Intravenous Vitamin C For Cancer Offered At Auckland Clinic

Natural Remedies For Treating Cancer

Intravenous Ascorbic Acid in the Treatment of Influenza: Lack of Evidence or Incontrovertible Ignorance? ‘Unfortunately, as long as IV/C has the potential to bankrupt hospitals, it doesn’t matter how well it works.’  (Professor Ian Brighthope, quote from

Vitamin C is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and acts as an antihistamine.  It helps the body detoxify, which is why it is such a valuable remedy to use in alternative cancer treatments.

Important note for New Zealand readers: an email from the Auckland clinic today, 12 October, 2016, informs me that their website address has changed.  Here is the message:

Thank you Merrilyn. The clinic’s website has moved recently:

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Remember that, as with orthodox therapies, there is no guarantee that you will recover with Vitamin C and complementary therapies.  However, megadoses of Vitamin C, when continued over a period of time, have  the ability to cure many cancers, or at least halt their development.  Vitamin C has been recognized as a cancer inhibitor for a long time now.

Taking Vitamin C intravenously means that megadoses of the Vitamin can be given without the digestive system being affected.  Up to 70,000 milligrams of Vitamin C can be safely administered in this way.  The amount depends on the body weight of the person, and other factors. These large doses are often extremely effective, shocking cancer into remission.

Taken on a regular basis in megadoses, and combined with raw juices and detoxification measures such as castor oil and enemas, Vitamin C can gradually reduce cancer masses by killing off the cancer cells.

I have had experience with a clinic in Auckland, New Zealand, who give intravenous Vitamin C. Their address is directly below.  If you live in America, or elsewhere, then try contacting: They have a lot of information on their website, and should be able to direct you to your closest Vitamin C clinic.

The address of the Auckland clinic is 110 Remuera Road.

Phone 09 5247743  Their website for info is

Two friends of mine have recently had successes with natural therapies for cancer – after reading my posts on the subject and listening to my raves, they decided to give the detoxification techniques a really good try.

One friend decided to have her ovaries removed for a start, the place where the cancer had begun.  It was thought there were secondaries in other parts of her body also.

After the operation, she went weekly to the Remuera clinic for intravenous shots of Vitamin C.  She also began a juice diet with plenty of fresh organic salads. About 6-9 months later there is no sign of any cancer, according to her hospital specialists.  Now that she is cured, they say she may not have had cancer anyway.  Such is the reluctance by many medical professionals in accepting that some natural therapies, such as Vitamin C, do actually work.

The other friend, a male, had cancer of the pancreas.  He lives in the country and does not have access to intravenous Vitamin C treatment.  So he used plenty of non-acidic Vitamin C instead –  calcium ascorbate, which has had the acid neutralized.  I advised him to take up to 10,000 mg per day, in doses of 1000 mg at a time.

As well, his partner encouraged him to detox on raw juices and lots of salads.  He was fortunate to have her help in preparing a nourishing raw food and juice diet.

He also took castor oil every second day for a few months.  I had impressed the necessity for castor oil and enemas, as well as the Vitamin C, as he had looked so terrible:  They had expected he would die before long, as the hospital could do no more good for him.  I suspect that he also did the enema-cleansing of the bowel as well, as his demeanour was so dramatically improved, but I thought it imprudent to ask.

It was great to see him smiling and looking so radiantly healthy when I met them again about 2 weeks ago. It had been 5 months since I had last seen them, when they had both looked extremely ill and depressed. Now, they were both so very happy with the result of their efforts.  They delighted in telling me the story of their victory over the illness which had nearly put him into his grave.

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Polio Virus Ten Year Cycle And Vitamin C Versus Vaccination

Polio Virus’ Ten Year Cycle Spreads To Cairo From Pakistan, 2013.

Vaccinations Do Not Necessarily Work:

Statistics can be manipulated.  In convincing the public on the efficacy of a vaccination programme, all that researchers who promote vaccinations need to do is to make sure the vaccine was introduced during the peak of a disease’s cycle, then, later,  measure the rates for that disease during the natural low period of its cycle.  Statistics will then tell you that the vaccination or immunization programme is working.

Better nutrition and living conditions are the reason for most infectious diseases more or less disappearing in civilized countries.  Tapped clean water, allowing for better hygiene, sewage systems, and the availability of good food are the best ways to combat the diseases of the poor.  These things are far more important than giving the poor vaccinations or immunizations.

Polio, as with most diseases, is best kept at bay during its natural peaks with better hygiene, clean drinking water, and better nutrition.

Vitamin A and C therapy, along with good diet, would be much more beneficial as Polio prevention than using vaccinations.

Much research has been done on the subject of Vitamin C for Polio and other infectious diseases.  Thomas E. Levy, M.D.,J.D., writes in his book ‘Curing The Incurable With Vitamin C’, 2002, that Polio is  both curable and preventable with Vitamin C therapy.  He refers to the work of Klenner, who summarized his work using Vitamin C for Polio in 1949.

Here is a quote from Klenner, via Galloway and Seifert’s written account in ‘The Journal Of The American Medical Association’, from page 54 of Levy’s book ‘Curing The Incurable With Vitamin C’:

‘It might be interesting to learn how poliomyelitis was treated in Reidsville, N.C., during the 1948 epidemic.  In the past seven years, virus infections have been treated and cured in a period of seventy-two hours by the employment of massive frequent injections of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C.  I believe that if Vitamin C in these massive doses – 6,000 to 20,000 mg in a twenty-four hour period – is given to these patients with poliomyelitis none will  be paralyzed and there will be no further maiming or epidemics of poliomyelitis.’

Why Consider Natural Alternatives To Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are given for specific diseases, which means you have to have quite a variety to prevent all the different viruses going around.

Multiple vaccinations are a very risky thing to human health, and we can never know exactly the damage that combined vaccinations do to the immune system.

Vaccinations do nothing to raise the health levels of a person – they just, hopefully, prevent it.

Leslie Roberts wrote on the 24th January 2013 that the polio virus has moved to Cairo from Pakistan.  The same strain of the virus was last observed in Pakistan, in September 2012.

‘A vaccination programme to treat children is being carried out in many countries to try and eradicate the disease.  But people do not seem to be aware, firstly, that the polio virus can be transmitted from a vaccinated person, and, secondly, that the virus has a 9 to 10 year cycle.’

The natural cycles of a disease, with its peak periods, and lulls, can mislead researchers into believing that their vaccines and immunization techniques are the reason the disease has been declining.  Such could be the case with Polio, because of its natural 10 year cycle.  If you count the polio cases during a lull period, then you could be satisfied because of the reduced numbers of people affected, that the vaccinations, which were given during the peak of the disease, have been effective.

Klenner, Levy, Dr Brighthope in Australia, and many other researchers, believe Polio can be treated and prevented with Vitamin C.  Polio can also be treated, like other childhood illnesses, with Vitamin A.

Natural Remedies

Culpeper says of Sage that it ’causes the hair to become black’.

Garden sage has many therapeutic uses.

In the garden, its flowers provide medicine and nectar for the bees, as well as a herbal tonic to the neighbouring plants.

It is well-known as an aid to oral hygiene.  It has strong antiseptic qualities and is supposed to whiten tooth enamel.

Sage is still used today in some tooth-pastes.  It is reputedly one effective remedy for bleeding gums,  and improving gum health:  The crushed fresh leaves are massaged several times a day onto the gums and teeth.

The tea is gargled to relieve sore throats, colds and flu,  and ulcers in the mouth.

It can be effective to reduce fevers, and has been used in the past for thyphoid fever. (see ‘Herbal Remedies  and Homeopathy’ published by Geddes and Grosset.)

It is a valuable nerve medicine, and is a useful stomach remedy for improving a weak appetite.

Natural Herbal Hair Dye and Tonic:  Sage can help restore healthy hair and improve the colour.

Strong sage tea encourages hair growth and darkens the hair, if it is used on a regular basis. Many herbalists describe it in their writings:  see John Heinerman’s ‘Encyclopedia of Fruits Vegetables and Herbs’.

Rosemary is another wonderful herb which can help hair growth, but it does not have such a darkening effect on the hair, as sage does.

Recipe For Sage Hair Dye:  Here is a simple, natural hair dye and tonic which you can try.  It is perfectly safe to use, as it does not contain any harmful additives such as you might find in commercial dyes for darkening the hair.

Take two cups of fresh sage leaves and put into a stainless steel saucepan.

Add one cup of dry black tea leaves

Add half a cup of cider vinegar and eight cups of water.

Simmer very gently, with no lid, for one hour on a very low heat.  You should have around half the original quantity of liquid left at the end of an hour.  If you need to add a little more water, make sure you do so well before you finish simmering the brew.  If you add more water at the end of the simmering, then your mixture will not keep so well.

Take off the heat after an hour of simmering.  Set aside to cool.

Once your sage mixture has cooled properly, strain it off.

To the liquid remaining add the same amount of vodka.

Put into a bottle with a screw-top lid and store in a cool place.

Massage around a tablespoonful of the sage infusion into the hair each day.  Use more or less, depending on how much hair you need to cover.

Massage the sage tonic well into the roots of the hair as well, so that it feeds the scalp and hair follicles.  Massaging the scalp with the sage tonic will help the hair to grow again.

The oils in the sage leaves will put a natural shine to the hair.

Once the hair is sufficiently darkened, which may take several weeks, you can reduce the amount of applications each week.  Once or twice a week may be enough to maintain the darker colour.

Sage is really very good for the hair in so many ways.

Alternative Sage Tonic Without Alcohol:  You could make up your sage tea without the alcohol if you wish.  Only, remember that your mixture will not keep for longer than a week, and it must be kept in the fridge.  You could make up a lesser amount, enough to last a week, and then make up a fresh brew of tea for the following week.

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Vitamin A for Measles:

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Vaccinated NZ Girl Dies From Meningococcal Disease 3rd September 2012



Antibiotic Causing Untreatable New Hospital Super-Bug In NZ

Alternatives To Vaccination

It surely is about time that the medical authorities, instead of discrediting alternative, natural remedies in order to keep dominant in the market place, begin serious study of Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine,  and Vitamin C and A therapy.

When given in correct dosage, these are all safe, proven and effective alternatives to vaccination and antibiotic treatment in the treating of diseae.

The latest scare is the emergence of a new strain of MRSA staphylococcus aureus, a hospital superbug which is resistant to all antibiotics.

Dr Deborah Williamson, a clinical microbiologist from Otago University is reported as saying in NZ Herald, Wed, March 18th, 2015, that the antibiotic ointment Fusidic acid is to blame for the new, untreatable superbug, and that Fusidic acid has also caused a rise in bacterial infections which no longer respond to the medication.

Dr Williamson was attending the Australian Society for Infectious Diseases conference being held in Auckland on Wednesday, 18th March, 2015, where she was to present her research findings on the alarming effects of overuse of antibiotics.

She is reported as saying that, because of resistance to antibiotics, common infections and injuries could ‘once again kill’.

The link of Fusidic acid antibiotic to the new superbug should be an easy lesson for people to absorb:  The example of Fusidic acid will not be an isolated one.

ANY antibiotic, such as those given for simple infections, or immunizations, or vaccinations, could actually cause other types of untreatable viruses and bacterial infections to arise.  This has been the argument for many years of those promoting the safer alternatives to vaccination.

Over the last two or three years there have been many cases reported where antibiotics have proved  ineffective and useless for treating serious epidemics.  Modern illnesses are just not responding to conventional antibiotic treatments as they used to.

Ebola is the most frightening of these untreatable-by-antibiotics diseases.  But there are others which also pose a threat to human life:

Swine Flu was a big scare three years ago.  No antibiotic would work to cure the disease, but still the hospitals in Australia and New Zealand were reluctant to use Vitamin C intravenous therapy, despite there being much research to show that Vitamin C therapy would work, if given early enough.

Even though life-support had been removed from a patient dying from Swine Flu at an Auckland hospital, doctors still refused point blank to allow the family to organize intravenous injections of Vitamin C.

The reason for the ban on Vitamin C?  Because the drug companies are worried it might be better than their orthodox drugs, and so they take great pains to disallow Vitamin C therapy in our hospitals.

The reality was that, in several hospitals here in NZ and Australia, hospitals would rather let their patients die, rather than give them the chance with Vitamin C.

This Swine Flu victim at the Auckland hospital was very fortunate that he had an assertive family who insisted that Vitamin C intravenous injections be given.  They threatened to sue the hospital if the man died before Vitamin C was administered.

And so, very luckily, he was given megadoses of Vitamin C and survived to tell the tale.

There are people the world over who keep excellent health through alternative medicine.  They do without vaccinations or antibiotics and use Homeopathy, or Herbs, or Vitamin C instead. There are many tried and true alternatives to conventional medicines which can cure or prevent  threatening viruses or infections.

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Antibiotic Fucidic Acid Linked To New Strain Of MRSA Superbug


Vaccinated NZ Girl Dies From Meningococcal Disease 3rd September 2012

Vaccinations Do Not Always Work.  This is the sad lesson for a family whose 12 year-old daughter died of Meningitis on Monday.

DSCO 1647

Note:  See Merrilyn’s post following this one, entitled: 

Possible Homeopathy For Meningitis If Vaccinations Don’t Work

Vaccinations may help to prevent a bacterial disease, but vaccinations are no good on viral diseases.  If this case of meningitis was a viral one, then the antibiotics in the vaccine given her will have been ineffective for that reason.  But Vitamin C works on both viral and bacterial diseases…….

Alternatives to Vaccinations:  Two other therapies can be used instead of vaccinations, and these are massive doses of Vitamin C when the disease presents itself, and Homeopathy for prevention and cure.

And this is why Vitamin C therapy and Homeopathic Medicine should not be suppressed by doctors or by drug companies or anyone else.

Homeopathic Medicine is a non-harmful, non invasive alternative to vaccinations.  Whereas vaccinations  are invasive to the body, and can harm the immune system, the homeopathic remedies do not cause harm to the immune system.

Vitamin C has cured people of infectious diseases when they were expected to die.  Only two years ago, a man who had swine flu recovered because his family persuaded doctors to give him intravenous Vitamin C in massive doses.  The medics at the Auckland hospital where he was being treated were about to take him off life support and let him die.  He lives today, because he was given Vitamin C.

Everyone should learn about basic Homeopathy:  It has stopped people dying of cholera, of scarlet fever, polio, tetanus, and other infectious diseases in the past.  It could well save the life of your child in an emergency.  However, Homeopathic remedies work best when the patient has not been exposed to a plethora of vaccinations and other antibiotics beforehand. It is best to choose one or the other – vaccinations or homeopathy.

If  you decided to vaccinate, but your child  nevertheless gets sick from the very disease which he or she has been vaccinated for, then it is possible that the appropriate Homeopathic remedies may not work either.  This is because vaccinations upset the equilibrium, and harden a person’s sensitivity to all manner of things, including homeopathic remedies.  However, in an emergency if nothing else can be done, it is always worth a try to use a homeopathic remedy on a vaccinated child.

And I would ALWAYS give large amounts of Vitamin C in an acute illness such as suspected meningitis.  With or without vaccinations, Vitamin C can kill viruses and bacteria when it is given in large enough doses.  It is a good thing to keep Vitamin C in your cupboard in case of an emergency, as well as Homeopathic Aconite, Belladonna, Mercurius, Ledum, Arnica, Arsen alb., and a few others.

Sad Death Of A Vaccinated Girl:  Just this week, a 12 year old Wellington girl has died  of suspected Meningococcal disease, only hours after showing the first symptoms.  Amanda Crook-Barker had stayed home from school on Monday, 3rd September, because she was feeling a little sick and had a sore throat.

Within a short time she had started vomitting.  Shortly after vomitting, whe manifested a rash, which is one of the classic symptoms of Meningococcal disease.  One identifyer of meningococcal disease is that the rash does not disappear when you press the area.

Within two hours of the rash appearing,  at 5 PM, Amanda had died.

Her father said that the rash quickly overtook her, and by the time the ambulance came to take her to hospital, she was black, as if bruised, all over her body.  He only described her condition in an interview on television tonight, 5th September, so that other people might recognize the symptoms and act more quickly if their children became sick.  Amanda’s condition deteriorated so quickly, there was hardly time to recognize the stages of the  fast-accelerating illness, and the family certainly did not anticipate that things would develop the way they did, and claim their daughter’s life within hours.

It is most likely, though, that even if she had gone to hospital earlier in the day that the disease may not have been diagnosed.  On the news tonight, her illness was described only as ‘suspected meningococcal disease’.  Even if her diagnosis was certain, it is likely that antibiotics may not have reversed her condition.  She had already had a vaccination for meningococcal disease.  The only treatment which may have saved her life could have been a megadose of Vitamin C  in combination with a homeopathic remedy such as Arsen alb, Aconite, Belladona, Mercurius, or Crotalus.

Over the past month there have been five cases of meningitis reported in the Auckland region.  Fifteen cases were reported in Wellington last year.

A doctor appeared on the news tonight to warn people that they still could succumb to meningitis, even though they had been vaccinated.  The doctor said that there are many strains of meningococcal disease, and there is not necessarily a vaccine for every one of these.

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Swine Flu Vaccine Dangers and Alternative Treatments

Antibiotics and Vaccinations Weaken The Immune System. One should examine the SAFE ALTERNATIVES, which will be mentioned in this article, before heading in for those flu shots, or the ‘Tamiflu’.

There is a huge push for people to be vaccinated for flu, and a huge push to have children vaccinated, not just for flu, but for measles, mumps, whooping cough and other childhood illnesses.  This is a worry.

Question Those Vaccination Programmes: Mass Vaccination Programmes mean big profits for the multi-national drug-making giants.  So, pharmaceutical companies welcome the so-called epidemics, especially when vaccination is made mandatory because of the scare of an epidemic, as this creates a massive demand for their products, and generates billions of dollars for these drug firms.

Next thing those drug-company business geniuses must ask themselves is:  If there isn’t an epidemic, why not create one?  If you can convince the public that there is a scare of epidemic, then they will all run to the doctor’s to get their vaccination shots anyway.

So – Make some propaganda for vaccination: All you need is one or two unfortunate people to have died from Swine Flu, or another rather obscure disease, such as the ‘Avian’ flu, and you can convince people that there is an epidemic threatening the country. Put an article about it in a few papers, advertise on television, and people will go in their droves to buy those vaccines.

This is propaganda for vaccination:  This is how it worked in 1976, when a flu epidemic was declared in the USA:  Only one person actually died from this  flu, so reports say,  but the authorities jumped on the band-wagon, and a national emergency was declared which saw millions of people being vaccinated for the flu.  Only thing was – this vaccine hadn’t been tested properly.  This experiment had disastrous consequences:  Hundreds of people died as a result of taking this flu vaccine in 1976, and many more were made paralyzed for life. THIS information has been conveniently ignored by the drug companies, and governmental authorities, who use fear-mongering tactics to get people vaccinated.

There is presently a similar situation going on: There is no swine flu epidemic – more people die of regular flu in the states  each week, than of swine flu.   More  deaths were recorded in a week from regular flu in the USA, in 2009,  than deaths from swine flu over a period of 3 months.  Yet people fear swine flu more than they do the regular flu, because publicity is engineered to have this effect. We fear the new, so new diseases and epidemics are highlighted to get the desired reaction from the public – trotting in for a vaccine is the average response.

The other important point is that, for the average healthy person, there need be no deaths from swine flu, because it has been proven that  Vitamin C kills the Swine  the flu virus.  Professor Ian Brighthope at the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine has done much research into the use of Vitamin C to treat infectious diseases.

So why the panic for vaccination? Because the public are not informed about the alternatives to vaccination:   Drug companies, with the support of the media, see to it that their products dominate the market, and that information on vaccine alternatives is conveniently swept under the carpet.

But wait – there’s more: It has been proven that intravenous Vitamin C, given once a month, has acted as a prophylactic against flu.  After over a year’s clinical experiments at the Hale healing institute in America, no patients who had been having the vitamin C therapy succumbed to the flu, despite there being an ‘epidemic’.

The public are deliberately kept ignorant about the successes of Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy, and other treatments.  The conspiracy gets more evil when you consider that, even when people are dying from Swine Flu in hospital, they are STILL denied Vitamin C therapy. Even though  clinical studies prove that Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus,  these poor patients are persuaded, while in hospital, to take chemotherapy instead.  Chemotherapy usually ends the life of a  weakened Swine-flu victim pretty quickly.

Barbara Loe Fisher who was President of the National Vaccine Information Centre (she might still be) discusses how a so-called epidemic of flu was created in 1976. Only 1 person died, yet this was called a national epidemic.  Mass vaccinations occurred, and hundreds of people died as a result.  Many more were left paralyzed because of the bad effects of the vaccination.

Vaccines, including the swine flu vaccine,  always pose a danger to the public, because the total sum of their side effects  cannot be assessed until years after the vaccination event.  “Investigate Before You Vaccinate”, as the famous  book suggests:  Even if people have not died after being vaccinated recently, the alternatives to Vaccines, such as Homeopathy, and Vitamin C, are far safer. Vaccinations are very damaging to the auto-immune system.  Vaccinations contain antibiotics, and all antibiotics interfere with the normal healthy functioning of the immune system.

Vaccinations increase your risk of suffering alzheimer’s, cancer.  Vaccinations increase the risk of autism in children, and many other conditions.  Vaccinations very often bring on the flu, instead of preventing it.  This can be a big health issue for elderly people.  Flu vaccines often bring on flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, swollen neck glands, sore ears, and the like.

Many people who were healthy before taking a vaccine, have suddenly become unhealthy after having taken a vaccine, with eczema, tiredness, and bone pain developing as permanent conditions.  Vaccinations for flu, and other antibiotics,  degenerate the nervous system, which could cause diseases such as parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis in some people.  In some people, damage is done to the brain cells, causing memory loss.  Heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are all affected.  The blood pressure can rise after vaccinations.

“But how do I protect myself against serious diseases, such as ‘Swine Flu”? you might ask.  Many people think that they cannot survive illnesses such as “Swine Flu” unless they take vaccines, yet they feel uncomfortable about vaccination:  A damned if you do, and doomed if you don’t situation.

The good news is that there are some very good alternatives to vaccinations:  Swine flu has been scientifically proven to respond to Vitamin C therapy:  Vitamin C is capable of killing viruses, and even the tenacious swine flu virus finds it hard to battle with Vitamin C.  People have recovered from Swine Flu, when they were expected to die, after being given intravenous doses of Vitamin C, anywhere from 50 grams per day to a 100 gms, depending on body weight.  Some doctors have documented their findings, also, that Vitamin C, when given in a regular monthly large dose intravenously, can protect against flu viruses in times of an epidemic.

SO – Research Shows That Vitamin C is a Preventative For Swine Flu, as well as a Treatment For Swine Flu:  Vitamin C will act as a prophylactic when it is taken in a large enough dose before you get the flu, and will minimize the effects of flu if the virus has infected your system already.  People have recovered from Swine Flu after they have been given intravenous Vitamin C in large doses

Homeopathic medicine, Vitamin C Therapy, and herbal medicine are  safe  alternatives to vaccinations.  There is a Homeopathic Remedy for almost every illness you can think of.  There are Homeopathic Prophylactics, or Preventatives, for flu and many other diseases. Vitamin C works as a Prophylactic and as a treatment for many infectious diseases, but the Homeopathic alternatives are also effective.   See my other recent posts on Vaccination alternatives:  In some of these you will find many Homeopathic Remedies for flu and other illnesses.

Note:  If you choose to use Homeopathy, it is advisable to seek professional advice for successful treatments, unless you know your remedies.

Homeopathic Thuja is a good remedy for the bad effects of vaccination:  Where illness, eczema and the like have come about AFTER being vaccinated, Homeopathic Thuja 30C is often of benefit.