whose children have become Autistic, relate the onset of the condition to vaccination.

Mercury is just one of the many reasons why vaccinations should be avoided, and why homeopathic preventatives should be used instead.  There is a prophylactic, or preventative,  homeopathic treatment for every infectious disease.  Childhood illnesses respond very well to homeopathic treatment, especially if the child has not had its immune system  impaired with vaccinations, medications, and environmental poisons such as insecticides and pesticides.

Did you know that vaccinations were halted in Japan last year, on March 8th 2011, after four children died following immunization?  This is just ONE instance of vaccinations having a proven negative effect on the health of children.  Because of these children dying,  Pfizer and Sanofi brands of vaccines were stopped  in Japan, while an investigation was carried out.  But many children die all over the world because of immunization drugs.

In 2010 Australia halted its vaccination programme after many children were reported suffering side effects from the treatment.  Nausea, vomitting, dizziness and seizures were some of the symptoms.  But this is only the tip of the ice-berg, the part that we can see.  Vaccination antibiotics have a far-reaching, on-going, negative effect on the nervous system, the brain, and the body than these immediate side-effects we perceive.

Some researchers believe that the rising incidence of crime, of violence and social unrest, has much to do with childhood vaccinations.

Childhood vaccines are marketed as if they are safe.  But generally speaking, they are not safe, because of the pollutants they may contain, and because of the fact that the negative side effects of using these vaccinations may not even be known for several years.

Vaccinations are very strong anti-biotics.  Many adults are known to have suffered very bad reactions from having strong anti-biotics.  I know of one case which happened to a friend of mine about a year ago.  She was bitten by a dog in the course of her work.  She was rushed by her bosses to the doctor.  The doctor immediately gave her an anti-biotic injection to prevent rabies.  It might have also been a vaccination for tetanus.  Anyhow, the antibiotic she had was aureomycin, which she had taken on occasion in the past without any obvious ill-effects.   Within hours, her face had swollen up, and the skin had gone a bright red.  I saw her about six months after the incident.  Her face was still swollen and red, and  looked to be permanently scarred as a result of the toxic reation from the antibiotic.  She says, a year later, that the scarring has not gone away.

Yet I bet that no action was taken in this case to make the pharmaceutical company accountable for whatever was in this anti-biotic preparation. Cases like this are numerous.  The statistics on ‘medical misadventure’ most surely would not indicate the true numbers of people affected, or anything like the  real  and on-going negative effects suffered by many  people as a result of taking anti-biotics and vaccinations.

It is just such a pity that my friend did not go to see a homeopath on the day she got the dog-bite. If she had not been in such a panic, she might have thought of this.  Homeopathic medicine does work, and does not pose the dangers to health which immunization or vaccinations and antibiotics of any kind do.   Homeopathic Ledum is the one which I used to sugstitute  Tetanus vaccinations.  For rabies, there are many good homeopathic remedies which could have been used instead of the aureomycin vaccination.  Hydrophobia, Belladonna, Stramonium, Lachesis, Agave, Cantharis and Fagus are some of the remedies which Dr John Clark lists  in his “The Prescriber’, as potential treatments for rabies.

Drug giants have been on the war-path of natural healers and  homeopaths since the early 1920’s, when the pharmaceutical companies began to gain ground in America.  These big companies managed to get all literature and research results about homeopathic medicine banned from being published in  American medical journals.  This was to prevent homeopathy from ‘taking off’ in America – It was already immensely popular in Britain and Europe, and even the Royal family were converted to using homeopathic medicine.  So the drug giants decided to retain their monopoly of the health trade by keeping the public ignorant about homeopathy, and forbidding proper research and test results to be put into the public domain.  This has had a bad effect on the reputation of homeopathy. But on the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies have carried on using  potentially dangerous chemicals and substances such as mercury in their own pharmaceuticals, despite research showing them to be  decidedly harmful.

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