Curing The Incurable With Vitamin C

How To  Prevent and Cure Infectious Diseases:

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Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD,  wrote “Curing the Incurable:  Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins”. This was first published in 2002.  I have a 3rd edition reprint by LivOn Books, 2009.  This essay will also talk about the work of Dr Ian Brighthope, a Melbourne doctor who is a Vitamin C specialist.

This book of Dr Thomas E. Levy’s is proof that many medical doctors are specialists in the art of natural healing, and have been for some time. Thomas Levy’s book “Curing the Incurable” is a book which covers  specifically the use of Vitamin C in treatment of disease.  It is a fantastic resource book for all people who want the proof that the Vitamin C alternative really does work, because Thomas Levy has researched the use of Vitamin C very thoroughly.

It is a great book to quote to all those sceptics of ‘natural’ health.  Thomas Levy’s book has over 1,200 scientific references, which should make it acceptable reading for all those who refute that Vitamin C does work, and can eliminate a disease.

Vitamin C is only one aspect of ‘natural’ healing, but to have all this research on Vitamin C therapy published by a medical doctor is certainly a break-through.

BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN BY A DOCTOR, which makes the whole argument for Vitamin C therapy more than credible, it is an excellent book for promoters of Natural Therapies, like myself.

Vitamin C therapy can help and cure  many common infectious diseases such as polio and hepatitis.   Vitamin C injections have cleared up cases of Shingles within 72 hours.  It is quite astounding that this knowledge on the value of Vitamin C in treating illness, has been around for some time:  Levy on page 83,  reports the results of Zureick’s work which was from 1950.

Klenner is another early researcher who published results of his findings on Vitamin C therapy in 1949, 1953, and 1974. Klenner proved that Vitamin C was effective in treating cases of chickenpox, shingles, and herpes simplex.

Thomas Levy outlines the facts about his many successes in his book “Curing The Incurable:  Vitamin C, Infectious Disease, and Toxins”.

Dr Ian Brighthope, who is the President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in Melbourne, is another doctor, a contemporary modern one,  who has done much research on the use of Vitamin C therapy.

Dr Ian Brighthope was in our New Zealand news towards the end of 2010, supporting the use of Vitamin C therapy for the treatment of infectious diseases.  I have written about his work in earlier articles on the Vitamin C treatment for Swine Flu.  Several people in New Zealand and Australia had had Swine Flu and had been refused Vitamin C treatment, even though all other treatments had failed, and these patients were about to die.  This state of affairs was made worse because there was definite proof that the Vitamin C therapy would work, as one person’s life had been saved by the giving of Vitamin C injections at the last minute.

The controversy over hospitals refusing to give Vitamin C treatment for Swine Flu is an extreme example of the moral negligence of some doctors and health authorities:  These negligent and dishonest doctors and health authorities will let people die rather than use a ‘natural’ remedy which is not marketed by the drug companies whom they support.

And the controversey still goes on.  I see that Dr Ian Brighthope has published a letter on line which objects to the manipulation of facts about Vitamins, which are published by the papers, and which suit the marketing interests of the drug companies…….

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14 thoughts on “Curing The Incurable With Vitamin C”

  1. I too am a fan of Dr. Levy’s and invite you to visit my blog where I have links to his latest public Address.

    Vitamin C saves lives.

    “Some physicians would stand by and see their patient die rather than use ascorbic acid (vitamin C) because in their finite minds it exists only as a vitamin” Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner
    I too am a vocal proponet of good food and healthy supplements. I voice strongly in favour of high does Vitamin C. Come for a visit – I look forward to seeing you there.

    Thanks for a great blog

  2. Hello There: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback in support of Vitamin C and Dr Levy. I have up another post just this afternoon which has more on Dr Levy and also Dr Brighthope: Post is called ‘Are There Any Natural Treatments for AIDS?’ It might take a few hours for it to be indexed. Regards, Merrilyn

  3. Hi,

    My brother-in-law (40yo) is fighting AML Leukemia. Diagnosed just 4 weeks ago.
    He is on the chemo production line in a big hospital.
    Caught swine flu 2 weeks ago and is now on 70-100% oxygen.
    I am madly trying to research high dose vitamin C. Can anyone put me in touch with an actual person who might be able to help in Melbourne, Australia.

  4. Hello Dave,
    Distressing news about your brother in law who caught swine flu recently. The best person, I think, is Doctor Ian Brighthope who practices and teaches in Melbourne. He is a vitamin c specialist, and I am sure he will be able to help you.
    Will add his contact details in a mo
    Will just look them up for you – The phone number to contact Dr Ian Brighthope is 03-959 70363 (Australia)
    He is the President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Science, Melbourne. The address for the College is:
    Ste 10/23 Melrose St,
    Sandringham, VIC 3191. His colleague is Dr Denman, who, I think, also teaches at the college. Dr Ian Gawler is another colleague. You can find out more about Dr Brighthope on line, but I would certainly phone the college to make immediate contact. Good luck: I am sure Dr Brighthope will help to get that life saving vitamin c to your brother-in-law quick-pronto.
    Regards Merrilyn.

  5. Thanks for the quick response Merrilyn.
    I will contact him first thing tomorrow. I am afraid it has become more desperate today.
    Regards, Dave

  6. Hi Dave – Just added the phone number for Dr Ian Brighthope, at the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, below. Dr Ian Brighthope has treated Swine Flu effectively with Vitamin C injections.
    I think if it was me, I’d try getting hold of him immediately – time is of the essence. And if I could not get the doctor, and my friend was going down fast, what about giving a high dose of Vitamin C orally, just til Dr Brighthope can get there? Homeopathic Chelidonium 30C could be good to start off with, as an addition to any other treatments. This is to help the pneumonia. Perhaps you could ask him about these options. Good luck. Regards Merrilyn
    Dr Ian Brighthope, Vitamin C Specialist: Phone 03 959 70363 Australia

  7. Hi Dave – Regarding your friend who is ill with Swine Flu: Just making a fresh message, as I think the editted versions may not get to you – they didn’t come up on my email –
    Dr Ian Brighthope’s phone number is 03-959 70363 Australia
    If it was me, I would try to phone him right away as the matter is urgent. If he could not go in right away, I would try get to the hospital to give the patient a high dose of vitamin C orally: Also, Homeopathic Chelidonium could help – 30C: Ask Dr Brighthope about these ideas. Good luck, Merrilyn.
    P.S. have added the address of The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine below in the first reply.

  8. I spoke to Prof Brighthope today – extremely helpful! Gave me a good 30mins of his time.
    Tomorrow we get biopsy results so it is decision day.
    In the meantime I have only managed to get 1000mg capsules. Ian has suggested 2 capsules every 4 hours until we can organise IV.
    Thanks so much for your help, I’ll try to post an update here.
    I really want to track down someone who has experienced IV C first hand, I have been searching for contact details of Matthew Clarke (Laura’s brother). I wonder if he would talk to me?

  9. Hello Dave – Regarding your friend with swine flu:
    Good news indeed. I am so pleased that you were able to get hold of Dr Brighthope. Yes – I think those Vitamin C 1000mg capsules, 2 every 4 hours, will be the thing until Dr Brighthope can organize the intravenous dose of Vitamin C at the hospital. I think even 2000 mg every two hours could be good, until the intravenous Vitamin C is given. I would break up each 1000mg tablet so that they are absorbed better, and give four half tablets at a time. People have recovered from even snake bite using vitamin C, but the oral dose given, 1000 mg, was repeated every five minutes.
    GREAT that Professor Ian Brighthope was able to help you in this way. Did you ask about the Chelidonium or another Homeopathic? I am not sure whether Dr Brighthope uses Homeopathics – some doctors do and some don’t.
    I will have a look at my comments on those old posts and see if I have an address for Matthew Clarke – sometimes people include them, as you have done.
    Keep in touch. God Bless. Am praying for you all.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  10. Hi Merrilyn,

    Just a quick update.
    Prof Brighthope & Ian Denman have been fantastic and have given us much advice and support. I am afraid we have not been able to convince the hospital to give my brother-in-law IV C….they agreed to just 3g orally a day – even this is a battle.
    I am meeting some amazing people along the way and had a great chat with Andrew Chubb last week who shared his story and boosted my confidence in IV C.
    I also met a patient at the same hospital my b-o-l is in whose first wife had success with IV C giving her 2 healthy years of life (after Drs had done all they could) before being beaten by brain tumors. He also boosted my confidence in C.
    In the meantime, my poor b-o-l is on an aggressive 2nd round of chemo after having no success with the first round. He has been in ICU for over 3 weeks.


  11. Hi Dave, Thankyou so much for the update on your relative who has swine flu. I am sure that readers will be interested to follow your story. It must be comforting to have the Vitamin C experts Prof Brighthope and Ian Denman on hand to give you advice. I knew Professor Ian Brighthope would do all that he could to help you – I have not met him, but I have seen him interviewed on television several times. He obviously had had much experience treating infectious diseases with mega doses of Vitamin C, and he seemed like a very nice, honest, and approachable person.
    I am so pleased that you caught up with Andrew and that he shared his story with you. I had the feeling that he would be of help. I am sure you will build some very good friendships through all of this, and that the knowledge gained from the experience will enable you to help other people in the years to come.
    Pity the hospital has not agreed to give that intravenous Vitamin C for the Swine Flu. The Vitamin C mega doses would be the very best thing that anyone could do for your brother-in-law’s illness. At least they have agreed to just 3 grams a day orally, which will be of some help.
    We should all keep praying that your brother-in-law gets well, whether it be from the chemotherapy they give him, or the Vitamin C therapy.
    Thanks again for keeping in touch. God speed your brother-in-law’s recovery.
    Kind regards, Merrilyn.

  12. Hi Merrilyn,

    Just a quick clarification – my relative’s primary issue is AML Leukemia. Swine flu was picked up in the hospital while on chemo round 1.
    He is now on round 2 of chemo.
    thanks, Dave

  13. Hi Dave – Thanks for that information. Just got in from town- just read your new message. Can see that the situation is more complicated than I previously thought. He is a very sick man, obviously. My best wishes for his recovery. Good luck and keep in touch.
    P.S. Give my regards to Andrew when you talk to him next.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  14. Hi Dave – An interesting email has just come through – unsure if it was sent by you or Ian – But yes – urine therapy is used by some therapists. It is an age-old tradition in yogic teachings, called amaroli, if I remember correctly. Urine is not poisonous. People who have been shipwrecked with no water have sometimes survived because they have drunk their own urine. This has given them back the nutrients and liquid which they needed. It will prolong your life if you have nothing else. Some Yogis do not waste a bit of their urine, but drink it each day. These devotees would more than likely be on specific diets,usually vegetarian, which might make the amaroli practice very beneficial for the health: But the treatment may not work if you eat lots of take-aways, and cakes, sugar, and dairy foods, etc. This kind of amaroli might be toxic.
    Regards, Merrilyn

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