No Antibiotics For H7N9 Bird Flu Virus 2013 Human Killer

New Strains Of Influenza Are Threatening The Human Race.  Antibiotics and Immunizations are not working for some of these hybrid viruses.

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Homeopathic Medicine could work for this new strain of Bird Flu,the H7N9.  When modern antibiotics do not work, homeopathic medicine and vitamins should most definitely be used instead to help save people’s lives.

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Of course, since I have not had Bird Flu myself, I have not tried Arsen alb or any other homeopathic remedy on the Bird Flu Virus, but Arsen alb could very well be effective.

Since Vitamin C has proved effective for the deadly Swine Flu and other life-threatening infections, I would be looking to use intravenous Vitamin C as well, if I contracted the Bird Flu Virus.

Over 100 people so far have fallen sick with the deadly H7N9 Bird Flu Virus.  Of these people, one third who have succumbed to the disease have died.

The medical profession would do well to explore the range of Homeopathic remedies, which are available for treating different kinds of influenza.   Appropriate Homeopathic treatment, along with Mega doses of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, might have prevented these people from dying of the Bird Flu.

Remember that antibiotics did not work to cure swine flu either, but when megadoses of Vitamin C were given, taken intravenously, some people were saved from dying of Swine Flu.

This H7N9 virus is affecting people in parts of China, and others who have come in contact with the disease. Some travellers have caught the bird flu, after coming in contact with infected chickens.

If I had the disease, I would be powering into those 1000mg tablets of non-acidic Vitamin C, or heading for a clinic which could administer some megadoses of intravenous Vitamin C.

If I was taking 1000mg tablets, I would take one tablet each hour until an improvement was noted.  I would also take Vitamin A capsules to the tune of three times the recommended dose each day. I would take the megadoses of Vitamin A for up to three days only.

Depending on the specific symptoms, I would choose a Homeopathic remedy from one of the following, and change the remedy as needed, when the symptoms changed.

Note:  Each remedy has its own range of specific symptoms, so it is necessary to examine the symptoms for each remedy so that the most effective remedy can be used.  A homeopathic doctor should be sought in the case of a serious illness such as Bird Flu.

Homeopathic Remedies For Flu:


Arsen alb










Veratrum alb

Note about Iatrogenic Illness to Angus who commented on this post:  Read my post entitled:  ‘Medical Causes of Death’.

Accidents DO happen. We can never know just how many people suffer iatrogenic illness. But iatrogenic illnesses and deaths certainly do occur from time to time.

Only a year ago or so my cousin came back from Australia to have a cancerous portion of his bowel removed. Guess what? The surgeon removed the TOP part of his bowel, when it was the BOTTOM part of the bowel which should have been removed. The mistake was discovered just as he was waking up. So he was shot back into the operating theatre to have the bottom part removed. Too late to put back the good,top part of the bowel the surgeon had cut out.
This ‘accident’ was, like many, not reported as negligent practice. Many such-like mistakes go unrecorded, because people are too nice to complain.

My own daughter was initially made sick from aerial drops of 245T -same ingredients as Agent Orange which contains Dieldrin – We were intensively sprayed with 245T in a country area while I was pregnant. This caused chronic 245T poisoning which made us all very sick. It took several years for our health to recover after this spraying incident.

After my daughter was born, when her breathing was so bad, and she was so ill, doctors guessed she might have had cystic fibrosis, but this was never confirmed.

Anyhow, interesting to note that the actual CAUSE of her death was an overdose of Ventolin done by a young nurse at the hospital we were staying in. This caused heart failure and brain damage almost immediately after a whole test-tube full of ventolin was poured down her throat. I saw it happen. We eventually took her off life support after a month because there was no improvement. We had to let her die.

Interesting to note too, that I went to the doctor after the spraying, because my own health had suddenly become so bad, with asthma-like symptoms among other things. I wanted the doctor to note that the spraying had made me and my young son sick, so that our symptoms from 245T poisoning were recorded. My hopes were to get the stuff banned.
The doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with 245T – no record of it causing illness in humans – and that my illness was all in my imagination. What an ignorant doctor – the stuff was already banned overseas at that stage, but NZ was still manufacturing it.
This should give you some idea about the influence the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have on our society, how lies are told, and how rules are bent so that they can continue to profit where they can.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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Swine Flu Vaccine Dangers and Alternative Treatments

Antibiotics and Vaccinations Weaken The Immune System. One should examine the SAFE ALTERNATIVES, which will be mentioned in this article, before heading in for those flu shots, or the ‘Tamiflu’.

There is a huge push for people to be vaccinated for flu, and a huge push to have children vaccinated, not just for flu, but for measles, mumps, whooping cough and other childhood illnesses.  This is a worry.

Question Those Vaccination Programmes: Mass Vaccination Programmes mean big profits for the multi-national drug-making giants.  So, pharmaceutical companies welcome the so-called epidemics, especially when vaccination is made mandatory because of the scare of an epidemic, as this creates a massive demand for their products, and generates billions of dollars for these drug firms.

Next thing those drug-company business geniuses must ask themselves is:  If there isn’t an epidemic, why not create one?  If you can convince the public that there is a scare of epidemic, then they will all run to the doctor’s to get their vaccination shots anyway.

So – Make some propaganda for vaccination: All you need is one or two unfortunate people to have died from Swine Flu, or another rather obscure disease, such as the ‘Avian’ flu, and you can convince people that there is an epidemic threatening the country. Put an article about it in a few papers, advertise on television, and people will go in their droves to buy those vaccines.

This is propaganda for vaccination:  This is how it worked in 1976, when a flu epidemic was declared in the USA:  Only one person actually died from this  flu, so reports say,  but the authorities jumped on the band-wagon, and a national emergency was declared which saw millions of people being vaccinated for the flu.  Only thing was – this vaccine hadn’t been tested properly.  This experiment had disastrous consequences:  Hundreds of people died as a result of taking this flu vaccine in 1976, and many more were made paralyzed for life. THIS information has been conveniently ignored by the drug companies, and governmental authorities, who use fear-mongering tactics to get people vaccinated.

There is presently a similar situation going on: There is no swine flu epidemic – more people die of regular flu in the states  each week, than of swine flu.   More  deaths were recorded in a week from regular flu in the USA, in 2009,  than deaths from swine flu over a period of 3 months.  Yet people fear swine flu more than they do the regular flu, because publicity is engineered to have this effect. We fear the new, so new diseases and epidemics are highlighted to get the desired reaction from the public – trotting in for a vaccine is the average response.

The other important point is that, for the average healthy person, there need be no deaths from swine flu, because it has been proven that  Vitamin C kills the Swine  the flu virus.  Professor Ian Brighthope at the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine has done much research into the use of Vitamin C to treat infectious diseases.

So why the panic for vaccination? Because the public are not informed about the alternatives to vaccination:   Drug companies, with the support of the media, see to it that their products dominate the market, and that information on vaccine alternatives is conveniently swept under the carpet.

But wait – there’s more: It has been proven that intravenous Vitamin C, given once a month, has acted as a prophylactic against flu.  After over a year’s clinical experiments at the Hale healing institute in America, no patients who had been having the vitamin C therapy succumbed to the flu, despite there being an ‘epidemic’.

The public are deliberately kept ignorant about the successes of Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy, and other treatments.  The conspiracy gets more evil when you consider that, even when people are dying from Swine Flu in hospital, they are STILL denied Vitamin C therapy. Even though  clinical studies prove that Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus,  these poor patients are persuaded, while in hospital, to take chemotherapy instead.  Chemotherapy usually ends the life of a  weakened Swine-flu victim pretty quickly.

Barbara Loe Fisher who was President of the National Vaccine Information Centre (she might still be) discusses how a so-called epidemic of flu was created in 1976. Only 1 person died, yet this was called a national epidemic.  Mass vaccinations occurred, and hundreds of people died as a result.  Many more were left paralyzed because of the bad effects of the vaccination.

Vaccines, including the swine flu vaccine,  always pose a danger to the public, because the total sum of their side effects  cannot be assessed until years after the vaccination event.  “Investigate Before You Vaccinate”, as the famous  book suggests:  Even if people have not died after being vaccinated recently, the alternatives to Vaccines, such as Homeopathy, and Vitamin C, are far safer. Vaccinations are very damaging to the auto-immune system.  Vaccinations contain antibiotics, and all antibiotics interfere with the normal healthy functioning of the immune system.

Vaccinations increase your risk of suffering alzheimer’s, cancer.  Vaccinations increase the risk of autism in children, and many other conditions.  Vaccinations very often bring on the flu, instead of preventing it.  This can be a big health issue for elderly people.  Flu vaccines often bring on flu-like symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, swollen neck glands, sore ears, and the like.

Many people who were healthy before taking a vaccine, have suddenly become unhealthy after having taken a vaccine, with eczema, tiredness, and bone pain developing as permanent conditions.  Vaccinations for flu, and other antibiotics,  degenerate the nervous system, which could cause diseases such as parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis in some people.  In some people, damage is done to the brain cells, causing memory loss.  Heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are all affected.  The blood pressure can rise after vaccinations.

“But how do I protect myself against serious diseases, such as ‘Swine Flu”? you might ask.  Many people think that they cannot survive illnesses such as “Swine Flu” unless they take vaccines, yet they feel uncomfortable about vaccination:  A damned if you do, and doomed if you don’t situation.

The good news is that there are some very good alternatives to vaccinations:  Swine flu has been scientifically proven to respond to Vitamin C therapy:  Vitamin C is capable of killing viruses, and even the tenacious swine flu virus finds it hard to battle with Vitamin C.  People have recovered from Swine Flu, when they were expected to die, after being given intravenous doses of Vitamin C, anywhere from 50 grams per day to a 100 gms, depending on body weight.  Some doctors have documented their findings, also, that Vitamin C, when given in a regular monthly large dose intravenously, can protect against flu viruses in times of an epidemic.

SO – Research Shows That Vitamin C is a Preventative For Swine Flu, as well as a Treatment For Swine Flu:  Vitamin C will act as a prophylactic when it is taken in a large enough dose before you get the flu, and will minimize the effects of flu if the virus has infected your system already.  People have recovered from Swine Flu after they have been given intravenous Vitamin C in large doses

Homeopathic medicine, Vitamin C Therapy, and herbal medicine are  safe  alternatives to vaccinations.  There is a Homeopathic Remedy for almost every illness you can think of.  There are Homeopathic Prophylactics, or Preventatives, for flu and many other diseases. Vitamin C works as a Prophylactic and as a treatment for many infectious diseases, but the Homeopathic alternatives are also effective.   See my other recent posts on Vaccination alternatives:  In some of these you will find many Homeopathic Remedies for flu and other illnesses.

Note:  If you choose to use Homeopathy, it is advisable to seek professional advice for successful treatments, unless you know your remedies.

Homeopathic Thuja is a good remedy for the bad effects of vaccination:  Where illness, eczema and the like have come about AFTER being vaccinated, Homeopathic Thuja 30C is often of benefit.


Avoid Flu Vaccine/Homeopathy/Herbs and Vitamin C

How Can I Prevent The Flu Without A Vaccination?  Find out about some natural preventatives.

Vaccinations and Antibiotics, as we all know, weaken the immune function. But an estimated 35,000 people die every year in the USA  from regular influenza, or from influenza-related complications, so it is necessary, if we want to avoid taking innoculations or vaccinations for influenza, and we wish also to avoid the flu, to find out what the alternative treatments are.

Apart from the danger of the flu vaccine damaging the immune system,  or causing alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases, there is a distinct possibility that the flu vaccine may not work anyway. The vaccination for flu, called ‘Flumist’, or ‘Tamiflu’ does not prove successful in immunizing all people against the flu:  Many people suffer the very same flu symptoms, after being given this live flu virus which is introduced nasally to the patient.  People often complain of getting a runny nose, with headaches, sore throat and swollen glands, aching muscles, and a cough, straight after having being given the vaccine.

Note:  Homeopathic Remedy Thuja is good for the bad effects of vaccination. You can buy from this from most pharmacies and health shops:  A standard potency is Homeopathic Thuja 30C. Use Thuja when illness or conditions such as eczema begin after having vaccinations.  This has helped many people.

Well – There are several very good alternatives which I know about. Homeopathic Treatment, Herbal Medicine, and Vitamin C Therapy offer alternatives to the flu vaccine, and offer alternatives to standard antibiotics should you succumb to the flu.

Vitamin C Works As a Prophylactic For Flu: Much has been written about how efficacious Vitamin C is in treating infectious diseases of any kind:  Dr Levy, and Dr Robert Cathcart, both from America, and Professor Ian Brighthope from Melbourne, Australia, have all written much on the subject of Vitamin C.  What is more, they all have many successful case studies to report.  It has been found in their research that Vitamin C, given in sufficient dosage, works as a prophylactic for many illnesses, including the influenza virus.

Dr Cathcart, from the Hale Clinic in America, reports that of all the people who came to his clinic for a monthly intravenous shot of Vitamin C, not one succumbed to the flu this  past year.  This indicates that the Vitamin C acted as a prophylactic for the flu virus, meaning that it acted as a preventative medicine.

Professor Ian Brighthope, from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, has successfully used Vitamin C therapy to treat people who have the dreaded ‘Swine Flu’ virus. Even as I write this, there is  someone very sick from Swine Flu in Australia, whom Professor Brighthope is helping to treat, as from today, with intravenous Vitamin C.

When people are severely sick with an illness such as Swine Flu, it is necessary to give very large amounts of Vitamin C, perhaps around 75 grams per day.  This is such a large amount that it needs to be done intravenously, so that the digestive system is not harmed, and so that the Vitamin C gets into the blood immediately, so that it can begin its work of killing off the virus.

Vitamin C can be used to Prevent and to Cure: When given in adequate doses,  Vitamin C has the capability of acting as an anti-histamine, an anti-toxin, and an anti-biotic.

The Conspiracy To Keep Vitamin C out of Hospitals and the Public Domain: Very often medical authorities will announce that Vitamin C ‘did no good’, after they had administered between 4 to 5 grammes per day to a very ill patient.  But a large dose is needed to counteract tenacious viruses such as the swine flu virus, and probably many other viruses too.  It helps the case AGAINST using Vitamin C when the dose is far too small, and no improvement is noted, which is why, Dr Robert Cathcart claims, that hospitals will under-dose for Vitamin C, if they are pressed to administer it at all:  So that they can say “See?  It didn’t work.”

Homeopathic Flu Remedies

John H. Clarke, M.D. in the Homeopathic handbook entitled “The Prescriber”, advises that Homeopathic Arsen alb. 3, pil, iii. 8h works as a prophylactic for influenza.  You will have to go to a homeopathic pharmacy to get this medicine made up, or go to visit a professional Homeopath who really knows his stuff.

Other Prophylactics which Homeopathic Doctor John H. Clarke recommends  in his homeopathic book “The Prescriber”, reprinted  1991 by B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, are the Homeopathic Bacillinum 30 and Influenzium 30. He recommends taking a dose of each at the same time, once a week during an epidemic.  This will help prevent getting the flu.

Aconite is a good general remedy for flu. It can be used alternately,  in combination with other remedies, especially at night when the patient is more restless, according to  John Clarke.  He recommends Aconite 3-30, Ih. for fever, pallor, faintness,  and restlessness which is accompanied by pains in the heart region. Fear of death is often a symptom of the Aconite patient.

Bapt. 3x-30, Ih: This is good for treating the flu if the following symptoms exist:  when the limbs are aching, with general soreness over the body, headache, sore eyes, foul tongue, fever and restlessness, drowsiness and heaviness of the body.

Eup. perf. 1-30, Ih: When the symptoms of flu include chills in the back with bone pain.

Glon. 3-30, Ih: When you have a bursting headache, violent throbbing, or bursting headache with a cough.

Belladonna 3-30, Ih: When worse for lying down, neuralgia, with the right side of head and face  being affected more, delirium,  inflammation of the ears, with headache, sore throat and a tickling annoying cough.

Merc. sol. 6-30, Ih: This can be used after Belladonna to strengthen the cure begun by Belladonna;  It can also be used on its own if suppuration is present.

Gelsemicum 1-30, Ih: If the patient is not thirsty, but red-faced with general weakness and relaxation.  The patient complains of chills  which run up and down the spine.

Echinacea *,1-2h. can be used when a low typhoid condition exists.

Bryonia, 3X-30, Ih. :  There is much thirst with Bryonia.  The symptoms are all usually worse for movement. Use Bryonia if cough is worse for movement and there is pain in the head, or limbs, or body.   Tongue is like washed leather and foul smelling.

Arsen alb.: John Clarke recommends 3-30, Ih. for flu with thirst, restlessness, rheumatic headache, fear of death and anguish, and teasing cough which is worse at night.  I have not used Homeopathic Arsen alb. 30C in the event of any flu epidemic, but I feel about 80% sure that even taking the 30C potency of Ars alb. will act as a prophylactic for influenza if it is taken several times a day when there is an epidemic of influenza about. I have read about this acting as a prophylactic in other homeopathic manuals. It will also be effective, in many cases, to treat a flu virus once the person has the illness.  This is a remedy which can be bought at most health stores.

Arsen alb 30C is a very potent medicine, and I once used it in combination with other homeopathics, and, finally, a dose of castor oil, to cure a young pup of paavo disease.  I know for sure that this was the disease the pup had, because the other pups of the litter, who had gone to other foster homes, all died, except for one who was taken in time to the vet for a vaccination. We did not know, when we gave these pups foster homes, that the mother had already died of Paavo (must check spelling)  Anyway – Arsen alb., the ordinary old 30C potency which you can buy from the chemist today, helped to cure this pup of the virus. During the day, and most of the night,  at half hourly intervals or thereabouts, I fed him spoonfuls of water which had a good dollop of manuka honey from my bees mixed up in it.  This gave him strength and stopped him from becoming dehydrated.  Very important in any illness.

My pup, which I treated with Homeopathics and other remedies, and his brother, who was taken to the vet just in time  by his carers, for a vaccination, were the only two dogs to get treatment, and the only two dogs who survived out of a litter of around six pups.

But there you go – Homeopathy worked just as well to cure the Paavo disease, which everybody told me was incurable without a vaccination.

Vitamin C and Cancer


Alternative Cancer Treatments:

How Vitamin C Inhibits Cancer Cells

No Cancer Notebook small

Very recently, in June 2015, it was reported on National Radio that New Zealand research scientists have proved for a fact that Vitamin C does have an effect on cancer cells. Actually, they are not the first, as the Australian doctor, Dr Brighthope, the American Dr Levy, and others have been writing about their studies into the effectiveness of Vitamin C for many years now.

There is a wealth of research which shows that Vitamin C can stop cancer from growing, that it can reduce the size of cancers,  and that Vitamin C can prevent cancer from developing in the first place.

The following quote is from

(OMNS September 15, 2010)

‘It is entirely false to assert that we do not know how much vitamin C is effective against cancer. Indeed, the opposite is true: we do know, and we are failing our duty to patients when we fail to recommend vitamin C as adjunctive cancer therapy.

There are many controlled studies that demonstrate that vitamin C is indeed effective against cancer, improving length of life and quality of life. Positive studies have typically used between 10,000 and 100,000 mg/day intravenously. As Dr. Fernando Cabanillas correctly noted, success with 10,000 mg/day by IV was initially reported back in the 1970s by Cameron and Pauling.’

NOTE:  Although I would take the alternative approach every time, readers should not necessarily follow my advice.  Different things work for different people. DO see a doctor or a suitably qualified health professional if you think you may have cancer or some other degenerative disease.

For years, the debate about Vitamin C and Cancer has continued, with some alternative health therapists using megadoses of Vitamin C to treat cases of cancer and other degenerative disease, whilst orthodox medicine stood outside the square insisting that their methods, which exclude the use of Vitamin C, were best.

The efforts and successes of the proponents of Vitamin C have largely been ignored, or minimized in many cases.  Medical magazines are resistant to publishing material which is controversial. The power of persuasion of drug companies, and their readiness to stamp out opposition, are managing to keep the wonders of Vitamin C a big secret.

Professor Ian Brighthope has said ‘Unfortunately, as long as IV/C (intravenous vitamin C) has the potential to bankrupt hospitals, it doesn’t matter how well it works.’  -Quote from

Using Vitamin C as part of a ‘natural’ treatment for cancer has been used for over 50 years:  Dr Max Gerson , who used it in his famous cancer clinics, was driven out of America by the drug companies and the FDA, really because these powerful organisations did not want Dr Gerson challenging the effectiveness of their drug and radiation methods for cancer, when his own methods were so hugely successful.

You can read Dr Gerson’s book, Cancer – 50 Cases, to get greater insight into his work.  The book by Samuel E. Epstein, The Politics of Cancer, gives many instances of drug coverups and how alternative practitioners such as Dr Gerson have been hunted down and ostracized by the strong arm of the FDA, which is backed by the pharmaceutical companies.

Alternative therapies are kept such a secret, most people don’t even consider a ‘natural’, or  alternative cancer therapy when they first discover they have cancer.  I met a woman at the Newmarket pools recently, who was due to have her breasts taken off because of malignant breast cancer.  I told her about the clinic in Remuera, Auckland, which gives intravenous Vitamin C for cancer and advised her to go there for advice before having the operation.  ‘Oh, I don’t believe in Vitamin C.  If it worked, then we would all hear about, and the hospitals would be using it,’ she said .  She was wrong. She believed implicitly in the medical system.  She was not even mildly aware that modern medicine is one of the biggest industries in the world, or that the medical profession are basically puppets for the multinational drug companies, who refuse to  accept alternative methods which could pose a threat to their monopoly on the health ‘industry’.

Another recent major happening which should elevate the status of Vitamin C in treating any serious disease, also occurred very recently, again, –  in New Zealand.

The case which has drawn attention to the media is one where  Vitamin C cured a case of swine flu and hairy cell leukemia. The man, who was in hospital, was not improving with the current regular methods of treatment.  The family of the man requested that he be given Vitamin C in megadoses: they had read somewhere that this could be effective.  However, the medics denied this treatment at first, saying that it would not do any good.

The family did not give up, and threatened legal action unless Vitamin C was administered before the man died. So the hospital authorities relented, gave the man the megadoses of Vitamin C, and the result is that the man recovered from Swine Flu and Hairy Cell Leukemia.

We had coverage on the case by reporters from Channel 3 and Channel 1, TVNZ, which was excellent.

I hope that the subject still remains ‘hot’ news, as it very well should be.  So often, when major alternative ‘findings’ come to light here, they quickly get drowned by other competing factions, and are then conveniently forgotten – sometimes it is years before we have any more reporting on similar issues.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science, as well as the Vitamin C therapists.

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