Wake Up New Zealand America’s TPPA Puts Agriculture At Risk

March Against TPPA 7th March 2015

These protest marches against TPPA really are a statement against corporate greed in New Zealand.  The TPPA will serve to profit those huge multi-national corporations, such as Monsanto, Bayer, Du Pont and Syngenta, whilst minimizing our own profit. More for them, and less for us.

The price of food is bound to go up.

Disappointing that the turn-out yesterday to the Nation-wide protest against TPPA was so low.  The marches over the country did not attract anything like the numbers who have protested against ocean oil drilling, or the sale of assets marches.

The low response to the anti TPPA protest is largely because most New Zealanders still do not have a clue about the TPPA.  Many have never heard of it.

And this ignorance is just what is intended by our New Zealand National government, and the drivers for TPPA from America.

How come the public has no knowledge about the TPPA and what it will do to our way of life?

The title is a nebulous one, for a start. ‘TPPA’ has been chosen deliberately to disguise the reality of the proposed movement which will have our rights whittled away.

We have so many abbreviations for this and that in government departments .  SIPS,  WINZ, MAF,  Who cares if there is another one?

But the media – newspapers, TV and radio, have been primed to keep any discussion about TPPA to a minimum.  I did hear that ‘Campbell Live’ ran a good programme about the erosion of rights, and the economic impact for New Zealand.  But nought else on TV, radio or newspaper.

And so, in Hamilton, there were only around 200 demonstrators, by the looks of the photos on Facebook.

And in Auckland, where the protesters usually come out in their thousands to support a just cause, were only 1500 to 2000 at the most.  The low turn-out shows how TPPA means nothing to the average New Zealander.

Not that protesting has had any influence thus far on this government.  The majority of people were against the sale of public assets, and despite many marches of huge numbers, petitions to government, etc, they still charged on ahead to sell off public assets which our predecessors have worked hard for.

New Zealand Growers Will Suffer With TPPA:  Because of TPPA, virtually everybody in agriculture will be at risk of being sued.

Our heritage seeds and trees are all at risk  Because of Monsanto’s huge presence in agriculture, their modified seeds are taking over, which is putting our heritage seeds and trees and plants at risk..  Many old varieties of seed and fruits have died out because of the monopolization of the big agriculture companies.

Expect To Be Sued If You Lose A Heritage Crop Due To a Rogue Patented Variety

Losing our heitage plants is one thing – but having to pay for the contamination and loss of our own crops, because patented rogue seed has taken over our crops, is another.

TPPA will put us under American law, which means any of us can be sued for our crops accidentally being contaminated by genetically modified patented seeds, such as those which Monsanto produce.

In America, some of these big companies are employing people to go around the countryside testing all crops.  If it is found that cross-pollination with their patented varieties has occurred, then you will be fined or sued.

Is This What We Want? Aready, innocent farmers, in America and other countries, are being sued by Monsanto and other agri-giant companies because their seeds, or a cross-pollinated version of them, have been found on the farmer’s property.  This will happen in New Zealand too, if the TPPA comes into force.  We will have to abide by American law which favours these big seed and chemical giants.

The situation is most bizarre and corrupt.  Monsanto, Syngenta and DuPont, among other seed producing corporations, have their seeds virtually all over the world now.  They proliferate naturally, by wind and birds carrying the seeds to other locations, away from their original planting sites.

The farmer who grows his own heritage varieties of seed is not protected at all if his or her crops become contaminated by Monsanto’s genetically altered patented seeds.  The law is on Monsanto and the other big companies’ side.

Freedom Of Speech Will Be A Thing Of The Past: The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, known as The TPPA agreement, will severely curtail our Freedom Of Speech and weaken our human rights.

We will not be allowed to discuss the ill-effects of any poison, such as the glyphosphate-containing RoundUp, or neonicotinoid poisons which cause bee colony collapse disorder, killing bees and other pollinating insects.  Because if we do make a statement against the use of these toxic chemicals, then we stand to be sued by those overseas chemical manufacturers of the said chemical, for loss of sales, loss of revenue.

Such is American law.

They will say ‘there is no proof’ or ‘prove it’.  But without sharing our stories about the ill-effects of toxic chemicals, there will be no body of case studies to examine, and we will be none the wiser, except for the ‘research’ which they tell us to be true.

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Here is an interesting document entitled ‘Negotiating Healthy Trade In Australia – Health Impact Assessment of the Proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.’  Read about how food labelling could be affected, and how alcohol and tobacco advertisements might be affected to the detriment of the nation’s health.


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Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies For Sunstroke

Natural Remedies For Sunstroke and Pleurisy:

New Zealand Heatwave Before Christmas 2012 Caused Sunstroke.  This post gives an account of the homeopathic treatments I used.

Note:  If you have sunstroke, you should certainly go to a doctor or alternative  health practitioner.  But this is how it all happened, and what I did to remedy the problem of sunstroke with subsequent pleurisy of the lungs:

I have had sunstroke twice before in my life, many years ago now.  I never expected to experience it ever again, since I have taken to wearing a hat most days when I am in the sun, and I am cautious about getting too much exposure.  My health certainly benefits from getting into the sun for short periods.

But just a few days before Christmas, we had a heat-wave in the little town which I have just moved to.  This town is around 130 ks inland, and around the same distance south of Auckland.  I moved here only two months ago.

Being new to the place, I guess I was caught unawares as to the dangers of the sun, which is much more intense here than the heat you get at a seaside resort such as Orewa,  from whence I came.

The day I left to go on my journey to Dunedin to see my family for Christmas, I mucked around in the garden for an hour or so, watering my plants well so that they would survive the week ahead without me.  I had on a cap, but the sun got the back of my neck, which is the most vulnerable spot for getting sunstroke.  Then I walked down to the town around 2PM to get a $2.40 Lotto ticket.  By this time the heat was incredibly intense, reminding me of the days we had heat waves at Kilkivan, an inland town in the middle of Queensland, when the temperatures would soar well beyond 40 degrees.

I hurried home when I realized how hot it was, and how it was making me feel ill already.

The next day, when I arrived in Dunedin, the effects of the sun the previous day were hitting very hard.  My children thought I had jet-lag.  But it was only around 3% jet-lag. I felt dizzy.  I was losing my balance and seeing stars when I looked up.  My temperature was extremely hot, especially around the head, I had an intense headache and I felt nauseous. My head was throbbing madly and I was experiencing some pain at the nape of the neck, stretching upwards on the right side of the scalp.

I hoped I would not have to go to the doctor or to the hospital.  I had left my community services card at home, so a trip to the doctor would be expensive.  Plus I preferred to avoid their pharmaceuticals if I could help it.

The only thing to do was to rest and get stuck into the homeopathic remedy which I chose out of my daughter’s collection, and to drink plenty of water.

Cooling the head by covering it with wet cotton cloths was the next thing.  Putting a wet band around so that the temples are covered, and another at the nape of the neck, is very helpful.

Homeopathic Remedy For High Temperature In First Stage Of Sunstroke: Aconite and Belladonna

The first day, when my hot head, chronic headache, and the accompanying dizziness and pain were the most worrying symptoms, I used a homeopathic combination called ‘Fevamed Relief’, which had Aconite 24x and Belladonna  30c in it.  These two are great for complaints which appear suddenly:  Aconite is always good when the symptoms suddenly appear, usually due to a chill or getting damp in a shower;  Belladonna is another one for when symptoms come on suddenly, but with the patient having a bright red face because of fever or high temperature. This ‘Fevamed Relief’ mixture also had Arsenicum alb 60x and Echinacea 24x in it.

This preparation was one specially designed for the feverish symptoms of babies and small children, but I found it to be equally effective in allaying the sunstroke symptoms which I was experiencing.

If I had been at home, I would have used either Aconite or Belladonna on its own, or alternated the remedies,  as I do not usually buy these combination remedies.  This was a ‘Naturopharm’ remedy, whereas I always buy Weleda homeopathics.

I took two or three squirts of this Aconite/Belladonna combination every 20 minutes or so for the first couple of hours.  Then I panned out the dose to one every hour.

I could feel an instant effect as soon as I took the remedy, although it took all that first day for the temperature to drop to near normal.

Pleurisy of the Lung Followed the Sunstroke:  Homeopathic Bryonia came to the fore.

The next day I found that the pulsating head, with accompanying headache, had gone.  But now there was intense pain in the right side of the chest and in the back on the right side,  which was probably pleurisy of the lungs. Bronchial problems can often come after over-exposure to the sun.  The peculiar thing was that it was a right-sided chest complaint, whereas in the past I have always had left-sided chest complaints.

Breathing was painful, and my chest hurt when I moved the torso around to get up off a chair or out of bed. I could hardly move.  It was possible that the Aconite/Belladonna preparation might have helped the bronchial problem too, but I felt as if this remedy had run its course and that no more help would be gained from continuing it.

I decided to switch the treatment to a homeopathic specific for bronchial troubles.  My daughter had a combination which had Bryonia 24x in it, so I beamed in on this one.  Bryonia is excellent for lung problems.  This remedy also had Colocynthis 30c, Carbo veg 24x, and Mag phos 60x in it.  This combination was called ‘Colimed Relief’, another Naturopharm baby remedy.  But again, it worked well for an adult too.

I took this remedy for two days, using around 10 doses of several squirts each the first day, and reducing to around 6 doses of several squirts the second day. On the second day of taking this Bryonia remedy, I coughed for around an hour, which brought up most of the fluid from the lungs.  By the end of that 2nd day, the chest and back pain was completely gone, and breathing had returned to normal.

This all saved an expensive visit to the doctor or to the hospital.  However, sunstroke can be dangerous, so I would urge you to see your doctor if you have these symptoms.  Try the homeopathic remedies only after you have visited the doctor, just to be safe.

Herbal Remedies for Sunburn:

A stong tea allowed to cool, of either Chamomilla recutita flowers, or Elderflower (Sambucus nigra), or Lavender officinalis, can be used to bathe the sunburn.  These herbs can be mixed together to make the infusion if you wish.

St John’s Wort is supposed to be a wonderful healer for radiation burns of all kinds.  Use just a few drops of the blood-red oil on the affected parts.

Aloe vera, something which many people have in their gardens or flower-pots,  is also very soothing and cooling.  Just slice open a leaf and squeeze out the gell to apply directly to the burnt area.

Homeopathic Hypericum or Calendula creams are useful to soothe and help the healing of the skin.  Homeopathic Cantharis is another which can be applied topically to reduce the sting of sunburn.  Homeopathic Cantharis in liquid form is possibly another alternative to Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, etc, for taking internally to treat sunstroke symptoms.  Personally, I have not ever tried this remedy.

Dr John H. Clarke, M.D., in treating sunstroke, lists most of the remedies which I found on those two baby homeopathic preparations of my daughter’s:  Aconite, Belladonna and Arsen alb.  These ones, which I found to be very effective, are some of the first remedies for sunstroke which he gives in his book ‘The Prescriber’.

I found ordinary ceylon tea good to drink during this period:  Tea actually helps bring down the temperature, which is why it is so frequently drunk in India.

Over the first couple of days after getting the sunstroke, I also found that putting a cold wet facecloth over the forehead and on the nape of the neck helped.



Gluten Sensitivity, Cancer and Allergies Related To Vaccinations, Preservatives and Other Chemicals.

Food Additives, Agricultural Chemicals, and Vaccinations  all weaken the immune system, and are the likely reason for the fact that asthma, gluten intolerance and other allergies are on the rise.  More and more people are finding that they have allergic reactions after eating bread and other foods which have gluten in them.  In New Zealand, where agricultural science prides itself on being ‘ahead’ of the rest of the world in terms of machinery and chemicals to control weeds and insects, more and more people are suffering from asthma, hay fever, eczema, cancer, and other conditions each year.

More People are Becoming Sick in Civilized Countries:    New Zealand has the highest incidence of asthma of anywhere in the world. New Zealand also has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the western world.   These diseases are becoming prolific in so-called  CIVILIZED countries – countries which use modern chemical ways to manage weeds, countries where vaccination of children is the norm,  and countries where ready-made commercial items such as bread, cake and meats are part of the average diet.  These commercial items all have preservatives and other food additives in them, unless you have bought an organic product with no chemical additives.

This should tell us something immediately, without having to wait for relevant research to be done to prove a point. What is the difference between the life-styles and  foods people eat in a poorer country, where little or no cases of asthma, cancer and allergies are found, and the foods and life-styles of people from a richer country, where disease of all kinds is on the rise?  –  The answer is No chemicals of any kind, unless the marketing of these products has already begun by those big international corporate drug and chemical companies who seem eager to pollute every last bit of the planet.

It is  everything to do with ‘life-style’, which is not just living a healthy life in the outdoors, but a life-style where there is an absence of agricultural chemicals, no food additives, and no modern vaccinations and other drugs. Healthy people are found in the pockets on earth where people do for themselves much more,  spending time outside growing food without chemicals, and without  using medical drugs and vaccinations.

Healthy people living a healthy life-style without chemicals are generally strong and have a natural immunity to most disease, in which case there should be little need for modern drugs.   Of course antibiotics do have their place in emergency situations, but I am an advocate for the homeopathic alternatives to vaccinations, drugs and medications, and, of course, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, should there be a need  for assistance in combatting infections.  Homeopathy, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and herbal options for treating infections and preventing disease should be used for illness whenever possible, as these things do not harm the immune system as do vaccinations and other antibiotics.  Many children who were healthy before vaccinations suddenly have developed allergies and sensitivity to gluten after being given vaccinations.

The  agricultural poisons we pour onto our soils, including artificial fertilizers,  which get into our food, and poison the air and the waterways, are having an adverse effect on our health.

Vaccinations and food additives  are further undermining the health of our children, and ourselves.

Actually, there is enough research around already, which shows that vaccinations, agricultural chemicals including artificial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, all affect the health and the immune system, making us more vulnerable to infections of various kinds, and predisposing us towards  cancer and allergies.

I have noticed that bought baking products from our ‘New World’ supermarket, such as bread, doughnuts, cake, biscuits, pastries and chocolate, have a worse effect now than these foods, bought from the same supermarket, did a couple of years ago. I get a strong headache fairly soon after eating any of this shop’s baking now, similar to the effect of foods with monosodium glutamate in them.  I suspect that they are now  using some ready-made flour product which has unknown rising agents and preservatives in it –   Whereas previously, they made their own baking mixture up, which had less of the harmful additives in it.

These products have heightened my gluten intolerance.  All preservatives, colourings and other artificial food additives have an immediate effect on the bacteria in the bowel – they act like antibiotics, killing off the good bacteria in the bowel along with the bad ones.  This affects digestion adversely.  You may find that you seemingly are intolerant to gluten, when all along, it may be that the preservatives and other food additives in bought bread and baking are the real cause behing your sensitivity to wheat.

The other factor, of course, is that agricultural chemicals are used in the growing of wheat, unless the farmer is using organic no-chemical methods to grow his food.  These chemicals get into the very fibre of the wheat, and these chemicals have a synergistic effect with other chemicals which are used in food processing, such as the bleach which is used in processing wheat flour.

Home made bread,  made from organically-grown and organically processed wheat may in fact be OK for many people who are otherwise allergic to wheat which has been grown and processed by normal chemical means.  However, once someone has become sensitive to gluten and other allergens, it can be very hard to reverse the condition.

Cell Phones in Cars

I have just returned to Auckland from Wellington on the day bus which left yesterday at 9 am. I always enjoy this trip with a good driver at the helm. The scenery is refreshing, and you can relax and enjoy it all the more because you are not the driver. The social aspect of travelling with people from other towns and countries is enjoyable. Of course, the refreshing, social and relaxing aspects of travelling by bus all go to pot if you have a driver whom you do not trust or who is on edge. I was lucky that the same good natured driver who drove me down ten days ago was on the run to take me back. It was a great trip.

However, I want to draw attention to the one environmental factor which is often a concern to me whenever I am jammed in with people in a crowd for an extended period, such as traveling long distance on a bus. That concern is cell phone radiation. I found on this trip, as is often the case, that I had to move seats, away from the person behind me who was using her phone constantly. It was difficult to find a suitable place to sit, i.e, one where there wasn’t a cell phone sitting in the pocket behind the seat you were about to sit in, or to avoid a cell phone in use. Cell phone usage seems to be the main preoccupation of the younger traveler these days.

When a phone is in use, the radiation I can sense is much more than when the phone is idle. However, an idle phone, if it is kept in the pocket behind your seat in the bus, has a perceptible deleterious effect on the nervous system. The most easily recognizeable, and the first, symptom is extreme headache. If you continue to sit there, then other disturbing reactions develop such as an inablity to think clearly, shaky movements, and arthritic-like pain in the arms and legs: Circulation is impaired through cell phone radiation, beyond what you would expect from sitting for an hour or so at a time, which is the reason your legs become swollen.

It is definately a good thing that drivers in New Zealand and other parts of the world are now forbidden by law to use cell phones while driving. This is a common sense law which has been a long time coming. Using a cell phone while driving is obviously going to increase your chances of ‘accident’, since all your attention cannot possibly be on the road and the conditions about you if you are holding a phone. But there is yet another thing to consider which probably won’t be addressed in the near future by common law, since most people do not recognize its danger to health and brain function, and that is that a cell phone within a metre or so of your brain will affect your brain impulses even if you are not using it. Simply having a cell phone in the car will undermine your nervous system which will fractionally alter your speed of reflex action and your decision making.

The brain and nervous system work on electrical impulses from the body’s own electrical system. The healthy functioning of the nervous system, to which the brain is a central part, is disturbed by interference from other electrical impulses, such as those from cell phones or overhead high tension wires, cell phone towers, etc.

Here is an example of just how the radiation energy from a cell phone can interfere with the electical workings of another electrical device.

First of all – an admission – I have been using a cell phone for the past six months (again),one which my daughter has lent me in order to get work. I avoid keeping it with me during the day, and remove it from the room at night, which has minimized exposure to its radiation. However, I will have to relinquish this phone in the near future, as it is evident that even minimal use after a six month stretch is affecting my health. I need to get a flat which has a land line.

Anyway – back to the example of how a cell phone’s energy can affect another device which is also electrically driven.

I had my portable CD player on its shelf playing a CD. I think it was Brooke Benton singing ……On the shelf above it, about 18 inches away, I had the cell phone recharger cord strung across leading to the cell phone nearby which was being recharged. I happened to be in the room when two texts came through, within about a minute of each other. As I stood at the door, the CD player seemed to forget what its purpose was, to play the CD coherently. It began stammering and cutting out, although there is no scratch on this CD which would cause it to falter. Simultaneously, the cell phone gave its signal that a text had come through. The CD player resumed its business of playing the CD. A minute later, another text came through from the same person. The same thing happened – the CD player seemed confused and did not resume its normal function until the text had come through and the light disappeared off the phone. It is possible that having two devices drawing electricity from the same source meant that one device, the CD player, had to make way for the extra energy demanded by the incoming text.

The change in radiation levels, from an inactive phone to one which is being used for texting, can be easily discerned if you are sitting still, on a bus, for instance. The radiation which sudden;ly becomes intensified by a nearby phone being in use causes a kind of painful piercing over the skull which affects the intuitive/psychic centre as well as the whole nervous system. Pain in the ears is experienced by myself after several minutes of someone using a cell phone nearby. The radiation causes a build up of fluid within the ear, even without the offending phone being near one’s own ear.

Sensitive people really must be careful with cell phones. If the electrical impulse from an incoming text will interfere with the playing of a CD, then the brain which is also a sensitive mechanism which works on electrical impulses, will also be affected by cell phones used by other people or by oneself.

The safest place for a cell phone to be, whilst travelling in a car, is in the boot.