Antibiotic Causing Untreatable New Hospital Super-Bug In NZ

Alternatives To Vaccination

It surely is about time that the medical authorities, instead of discrediting alternative, natural remedies in order to keep dominant in the market place, begin serious study of Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine,  and Vitamin C and A therapy.

When given in correct dosage, these are all safe, proven and effective alternatives to vaccination and antibiotic treatment in the treating of diseae.

The latest scare is the emergence of a new strain of MRSA staphylococcus aureus, a hospital superbug which is resistant to all antibiotics.

Dr Deborah Williamson, a clinical microbiologist from Otago University is reported as saying in NZ Herald, Wed, March 18th, 2015, that the antibiotic ointment Fusidic acid is to blame for the new, untreatable superbug, and that Fusidic acid has also caused a rise in bacterial infections which no longer respond to the medication.

Dr Williamson was attending the Australian Society for Infectious Diseases conference being held in Auckland on Wednesday, 18th March, 2015, where she was to present her research findings on the alarming effects of overuse of antibiotics.

She is reported as saying that, because of resistance to antibiotics, common infections and injuries could ‘once again kill’.

The link of Fusidic acid antibiotic to the new superbug should be an easy lesson for people to absorb:  The example of Fusidic acid will not be an isolated one.

ANY antibiotic, such as those given for simple infections, or immunizations, or vaccinations, could actually cause other types of untreatable viruses and bacterial infections to arise.  This has been the argument for many years of those promoting the safer alternatives to vaccination.

Over the last two or three years there have been many cases reported where antibiotics have proved  ineffective and useless for treating serious epidemics.  Modern illnesses are just not responding to conventional antibiotic treatments as they used to.

Ebola is the most frightening of these untreatable-by-antibiotics diseases.  But there are others which also pose a threat to human life:

Swine Flu was a big scare three years ago.  No antibiotic would work to cure the disease, but still the hospitals in Australia and New Zealand were reluctant to use Vitamin C intravenous therapy, despite there being much research to show that Vitamin C therapy would work, if given early enough.

Even though life-support had been removed from a patient dying from Swine Flu at an Auckland hospital, doctors still refused point blank to allow the family to organize intravenous injections of Vitamin C.

The reason for the ban on Vitamin C?  Because the drug companies are worried it might be better than their orthodox drugs, and so they take great pains to disallow Vitamin C therapy in our hospitals.

The reality was that, in several hospitals here in NZ and Australia, hospitals would rather let their patients die, rather than give them the chance with Vitamin C.

This Swine Flu victim at the Auckland hospital was very fortunate that he had an assertive family who insisted that Vitamin C intravenous injections be given.  They threatened to sue the hospital if the man died before Vitamin C was administered.

And so, very luckily, he was given megadoses of Vitamin C and survived to tell the tale.

There are people the world over who keep excellent health through alternative medicine.  They do without vaccinations or antibiotics and use Homeopathy, or Herbs, or Vitamin C instead. There are many tried and true alternatives to conventional medicines which can cure or prevent  threatening viruses or infections.

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