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Treatment For Swine Flu

Vitamin C Cures Swine Flu :  From the Documentary ’60 Minutes’, Channel 3, Television New Zealand,  Wednesday, 15th September, 2010.

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First of all, a big thankyou to the presenters of Channel 3  ’60 Minutes’, Mike McRoberts, and all the others, for running this show. Getting the information ‘out there’ is what it’s all about.  Without shows such as this one, many of us would be none the wiser.

Thank God that we do have some very good  and intelligent people such as Professor Brighthope in the medical profession – Doctors who are open to the use of Vitamin C and other ‘unorthodox’ treatments for disease.  However, the work of these enlightened doctors is often undermined by other closed-minded doctors in the profession, and by the design of drug companies who fund research, and control the drug market, as we shall see.

The effect of this close-mindedness  means that people are being robbed of life by the health authorities instead of being assisted to recover and live.  This goes against the Hippocratic oath which insists that a doctor should have it in his heart to do his UTMOST to value, protect and save life wherever he can.

Professor Brighthope is a Vitamin C specialist, an Australian doctor.  He was interviewed on ‘60 Minutes’ last night.  He was very much in support of using Vitamin C to treat swine flu and made some very pertinent comments on just why New Zealand hospitals are avoiding the use of Vitamin C, and are refusing  to acknowledge its value. He expressed his concern, and made the comment:  ‘people are dying because of the attitude of doctors’.

Professor Brighthope was emphatic that:

  • ‘People don’t die of swine flu – they die of Vitamin C deficiency.’

’60 Minutes’ covered the story about a month ago, of a man who miraculously recovered from swine flu after being given intravenous megadoses of Vitamin C.

Alan Smith has survived to tell the tale, but only because his family were boxers who didn’t give up the fight:  Auckland Hospital doctors had stated that Alan’s life support system should be turned off, because there was nothing more that they could do to save his life from swine flu.

Alan Smith’s family requested that Vitamin C be given to him, as a last ditch effort to try and save his life.  The hospital authorities STILL REFUSED.  One has to wonder just why they were so keen NOT to administer the Vitamin C, as, at this stage, there was OBVIOUSLY nothing to lose.

Thankfully, Alan survived because of his family’s determination to give him Vitamin C, and because the authorities took fright and backed down when the family threatened to sue.

A New Zealand doctor on the programme last night  gave an extremely lame defence  of why Vitamin C should NOT be given. He said that they did not want to give Vitamin C to swine flu victims  because they ‘have no proof that it works, and that Vitamin C can be harmful’. Just how ridiculous is that.

This statement is not only ridiculous, it is untrue:  as Doctor Brighthope said, Vitamin C is one of the most researched products in the world, and it IS effective in treating swine flu.

The New Zealand doctor stated that not enough research had been done into the use of Vitamin C for hospitals to ever use it……  Wrong, we know. Otago University in Christchurch, New Zealand, has come up with research results which would seem to support the use of Vitamin C in treating cancer………….   But the reporter asked him who funds the research – was it the drug companies?  “Yes”, he said,  “It was the drug companies.” …….A very meaningful pause ensued, and my guess was that he immediately rued having made that comment.

There is just no reason NOT to use Vitamin C:  In Alan’s case, if  the doctors were that convinced that Alan was about to die, and were about to remove the life support system, then there was obviously nothing to lose: The risk of Vitamin C causing any harm would not have been a serious consideration. Yet the medics still refused the treatment of Vitamin C, saying that ‘there was no proof’. They should not have resisted giving Vitamin C, and had no grounds to prohibit its use.

Bob Goodwin was not so lucky.  Bob was being treated for swine flu in North Shore Hospital.  His family, too, tried to get Vitamin C administered to treat swine flu, but were not successful in convincing the hospital to try it until it was too late.

The hospital had refused to give Vitamin C, saying that Vitamin C could cause kidney failure.  Meanwhile,  Bob suffered kidney failure anyway from the effects of swine flu.  The authorities came around to pull out the life support system.  Bob’s son managed, at that late stage, to get the hospital to administer Vitamin C, but it was too late in Bob’s case, for Vitamin C to have any effect.

A similar block was put up to the family of a 36 year old woman who was  recently in the Intensive Care Unit at Auckland hospital.  The family was told adamantly that:

  • ”There will be no circumstance  where Vitamin C will be administered’.

This poor girl died from swine flu at the hands of the medical profession who refused her a treatment which has been known to work.

In Australia, at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, a 20 year old girl, Laura  Clarke, was treated recently for swine flu.  Her family had heard about the success of Alan Smith’s case, tracked down his family in New Zealand, and from there,  proceeded to Vitamin C specialist Professor Ian Brighthope for help.

The Sydney hospital agreed.  Laura’s lungs cleared and began to function normally after being given Vitamin C.  However, the hospital took her off the Vitamin C treatment, against Doctor Brighthope’s advice. They also took her off the life support system.  Laura died.

Note:  Please read the comments below from Andrew, who was a friend of Laura’s.    Andrew points out that St Vincent’s  hospital acted in accordance with the family’s wishes.  My condolences to you and the family, Andrew.

Lawyer May Chen who is working on the legality of some of these hospital decisions  said:

  • Vitamin C in high doses is efficacious………Vitamin C treatment has a long pedigree to it…….

Professor Brighthope said that

  • ‘It is absolute neglect to not allow, or prohibit, the use of Vitamin C for swine flu’…..He is horrified that this ban continues in New Zealand hospitals and appalled that they won’t try it.

IN FAVOUR Of VITAMIN C: Vitamin C Specialist Professor Brighthope has used Vitamin C effectively in many cases of disease in hospitals and clinics.  He stated that the dose needs to be a large one, and that megadoses of at least 50,000 mg were often used.

To the comment made by the New Zealand ‘expert’ who said that “There is no proof that Vitamin C works’, – the old drug company-derived jargon  which is aimed at influencing all  flappable minds in order to hold tight their control, Professor Brighthope advised New Zealand doctors to:

  • “READ.  There is PLENTY of evidence….The libraries are full of good literature on it.”


Vitamin C and Cancer


Alternative Cancer Treatments:

How Vitamin C Inhibits Cancer Cells

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Very recently, in June 2015, it was reported on National Radio that New Zealand research scientists have proved for a fact that Vitamin C does have an effect on cancer cells. Actually, they are not the first, as the Australian doctor, Dr Brighthope, the American Dr Levy, and others have been writing about their studies into the effectiveness of Vitamin C for many years now.

There is a wealth of research which shows that Vitamin C can stop cancer from growing, that it can reduce the size of cancers,  and that Vitamin C can prevent cancer from developing in the first place.

The following quote is from http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v06n23.shtml

(OMNS September 15, 2010)

‘It is entirely false to assert that we do not know how much vitamin C is effective against cancer. Indeed, the opposite is true: we do know, and we are failing our duty to patients when we fail to recommend vitamin C as adjunctive cancer therapy.

There are many controlled studies that demonstrate that vitamin C is indeed effective against cancer, improving length of life and quality of life. Positive studies have typically used between 10,000 and 100,000 mg/day intravenously. As Dr. Fernando Cabanillas correctly noted, success with 10,000 mg/day by IV was initially reported back in the 1970s by Cameron and Pauling.’

NOTE:  Although I would take the alternative approach every time, readers should not necessarily follow my advice.  Different things work for different people. DO see a doctor or a suitably qualified health professional if you think you may have cancer or some other degenerative disease.

For years, the debate about Vitamin C and Cancer has continued, with some alternative health therapists using megadoses of Vitamin C to treat cases of cancer and other degenerative disease, whilst orthodox medicine stood outside the square insisting that their methods, which exclude the use of Vitamin C, were best.

The efforts and successes of the proponents of Vitamin C have largely been ignored, or minimized in many cases.  Medical magazines are resistant to publishing material which is controversial. The power of persuasion of drug companies, and their readiness to stamp out opposition, are managing to keep the wonders of Vitamin C a big secret.

Professor Ian Brighthope has said ‘Unfortunately, as long as IV/C (intravenous vitamin C) has the potential to bankrupt hospitals, it doesn’t matter how well it works.’  -Quote from http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9950

Using Vitamin C as part of a ‘natural’ treatment for cancer has been used for over 50 years:  Dr Max Gerson , who used it in his famous cancer clinics, was driven out of America by the drug companies and the FDA, really because these powerful organisations did not want Dr Gerson challenging the effectiveness of their drug and radiation methods for cancer, when his own methods were so hugely successful.

You can read Dr Gerson’s book, Cancer – 50 Cases, to get greater insight into his work.  The book by Samuel E. Epstein, The Politics of Cancer, gives many instances of drug coverups and how alternative practitioners such as Dr Gerson have been hunted down and ostracized by the strong arm of the FDA, which is backed by the pharmaceutical companies.

Alternative therapies are kept such a secret, most people don’t even consider a ‘natural’, or  alternative cancer therapy when they first discover they have cancer.  I met a woman at the Newmarket pools recently, who was due to have her breasts taken off because of malignant breast cancer.  I told her about the clinic in Remuera, Auckland, which gives intravenous Vitamin C for cancer and advised her to go there for advice before having the operation.  ‘Oh, I don’t believe in Vitamin C.  If it worked, then we would all hear about, and the hospitals would be using it,’ she said .  She was wrong. She believed implicitly in the medical system.  She was not even mildly aware that modern medicine is one of the biggest industries in the world, or that the medical profession are basically puppets for the multinational drug companies, who refuse to  accept alternative methods which could pose a threat to their monopoly on the health ‘industry’.

Another recent major happening which should elevate the status of Vitamin C in treating any serious disease, also occurred very recently, again, –  in New Zealand.

The case which has drawn attention to the media is one where  Vitamin C cured a case of swine flu and hairy cell leukemia. The man, who was in hospital, was not improving with the current regular methods of treatment.  The family of the man requested that he be given Vitamin C in megadoses: they had read somewhere that this could be effective.  However, the medics denied this treatment at first, saying that it would not do any good.

The family did not give up, and threatened legal action unless Vitamin C was administered before the man died. So the hospital authorities relented, gave the man the megadoses of Vitamin C, and the result is that the man recovered from Swine Flu and Hairy Cell Leukemia.

We had coverage on the case by reporters from Channel 3 and Channel 1, TVNZ, which was excellent.

I hope that the subject still remains ‘hot’ news, as it very well should be.  So often, when major alternative ‘findings’ come to light here, they quickly get drowned by other competing factions, and are then conveniently forgotten – sometimes it is years before we have any more reporting on similar issues.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science, as well as the Vitamin C therapists.

See also http://merrilynhope.com/curing-the-incurable-with-vitamin-c/



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