Boron For Arthritis and Creaky Joints In Cattle and Goats

Natural Remedy For Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Soft Bones

Boron Is Essential For Health

It is a fact that diseases can result from deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins in the diet.

Disease can result, too, from exposure to herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.  Agents in these poisons can cause sudden depletion of certain minerals in our bodies, as well as having a harmful, residual effect.

So, let us not use any harmful chemicals, and concentrate on improving the quality of our pastures, animal health, and vegetables by supplementing essential organic elements, so that we all stay healthy.

We need only small amounts of certain trace elements, but if these essential trace elements are lacking in our food, then we get sick.

Take a look at how cattle can develop arthritic symptoms, osteoporosis and soft bones when they do not have enough Boron in their diets  See how well they recover when given the correct treatment – a boost of Boron to their feed, and some of it applied to the soil.

It stands to reason, then, that the same goes for people – disease can often be cured by taking supplements of the minerals which are lacking in our diets.

Pat Coleby’s book, entitled ‘Healthy Cattle Naturally’, which was published in 2002 by ‘Landlinks Press’, Collingwood, Vic., Australia, gives valuable insights into mineral and vitamin deficiencies of animals.  You can still purchase the book, hopefully, by emailing [email protected]

This is a very technical book which would be of interest to all farmers and orchardists interested in improving their soil and the health of their animals through natural, organic means.

But for the lay-man, we can glean so much useful information from this book, as the nutritional science which works for the soil and animals is the same one which works for us.

For many years, Pat has kept a heard of milking-goats which he has kept healthy by adding borax and other minerals to their feed, and sea-weed to the soil on which they graze.

In ‘Healthy Cattle Naturally’, Pat Coleby describes how cattle also become sick when their diets consist of too little Boron.  He says that around Bendigo, in Victoria, Australia, where the soil has low readings for Boron, all stock suffer arthritis unless the deficiency is addressed.

Because his soils were so deficient in Boron, causing his goats’ joints to creak badly, Pat found it necessary to dose his goats with a little Borax each week to correct the deficiency.  He says on page 90, ‘I had to add 1 teaspoon a week of Borox per 30 head of goats.’  I think he may mean that he used 1 teaspoon per goat per week, as a little further on, he says that dairy cattle, although needing less Boron than goats, sometimes needed to  have a boost of ‘about 5g (a teaspoon) per head’, which was added to the feed  just once each week ‘with beneficial results’.

Sea-weed and Borax, the Sources of Boron:

Sea-weed:  The easiest remedy for a Boron deficiency in the soil is sea-weed.  Sea-weed is rich in Boron, Cobalt, Zinc, Iodine, and Selenium,  which are all trace elements necessary for the health of soil, farm animals, plants, and people.

Benefits of Kelp in the Diet:  You can see how valuable the daily addition of Boron-rich kelp to our diets will be, for helping to prevent such conditions as arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone troubles.

Borax as a Supplement:  The other method of curing a Boron deficiency in animals and soil is to use Borax, sodium borate.  Sometimes it is necessary to supplement this as well as sea-weed, when the soil is extremely depleted of Boron.

One has to question the quality of the soil on which our supermarket vegetables have been grown.  If our vegetables are low in Boron, and other essential trace elements, then, over time, we are likely to develop arthritis and other maladies,  just like the cattle and goats around Bendigo.

Pat says that soils which are low in Boron are hard to grow good food on.  The ears of wheat do not fill out properly, leaving the lower part of the wheat ear undeveloped.  Fruit and nut trees do not thrive.  Legumes and lucerne, or alfalfa, will not grow in Boron deficient soil, or soil which is low in Magnesium or Calcium.

Dolomite powder is the remedy for low Magnesium and Calcium.

Here is a mineral combination given by Pat as a general  base lick to keep animals healthy.  He advises keeping it around for stock to partake of.  He also keeps rock salt available for stock to lick.  They apparently take just the right amount needed of the lick and the salt.

Dolomite 25 kilograms

Copper Sulphate 4 kilograms

Yellow dusting sulphur 4 kilograms

Seaweed meal which is urea free 4 kilograms

He insists that the lick must not be allowed to get wet, as the copper content is lost very quickly if it gets rained on.

My new book is available on Amazon:


Dangers Of Pharmaceutical Drug Fosamax

Osteocrenosis of the Jaw and Other Negative Side Effects Of Fosamax:  The drug Fosamax, alendronate sodium,  is given to people ostensibly to strengthen the bones. It is classed as a ‘bisphosphonate’ drug, and it was approved as a bone treatment  by the American Food Drug Administration Board, in 1995.

DSCO 1792

Other brand names of the same type-drug,  alendronate sodium are:  Avedia, Actonel, and Zometa.

In 2004, after many people had reported side effects from taking this drug, and, I think, the manufacterers had been taken to court,  the manufacturers, Merck & Co., were requested by the FDA to include written warnings about the drug on the medication packet.  So far, Merck & Co have proceeded to warn the medical profession about the adverse  side effects of Fosamax, but not the patient.

Some of this information reported on this page is from a web-site  “Fosamax Lawsuit Information Centre”.  These people offer a free case review, should you be already considering filing a law-suit against the makers of Fosamax and similar drugs, because of ill health caused by taking these drugs.

People with osteoporosis, including post-menopausal and steroid-inducing osteoporosis, or cancer, or Paget’s disease, are often prescribed this drug, because it can increase bone mass and reduce the leaching of calcium from the bones.  But this practice should be questioned, as the chemical ingredients in Fosamax are foreign to the body and are not a natural part of bone formation. The resulting bone mass will be inferior to that which is built up by taking good food and appropriate nutritional supplements.  And, although it may help to strengthen the bones for a time,  there is a stong possibility that the drug Fosamax may severely impair your health.

Actually, it often has just the reverse of the bone-enhancing effects it is supposed to.  Femur fractures are common with people who take the drug Fosamax, and this goes to show that Fosamax actually weakens the bones, rather than strengthening them.

I am writing this post, because a dear friend of mine has just been ‘put on’ this drug, after chipping a vertebrae as the result of a fall off a garden wall, whilst gardening, onto hard concrete  below.  But no other damage was suffered, and no bones broken, which all goes to show that his bones, at almost 89 years,  must be still good and strong and hard.  He should not need any drug such as Fosamax to strengthen his bones.  The chipped vertebrae came about because of the five-foot drop over the wall to the concrete below, not because his bones were weak.  If his bones were weak, then there would have been at least a broken wrist, or a leg, or some fracture, you would think. All he has damaged, albeit very painful, is a chip to a vertebrae. He is a lucky man not to have suffered more after this accident.

This friend has avoided taking medications all his life, which I think has attributed to his remarkable good health.   He still does manual work, as well as having an advisory role on a large orchard. He and his wife still  live in their  own house, where she still cooks him delicious and nutritious meals three times a day.  I really hope that he takes my warning about the dangers of taking Fosamax, else his excellent physical and mental  health be spoiled.

The one very serious condition which has been related to the drug Fosamax is Osteocrenosis of the jaw.  This can be a very painful and distressing condition which has led, in some cases, to the jaw having to be removed. This condition is often accompanied by anaemia, or lack of iron.

So it is probable that Fosamax disturbs the natural processing and retention of  several vital minerals in the body.  Iron is one mineral whose assimilation seems to be affected by Fosamax.  Some of the side effects reported below are classic symptoms of calcium and magnesium deficiency, which would strongly suggest that this drug upsets the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

There are many other side effects to the Fosamax drug, which will be listed below.

The natural nutritive supplements which feed the bones are far better to take than Fosamax.  The naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which feed the bones, such as magnesium, calcium and Vitamin C,  do not pose a danger to the health of the body, and will not cause the worrying and debilitating side effects which Fosamax often does. It is far better to eat calcium/magnesium rich food, with plenty of Vitamin C rich fruits, and take some extra bone-enhancing food supplements than to risk poisoning your body with Fosamax, or alendronate sodium.

Severe allergic reactions to Fosamax can be experienced by some people.  These reactions may be experienced soon after beginning a course of Fosamax, or they may develop later. The most worrying effect of taking Fosamax long-term is that it can cause, as mentioned before,  a type of paralysis of the jaw called osteonecrosis.  Over 3000 people have been recorded as having ostenecrosis since 2003.  In America, there are lawyers who specialize in Fosamax claims.  This should give you some idea about the very real risks in taking Fosamax, as there are already many people who have made claims against the manufacturers of Fosamax, because of ill health they have suffered as a consequence of taking Fosamax.

The following is a list of some of the symptoms which have been reported as having been caused by Fosamax, or similar drugs.  There will be many more than these:

Allergic Reactions such as Hives or Rashes

Back Pain


Bone Pain



Difficulty Breathing


Femur Fractures

Flu-like symptoms – fuggy head, runny nose, sore throat etc


Itchy flakey skin

Jaw swollen and/or painful

Joint Pain

Low Blood Calcium, which is characterized by muscle spasms, muscles cramps,   twitches, and sore joints.

Mouth Sores

Muscle pain

Numbness of feet or hands or fingers


Osteonecrosis or paralysis of the jaw

Pain around the jaw

Passing black or bloody stools

Sore or swollen joints

Sore throat

Stomach Pain

Swollen joints or feet or hands

Swollen tongue or lips

Swelling of legs ankles or hands

Taste Affected

Tightness in the chest


Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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Vitamins for Celiacs

Celiac Disease causes  problems in the digestion which leads to malabsorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Celiacs usually suffer from a condition of inflammation in the bowel, which causes nutritional deficiencies, and this condition leads to celiacs being  malnourished:   Weight loss, anaemia, and depression are just some of the symptoms which may accompany the celiac disease.

Cancer and Osteoporoosies and Osteomalacia are conditions which celiac sufferers are inclined to get, because their bodies do not assimilate calcium and other vitamins and minerals  as well as other healthy people do.  It was found in recent research conducted with  celiac patients,  that assimilation of  nutrients increased when gluten was removed from the diet completely.  Removing gluten increased the absorption of  essential nutrients in food and in supplements,  and lowered the  risk of cancer, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and other disease.  The celiac sufferers had the same incidence of cancer as the rest of the population once gluten was removed. This information comes from “The Natural Pharmacy’, whose address I have given below.

First and Foremost, to ensure that your vitmamin supplements are having the maximum effect,  it is important to eliminate the problematic foods from the diet.   These are wheat, rye and barley, which contain the gluten which is undigestible to celiac sufferers.   In research done recently, 95% of celiac sufferers improved  and became  symptom free, over a period of several months,   once they had removed the problematic gluten from their diets.  That means that all wheat, and products which include wheat, and  barley and rye ,  must be avoided completely. Being totally gluten free is essential in treating the condition of celiac disease.

You should check out your candida status with your doctor or health professional.  Candida needs a special diet devoid of wheat, barley, rye, dairy products, all sugars including fruit, fermented food, fruit juces, alcohol, vinegars,  and yeast products, until you have recovered.  If you have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, it might be that you have candida overgrowth.

So it is important to replace the nutrients which are deficient.

Calcium: It is essential to eat plenty of calcium-rich foods.  Calcium helps to protect the body against cancer, osteoporosis, osteomalacia,  and other disease, as well as keeping the teeth, bones and nails strong.  Diseases which are related to calcium deficiency, cancer, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia, are conditions which celiac sufferers are inclined to get, so it is very important to ensure that the diet has adequate calcium.

Most people  need about 1200mg of calcium a day, but people with the celiac condition need at least twice this amount.  Women need slightly more than this amount to account for the loss in menstruation, and growing children and teenagers also need slightly  more.   One handful of sesame seeds contains about 1200mg of calcium, and a teaspoon of dolomite powder contains about twice this.

Natural Sources of Calcium: Dolomite powder, Sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, sardines, bone broth, broccoli and the other brassicas which include cabbage and kale, coconut and coconut milk.   If your condition tolerates the use of dairy products and soy milk products, then of course these are excellent calcium sources too.  Look up merrilyn’s recipe for natural home-made calcium supplement under the post ‘Best Calcium Supplements’.

Make Home Made Calcium and Magnesium Tonic:  I have a post  entitled Best Calcium Supplement which tells you how to make an entirely natural calcium and magnesium tonic out of egg shells and cider vinegar.  With this calcium supplement, you do not need to take a commercially made supplement.

Vitamin B6 is especially recommended by health practitioners and doctors for the treatment of depression of celiac sufferers.   ‘The Natural Pharmacy’,  a Healthnotes Publication, Three Rivers Press, New York, 2006,  reports favourable results from people using vitamin B6 for depression.

As well as calcium and magnesium supplements, and vitamin B6, some other supplements which might be useful are

Vitamin A

Vitamin B complex (to compliment the B6 taken additionally)

Vitamin C:  Calcium Ascorbate powder, or Ester C, both forms of vitamin C which are non acidic.  You can take anywhere from between 1000mg to 3000mg a day, depending upon the severity of your condition. This is probably one of the most important supplements to take, as it makes the body alkaline rather than acid, helps the absorption of calcium and other nutrients, and works as an anti oxidant. It neutralizes toxins in the body and helps with their elimination.

Vitamin K

Digestive enzymes

Folic Acid

Iodine from eating  Kelp, Agar agar, Fish, or dabbing Iodine on the soles of the feet or the scalp once a week.




Electromagnetic Fields Affect Health

How Electromagnetic Fields Affect You

Today, I am going to write about electromagnetic fields in the city of Auckland which are currently affecting  my health.

Dear Reader: It is interesting to me to note that this is my 100th post. I began writing about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on health when my sons first began this site for me. And here I am, ‘celebrating’ the 100th birthday of the site with a post on electromagnetic fields again. Very appropriate.  Still relevant.  Note:  It is not I who is 100. Just this post.  Regards, Merrilyn.

This is a good time to put up another article on elctromagnetic vibration and radiation. Why?……. Because after spending  six months  at Red Beach, Orewa, where I had remarkable good health, I have recently returned to the city, for the winter, where I now have poor health. Electromagnetic fields and radiation, I believe, are the cause of this sudden decline in health.

One admission – having a television going much of the night for about a month whilst the Fifa World Cup was being played contributed to the magnetic build-up. My room is quite small – too small, even for a small TV, really, as you cannot get enough distance from the television not to be affected by the thing when it is going. Television aerials affect you when they are above you on the roof, whether or not your television is going. Even the smaller, built-in aerial  on a small TV will affect you, whether or not the television is actually going.

The other thing which I realized was affecting my electromagnetic field profoundly was a very large piano keyboard speaker which I had recently brought into my room.  This has very large magnets in it, and draws energy from you if you spend long periods beside it at the keyboard. It is a good idea, if you own amplifiers, electronic keyboards, and such-like, to keep them in another room away from your bed.  Even when they are not going, they interfere with your own electromagnetic field if they are within about two meters from where you are sleeping.  These things are easy to manipulate so that your energy field does not become contaminated:  just remove them to another place, at least three meters from where you are working or sleeping.

But now to talk about the environment. This is not so easy to fix, if you are sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Prevention is better than cure, as they say:  It is important to select your residence very carefully, to ensure that you are not going to be undermining your health through electromagnetic interference.

There is a big difference between these two places – the beach, and the city. The most remarkable thing about Red Beach on the peninsula, is that there is virtually no effect from electromagnetic vibrations.  There are absolutely NO high rise buildings there. People still own their own house on their own plot of land where they grow things like lemon trees, and silver beet, and onions, carrots, and apples. If you travel a kilometer down the road to Orewa Beach, you will find just one apartment building about eight stories high. But in Red Beach, so far, high rise buildings have not’ come to pass’, as the local council, shortly to be swallowed up, alas,  by that big fearsome China of councils, Auckland City, has not allowed them.

SoA relatively small population – No high rises – No industry – No pollution Minimal cell phone towers and cell phone usage The sea is so close – only half a kilometer or so away at any point – This is paradise. A Health Haven.

There are, of course, huge health benefits in living close to the sea. Ozone, and the smell of sea salt permeate your whole being. But the lack of electromagnetic fields in Red Beach certainly make it a great place to live, especially if you are sensitive to radiation.

Now I am experiencing the contrast. I have come back to my favorite hotel in the  city for a period,  mainly to get some solid internet writing done. We didn’t have internet at the house where I was staying at the beach. There are not too many distractions right now, as the piano playing work has pretty much dried up, with the recession still affecting many businesses, so it is a good time to be writing.  The other reason is that the rooms here are centrally heated day and night at no extra cost. Great for the winter.

However. After two months of being back here in these beautiful park-like surroundings, my health is suffering. There is no doubt now as to the cause. It is most definitely a range of electromagnetic fields which are affecting my health and my emotional state so badly.

Within a couple of weeks of being back here in the city, I noticed my bones began to soften. The cartilage around the joints  seemed weak. The joints had twinges of arthritic-like pain in them. These symptoms were the first warnings that something was amiss. I had been so healthy and strong up at the beach.

My diet had not changed too  much, although, I must say, I was eating more of a variety of vegetables when I was sharing my friend’s house at the Beach. I bought some vitamin and mineral supplements which have helped a little.

But meanwhile, the pressure in my eyes is building up. My eyes are often bloodshot, and I have been experiencing sudden darting pain in the eyes which I never had during my six months at the beach.

I am experiencing feelings of vertigo. Dizziness. A feeling of distension to the tissues in my limbs. My veins all seem slightly swollen. A feeling of  slight nausea is with me most of the day.

I have a swollen throat, and a feeling in the sinuses that they, too, are swollen and are about to bleed. The tissues about the eyes have  also been swollen, even before the crying bout began. Vision is slightly blurred.  My nose is running.

My scalp is sore, as if it is burning. Little darting pains are experienced from time to time on the scalp.  My skin is deteriorating. I can sense vibrations about my body which are affecting my nervous system.

I have been using cell phone more often here,  since there is no land line to use. I always use my right ear to listen to calls. A very sore patch which bleeds has developed just inside the ear, about where the center of the cell phone sits when you hold the phone up to the ear. This sore patch is extremely painful whenever I use the phone on that ear now. So I have made a rule – no talking on the cell phone. I do not usually carry the phone about with me, and keep it well away from me at night, but still – even with minimal use, this cell phone is having a marked effect on my health.

There are two cell phone towers on the nearby hill of Mount Eden. These are possibly the main root of the electromagnetic troubles I am experiencing. Because there are quite a few people living here, this means that cell phone usage is quite intense. If you are sitting at a computer, chances are that the  people next to you will have cell phones with them, so that you are being zapped by cell phone radiation, even if you have not got a cell phone on you.

The other major source of radiation is our computer room, as this backs onto a very large electricity transformer which feeds the whole establishment. The electricity from this transformer alone would be enough to disturb your own electromagnetic fields, if you are spending several hours a day working near this electricity source. To compound the damage, when you sit at a computer, with your back to the transformer area, you are subjected to more radiation from the numerous thick electricity leads at your feet. Many of these are wound about each other, too, which intensifies the electricity which they are conducting.

Well, now I am certain of the cause: I have been feeling increasingly sad and depressed, especially in the last two weeks, but in the  past two days, I have been unable to stop the tears. Of course, all the sad things in your life get played on that little TV in your head when you get depressed. You begin to wonder if you might simply be suffering the classical depression which apparently more than half of the population in New Zealand and America is now experiencing at some time in their lives.

But wait – There IS an explanation.

As I took off a thick woolen jersey yesterday, having just gone for a walk, the jersey crackled and sparked,  and latched itself onto my body. I guessed the ‘wool’ jersey must have some synthetic fiber in it, to behave like that. Sure enough – made in China 50% wool 50% synthetic, the label says. I took out some other items of clothing which I knew would have some synthetic in them. Same thing happened, even though I had not worn these items recently. They all clasped themselves onto my body, where they would have stayed had I not pulled them away.

I noticed a few days ago when I got into a friend’s car, that I got an electric shock from touching the car. This made me wonder about the build-up of electromagnetic radiation in my body.

Even though I had already taken a shower in the morning, I decided to restore my own elctromagnetic field to its normal state  by taking an excessively long shower of 10-20 minutes.  Note- Normally, I am conservative with water usage, but this really was an emergency, as I felt I would pass out from the pressure of the exces electricity in my body. Since the first shower in the morning, I had spent several hours over in the computer room, which had built up the electricity in my body to an unusually high and dangerous level. Sure enough – The hydrotherapy treatment was effective in reducing the build up of electromagnetic energy, although the radiation damage to cells and nerves will take a few days to repair.

There is a time limit on my stay here. After a few weeks, or months, I experience these same symptoms whenever I come back here to live. Although I have warmth and all the home comforts and can write on line to my heart’s content, I might have to move out of this range of electromagnetic fields fairly soon, or at least reduce the time spent near the electricity transformer  in the computer room, if I want to keep my health, my sanity, and continue to lead a productive life.  I think I am headed back to the beach.

See merrilyn’s post entitled  ‘Ridding the Body of Electromagnetic Energies’.


Natural fluoride is found in most fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs and meat. This type of fluoride is known as calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride  helps to build strong bones and teeth and nails.
The recommended daily allowance is somewhere between 1000 mcg and 4000 mcg. or between 1 milligramm and 4 milligrams. Your body weight is the deciding factor. Enough calcium fluoride can be gained from your food to amply make up this amount, if  your diet includes plenty of fluoride rich foods such as are included in the list below.

Sodium fluoride is not such a good type of fluoride. This is added to our water to provide more fluoride for the growing of strong teeth and bones. However, this type of fluoride is not assimilated in the same way as the natural calcium fluoride found in food. Many authorities think that sodium fluoride in fluoridated water is the cause of many health problems.
There should be no need to fluoridate water with sodium fluoride.

One negative aspect of fluoridating water is that you cannot regulate the dose: if you drink a lot of tap water or beverages made with tap water,
then you will be consuming huge amounts of sodium fluoride: one litre of fluoridated water contains about 1100 mcg.
If you are a big tea drinker, then you will be absorbing plenty of calcium fluorde from the tea itself, plus extra sodium fluoride from your tap water.

Too much sodium fluoride can cause brittle, and stained, chalky-looking teeth in children. These fracture easily.
People with bone conditions and immune disfunction should avoid drinking fluoridated water and opt for pure unadulterated water, in order to make a recovery or prevent a worsening of symptoms.

It can cause calcium growths on bones and on the joints of people of all ages.
It can cause fatigue, headaches, numbness in the limbs and fingers and toes, easy bruising and internal bleeding.
It is better to get your fluoride from natural sources and avoid  fluoridated water, if possible.

Some of the best food sources for naturally occuring calcium fluoride are:

One cup of black ceylon tea, made with UNtreated,UNfluoridated water gives you about 250 mcg of fluoride.
One cup of whole milk gives you 45 mcg
The outer bran part of grains yields fluoride – one slice of wholemeal bread gives roughly 35 mcg
100 gms of fish gives about 80 mcg. Canned salmon, mackerel and sardines are higher because the bones are also eaten:
these are high in calcium fluoride and other minerals, including iodine.
100 gms of meat gives about 50 mcg
One cup of either broccoli or cabbage or brussels sprouts or carrots give around 30 mcg.
Untreated water contains small amounts of natural fluoride. The amount will vary depending on where you live, and where your water is sourced.