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Antibiotic Fucidic Acid Linked To New Strain Of MRSA Superbug

March 22nd, 2015

Natural Remedies As Alternatives To Antibiotics Common infections such as impetigo, also known as 'school sores' could once be treated quite simply with gentian violet until around 2000, when the drug companies suddenly insisted that this remedy be removed from the chemist shops, or pharmacies, in New Zealand and Australia. Drug companies had realized how much money they would make if this inexpensive, long-lasting  and harmless remedy was made unavailable to the general public, and their more expensive, short-life products marketed in its place. Their reason for taking it off the shelves was that it could be 'misused', which could make it 'dangerous', ...

Antibiotic Causing Untreatable New Hospital Super-Bug In NZ

March 20th, 2015

Alternatives To Vaccination It surely is about time that the medical authorities, instead of discrediting alternative, natural remedies in order to keep dominant in the market place, begin serious study of Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine,  and Vitamin C and A therapy. When given in correct dosage, these are all safe, proven and effective alternatives to vaccination and antibiotic treatment in the treating of diseae. The latest scare is the emergence of a new strain of MRSA staphylococcus aureus, a hospital superbug which is resistant to all antibiotics. Dr Deborah Williamson, a clinical microbiologist from Otago University is reported as saying in NZ Herald, Wed, March ...

Health Without Vaccinations Or Antibiotics

March 20th, 2013

  Mother and Child:  A Picture Of Perfect Health Photo by Lachlan. This is the picture of a child who has never had any vaccinations.  And nor did his beautiful mother, who is pictured in this photo. This is the picture of a second-generation no-vaccinations child.  Unfortunately, the grandparents of the wee laddie in the photo both had lots of vaccinations throughout their childhoods, which means that this child's immune system will have been weakened through the inherited effects of these vaccinations. But still - two generations without vaccinations is a pretty good start in this day and age. Good nutrition and a happy life ...

Useful Homeopathic Remedies For Measles

December 17th, 2012

Childhood Illnesses And How Homeopathy Can Be Used As An Alternative To Vaccination or Immunization. It is worth keeping in mind that vaccinations do not always work.  Some common childhood illnesses have developed strains which are resistant to vaccination antibiotics.  And sometimes complications can arise from vaccinations or immunizations as they are called. I stopped having my children vaccinated after I witnessed  my first-born child suffering dreadfully because of vaccination/immunization injections. Unhappily, I agreed to the first standard vaccination at 3 months old, after which his skin became reddened and blotchy, his little body swelled slightly, and he cried all the time because ...

Homeopathy For New Strain Of Avian Flu When Vaccines Don’t Work

August 31st, 2011

Homeopathic Medicine will win in the end.   When Vaccinations no longer work, or prove to be too risky for the health of the individual, people will resort to the alternatives to vaccination and antibiotics - Homeopathic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Herbal medicines, and Vitamin C. Two days ago, on the 29th August 2011, on New Zealand television news, we were told that a new strain of Avian Flu Virus has developed, and that this  is threatening parts of Asia.  It was announced on the news that this new strain is not responding to antibiotic treatment.  Vaccines are in effect an antibiotic, ...
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