Homeopathy For New Strain Of Avian Flu When Vaccines Don’t Work

Homeopathic Medicine will win in the end.   When Vaccinations no longer work, or prove to be too risky for the health of the individual, people will resort to the alternatives to vaccination and antibiotics – Homeopathic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Herbal medicines, and Vitamin C.

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Two days ago, on the 29th August 2011, on New Zealand television news, we were told that a new strain of Avian Flu Virus has developed, and that this  is threatening parts of Asia.  It was announced on the news that this new strain is not responding to antibiotic treatment.  Vaccines are in effect an antibiotic, so this statement which warned that the new strain is immune to antibiotics, means  also that Vaccinations will not be effective in defeating this flu virus.

Powers greater than ourselves are at work, I am sure:  The drug companies have been making a mint out of promoting their chemical prescription medicines for a long time now, and they have deliberately caused Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, and Vitamin C therapy to be ignored by doctors and the general public.  Once these giant companies gained a stronghold of the market, and they saw their fortunes rising dramatically from the very profitable  drug making industry,  they have used their money and their influence to drive out any competitors.  Exerting their power over the forces of marketing has resulted in  the detriment of the real healing arts. But it looks as if their dictatorial control over medicines, many of which have proven to be harmful, might be coming to an end, thanks be to  the ‘Divine Forces’, ‘Mother Nature’, or unseen forces.

Suddenly, viruses have developed which their pharmaceuticals and vaccines cannot cure.  There is no alternative in such a scenario, but for the public to demand Homeopathic medicine, and Vitamin C  instead.  Homeopathic medicine is more than likely to be effective in the case of the new strain of Avian flu, as is Vitamin C, when given in megadoses.

Of course, it is essential that you visit a Homeopathic practitioner in the event of an epidemic.  But better still – why not go to visit a registered and experienced Homeopathic practitioner now, so that you can prepare for the event of an epidemic.  If you live in an at risk country, then you really should visit your Homeopath, because it is possible for PREVENTATIVES, or PROPHYLACTICS to be given for almost any illness, before the event arrives.  These prophylactic homeopathic remedies will work similarly to a vaccine in that they will help to counteract the virus.  A prophylactic homeopathic remedy may not completely immunize you against the flu virus, but it will most surely help your immune system to fight off the disease should it occur.

Meanwhile, arm your medicine cupboard with quantities of the preventative and cure for almost all illnesses – Vitamin C.  I prefer the Calcium Ascorbate powder, as this is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C.  Because it is non-acidic, it is possible to take large quantities of the calcium ascorbate vitamin C, whereas you might tolerate only small quantities of the acidic type of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C can be taken along with Homeopathic Medicine which has been prescribed specially for this flu virus. You would take the Vitamin C powder at a time when you were not taking the Homeopathic remedy.  For example, you might take your homeopathic remedy in the morning at 8 AM.  At 9, or 10 AM you might take the Vitamin C.  At 11 or 12 oclock noon, you might take another dose of the Homeopathic remedy which was prescribed for you.

However, in  the event of an illness, and there being no medicine around to help you,  you need to have quantities of around 5 to 10 gms of Vitamin C, or   Calcium Ascorbate –  for one adult, for one day’s dosage.  I have no idea what this new Avian flu is like, or how long the worst of the symptoms last, but I guess that you would need to have enough Vitamin C to last one adult for about a week.  That would be anywhere between 35 gms to 70 gms per adult.  You would give a quarter to a half of this dose to a child who had the illness. If you have a larger family, then I would procure a good quantity of Calcium Ascorbate so that nobody would miss out, if there was a need for it.

Your Homeopathic Physician can prescribe specific remedies which are stronger than those you can buy across the counter.  He or she can also select the very best remedy, with consideration for your body type, your mental type, your age, and the disease which is expected to strike, so that the very best result can be achieved.

As a precaution, in case it might not be possible to visit a Homeopath, or Herbalist, or Ayurvedic or Chinese herbal practitioner, OR a doctor, you could invest in the following flu and infectious disease remedies, to keep in stock.

Dr John H. Clarke, a Homeopathic physician who wrote a book on Homeopathic Prescribing entitled “The Prescriber”, recommends the following for an epidemic of Influenza.  At the time of writing his book, there was a strain called the ‘Russian or Siberian Influenza’ which was prevalent in Europe.

Dr Clarke says when there is a risk of infection from flu, or a threatening epidemic, then the  prophylactic – preventative- homeopathic remedy to take is Ars.  3, pil. iii.  8h.  Only a chemist, or a Homeopath from the old school, would know how to prepare this homeopathic preventative remedy.  However,  “Ars.”  is an abbreviation used in Homeopathic medicine to describe Arsen alb., which is Arsenic.  Of course this is in a homeopathic microdose, and so it is quite safe to take.  You would never take arsenic in home made dilutions of any kind, except in the safe homeopathic preparation, which has been diluted many times, to a specific degree.

So – you could buy a bottle or two of Homeopathic Arsen alb. to keep in your medicine chest.  You can buy the 30C dilution, and the 6C dilution at most health food stores.  This remedy could prove to be very valuable in the event of a flu epidemic.  You would take the 30C dilution of Arsen alb. once a day for two days, as soon as you hear that there is an epidemic about.  I should think that this treatment would not be as good as the specific prophylactic Ars. remedy which Dr Clarke recommends, as shown above, but Arsen alb is a very potent medicine, and it could very well do the trick.

I have oftentimes used Arsen alb. in treating illnesses of various kinds, including treating a young pup who had contracted Parvo, a disease which is usually deadly to dogs.  I also spoon-fed  honey and water every hour or so to the pup.  I eventually gave a dose of  castor oil after several days, to detoxify the dog more quickly.  This treatment of Ars. alb, and honey and water to prevent dehydration,  culminating in a dose of castor oil, worked to cure the dog.  Suddenly, he was ‘up and away’ again.

Another good Prophylactic Homeopathic Remedy for Influenza according to Dr Clarke the homeopath, is Bacillinum 30 and Influenzinum 30.  He suggests taking  “a dose of each taken together or as a combination remedy once a week during inluenza epidemics.”

Other Homeopathic Remedies for treating the Flu are:  Bapt.;  Eupatorium perf.; Glonium;  Belladonna;  Mercurius. sol.;  Gelsemicum;  Echinacea;  Bryonia;  Aconite;  Sang.;  Aviare;  Camphor;  Phytolacca.  Aconite may be given in alternation with another chosen remedy.

The addition of Aconite to the treatment can be especially helpful at night, when there may be exceptional restlessness and sleeplessness.  Aconite is a pain killer and a mild sedative, as well as being effective in treating some infectious diseases.

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