List Of Homeopathic Remedies As Alternatives To Conventional Medicine

Basic Homeopathic ‘Natural’ Remedies

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Homeopathy is a wonderful healing tool which can be used in the home.  Many ailments can be treated with Homeopathic Remedies.  Homeopathy can restore the mind and emotions to a healthy state, resulting in a more healthy, positive attitude.

Of course, if you or your child has a serious infection, you must see your doctor, or a health professional for advice.  The purpose of this article is to give information as to  some homeopathic alternatives, which you may discuss with your doctor or health professional.

Because Homeopathy is not harmful to the body, it can be used instead of the harmful synthetic drugs which often lead to sickness in themselves:  By using the Homeopathic alternative, one avoids loading the body with weakening poisons which could contribute to disease later on in life.  Anti-biotics and vaccinations are the most common offenders in this case.

Most infections will respond just as well with homeopathic treatment, and this alternative medicine should be used where possible instead of anti-biotics.

Homeopathic medicine is a safe alternative to vaccinations:   For example, Belladonna was proven by Hahnemann as a prophylactic for Scarlet Fever.  It is worth discussing the alternatives to vaccination with your Homeopathic physician, who will be able to prescribe the most effective remedy in the most effective potency for the condition.

Bruising, shock, tetanus (treatment and prevention), croup in children, flu, hay fever, whooping cough, measles, mumps, chicken pox, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and behavioural problems are just some of the many troubles which can be helped with homeopathic treatment.

Below are listed some of the main homeopathic remedies which could be useful in the making of a home treatment kit.  If a pharmacy or health food store cannot be found to stock these homeopathic remedies, most can be bought by writing to Weleda Products, Havelock North, Hastings, New Zealand. Weleda are connected to the Rudolph Steiner movement, and grow all their own organic plants for use in their Homeopathic and herbal medicines. Usher’s Odeon Pharmacy in Tutanekai Street, Rotorua used to stock the Weleda Homeopathic remedies.   B.K. Moore’s  Pharmacy was always the best supplier of Weleda Homeopathic Remedies in Auckland.

List Of Homeopathic Remedies which may be used as alternatives to conventional medicine:

ACONITE:  An effective pain killer.  Use at start of cold or flu, especially if the cold or flu has developed due to a change in the weather.  Aconite is good for conditions which come on suddenly.

ARNICA:  This is known as ‘the mother’s little helper’.  It is extremely useful when you have young children, as it is so effective for bruising and shock.  Use for bruising, mental or physical.  It helps alleviate pain from any injury:  It can help with an injury even years after the event of injury, both emotionally and physically.

APIS:  For insect stings.  Ledum is another good one to use where there is an allergy to insect stings – But only use as an intermediary measure until you can get your child to the doctor.

ARS ALB:  This  is a great anti-dote to many toxins.  It can be used to counteract suspected food poisoning.  It can help get rid of the bad effects of tobacco and alcohol.

BELLADONNA:  Useful for fevers.  A good children’s remedy.  Scarlet fever is said to be helped by Belladonna.  Belladonna, if given in time,  acts as a prophylactic for Scarlet fever:  This was proved by Hahnemann who began the science of homeopathic medicine.  Belladonna is good for right-sided complaints, e.g. pleurisy-like pain in the right side of the chest.

BRYONIA:  For colds, pneumonia, pleurisy, mastitis – wherever there is a mucous complaint or a build up of body fluid.  Bryonia helps to dry up fluid.

CALENDULA:  For cuts and wounds.  Can be used externally and internally.

CHAMOMILLA:  Good for teething children; for toothache; for too much coffee.  A good, safe, calming remedy.

CARBO VEG:  This can be used for some infectious diseases:  Some cases of measles and whooping cough may respond to carbo veg.  Carbo Veg is also known as an anti-haemorrhage remedy, which might mean it could be used for heavy periods.  It is a common remedy to treat alcoholism.

COFFEA:  Homeopathic coffea is a remedy which will help to put you to sleep quickly. Coffea is also an anti-dote to many drugs.  It is important not to be taking drinks of coffee while you are taking homeopathic coffea, or any other remedy.

CROTALUS:  This remedy is supposed to be good for infections such as malignant diphtheria, malignant jandice, malaria, and alcoholism. (I’ve not tried this one).

DROSERA:  For whooping cough, or any bad cough, or laryngitis.  I found it very useful in cases of children’s croup, which can come on very suddenly in the night.  It is also an anti-tuberculosis remedy and is recommended where there is a history of TB in the family.  I found Homeopathic Drosera to be of enormous use when my children were young:  If they got whooping cough,  then Drosera worked so quickly to alleviate it that there was never a need to head for the hospital.  At the first sign of infection in the community, I would use Drosera to help prevent them getting Whooping Cough.

DULCAMARA:  When pimples arise before a period.  For sensitive skin, ring-worm, warts.

GELSEMICUM:  Another good remedy for influenza.  Good for some headaches.

HYPERICUM:  For cuts or wounds.  Use especially if there are cuts or wounds from rusty nails or other objects.  If your house is situated on land where there once were horses, then tetanus could be feared:  Hypericum is regarded as a tetanus preventative.  Personally, I favoured Homeopathic Ledum, which is also a prophylactic, or preventative,  for tetanus.

IGNATIA:  This can be used for grief, fear, or worry.  Ignatia helps to strengthen the spirits.

LEDUM:  I never used Tetanus injections for my children, and stopped them for myself once I discovered Homeopathic Ledum. Ledum has been proven as an anti-tetanus medicine.  It can be used after getting a wound from a rusty object if you suspect there may be tetanus in the soil.  Where horses have been kept in the past, tetanus is always a possiblity.  Homeopathic Ledum acts to prevent tetanus if it is given early enough, and it also has been used to treat tetanus.

NUX VOMICA:  For over-eating, eating poor food or drink, such as alcohol and rich food.  For indigestion, constipation, wind, and sleeplessness.  Nux Vomica is regarded as one of the best remedies for constipation.

OPIUM:  This remedy is supposed to anti-dote lead poisoning.  Lead poisoning is really a serious consideration for young families:  People often buy an old house to ‘do up’.  This means that the old paint, which had lead in it, gets spread around the house.  This is a terrible danger for young babies who are learning to crawl, as even if the paint flakes are vacuumed up, there is always a residue of lead dust around, especially when sanding of the wood is done.  Even young toddlers are at risk, because they play on the floor.  I have known several cases of serious lead poisoning in my life, where young families have set out to build their dreams by buying an old house, which they ‘do up’, only to fall very ill themselves, and have their children become ill too.  Better to avoid doing up an old house, especially when you have a young family.  But if you suspect that lead could be in your environment, and your child has become hyperactive, then Opium could help.  See your doctor or health professional if you have concerns over lead poisoning.

PULSATILLA:  For mumps, measles, styes and boils.  Use for periods where menstruation is slight or delayed.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON:  Homeopathic remedy for Chicken Pox.  Rhus tox can be useful for chills or rheumatic pains, especially if the condition is worse for wet weather.  Rhus Toxicodendron has been used to treat many other conditions, including  arthritis, rheumatic pain, sciatica and shingles.

SAMBUCUS:  Another remedy for croup in children, especially the sort which strikes around midnight.

SABADILLA:  Good for hay fever in young children.

SULPHUR:  A great cleansing remedy.  Good for treating warts if Thuja fails.

THUJA:  Homeopathic Thuja can counteract the bad effects of vaccinations. It is a must in the homeopathic first aid kit.  Good for the treatment of warts, and other skin troubles which have come about since having vaccinations, or antibiotics.  Even when the vaccinations or antibiotics were given years ago, homeopathic Thuja can remedy the health.  Use if bad health has occurred after vaccinations.  Homeopathic Thuja 30C can be bought in most health shops and some pharmacies. For purchasing homeopathic remdies, remember Weleda, who make their own homeopathic remedies.  They are in Havelock North, Hastings N.Z

Thanks to A.C. Gordon Ross and H. Fergie-Woods:  Their wonderful little homeopathic books are the sources of much of this information.  I have added my own experiences and thoughts into my “List of homeopathic remedies”.

A.C. Gordon Ross’ book is called ‘Homeopathic Green Medicine’, and it is published by Thorsons Publishers.

H. Fergie-Woods book is called ‘Essentials of Homeopathic Prescribing’, and it is published by Speight Books.

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