Introduction To Homeopathy

Homeopathic Medicine

In the words of Dr Andrew Stanway, who wrote a book entitled ‘Alternative Medicine: A Guide To Natural Therapies’, published 1980 and 1986 by Chancellor Press, London:

  • “Homeopathy is not a cranky, way-out type of medicine practised by a handful of odd-ball doctors.”  Homeopathy has been around for almost 200 years now.
  • “This form of medicine is available under the British National Health Service and the Faculty of Homeopathy in London is recognised in law just like all the other learned medical faculties.”
  • There are six homeopathic hospitals within the National health Service:  at least there were when Dr Stanway’s book was published in the 1980’s
  • I know that the Queen has her own homeopathic physician. The Royal homeopath has taken care of the health of the Royal family for many years. The Queen Mother used homeopathic medicine for much, if not all, of her life. She lived beyond her ‘seven score years and ten’ to the fabulous age of 100 years or more.

So What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy treats like with like:  Disease-fighting mechanisms are stimulated by the homeopathic equivalent to the disease.  When the minimal dose of a homeopathic remedy is given, it causes a response in the immune system of the individual which, when the right remedy is chosen, will effect a cure.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine which was discovered in the late 19th century by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a doctor from Leipzig.

His discovery involved the use of  cinchona bark which was used to treat malaria at the time.  Dr Hahnemann found that when he took cinchona bark, it gave him symptoms of malaria, the same symptoms which cinchona bark was being used to treat.

Dr Hahnemann began to experiment with other remedies.  He tested his potions out on himself and on many other healthy people, then  he began proving his remedies with people who had the real ailments:  He  got “excellent reproducable results”, in Dr Stanway’s words, except that some people were made worse by the medicine.  But he didn’t give up there……….

Principle of the Minimum Dose:  The next thing that he discovered, was that when the dose was diluted, the remedy became stronger in that it was more immediately  effective.  The other remarkable thing about the miminal dose, was that it did not produce  the side effects which the stronger remedies had done.

The ‘like treats like’ principle is used in  modern orthodox medicine in another form all over the world today:  The treatment of cancer cells with radiation therapy is a ‘like-treats-like’ treatment, as radiation in itself is capable of causing cancer.

Another ‘like-treats-like’ instance:  Dr Stanway cites the example of digitalis being administered in modern medicine to cure specific heart problems.  When patients are given medicinal digitalis, when they  would already seem to have the symptoms of an overdose of digitalis,  the heart function is restored  to normal. NOTE:  NEVER TRY USING DIGITALIS AS A HOME REMEDY.  IT IS EXTREMELY TOXIC AND WILL KILL YOU.

Digitalis when prescribed as a  homeopathic remedy, though, is safe because the dosage is microscopic.

Microscopic Dosage: These microscopic amounts are arrived at in a remedy by a serious of dilutions.  Each time, a small portion of the mother remedy is diluted in a larger quantity of water and alcohol. This is ‘succussed’, which is really just an energetic shake-up of the remedy.  Then a portion of this dilution is again used, to form another even weaker dilution.  Succussion is again applied to the remedy…..  And so on.  The more times a remedy is diluted in this way, the stronger it becomes, even though the amount of mother remedy is reduced dramatically each time.

Commonly Used Remedies:

Arnica, Ars alb, Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calc.fluor., Coffea, Ledum, Pulsatilla,  Sepia, Thuja are just a few of my favourite remedies which proved invaluable in helping to keep my children free of sickness.

Arnica For Pain Relief and Shock: Arnica is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies in the world.  It is often added to first aid kits in families which have small children who hurt themselves a lot.

Arnica For Bruises: Arnica alleviates the pain of bruises very quickly, minimises the extent of bruising,  and is very useful in cases of emotional shock.  Arnica is good for fresh bruises and shock, but it can heal the aches and trauma experienced from old injuries which were incurred many years ago.   Arnica is harmless, non addictive, and IT WORKS.

Coffea Is a Mild Sedative: Coffea?  Yes, that’s right, it’s derived from coffee.  But in homeopathic form, in minimal dose, it has the opposite effect to cofee. Homeopathic coffea is a mild sedative,  conducive to a good night’s sleep, good for soothing frayed nerves, and helpful to those who are trying to give up coffee.

Ledum as a Prophylactic for Tetanus: Ledum has many uses, which I will need to revise.  I used Ledum as an alternative to tetanus shots for my children when they were growing up. Of course, they never had tetanus, but who does these days?  I read somewhere that even the orthodox shots for tetanus had never been proved as a reliable cure, but they were given anyway.

So one cannot say that Ledum was actually effective in preventing tetanus, or in treating a tetanus infection, but it surely was effective in quickly healing up infections after severe cuts and bruises which the children got.

Don’t Copy My Example: Take your child to a health professional for all cuts, bruises, and infections.

Personally, I was against giving my children any injections of any kind after seeing my first-born child swell out and become a ‘difficult’ baby once the first injections had been given. I allowed the plunket nurse to come back six months later, saw the same reaction, witha break-out of eczema and lots of crying for weeks.  I decided then that there would be no more inoculations of any kind, unless it was a matter of life and death. I began a study of homeopathic medicine at a college, which I did not complete, however, that course, and much reading, equipped me to use the basic remedies.

Occasionally, I would visit a professional homeopath for needed advice.

Homeopathic Medicine For the Family: Your family will benefit hugely if  you can find a clever and experienced homeopathic doctor to help you through the ups and downs of childhood illness.

Homeopathic medicine, when prescribed by a qualified homeopath,  is not toxic or damaging to organs.  It is not addictive.  Using homeopathic medicine as an alternative to orthodox drugs  will  help towards building a strong immune system for your child.

If you investigate the matter, you will find that there is a homeopathic cure for EVERYTHING.  There are even homeopathic nosodes which can be taken as a prophylactic, or preventative, of serious diseases.

It usually takes a professional homeopath to prescribe just the right remedy for any given ailment, but there are many homeopathics which I think are very useful to have in the first aid kit, and Ledum is one of them.

Organic Insecticides

Organic insecticides Which Really Work

It is important to use non-poisonous insecticides on your pet. Poisonous chemicals which are in many flea killers, ant killers and cockroach products, are partly to blame for the many cancers, arthritis, and nerve and muscular diseases which our pets, and ourselves, are often afflicted with.

Toxic chemicals put an overload on the body’s organs, especially the liver.  Toxic chemicals also affect the heart, kidneys and bladder.  Toxic chemicals can  cause heart palpitations, fluttering of the heart, weakness of the heart, and heart attack.  Toxic chemicals can cause cancer. These affflictions can affect your own state of health, as well as that of your pet.

If the effects of the many toxic chemicals we use in our environment were understood, in food production, and to control weeds and pests, then there would not be a need to take the many drugs such as warfarin and others which are widely distributed to prevent heart attacks and stroke.  We would not have so much cancer about either, if the use of poisonous chemicals in our environment were eliminated.

Cancer Prevention: Using organic insecticides will go a long way to preventing liver damage, cancer, and other degenerative disease.

Protect Your Pets by using  natural products to eradicate or control fleas and other pests in the home. By using organic insecticides on your pets and in your household, you are not only lowering the risk of cancer in  your family and your pets,  but will be contributing to a more healthy environment.  It is important not to support the manufacturers of poisonous products:  by NOT buying their products, we are making a contribution to a healthier poison-free environment.

Weleda Products To Treat Fleas and Other Pests.

One way in which you can help protect  the health of you, your family and your pets is by making organic insecticides at home. I have a post which gives some recipes for organic insecticides.

However, there are a few commercial products which are totally safe to use.  Weleda products are one of the safe brands to buy.  Their herbal and homeopathic combinations are well tried, safe, and effective remedies.  I can really recommend their flea treatment.  Go check out the range of Weleda products – it is ages since I used their flea treatment, but here is how it worked for me:

The Weleda homeopathic flea treatment which I used  cost less than $10 at the time.  Of the liquid, I used only three drops in a pint of water.  This was put into a spray bottle.  I think I shook the bottle a few times with the water and the homeopathic liquid in it, then the potion was ready to use.

We had moved into an old villa which was infested with fleas.  It had been shut up for some time in the summer, and the fleas had had a ball.  If you walked down the hallway and looked down at your legs, you could pick off dozens of fleas.

I sprayed the homeopathic flea lotion around the house in the evening, making sure the hallway, which was worse affected, was done in every corner.

Unbelievable result. By morning, there was not a flea to be found. I have no idea where they went.  They had simply disappeared.  No dead fleas to be found.  We never, in the year that we spent at that house, had a flea problem there again.

Home-Made Lavender Insecticide:

By chance, once, when I was experimenting with herbal essences, and  potions which would work for head lice, I came across a home made remedy which had just as potent an effect as the Weleda homeopathic for fleas.

This was in the summer, just after I had used the Weleda flea treatment, so I had just increased my  knowledge on the making, and the use, of homeopathic remedies.

In the early summer, when the lavender was fresh and clean after the spring rain, I picked a heap of lavender, enough to fill a two pint jar with lavender.  I put hot water over it, added a couple of tablespoons of honey, the juice of a lemon, then screwed the lid on just lightly, so that the fermentation gases could escape, but the insects not get in.

I left the jar for three weeks, sitting on the window sill in the sun.  I shook the jar a little every day, tightening the lid first so that the liquid would not spill, then loosened it again when the jar lay rested on the window sill.

After three weeks, I drained off the liquid, which I poured over another fresh lot of lavender, with a little added honey.   The same procedure was followed.  Three weeks in the sun, shaking lightly every day.  After three weeks, again, the same routine was applied – more fresh lavender, and the last liquid poured over the new lavender.

After the third infusion, I drained the liquid off.  This was by now the colour of purple lavender, and had a very strong, beautiful aroma.

I found, when using this liquid, that it was impossibly strong if it was used neat.  So I had the bright idea, coming from the homeopathic principle, that just a few drops of this may work.

I used three drops only in half a pint of water which was in a spray bottle.  I shook up the bottle and sprayed this over hair lice.  They disappeared, just as the fleas had done with the Weleda treatment.  I used it on our dog, which eradicated her fleas just as effectively.

See another post on making lavender lotion

Home Made Lavender Lotion Insecticide

Homeopathic Rat Treatment:  I have not personally used this potion, but I have seen it on the list of products which Weleda make. It is a few years since I saw this advertised, but my guess is that they still make it.

Homeopathy and Your Child’s Health

Homeopathy For The Home First Aid Kit

How To Avoid Using Harmful Medications:

I used herbal medicine and homeopathic remedies for many years when I was bringing up my children. I found these remedies to be so incredibly successful that the whole family did without standard inoculations, and we all avoided seeing a doctor for many years. There are no harmful side effects in using the common homeopathic remedies, unlike using  allopathic prescription medicine, which usually has negative and toxic side effects of some sort.

However, I do not dare to suggest that people should follow my example. Sometimes allopathic medicine is necessary, and doctors and nurses do indeed save many lives: I urge you to see a health professional before following the ideas I out-line in this, and other, articles.

HOMEOPATHY is a wonderful age-old science of medicine which can be used effectively for treating many common conditions and complaints, both physical and emotional.

ARNICA   Arnica is the number one remedy. All families with young children would benefit from adding this to their first-aid kits.  It is an amazing remedy for shocks, bruises and sprains. Buy some TODAY.

Arnica can help settle the emotions as well as heal the bruise. The trauma which has been endured  after an accident can be alleviated by taking arnica. Often we get nervous stabbing pains around an injury which persist long after physical recovery. These, too, are helped by arnica, even when taken  years after the injury.

In the old days when I was a girl, before New Zealand country people had knowledge of the wonderful homeopathic remedies available to us today, our  mothers used to give us aspirin or pain killers for the after-effects of an injury.

These days even worse alternatives are used by many parents:  Drug companies make drug combinations which are sold as safe medecines for calming young children, and even putting them to sleep. This is an extremely sad state of affairs, as the children who are being dosed with these harmful products are

1. Not being allowed to behave and develop as normal healthy children.

2.There is a real danger of these children becoming drug dependent as children, and drug or alcohol dependent in their adulthood. Depression, which affects 1 or 2 out of 5 in our “civilized” culture – the statistics are increasing- will sadly be the result if these commercial sedatives are used on a regular basis. Avoid them like the plague.

Instead, use a dash of ARNICA.

You can’t get addicted to ARNICA and it won’t harm your health or your child’s  in any way.

3. There are ALWAYS side effects to any drug or medication, especially when regularly used. The side effects of these sedative products is not widely advertised even when the drug companies KNOW what these side effects will be. There is a liklihood that damage  to kidneys, liver, heart, circulaton, nervous system, muscular and bone growth, and brain development will occur. The practice of using such products should be avoided at all cost.