Homeopathic Remedy Arsen Alb For Flu Allergies Asthma

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Arsen Alb is one of the more commonly used Homeopathic Remedies.   It is considered by many homeopaths to be a prophylactic and a great remedy for general colds and flu. This makes it an ideal remedy to have on hand if you have decided to forfeit those much-promoted and often dubious flu injections.

IMG_6828Pic of a bonny Mother and Child who have never had vaccinations of any kind:  Read Merrilyn’s post entitled:  ‘Health Without Vaccinations or AntiBiotics’.

Kent’s ‘Materia Medica’, a widely studied text-book on homeopathy, indicates Arsen alb for some forms of Asthma.

Physical symptoms indicating Arsen alb:  The patient characteristically feels chilled and needs warmth, except for the head, which is often burning.  The skin is cold and damp to the touch. Sweaty, cold and clammy.  There is often a severe headache when Arsen alb is needed.  ‘Irritable, restless and discouraged’ best describes the Arsen alb patient.

The Arsen alb patient is thirsty but cannot drink much at a time.  There is an ongoing thirst for frequent small sips of drink.

Mental symptoms indicating Arsen alb might include:  Feelings of extreme sadness, depression, wanting to die, mental anguish and anxiety.  Wanting to avoid people because of a fear you have offended them in some way goes with Arsen alb.  Ongoing sadness is one of the  classic symptoms of the Arsen alb patient.

Homeopathic Aconite is another good remedy for when the symptoms come on after getting damp or chilled.  But Arsen alb is another useful remedy to remember in cases of damp and chill.

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I recently had a bad flu which got better with the use of Arsen alb.  This is all I used to treat this intensely debilitating form of flu.  I put up a post a few days ago on just how effective the Arsen alb was for treating this virus.  Within two weeks I was almost recovered, except for a trace of a cough.

Then I went to Auckland for a job interview, and to hang out with friends.  Unfortunately, on my way to my job interview, I got damp walking in the rain.

Getting wet in drissly rain just about always brings on a chill or a cough or cold of some sort, unless I can treat it right away with heat, hot showers, dry clothes, and the help of homeopathic remedies such as Aconite or Arsen alb.

Next thing, without my homeopathics and home comforts, I had severe bronchitis.  I had left my Arsen alb remedy at home, so I had to endure the cough until I returned home five days later, when I again began the Arsen alb treatment. As beforehand, I took four or five doses or more of the remedy during the day, five drops at a time for each dose.  I had a piano committment the following day which involved walking a distance in cold air, so the cough did not have a chance to improve on that day.  But on the second day of taking Arsen alb, with the whole day at-home, resting and keeping warm, the bronchitis has gone again.

Diesel fumes and other pollution in Auckland also seemed to excacerbate my cough, which had arisen as an aftermath flu and getting wet.  Each time I went out in my friend’s car, especially along busy, congested roads such as the motorway, I suffered an asthma-like difficulty in breathing.  I really don’t think I can live back in the city anymore.  The clean country air of Morrinsville really suits me, and I have had no chest problems, except for this bout of flu, since I came here eight months ago.

Arsen alb works very well for me to treat irritation of the lungs which arises from allergies.  I think it is a remedy well worth considering for people who get asthma, especially if they suffer from allergies of various kinds.

I must mention that I DID consume quite a lot of hot lemon drinks over this recovery period.  The lemon juice action works very well with Arsen alb, I think.  Remember not to use coffee, or very little of it, if you are using Homeopathic remedies to cure infections of any sort.  Coffee negates the action of most homeopathic remedies.  So – Wait to get well before you begin drinking coffee again.

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Honey and Cinnamon Diet

The Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon: Honey and Cinnamon  work well together.  This combination has been used over centuries to help treat colds and flu and other minor health ailments.   Note: Some people have an allergy to cinnamon: cinnamon does not necessarily work for everybody.  Ask your doctor or naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner before you use cinnamon as a treatment.

Nowadays, many people are looking to the honey and cinnamon diet to help reduce weight,  and to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar.  In my experience, honey and cinnamon really do work together to help you lose weight;  but of course, the amount of weight lost will  depend on  what and how much you are eating whilst you take this remedy.

Effects of Honey-Cinnamon-Ginger-Lemon Juice on Ear Infection and on Weight Loss:

I had reason to use a  honey and cinnamon diet  recently, with some added ginger powder and lemon juice,  to treat an ear infection on the right side – the cell phone ear.  Incidentally, using the cell phone over the past week whilst I had the infection increased the pain and the swelling dramatically. To my mind, cell phone usage is probably about 70% of the cause of this recent trouble. The other 30% would be liver and bowel toxins which need clearing, combined with the effects of using a toxic incense recently:  smoke causes congestion in the sinuses, and this can cause ear infection.

The object of using the honey and cinnamon diet was specifically to treat the ear, and not to lose weight.  Anyhow, I rested as much as I could, with spiritual healing; a hot-to-warm hot water bottle on the ear; tea tree combined with olive oil put  in and massaged around the ear; and between four to six cups of ginger and cinnamon tea with lemon juice and honey each day for about three days.  After the three day period, only one or two cups a day was taken for a few days longer.

Dose which I used:  I used a small teaspoon of powder per cup of tea, from a jar which had one part cinnamon powder to two parts ginger powder in it. Four to six cups of cinnamon-ginger-honey-lemon juice tea were taken for the first three days, then I cut the tea down to one or two cups per day.  However, I think this dosage was a bit too intense, as I shall explain.

I did lose quite a bit of weight over the past week, partly because the ear infection made me feel sick and took away my appetite.  However, I am pretty sure  the cinnamon powder itself, combined with ginger,  also quelled my appetite, and caused me to lose weight: this was an unexpected, but rather pleasing side effect on its own, but for the side effect of nausea.

Cinnamon bark contains a compound called coumarin, which is toxic to the liver in large amounts. I felt that it was the coumarin in the cinnamon powder which made me feel slightly nauseous:   I have since judged the dose I took – four to six cups  a day, of cinnamon and ginger tea,  to be on the high side, because of the side effects which I experienced.

Sensible Usage:  Four to six cups of cinnamon ginger tea daily is  rather excessive, as this equates to about two teaspoons of cinnamon for the day, far more than you would ever eat in a cookie, or a curry, or anything else. I think no more than one to two cups of this tea daily would have been a better dose for my body type.

Be careful not to overdose on cinnamon: There are many different recipes being passed about for using honey and cinnamon in various combinations and dosages, and for a wide range of health issues:  a big list of remedies for using cinnamon with honey was given to me only two weeks ago.  I think this source may have been the internet.  However, the doses on this two page hand-out ranged from using just one teaspoon of cinnamon, which is still high, in my estimation, to using two tablespoons of cinnamon.

Two tablespoonsful of cinnamon  is just ridiculously excessive and could be very damaging to your liver and your health if you are using the type of cinnamon known as cassia cinnamon.

Cassia cinnamon contains large amounts of coumarin.  Ceylon cinnamon does not have such high amounts of coumarin in it, and so ceylon cinnamon is the type of cinnamon which should be used if you are going to use the honey and cinnamon diet, or cinnamon teas.

In my experience, the honey and cinnamon with ginger and lemon did help my ear infection, and did cause me to lose weight. However, I believe that whilst this combination effected a cure, it also made me feel sick.   I would caution anyone intending to try this combination to ask a medical person, or an alternative practitioner first, especially if you are taking any medications, or even vitamin and mineral supplements.

And taking more than one teaspoonful at a time of a 3 to 1 mix of ginger and cinnamon will probably have the effect of harming your liver.  You will definitely lose weight, because your liver will be put under strain, and so you will eat less,  but using large doses of cinnamon in order to reduce weight is NOT a healthy way to lose weight.  Your liver is vital to good health, and anything which might cause damage or strain to the liver must be avoided.

Cinnamon, therefore, because of its coumarin content which can affect the liver adversely,  must be used in moderation.

Note for Denture Wearers: Cinnamon and dentures do not go well together. Anyone who has a plastic denture must be careful not to use cinnamon tea too often.  If you do use the honey and cinnamon diet, under the guidance of a health practitioner, then you should really remove the dentures before drinking the tea.  This is because cinnamon has the power to extract chemicals from plastic, which will cause an ongoing leaching of chemicals into your body.