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Homeopathic Remedy Arsen Alb For Flu Allergies Asthma

June 13th, 2013

Natural Remedies That Really Work: Arsen Alb is one of the more commonly used Homeopathic Remedies.   It is considered by many homeopaths to be a prophylactic and a great remedy for general colds and flu. This makes it an ideal remedy to have on hand if you have decided to forfeit those much-promoted and often dubious flu injections. Pic of a bonny Mother and Child who have never had vaccinations of any kind:  Read Merrilyn's post entitled:  'Health Without Vaccinations or AntiBiotics'. Kent's 'Materia Medica', a widely studied text-book on homeopathy, indicates Arsen alb for some forms of Asthma. Physical symptoms indicating Arsen alb:  ...

List Of Homeopathic Remedies For Ear Ache

March 9th, 2013

 Alternative Medicines For Ear Ache Photo  by Merrilyn  First of all - A reminder to see your doctor or another health professional if your child or yourself has ear-ache. It is important to get professional advice, in case there is a serious infection, such as meningitis.  Also, if the ear-drum is about to burst, then antibiotics might be the best thing to give, to quickly avert the danger of the drum bursting.  While an experienced homeopath can deal with these situations as well as any doctor practicing orthodox medicine, it is not a good idea to self-prescribe your own medicines under these ...

Homeopathic Remedy To Reduce Craving For Tobacco

February 27th, 2013

Giving Up Smoking can be made easier with the help of Homeopathic Caladium. Dr Shepherd, a world-famous homeopath, recommends Homeopathic Caladium for getting rid of the craving for tobacco. Chronic Tobacco Poisoning:  She has used Homeopathic Caladium as a remedy to antidote chronic tobacco poisoning.  When people have been heavy smokers,  even when they have given up smoking, they often still suffer afflictions which were brought on initially by the tobacco habit. In much the same way as you might  antidote the long-term or short-term effects of vaccination by giving Homeopathic Thuja, you would try Homeopathic Caladium if symptoms of ill-health were brought ...

Homeopathic Remedy And Herbs For Cholera

February 25th, 2013

Vaccination Alternative For Cholera Epidemic In Haiti:  Homeopathic Camphor Proven Homeopathic Remedy For Cholera:  Almost 100 years ago, a  medical doctor cured an epidemic of cholera in Moravia by using homeopathic Camphor. The United Nations have refused to give compensation to Haitians who suffered from cholera, even though it was the UN who brought the cholera epidemic to Haiti through their peace-keeping troops, the majority of whom came from under-developed countries which carry cholera, such as Nepal.  These troops were brought in to repair damage after the earthquake. The United Nations have also declined to organize a vaccination programme to protect Haitians ...

How Homeopaths Cured Some Cancerous Tumours

February 18th, 2013

Alternative Treatment For Cancer:  Hecla Lava. Cancerous growths have been cured in the past by some Homeopathic Doctors.  Dr Shepherd is one such doctor who has used Homeopathy in her alternative cancer therapy to treat tumours.  Read Merrilyn's previous post to this one, entitled:  Doctors Used Homeopathy To Cure Fibroid Tumours, which gives the sequence of remedies used by Dr Shepherd for treating a case of uterine fibroid tumours. Important Note:  Personally, I would not rely on Homeopathy alone if I had a cancerous tumour.  Dr Gerson's cancer therapy which uses castor oil each second day has cured many people of cancer ...
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