Avoid Flu Vaccine/Homeopathy/Herbs and Vitamin C

How Can I Prevent The Flu Without A Vaccination?  Find out about some natural preventatives.

Vaccinations and Antibiotics, as we all know, weaken the immune function. But an estimated 35,000 people die every year in the USA  from regular influenza, or from influenza-related complications, so it is necessary, if we want to avoid taking innoculations or vaccinations for influenza, and we wish also to avoid the flu, to find out what the alternative treatments are.

Apart from the danger of the flu vaccine damaging the immune system,  or causing alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, there is a distinct possibility that the flu vaccine may not work anyway. The vaccination for flu, called ‘Flumist’, or ‘Tamiflu’ does not prove successful in immunizing all people against the flu:  Many people suffer the very same flu symptoms, after being given this live flu virus which is introduced nasally to the patient.  People often complain of getting a runny nose, with headaches, sore throat and swollen glands, aching muscles, and a cough, straight after having being given the vaccine.

Note:  Homeopathic Remedy Thuja is good for the bad effects of vaccination. You can buy from this from most pharmacies and health shops:  A standard potency is Homeopathic Thuja 30C. Use Thuja when illness or conditions such as eczema begin after having vaccinations.  This has helped many people.

Well – There are several very good alternatives which I know about. Homeopathic Treatment, Herbal Medicine, and Vitamin C Therapy offer alternatives to the flu vaccine, and offer alternatives to standard antibiotics should you succumb to the flu.

Vitamin C Works As a Prophylactic For Flu: Much has been written about how efficacious Vitamin C is in treating infectious diseases of any kind:  Dr Levy, and Dr Robert Cathcart, both from America, and Professor Ian Brighthope from Melbourne, Australia, have all written much on the subject of Vitamin C.  What is more, they all have many successful case studies to report.  It has been found in their research that Vitamin C, given in sufficient dosage, works as a prophylactic for many illnesses, including the influenza virus.

Dr Cathcart, from the Hale Clinic in America, reports that of all the people who came to his clinic for a monthly intravenous shot of Vitamin C, not one succumbed to the flu this  past year.  This indicates that the Vitamin C acted as a prophylactic for the flu virus, meaning that it acted as a preventative medicine.

Professor Ian Brighthope, from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, has successfully used Vitamin C therapy to treat people who have the dreaded ‘Swine Flu’ virus. Even as I write this, there is  someone very sick from Swine Flu in Australia, whom Professor Brighthope is helping to treat, as from today, with intravenous Vitamin C.

When people are severely sick with an illness such as Swine Flu, it is necessary to give very large amounts of Vitamin C, perhaps around 75 grams per day.  This is such a large amount that it needs to be done intravenously, so that the digestive system is not harmed, and so that the Vitamin C gets into the blood immediately, so that it can begin its work of killing off the virus.

Vitamin C can be used to Prevent and to Cure: When given in adequate doses,  Vitamin C has the capability of acting as an anti-histamine, an anti-toxin, and an anti-biotic.

The Conspiracy To Keep Vitamin C out of Hospitals and the Public Domain: Very often medical authorities will announce that Vitamin C ‘did no good’, after they had administered between 4 to 5 grammes per day to a very ill patient.  But a large dose is needed to counteract tenacious viruses such as the swine flu virus, and probably many other viruses too.  It helps the case AGAINST using Vitamin C when the dose is far too small, and no improvement is noted, which is why, Dr Robert Cathcart claims, that hospitals will under-dose for Vitamin C, if they are pressed to administer it at all:  So that they can say “See?  It didn’t work.”

Homeopathic Flu Remedies

John H. Clarke, M.D. in the Homeopathic handbook entitled “The Prescriber”, advises that Homeopathic Arsen alb. 3, pil, iii. 8h works as a prophylactic for influenza.  You will have to go to a homeopathic pharmacy to get this medicine made up, or go to visit a professional Homeopath who really knows his stuff.

Other Prophylactics which Homeopathic Doctor John H. Clarke recommends  in his homeopathic book “The Prescriber”, reprinted  1991 by B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, are the Homeopathic Bacillinum 30 and Influenzium 30. He recommends taking a dose of each at the same time, once a week during an epidemic.  This will help prevent getting the flu.

Aconite is a good general remedy for flu. It can be used alternately,  in combination with other remedies, especially at night when the patient is more restless, according to  John Clarke.  He recommends Aconite 3-30, Ih. for fever, pallor, faintness,  and restlessness which is accompanied by pains in the heart region. Fear of death is often a symptom of the Aconite patient.

Bapt. 3x-30, Ih: This is good for treating the flu if the following symptoms exist:  when the limbs are aching, with general soreness over the body, headache, sore eyes, foul tongue, fever and restlessness, drowsiness and heaviness of the body.

Eup. perf. 1-30, Ih: When the symptoms of flu include chills in the back with bone pain.

Glon. 3-30, Ih: When you have a bursting headache, violent throbbing, or bursting headache with a cough.

Belladonna 3-30, Ih: When worse for lying down, neuralgia, with the right side of head and face  being affected more, delirium,  inflammation of the ears, with headache, sore throat and a tickling annoying cough.

Merc. sol. 6-30, Ih: This can be used after Belladonna to strengthen the cure begun by Belladonna;  It can also be used on its own if suppuration is present.

Gelsemicum 1-30, Ih: If the patient is not thirsty, but red-faced with general weakness and relaxation.  The patient complains of chills  which run up and down the spine.

Echinacea *,1-2h. can be used when a low typhoid condition exists.

Bryonia, 3X-30, Ih. :  There is much thirst with Bryonia.  The symptoms are all usually worse for movement. Use Bryonia if cough is worse for movement and there is pain in the head, or limbs, or body.   Tongue is like washed leather and foul smelling.

Arsen alb.: John Clarke recommends 3-30, Ih. for flu with thirst, restlessness, rheumatic headache, fear of death and anguish, and teasing cough which is worse at night.  I have not used Homeopathic Arsen alb. 30C in the event of any flu epidemic, but I feel about 80% sure that even taking the 30C potency of Ars alb. will act as a prophylactic for influenza if it is taken several times a day when there is an epidemic of influenza about. I have read about this acting as a prophylactic in other homeopathic manuals. It will also be effective, in many cases, to treat a flu virus once the person has the illness.  This is a remedy which can be bought at most health stores.

Arsen alb 30C is a very potent medicine, and I once used it in combination with other homeopathics, and, finally, a dose of castor oil, to cure a young pup of paavo disease.  I know for sure that this was the disease the pup had, because the other pups of the litter, who had gone to other foster homes, all died, except for one who was taken in time to the vet for a vaccination. We did not know, when we gave these pups foster homes, that the mother had already died of Paavo (must check spelling)  Anyway – Arsen alb., the ordinary old 30C potency which you can buy from the chemist today, helped to cure this pup of the virus. During the day, and most of the night,  at half hourly intervals or thereabouts, I fed him spoonfuls of water which had a good dollop of manuka honey from my bees mixed up in it.  This gave him strength and stopped him from becoming dehydrated.  Very important in any illness.

My pup, which I treated with Homeopathics and other remedies, and his brother, who was taken to the vet just in time  by his carers, for a vaccination, were the only two dogs to get treatment, and the only two dogs who survived out of a litter of around six pups.

But there you go – Homeopathy worked just as well to cure the Paavo disease, which everybody told me was incurable without a vaccination.

Are There Any Natural Treatments For Aids?

Natural Treatments To Support Immune System:  Useful Herbs and Vitamin C

DSCO 1783

All herbs which help to strengthen the immune system are helpful in treating AIDS.  Viruses which attack the immune system often do not respond well to antibiotics and other medications, whereas they will respond to many natural treatments, such as garlic, and Vitamin C.

Garlic, allium sativum, and Echinacea all help to control viruses, but the most effective natural treatment of all in treating people afflicted with the AIDS virus has been proven to be Vitamin C.

But, unfortunately, Vitamin C is rarely offered to people in orthodox medicine, because Vitamin C has many opponents in the drug industry.

Dr Brighthope has said of Vitamin C:  “Its opponents are still trying to discredit one of nature’s most powerful healing substances.”….More about this further on……

Vitamin C is a proven anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-biotic remedy which is extremely useful in treating the AIDS virus and other diseases.

Thomas E. Levy writes in his book ‘Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins’ that the AIDS and HIV infection are ‘preventable and reversible conditions’, and sites the research done by Cathcart in 1984 which show this.

Dr Levy states on page 95 of his book that Cathcart proved that Vitamin C  used on a regular basis can result in the complete suppression of all AIDS associated symptoms.

Dr Cathcart did his provings with Vitamin C which was administered by mouth.  The improvement was such that secondary infections usually associated with the disease were prevented.  This is a significant finding, because most AIDS patients die, not from the AIDS virus itself, but from secondary infections.

Dr Levy suggests that if Vitamin C were  to be taken intravenously, and  continued over a longer period of time, it might be possible for the AIDS virus to be properly cured.

Dr Ian Brighthope who is President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine at Melbourne is a Vitamin C specialist who has researched Vitamin C as a therapy for many so called ‘incurable’ diseases, including AIDS.

Dr Ian Brighthope  has written an article, which you can read on line, which attests to the fact that the medical authorities, pushed by the drug companies, are choosing to ignore Vitamin C as a powerful healing substance.

Dr Ian Brighthope and his colleague Dr Ian Denman wrote a letter to “Nature” magazine to correct some misleading and incorrect information which was published in “The Melbourne Age” on 4th August, 1998 on the use of antioxidants such as Vitamins E, A, and Vitamin C .

The “Melbourne Age’ had published an article entitled “Cancer Linked To Vitamins” which was written by a Dr David Harrison.  This doctor stated that ‘preliminary studies into the use of anti-oxidant vitamins E,A, and C had indicated it might make the disease worse”……and that “In two studies, they increased the risk of lung cancer and mortality.”  However, as Dr Brighthope and Dr Denman pointed out, this doctor who is an opponent of Vitamin C  declined to name the studies which he said had proven cancer was linked to vitamins.

So this statement by Dr David Harrison is simply not credible: This opponent of Vitamin C is obviously a pawn in the drug companies’ game to cheat people out of the right to the truth, and the right to alternative treatments. In effect, this is murder:

Many people are being deprived of the right to get well, and the right to live, simply because Vitamin C is being denied them as an alternative treatment to drug companies’ prescription medicines.  Dr Brighthope spoke on television late last year about this very sad reality:  He was interviewed on NZTV about people being denied Vitamin C therapy for Swine Flu in New Zealand and Australian hospitals.

Dr Brighthope stated that Vitamin C is a PROVEN remedy for Swine Flu, and said that it was wrong that hospitals were letting people die, rather than administer intravenous Vitamin C.  Why NOT administer Vitamin C, even at the last minute, when all other treatments had failed?

One family of a person suffering from Swine Flu  in New Zealand threatened to sue the hospital if they did not allow Vitamin C to be given.  So the hospital conceded, Vitamin C was given, and THAT person who had Swine Flu actually recovered.

The letter written to ‘Nature’  by Doctors Brighthope and Denman, was ignored by ‘Nature’ magazine, even though these two Doctors are specialists in the field of Vitamin C therapy and other alternatives.  They have  done the research, and had the experience,  to show that Vitamin C therapy really does  work.

Natural Vitamin C Is Best/Apple, Cranberry, Camu Camu

Synthetic Vitamin C

Synthetic Vitamin C does really have an important role to play. I think it is a valuable thing to keep in the house for those times of emergency, when no medical help is available.    It can be used to avert infection in many cases.  Ear infections often respond to large doses of Vitamin C, as well as a booster of Halibut liver oil, containing Vitamin A and D.  Colds and flu often respond to a boost of Vitamin C, and a little help with Halibut liver oil.  Large amounts of intravenous Vitamin C has been used to combat such serious conditions  as swine flu.

Deficiency of Vitamin C can occur when people do not eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables.  This commonly results in a condition called scurvy, which is basically a break-down of the connective tissue.  Eczema and other skin conditions sometimes result from a lack of Vitamin C in the diet.  Lack of Vitamin C in your diet can result in the cartilages becoming weaker, as well as the bones becoming more brittle and fragile.  This can make you more prone to injuries of the ligaments, and fractures.

For Maintaining Good Health: Nothing beats having plenty or fresh fruit and vegetables in the diet, which are rich in natural Vitamin C.

Vitamin C To Treat Disease: Many people take intravenous Vitamin C, or simply large doses of calcium ascorbate powder, or Ester C,  which are  non-acidic forms of Vitamin C, to help combat cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, and other degenerative disease.

Natural Vitamin C is so essential in preventing and treating serious disease.  All diets should consist of raw fruit and vegetables to help keep disease and sicknesses at bay. Vitamin C is such an important element for keeping good health, and for curing sickness,  and this is why raw food diets, or diets which incorporate a large quantity of freshly pressed raw vegetable and fruit juices are used in the nutritional treatment of  cancer and other disease.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it has the power to negate and remove many of those poisons in the body which have caused  diseases  like cancer to set in.

I have just come across an article put in the paper by Matakana Superfoods, who are in New Zealand.   They say that most of the world’s synthetic Vitamin C is now produced in China, which might make some products dubious in quality.  Their recommendation is to take natural Vitamin C which has been produced organically.

Natural organic Vitamin C which is commonly derived from fruits such as  apples, blackcurrant, cranberry,  kiwifruit,  strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, is going to be easier for your body to assimilate than synthetic Vitamin C,  because it is natural. Also, there are other important agents, and enzymes found in natural fruits, and Vitamin C obtained from those fruits, which are not found in synthetic Vitamin C.  These other naturally occurring nutrients and phytochemicals  have a synergistic effect on each other, providing more health benefits to the body than the synthetic counterpart.

Camu Camu is one of the most recent additions to the list of natural Vitamin C’s.  This is a fruit which is grown in the Amazon region.  It is reputed to have the highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit known, so this article says. Camu Camu is very rich in phytochemicals.  Matakana Superfoods are selling a natural Vitamin C which is derived from the Camu Camu fruit.

Here is the comparative list given by Matakana Superfoods on Vitamin C content:

Camu Camu   2800mg/100g

Blackcurrant   200 mg/100g

Kiwi Fruit   90mg/100g

Strawberry   60mg/100g

Orange   50mg/100g

Lime   30mg/100g

Blueberry  10mg/100g

Apple   6mg/100g



Radiation Causes Bone Loss

Cancer Patients And Bone Loss

Radiation is damaging to the cells of the body.  Radiation can cause cancer, as well as bone loss.

Alternative Cancer Therapies are available.  Consider carefully before you agree to incorporate radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment.

Intravenous Vitamin C As Cancer Treatment:  Pam Stevens recovered from Breast Cancer, mainly by using high doses of Vitamin C and  an alkaline diet.  Lymphatic drainage  therapy was another important part of her therapy, which helped her to beat the disease.  Pam describes the details of her recovery in her book “Breast Cancer:  Why Women Are Dying Needlessly’. PMS Publications, Albany Auckland, 2007.
In the beginning, when she first discovered that she had cancer, she  had her breast removed.  She began taking Tamoxifen, an alternative to chemotherapy.  She did not want to have either chemotherapy or radiation ‘treatment’, as she was convinced by reading literature on the subjects, that these treatments were going to damage her body and undermine her ability to recover.
She has a chapter in her book on how radiation causes bone loss.
Pam Stevens is not a fan of radiation therapy at all, and says that the  New Zealanders  who could not have radiation therapy because of a radiaographer’s strike were ‘the lucky ones’.
She questions the logic in spending thousands of dollars each year to send people to Australia for specialist radiation treatment.

We have been brain-washed into thinking that radiation is a necessary  and vital part of cancer treatment as a matter of course.  Public perception does not match the reality, that radiation treatment is known to be destructive to body cells  and that 80% of all people who are diagnosed with cancer, die.
Professor Ted Bateman, PhD, and his colleagues at Clemson University, have proved that bone loss results from radiation. Tests were done on mice with just one radiation dose of two Gy.  This resulted in between 29 and 39% of bone loss in the mice, no matter what type of radiation was used. This is a similar dose to what is given in cancer treatment, although some treatments use far higher doses than this, perhaps between 70 and 80 Gy.
Professor Bateman’s experiment shows conclusively that severe bone loss can result from even just one dose of radiation.  Many people report fractures after having had radiation treatment.
Pam quotes the common phrase “Doctors recommend it all the time so it must be alright”
This reminds me of something which happened years ago when I was expecting my first child.  My gums began to bleed somewhere during the second half of the pregnancy.  I was seeing the medical people at St Helen’s Hospital in Auckland.  I told them that my gums were bleeding and asked them what I could do.  The answer from the doctor was “Oh – don’t worry about it.  90% of the women who come in here have bleeding gums’.
I endeavoured to find out what the cause was myself.  The angels were with me, and I was led up to this little fusty old room in Queen street, where an old healer saw patients.  He had some books out on a table for reading there, or for purchase.  As I leafed through one book on natural cures, I came across a remedy for bleeding gums:  Vitamin C was the answer.  What’s more, the book gave a perfectly natural source, which meant I could cure myself without having to even purchase Vitamin C tablets.  Our budget was stretched at this time, as evidenced by the bleeding gums, which meant we were not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables.  Nor could we afford Vitamin C tablets.
The book said to scrape the inside  pith of a grapefruit or a lemon, about two tablespoonsful. It said  that this was  one of the richest sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, both of which help to prevent scurvy,  stop haemorrhages, nose bleeds, and gum bleeding.  EAT SOME EVERY DAY was the advice.  I began doing this, and the bleeding stopped immediately.  Natural Vitamin C from the pith of grapefruit, cured my bleeding gums.
Intravenous doses of Vitamin C   Was Used As An Alternative To Radiation and Chemotherapy.  This treatment cured Pam Steven’s breast cancer.

Important References on the adverse effects of radiation treatment are given in the following books and journals:
Morgan, G, Ward, R., & Barton, M.  The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5 year survival in adult malignancies.  Clinical Oncology (R Coll Radiology), 2004; 16 (8): pp. 549-60
Braverman, A. M.D. Medical Oncology in the 90’s.  Lancet, August 1991: p.901
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Moss, R. PhD  Questioning Chemotherapy, Equinox Press, 1995

Intravenous Vitamin C as Chemotherapy

Breast Cancer:  Alternative Treatment

DSCO 1543

I have just come across another imortant book which backs the idea that cancer can be treated naturally.  This book is a testimony to the powerful effects of using intravenous vitamin C as chemotherapy to treat cancer:  Pam Stevens is living proof that this treatment can work.

This book is a 2007 edition of a book called ‘Breast Cancer’,  ‘Why Women Are Dying Needlessly’, by Pam Stevens who is a New Zealand woman. On the front cover, it says also:  “A must read for every New Zealand  woman.”  This is published by PMS Publications, 92 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand

In this wonderfully informative  book on breast cancer, Pam describes the conventional treatments which she used to begin with, how the cancer, which was particularly invasive and aggressive,  continued to grow, and goes on to describe how she finally managed to  beat the cancer with intravenous vitamin C as chemotherapy, as well as her multivitamins.

She attributes her survival in the first stages of the disease, after the surgery, and during the time she was taking Tamoxifen, to the fact that she had put herself on high quality mineral and vitamin supplements.

As stated earlier, Pam had a very invasive and aggressive type of breast cancer.  Even so,  she  decided not to have the lymph nodes removed with the breast,  as she had read that sometimes this was not necessary. She also refused chemotherapy and radiation treatment because of their reputed harmful effects on the body.  She had read that radiation is one known cause of cancer, and was dubious about the side effects of chemotherapy as well.

Doctor Anne Wigmore wrote about the dangers of radiation treatment and chemotherapy in her book which told of her natural method of cancer cure. Dr Max Gerson, in the 1950’s recognized that radiation therapy and chemotherapy dramatically reduced the chances of recovery in his patients:  He had observed that cancer patients  who had had  these  treatments did not recover, whereas  the people with cancer who had avoided these treatments had a very good chance of recovery using his alternative treatment for cancer.

Dr Anne Wigmore had  refused to have either radiation or chemotherapy and decided to treat her own breast cancer through diet and detoxification. Doctor Anne Wigmore, like Pam Stevens,  also lived to tell the tale about her recovery from cancer using natural means:  Dr Anne Wigmore  did not use intravenous vitamin C as chemotherapy, but instead used copious amounts of wheat grass juice and other antioxidant vegetables and fruits, which  contain large amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Merrilyn’s new book is out on Amazon:


Pam Stevens was prescribed Tamoxifen, which she took for a year after the operation.   She had been prescribed Tamoxifen as an alternative to chemotherapy, and had gratefully accepted it as an alternative at the time.  However, she suffered very distressing side effects during the year that she took this medication, which included eye problems.  After reading a list of  the side effects of Tamoxifen, she decided to stop taking it:

Side Effects of Tamoxifen:

Tamoxifen can cause strokes, blood clots in the lungs, unusual bleeding, poor vision,  and depression, along with a myriad of other health complaints.

Tamoxifen Can Cause Cancer: However, the worst effects of Tamoxifen are that it  can cause liver cancer, and also cancer of the ovaries, cancer of the uterus, and cancer of the breast………So this medicine which is being used to treat most cases of breast cancer can actually CAUSE cancer too.  Like radiation.

Multivitamins Helped: During the period of taking Tamoxifen, and after she stopped taking it, Pam was still taking her high grade multivitamin supplements.

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy: Pam’s discovery of Vitamin C therapy for cancer was the thing which saved her life.  Intravenous Vitamin C as chemotherapy has resulted in a cure of her cancer without the use of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or drugs.

She began taking 30 grams, which is 30,000mg of ascorbate.  I think that this was taken twice weekly, as the increased dose she describes was taken twice weekly.

The Vitamin C  was increased very soon to 50,000mg of ascorbate, taken twice weekly.This was kept up for a year, then the dose was reduced to a single weekly dose.  Pam describes how her blood plasma dropped after five weeks of the lowered dose, so the Vitamin C was slightly increased again to compensate.

Even after only five months of the intravenous Vitamin C treatment, Pam was showing marked signs of improvement.  The secondary growths which had been observed on her bones had completely gone when a whole body bone scan was taken.  However, the Vitamin C was increased again when a new lump was noticed on her chest wall.  This increased dose was 75000mg.  Apparently, according to Pam, the desired blood plasma reading is 400 mg/dl and that recommendation for the therapeutic dose was what she tried to achieve.

Pam reports that others in the clinic she attended were recovering using the intravenous Vitamin C, but that those who had chemotherapy or radiation therapy, were not doing so well.  Dr Max Gerson refused to treat people with his alternative cancer methods if they had had chemotherapy or radiation.

Why Isn’t Vitamin C Given As a Standard Treatment For Cancer?

Pam asks this question in her book and discusses things like drug companies making profit from the medicines which are marketed to treat disease.  She discusses the awareness programmes for cancer which are promoted by drug compnies, and questions why these drugs are being used to the exclusion of other treatments which work, such as Intravenous Vitamin C as Chemotherapy.

The very same drug companies who are marketing cancer causing drugs such as Tamoxifen are often behind the ‘cancer awareness’ programmes.

Pam had ceased taking Tamoxifen after a year because of side effects she was experiencing, and she did not think that it was improving  her health.  Note:  Tamoxifen has been declared a carcenogen by The World Health organisation, along with about 70 other chemicals, a quarter of which are used in pharmaceuticals.  This was back in 1996, but still Tamoxifen continues to be used.

Pam eventually  totally recovered  by taking intravenous Vitamin C as chemotherapy over a period of at least a year.

Mammograms Can Cause Cancer: Pam discusses the issue of mammograms and points out that they increase the radiation which is accumulated in the body.  Radiation is known to cause cancer.  She also believes that the squeezing process which occurs during a mammogram is harmful, especially to someone who may have cancer, as the squeezing of the mammary glands could actually spread the cancer about and transfer it to other sites.

To give you some more ideas on alternative treatments for cancer, read my post:

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