Best Homeopathic Remedy For Whooping Cough And Croup

DSCO 1786Natural Remedies For Whooping Cough: Homeopathic Drosera.

Hahnemann, the ‘Father of Homeopathy’, praised Homeopathic Drosera in the 30th potency so highly, he famously said that it cured nearly every case of whooping cough.  I would agree with Hahnemann, as I have found this to be a wonderful cure.  In my experience, it worked every time in treating both whooping cough and croup.  I used homeopathic Drosera  for all my four children when they succumbed to these bronchial infections, instead of antibiotics or vaccinations.

After witnessing the extreme distress and  adverse effects of vaccination jabs on my first-born child, who had two injections – one at three months, the other at six, I never vaccinated my children for anything again.  Instead, I read and read and read about alternative treatments for all the childhood illnesses, and developed a skill in using homeopathic medicine instead.

This action gave me the know-how in preventing illnesses, or at least in minimizing their effects should they strike my family.  It saved a good amount in doctor’s bills too.

The doctor’s, I had found, did NOT always know best, and often behaved like idiots.  At least, at the time, the ones I had the misfortune to meet did. One example of this was when we were aerial sprayed with the deadly 245T up in the Weka Weka Valley in the Hokianga.  All morning the helicopter flew over our house, dropping a deluge  of 245T herbicide about our house, garden, and our stream where our drinking water came from.  The spraying was intense,  since our house was situated in an area of dense blackberry.

My first-born child and I both suffered terrible health problems because of this reckless spraying programme which was done as a collaborative effort on the part of our neighbours.  I was pregnant at the time, and that baby, dear girl, died at three months.  She may have had cystic fibrosis, but whatever, her condition mimicked the symptoms which my young son and I had had from the 245T poisoning – asthma-like symptoms, digestive problems, and other things.  Her poor health, I was certain, was directly related to the spraying which had gone on when I was around 6 months pregnant.  When I went to the doctor, being pregnant, and very sick after the aerial spraying, hoping to put my case on the database for the record, he told me, quite wrongly:

‘There was no proof’, he said, ‘ that 245T (Agent Orange – Dieldrin) did any damage to the human body’, and that my sick symptoms were all in my imagination.  “Psychosomatic illness.  You think you are sick, but you are not’, he said.  But I WAS ill, and what is more –  it was already proven by research done in other countries, that 245T ingredients were VERY harmful to people’s health, as well as to the babies of children whose mothers or fathers had been exposed to the stuff.  It was already banned in America. This doctor was either a liar or an idiot, or both.

This experience had come shortly after I had agreed to my first-born child being vaccinated.  He was made very sick with these injections, the same symptoms appearing immediately after both doses.  These were continual crying, bloatedness, terrible colic which caused pain, red blotchy skin, and not sleeping at night.  When the plunket nurse came back at 9 months, to give my son his third injection, I sent her away and that was the end of all vaccinations for my children.  Not even a tetanus shot for any of them after that – Homeopathic Ledum was the prophylactic for Tetanus, and so I used this if ever they had cuts and scrapes and I suspected that horses may have grazed in the area once-upon-a-time.

I believe that immunizations and vaccinations would not be necessary if only people would arm themselves with some knowledge about Homeopathic remedies.

So – later on in the story, when I had four young children, two of whom were attending school, we began to be exposed to those common childhood illnesses which some people like to get vaccinations for.

I had read about Drosera being a prophylactic for whooping cough and croup.  My experiments with this remedy were entirely successful.

Once, my young baby had a sudden fit of croup and wheezing in the middle of the night which scared the living daylights out of us.  We got into the car to take him to the hospital.  I gave him Homeopathic Drosera just before we left, and another dose on the way to the hospital.  Within a short time, before we got to the hospital, the attack was averted and he was breathing normally again.  So we returned home, without having to visit the hospital.

Other Homeopathic Remedies For Whooping Cough as indicated by homeopathic Doctor Dewey:


Corallium Reubrum

Coccus Cacti




Antimonium Tartaricum


Magnesia Phosphorica

Kali Biochromicum

Coqueluchin or Pertussin.  This is a nosode derived from the Whooping cough bacterium.  Dr John H. Clarke, the framous London homeopath whose work I have referred to in other posts on this website, used the nosode with good results.  The Nosode usually works as a preventative.  Dr D.A. Dewey indicates in his book that the 30th potency and higher work better than the low dosage.

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Doctors Used Homeopathy To Cure Fibroid Tumours

Homeopathic Remedies Which Have Been Used Successfully To Treat Fibroids And Other Tumours:

Cancerous tumours are difficult to cure with medicines alone.  Most alternative cures that I have come across, including my own modified diet which cured a breast lump years ago, have involved following a very strict but nutritious diet with rigorous cleansing measures.

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DSCO 1544

But here is some information which might be of interest:  Some homeopathic doctors have used Homeopathy to cure tumours successfully. It is probable that a specific diet was used in collaboration with the Homeopathic treatment, but if this were the case, the details are not given in my sources.

I take these examples of how Homeopathic medicines effectively reduced tumours from the examples given by Dr Dorothy Shepherd in her book, entitled:

‘Magic Of The Minimum Dose – Case Histories by a world famous homeopathic doctor’ which was published by B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi.  Reprint edition 1998.

Cancers take a time to develop, and it takes a time to reverse them again.  Like the diet and cleansing method, according to Dr Shepherd and other doctors whom she quotes,  the tumours treated with Homeopathic remedies also  took around a year or two to disappear.

Sequence of Homeopathic Remedies Used To Heal Uterine Fibroid Tumours:  

Homeopathic Sulphur 5 t.d.s was used by Dr Shepherd to begin the treament for fibroid tumours.  She outlines the case of her patient with fibroid tumours  on pages 84-85 of her book.

The patient had been diagnosed with fibroids by another doctor, and he had recommended her to have an operation. But on this revelation, instead of having an operation, the patient had decided to seek help from Dr Shepherd. and to try her homeopathic remedies to reduce the tumours naturally.

Dr Shepherd’s patient had many classic Sulphur symptoms:  she had menstrual problems;  she had been very constipated and was taking ‘Normacol’ to help the constipation.  She was also suffering severe indigestion,  bloating and flatulence and was taking baking soda regularly to help relieve  these problems.  Other sulphur symptoms were shortness of breath, worse for exertion, disliking the fat of meats and cod liver oil, was worse in the morning around 11 A.M., worse for summer heat, and pain in the mid-scapular region of the back.  She felt better when lying down and resting.

The patient was given the Homeopathic Sulphur remedy as described.  Two months later she visited Dr Shepherd again.  Her condition was already much improved:  The menstrual period had reduced to only four days with less clotting of blood. The indigestion was much improved, and the uterus seemed smaller, less inflamed.

The patient at this point told Dr Shepherd she had earlier been treated in a sanatorium for apical tuberculosis.  So Tuberculinum 30 was prescribed, to be taken once a week, four powders in each weekly dose.

As well, Dr Shepherd prescribed  Fraxinus americana 0 to be taken each morning and night, five drops each dose.  Dr Shepherd says that the renowned Dr Burnett cured many cases of fibroids with this Fraxinus remedy, which he described as an ‘organ’ remedy.

The patient went away with her Tuberculinum remedy and her Fraxinus.  It was six months before she came back to see Dr Shepherd.  Her health was much improved, and the was not taking the laxative anymore.

She went back to the original doctor for an examination.  He was amazed to see that the fibroids had almost disappeared since he had seen this patient six months ago.

Dr Shepherd advised her to continue with the Fraxinus 0 mins V remedy, morning and night as before, which she did for another eight months.

After this time, the fibroids had disappeared completely, but the patient was exhibiting old nervous symptoms:  fear of being alone, headaches before her period, and other symptoms which fit with the Nat. mur remedy.  Nat. mur  was given as a constitutional remedy to fix those general symptoms of stress.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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Homeopathic Remedies Which Do Not Mix Well

Natural Remedies

DSCO 1856

Of course, you should consult your doctor or homeopath in the event of serious illness.  But homeopathy is a valuable medicine which could save your child’s life before the doctor gets there.  It is also a valuable natural therapy for preventing many illnesses, and can address symptoms early on so that chronic illness does not develop.  So it is well worth while learning about Homeopathy.

There are some Homeopathic Remedies which do not combine well.  Usually, when the right remedy is chosen, we need to use just one remedy in order to cure symptoms of illness.  But sometimes, even though the chosen remedy would seem to be the right one, answering to all the symptoms expressed by that medicine, it still may not work.  Or it may work up to a point, then not completely clear up the trouble.  At that point,  you might need to follow that remedy on with another suitable remedy.

Remember to avoid coffee drinks whilst using homeopathic remedies, since coffee antidotes most remedies.  It is also advisable to avoid strong tea, alcohol, strong spices, camphor and ‘hot’ embrocations which contain eucalyptus, camphor, ginger, or pine oils.  These all have the potential to cancel out a homeopathic remedy.  Some medications may also halt the workings of a homeopathic remedy, although some people have had success using homeopathy with conventional medicines.

Using poisons such as fly sprays, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals may reduce or negate the effect of any homeopathic remedies you might be taking.

See my new post which I put up yesterday to examine some of those remedies which work well in sequence with each other

In developing the skill of homeopathic prescribing, it is also important to know those remedies which do not work well together.

Today, I am putting up some of the commonly known ones which work antagonistically to some remedies. Again, this information is gleaned from the book by Dr Harvey Farrington M.D.,  entitled:

‘Homeopathy and Homeopathic Prescribing’.

List of Antagonistic Homeopathic Remedies as given by Harvey Farrington, M.D.:

Acetic acid should not be used or followed with Borax;  Causticum;  Nux vomica;  Ranunculus bulbous;  Sarsaparilla

Ammonium carbonate should not be used with Lachesis, or followed with Lachesis.

Apis should not be used or followed with Rhus toxicodendron.

Arnica antidotes Camphora, Ignatia, Ipecacuanha  (see T.S. Iyer)

Belladonna should not be used or followed with Dulcamara.

Benzoic acid should not be used with Copaiv.

Camphor should not be used with Kali nitricum

Cantharis should not be used with Coffea.

Carbo veg does not work with Kreosote.

Causticum should not be used with Acetic acid;  Coffea;  Colocynthis;  Kali nitricum;  Nux vomica;  Phosphorous.

Chamomilla should not be used with Zincum.

China should not be used with Digitalis;  Selenium.

Cocculus should not be used with Coffea.

Coffea should not be used with Cantharis;  Causticum;  Cocculus;  Colocynthis;  Ignatia.

Dulcamara should not be used with Belladonna;  Lachesis.

Ignatia should not be used with Coffea;  Nux vomica.

Ipecacuanha should not be used with China;  Opium.

Kali nitricum should not be used with Camphor;  Causticum;  Rancunculus bulbous.

Lachesis should not be used with Ammonium carbonicum;  Dulcamara;  Nitric acid;  Sepia.

Lycopodium should not be used with Nix moschata.

Mercurius should not be used with Lachesis;  Silica.

Nitric acid should not be used with Lachesis.

Nux moschata should not be used with Lycopodium,  Nux vomica;  Pulsatilla;  Rhus toxicodendron;  Silica;  Squillegia.

Nux vomica should not be used with Acetic acid;  Causticum;  Ignatia;  Nux moschata;  Zinc.

Phosphorous should not be used with Causticum.

Pulsatilla should not be used with Nux moschata.

Sarsaparilla should not be used with Acetic acid.

Selenium should not be used with China.

Sepia should not be used with Lachesis.

Silica should not be used with Mercurius;  Nux moschata.

Sulphur should not be used with Nux moschata. Iyer advises not to use Sulphur after using Mercurius or Calcarea, as it will cancel out the effect of those remedies.  But Mercurius and Calcarea are oftentimes useful to use after Sulphur.

Zincum should not be used with Chamomilla;  Nux vomica.

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No Cancer Notebook(1)



Round-Up Poison Causes Sudden Toxic Reactions

Agricultural Poison Causes Sudden Rash, Swollen Legs, Bone Aches, Ear Ache, Kidney Infection, and Dizziness. 29 January 2013.

DSCO 1856

Our local council has just done its rounds of ‘Round-Up’ weedkiller, an herbicide which is widely used in New Zealand to kill roadside weeds and weeds along footpaths and around parks.  Every six weeks or so, this seems to be the routine, and down here in this little country town where I now reside, it seems that nobody objects to this routine poisoning of our parks and streets which is done without warning.

Children and animals are at great risk from the laying of this poison around the park down the road, and around the streets.  And people who live in council flats, such as myself, are especially vulnerable to this poison called Round-Up, because the council comes and sprays the stuff within a metre of our houses.

We have been told for years by councils and farmers, who also use the stuff very liberally, that Round-Up is not toxic to humans in the amounts we are exposed to.  They believe also that the stuff ‘breaks down within a few weeks’.  I am not a scientist, but I can still taste the stuff in dandelion greens and other edibles,  growing within a foot or two of the spray-line, even after six weeks or longer.

Of course the idea that Round Up has no bad effect on humans, or bees, or birds, or pets, is a fallacy:  This story is a yarn spun by the chemical companies who profit from the selling of it, and adopted by councils, farmers and householders alike, because this herbicide poison is just so convenient, since it saves a lot of work, and a lot of money. The people who use it and profit from its use do not want to think too much about the possible harmful effects of the stuff.

There is plenty of evidence to show that Round-Up is NOT the harmless herbicide that it is claimed to be.

Both times the council have sprayed around our houses, I have had a sudden occurence of ear ache, dizziness, with bone pain which came on the day after the spraying.  This was followed a day or so later with terrible back pain which accompanied a sudden kidney infection.  My urine smelled strange, and the left kidney area was painful. I felt dizzy and had stomach cramps.

I realized it was the Round Up poison which had brought on these sudden symptoms, and took homeopathic Thuja immediately to counteract the toxic herbicide.  I took the Thuja three or four times a day for three days.  This helped.  When the back pain appeared, I also took 2000 mg of Vitamin C to get rid of the kidney infection el pronto. I also drank copious amounts of boiled water – about a glassful every two hours for the first twelve hours.

The interesting thing was that my friend suffered similar symptoms, as well as a severe rash, at the same time as I had these ailments.

Here is how the recent spraying just five days ago, on Thursday, affected my friend:

The day after the spraying, my elderly friend, who lives in an apartment which she owns, but which is run by the council, went out into her garden to do some gardening.  She did not realize that the council had been the day before and sprayed the verges of all the footpaths around the houses, just as they had done at my house, as well as the borders of her gardens, and a corner area which was a little overgrown.  She spent the morning tackling the weeds in the corner, unsuspecting of the danger she had put herself in. She was wearing sandals and knee-length trousers, so that her legs were exposed.

The following day, when I called in on her, she was in a bad way.  Her legs were considerably swollen with a bright, angry red rash all over the calves.  It looked like hives, only much worse.  She was complaining of chronic earache and said she felt dizzy.  I told her about the spraying, and said that she must avoid doing any gardening for a few days.  We bathed her legs and did some healing on them.  I suggested that she go down to the doctor’s, in case septocaemia should set in, but she decided not to do this.

Next day, on the Sunday, her legs were better after the treatment we had done. The earache was gone, and the redness of the rash had disappeared, although she still had welts which looked like the remains of hives, like little blisters.  On the Monday, she decided that the sprayed areas might be safe, and went back into her garden to clean it up.  By this time, the area in the corner was browned off after the spraying.  But the stuff was still potent.  It brought the rash up again.  I visited her in the afternoon and her legs were almost as red as they had been on the Saturday.

I knew it was the Round Up spray again, because I had been out after dark, barefoot, to put out milk for the hedgehog.  The soles of my feet burnt so badly after walking on the lawn, I had to wash them again to rid them of the poison.  That was four days after the spraying.

Round-Up is NOT a safe poison to be spraying around our gardens, our parks, our footpaths.  Auckland City Council, before it became the great amalgamation that it is now, used to use just hot water on the edge of its grass verges.  This is the method all councils should adopt, unless they give people more jobs to actually go around and physically manicure the edges of all green areas.

Note:  Homeopathic Thuja is invaluable for antidoting environmental poisons, as well as being useful to counteract the bad effects of vaccination.  I use it whenever I am exposed to poisons such as Round Up, along with Vitamin C in non-acidic form.

Note:  More concentrated spraying was done in and around our town and yards, by the council, on Friday the 1st March, 2013.  It was also done 2 weeks before that, as well as the spraying which occurred around 28th January 2013.  Of course, it was done before that time, but I have only just begun to record the instances of spraying round-up, or similar herbicides, in our town, from the date of 29th January, 2013.

More Spraying Done Causing Illness At Easter:  Spraying was done just prior to Easter, about the Tuesday before Good Friday, as I remember.  I was out when they did this, but the evidence was there when I returned.  As well, strong insecticide was sprayed to kill a wasps’ nest outside my door on the same day the herbicide was sprayed around.  The effect of both these sprays – an herbicide and an insecticide – put me out of action for a few days.  Dizziness, depression with much crying, and a piercing headache at the top of my scull on the left side was the result, especially on Good Friday and Saturday.  Difficulty breathing, heart palpitations and a soaring temperature with red flushed cheeks were also symptoms of spray exposure.  I felt so awful I thought about death and how I could hurry it up.   By Sunday the depression was gone, but my energy levels were so incredibly low, and the pains in my heart so intense, I felt I would collapse.  I managed to play the pipe organ for Easter Sunday Church, but it was touch and go as to whether I would fall off my seat or not.

It is around two weeks now since the last spraying was done just before Easter, April 2013.  I am recovering with the help of vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy.  The heart palpitations and pain disappeared within a few days after Easter, as did the breathlessness and feeling as if my diaphragm had ceased its lung action.  But energy levels are still chronically low.

These sprays, I believe, have a deleterious effect on the health of almost everyone who comes in contact with them.  But few doctors seem to be aware of this, and few are interested in documenting the effects of sprays on people.  Most people who are already aware of the toxic effects of sprays, like myself,  do not use doctors as a rule, so these spraying ‘incidents’ go unreported.  And what is the point, after a spraying ‘incident’ which affects the health dramatically,  in paying a doctor in the hope that they will take up the challenge to investigate the devastating effects of toxic sprays on people’s health?  Proving the point could be a costly business.

Keeping a record of these spraying dates might give people an idea about how much they are being exposed to these poisons.

Read also my post entitled ‘Round-Up Spray Causes Candidiasis’.

On-Going Chest Pain Is It Lung Cancer?

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Vaccination Alternatives and Homeopathic Remedies For Scarlet Fever

DSCO 1735Natural Remedies To Help Prevent and Treat Scarlet Fever

Of course SEE YOUR DOCTOR OR PROFESSIONAL HOMEOPATH if you suspect Scarlet Fever. Scarlet Fever is very contagious and is a serious disease because of complications which can set in, such as lung and kidney afflictions.  The illness is contagious from the onset and until the skin begins to peel, after the fever has finished.  But here is some information about some vaccine alternatives which may prove to be helpful..

The ‘glass test’ can be done to test any rash which has appeared.  To test with the glass, simply press down the end of a glass over the rash.  If the rash does not disappear when the glass is pressed down over the rash, then it is probable that the person has Scarlet Fever.  However, do not rely on this test alone, because some cases of Scarlet Fever have ‘disappearing rash’.  See your medical professional.

Personally, I have never had any experience with treating Scarlet Fever, but since I have had enormous success with treating  the fevers of other childhood illnesses, such as whooping cough, croup, measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc, with Homeopathic medicines, I am confident that the words of the experts are true – that even Scarlet Fever can be prevented, and treated successfully, with the use of the appropriate Homeopathic remedies.

It is worthwhile remembering that Vitamin A in larger than usual doses also works as a preventative and a cure for most childhood illnesses.

I will elaborate on the advice of  certain Homeopathic doctors in this article, which follows on from previous articles on the subject of Homeopathy which I have written – see ‘Link Between Vaccination And Obesity New Study Suggests’ —  ‘Natural Treatments and Remedies For Scarlet Fever’–  ‘Scarlet Fever Outbreak In Hong Kong’‘Unicef Gives Vitamin A For Measles Epidemic In Syria’ — and ‘How Can I Prevent Scarlet Fever?’ for more info.

Alternatives to vaccinations, which may prove to be more effective than vaccination in the long run, are readily available to us in the form of Vitamin C therapy, Vitamin A therapy, herbs, and homeopathy.

Vaccinations, or Immunization, can be a very risky business.  The immune system can be severely impaired from vaccination – see my recent post about the lady in my street who got the flu the following day after vaccination, and who has developed chronic asthma since having that flu vaccination three years ago:  She had to be hospitalized for asthma, only days after getting the flu vaccine.  She had never ever had asthma before.

This brings us to another other thing about vaccinations – they do not always work to immunize the person against the illness for which vaccination was intended,  which is why everybody should be considering such safe alternatives as Homeopathy, Vitamins, and Herbal therapy.

You never know – you just might need this information if that vaccine does not work.  My post entitled ‘Scarlet Fever Outbreak In Hong Kong – Vaccination Alternatives’, illustrates why people should be interested in finding alternative remedies to vaccination:  Vaccination and antibiotics have failed to stop the scarlet fever outbreak in Hong Kong.

The other thing is that childhood illnesses have a purpose in developing the child’s immune system.  The majority of children do not suffer complications from having the common childhood illnesses, but instead, as Dr Studer tells us,  ‘often gain an important experience and take a leap forward in their physical and psychological development, following an illness’.  This, he says, is a common observation amongst paediatricians who have observed children who have not been vaccinated, but who have experienced the normal childhood illnesses.

Dr Hermann Michael Stellmann is quoted as saying: “It may sound almost heretical, but I am convinced that childhood illnesses make a healthier child in the end.”  See this quote on page 29 of Dr Hans-Peter Studer’s book entitled ‘Vaccination:   A Guide for Making Personal Choices’.

Homeopathic remedies are non-invasive, unlike vaccinations.  Homeopathic medicines can help to strengthen the immune system so that we can recover quickly from getting any illness.  They very often can work as a preventative, or act to lighten the effect of an illness.

So here we go – more info on Homeopathic Remedies for Scarlet Fever, in case those vaccinations have not worked.  Much of this information is drawn from the  book by  W.A Dewey entitled: ‘ Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics’, and also from the book ‘The Prescriber’ by Dr John H. Clarke, M.D.

Homeopathic Belladonna – The Classic Remedy for Scarlet Fever.  Hahnemann, the doctor who discovered homeopathy,  proved that Belladonna in homeopathic doses works as a prophylactic for Scarlet Fever. There are numerous provings which show Belladonna to be effective in treating scarlet fever, or as a prophylactic.  A prophylactic is a preventative.

You can give Homeopathic Belladonna in 30C potency, or 6X, as soon as you hear that there is an outbreak of Scarlet Fever about.  With the 30C, I would give one dose a day of just around four or five drops.  Do this for a week and then stop for a week.  Then repeat for another week as before.  If your child should succumb to the infection after the first week of preventive treatment, then give the Homeopathic Belladonna preparation immediately. Use several times a day if needed, to bring down fever, then reduce the dose to twice a day, then once a day as the temperature returns to normal.

The indications for Homeopathic Belladonna are when fever is present with bright rosy cheeks, sore throat, strawberry coloured tongue, and swollen glands. The pupils may be dilated. There may be delirium, twitching, and the patient is unable to sleep.
Homeopathic Belladonna is complemented by Calcarea carb., and also with Homeopathic Sulphur, which are other useful remedies to use in treating scarlet fever. Either of these remedies could be alternated with the Belladonna remedy, perhaps every hour on the first day, or until the fever has subsided.

Homeopathic Bryonia can be used for treating Scarlet Fever.  With this remedy there is a quick development of the rash, with thirst and sharp pains in the chest.

Homeopathic Ailanthus is described by Dr Dewey as having the ability to ‘save life oftentimes in the most desperate cases’.  This is one to remember for doctors whose patients have not responded to antibiotics, but who look near the end.  When the patient is in a stupor, with a ‘dark and purplish rash’….swollen throat and neck, nasal discharge, vomitting, headache, dizziness, drowsiness and prostration, with perhaps blood in the stools, watery and smelly discharges….then Homeopathic Ailanthus could be a life-saver.

Homeopathic Rhus toxicodendron can be used in ‘adynamic’ cases, and in the later stage of the disease, if rheumatic pains are present, with depression, weakness, restlessness and ‘eruptions do not come out well’.  Drowsiness with a smooth red tongue and swollen glands, with symptoms slow to come to a head.

Other useful remedies for Scarlet Fever might be:  Homeopathic Lachesis for ‘adynamic’ cases, Homeopathic Hydrocyanic acid, Arsenicum, Ammonium carbonicum, and Zincum.

Dr Dewey says that Zincum has been useful in treating children who are either restless and delirious, or very quiet and too weak to develop an eruption to expell the disease.  This inability to throw off the infection can result in brain symptoms such as meningitis with sharp pains in the head.  In this case, Dr Dewey recommends Zincum which can help to ‘bring out the eruption and save the life of the child.’

Emergency treatment can be gained from using the Schuessler cell salt remedies, which are homeopathic preparations.   Dr J.B. Chapman describes Kali mur as ‘the chief cell-salt remedy for the treatment of Scarlet Fever’….., when there are ‘eruptions, swelling, with white-coated tongue and albuminous urine.’

Dr Chapman says that Ferrum Phos is useful in the early stages, with ‘quick pulse, headache, shivering, sore throat, bleeding of the nose, and other initiatory symptoms’.  He suggests alternating Ferrum Phos with Kali Mur.

Kali Sulph could be useful in the later stages of the illness, to hurry up the rash and promote the peeling of the skin.  Useful if the eruptions are suppressed suddenly, with lack of perspiration but with high temperature and dry skin.  So says Dr Chapman.

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