Antibiotics Weaken Immune System/Flu Vaccine Linked to Alzheimer’s

Vaccinations and Antibiotics Weaken The Immune System

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I published two wee books on health issues in the early 1980’s.  I included an article about the dangers of antibiotics in these health books.  Even then, many of us were concerned about the dangers  posed to the immune system by the overuse of antibiotics.  And even then, many of us were adamant that we would not use vaccinations or antibiotics for ourselves or for our children, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Antibiotics  and Vaccinations, I believe, are still some of the most widely misused and misunderstood drugs of our modern age, despite there being much evidence to support the fact that their use can cause such serious diseases as cancer, and alzheimer’s,  and autism in children.

There is an alzheimer’s epidemic on at the moment, and people die every week in hospital from cancer. Many people, and many DOCTORS, attribute the escalating incidences of these diseases to vaccinations such as the widely used flu vaccine, and other antibiotics. Dr Brian Abelson, Dr Brighthope, and Dr Levy are just three of the many doctors who  have written  about the adverse effects of antibiotics on the immune system.

Of course, there are other poisons widely used in the environment which also cause cancer, and alzheimer’s, autism in children, parkinson’s disease, and other conditions:  Herbicides and pesticides are two categories of poison which are known to affect the immune system, and to cause many diseases.  And plastics are also very deleterious to the health.

But we have a choice as to whether or not we want to be vaccinated, or have our children vaccinated.  Personally, I decided NOT to use vaccinations of any kind after my first born suffered adverse effects from having two of the three ‘measles mumps and whooping cough’ vaccine.  I did not even use tetanus shots for my children after that:  I found Homeopathic Ledum was a prophylactic for tetanus, and so I used that if ever there was a risk of tetanus. I discovered that Homeopathic Drosera worked more quickly than it took to get to the hospital, if my children had what I thought might be Whooping cough, or Croup.

Antibiotics are often referred to as ‘wonder drugs’, and many people owe their lives to the use of anti-biotics, and perhaps to the use of Vaccinations.  However, there are very bad side effects from using these antibiotic medicines, because they DO  weaken the immune system. More evidence is stacking up to support the idea that antibiotics, and vaccinations, may pre-dispose you to many serious conditions later in life.

Vaccinations  weaken the immune system just as regular antibiotics do:  A Vaccination still is an antibiotic, only that they are given beforehand,  hopefully to prevent the illness occurring, though this is not the effect for some people:  Some people get the illness for which they were vaccinated pretty soon after getting the shot.  This instance, where people GET the infection for which they are vaccinated, frequently happens with the ‘flu-shot’.  Which leads you to wonder just why there is such a push for vaccinations, including the vaccination of children’s illnesses, such as mumps, measles, and chicken pox, and with the flu vaccine for older people. The answer is that the drug companies monopolize the medicine market.  They have the money to promote their vaccines on television and in the papers.  They also actively discourage any competition, such as in the alternative medicines, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Vitamin Therapy.

In New Zealand right at this moment, there are some doctors who are pushing to deprive other alternative doctors from using homeopathy in their clinics.  They want Homeopathy banned from  the doctor’s  repertoire of available medicines, basically, because it is a threat to their medicine empire. This attempt to discredit Homeopathy, and to get it banned, is not a random happening.  This is a drive from the powers that be behind the scenes – the drug companies, who basically control when and where and how mass vaccinations will be done.  And all they need to do to get the public to trot along dutifully to the doctor’s to get their ‘shots’,  is to put an article in the paper saying that there is a ‘scare’ that some illness, some strange flu or other, might strike here soon.  And the scary epidemic never happens.  Why?  Not because the vaccines have worked – many of us do not bother and do not believe in vaccines, and many cannot afford to go to the doctor  for the vaccine anyway. – No, these strange and frightening epidemics which they have threatened us with probably never even existed. But billions of dollars will have been generated for the drug companies by promoting the  scare of an epidemic.  And many doctors will also have done good business.

Antibiotics and Vaccinations do have a purpose, but they should only be used as a last resort, when other treatments have failed, or when one’s life is at stake.  Giving vaccinations for the common childhood infectious diseases, such as Chicken pox, Measles, Mumps, and Whooping Cough is an invasion and an abuse of children,  in my opinion, especially when there are safe alternatives available, like Vitamin C therapy, and Homeopathy.

Of course there is a problem right now in promoting these alternatives,  because the public does not know how to use these therapies. This is something many of us want changed:  Education as to the alternatives in preventative medicine, such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine,  Chinese Medicine, Vitamin C, and herbal remedies,  should be available to all.

Giving drugs such as vaccinations to children is very irresponsible, and very sad:  Children who are immunized are literally bombarded with a virus which will undermine  their immune systems, probably for life.  Children really should be being protected against being given these antibiotic vaccinations, as  it is not known how their bodies will react later on.

Children are generally made stronger by having the common childhood  illnesses when they are young, and they can be helped through these illnesses quite comfortably in most cases by the use of the alternative medicines Vitamin C, Herbal Medicine,  and Homeopathy.

Homeopathy does not tamper with the immune system in the way that antibiotics and vaccinations do:

Foreign germs are introduced to the body via the antibiotic or vaccination.  One immediate and proven effect is that they destroy the beneficial bacteria which live in the bowel, and one bad side effect of this is Candida Albicans, an organism which causes many troubles.  The beneficial flora in the bowel  helps us to digest our food, and to process essential vitamins and enzymes for our good health.  Antibiotics upset the natural balance of the flora in the bowel, and this often results in ANOTHER illness occurring, after the course of antibiotics have been taken.

Too often, antibiotics are used for little minor ills which could have been treated by some other more healthful means:  Vitamin supplements, fasting, removal of preservatives, colourants,  artificial flavourings,  and other irritating chemicals from the diet, removing wheat and gluten, removing sugar, removing dairy foods.

Using alternatives such as homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, colour therapy, a new dietary regime, counselling, etc, can very often be more effective than using an antibiotic, because the whole being, and the causes of illness are treated, rather than just the illness and its symptoms.

Homeopathy offers a safe alternative to vaccinations and antibiotics.  Vitamin Therapy and Herbal Medicine are other options.

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