Dangers Of Pharmaceutical Drug Fosamax

Osteocrenosis of the Jaw and Other Negative Side Effects Of Fosamax:  The drug Fosamax, alendronate sodium,  is given to people ostensibly to strengthen the bones. It is classed as a ‘bisphosphonate’ drug, and it was approved as a bone treatment  by the American Food Drug Administration Board, in 1995.

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Other brand names of the same type-drug,  alendronate sodium are:  Avedia, Actonel, and Zometa.

In 2004, after many people had reported side effects from taking this drug, and, I think, the manufacterers had been taken to court,  the manufacturers, Merck & Co., were requested by the FDA to include written warnings about the drug on the medication packet.  So far, Merck & Co have proceeded to warn the medical profession about the adverse  side effects of Fosamax, but not the patient.

Some of this information reported on this page is from a web-site  “Fosamax Lawsuit Information Centre”.  These people offer a free case review, should you be already considering filing a law-suit against the makers of Fosamax and similar drugs, because of ill health caused by taking these drugs.

People with osteoporosis, including post-menopausal and steroid-inducing osteoporosis, or cancer, or Paget’s disease, are often prescribed this drug, because it can increase bone mass and reduce the leaching of calcium from the bones.  But this practice should be questioned, as the chemical ingredients in Fosamax are foreign to the body and are not a natural part of bone formation. The resulting bone mass will be inferior to that which is built up by taking good food and appropriate nutritional supplements.  And, although it may help to strengthen the bones for a time,  there is a stong possibility that the drug Fosamax may severely impair your health.

Actually, it often has just the reverse of the bone-enhancing effects it is supposed to.  Femur fractures are common with people who take the drug Fosamax, and this goes to show that Fosamax actually weakens the bones, rather than strengthening them.

I am writing this post, because a dear friend of mine has just been ‘put on’ this drug, after chipping a vertebrae as the result of a fall off a garden wall, whilst gardening, onto hard concrete  below.  But no other damage was suffered, and no bones broken, which all goes to show that his bones, at almost 89 years,  must be still good and strong and hard.  He should not need any drug such as Fosamax to strengthen his bones.  The chipped vertebrae came about because of the five-foot drop over the wall to the concrete below, not because his bones were weak.  If his bones were weak, then there would have been at least a broken wrist, or a leg, or some fracture, you would think. All he has damaged, albeit very painful, is a chip to a vertebrae. He is a lucky man not to have suffered more after this accident.

This friend has avoided taking medications all his life, which I think has attributed to his remarkable good health.   He still does manual work, as well as having an advisory role on a large orchard. He and his wife still  live in their  own house, where she still cooks him delicious and nutritious meals three times a day.  I really hope that he takes my warning about the dangers of taking Fosamax, else his excellent physical and mental  health be spoiled.

The one very serious condition which has been related to the drug Fosamax is Osteocrenosis of the jaw.  This can be a very painful and distressing condition which has led, in some cases, to the jaw having to be removed. This condition is often accompanied by anaemia, or lack of iron.

So it is probable that Fosamax disturbs the natural processing and retention of  several vital minerals in the body.  Iron is one mineral whose assimilation seems to be affected by Fosamax.  Some of the side effects reported below are classic symptoms of calcium and magnesium deficiency, which would strongly suggest that this drug upsets the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

There are many other side effects to the Fosamax drug, which will be listed below.

The natural nutritive supplements which feed the bones are far better to take than Fosamax.  The naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which feed the bones, such as magnesium, calcium and Vitamin C,  do not pose a danger to the health of the body, and will not cause the worrying and debilitating side effects which Fosamax often does. It is far better to eat calcium/magnesium rich food, with plenty of Vitamin C rich fruits, and take some extra bone-enhancing food supplements than to risk poisoning your body with Fosamax, or alendronate sodium.

Severe allergic reactions to Fosamax can be experienced by some people.  These reactions may be experienced soon after beginning a course of Fosamax, or they may develop later. The most worrying effect of taking Fosamax long-term is that it can cause, as mentioned before,  a type of paralysis of the jaw called osteonecrosis.  Over 3000 people have been recorded as having ostenecrosis since 2003.  In America, there are lawyers who specialize in Fosamax claims.  This should give you some idea about the very real risks in taking Fosamax, as there are already many people who have made claims against the manufacturers of Fosamax, because of ill health they have suffered as a consequence of taking Fosamax.

The following is a list of some of the symptoms which have been reported as having been caused by Fosamax, or similar drugs.  There will be many more than these:

Allergic Reactions such as Hives or Rashes

Back Pain


Bone Pain



Difficulty Breathing


Femur Fractures

Flu-like symptoms – fuggy head, runny nose, sore throat etc


Itchy flakey skin

Jaw swollen and/or painful

Joint Pain

Low Blood Calcium, which is characterized by muscle spasms, muscles cramps,   twitches, and sore joints.

Mouth Sores

Muscle pain

Numbness of feet or hands or fingers


Osteonecrosis or paralysis of the jaw

Pain around the jaw

Passing black or bloody stools

Sore or swollen joints

Sore throat

Stomach Pain

Swollen joints or feet or hands

Swollen tongue or lips

Swelling of legs ankles or hands

Taste Affected

Tightness in the chest


Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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9 thoughts on “Dangers Of Pharmaceutical Drug Fosamax”

  1. My father is suffering from the results of the drug Zometa. He has lost teeth and his jaw bone has a terrible infection as well. His doctors have him on a 6 weeks long antiboitic. He is unable to receive chemo during this time. He had no issues with his bones like your friend, and like your friend had never taken alot of meds his whole life. Please respond with any information you can give us. My dad realized right away that the drug was the culprit, but it took the doctors several weeks to pull if from his meds. Thank you for putting this info on the web. Denise

  2. Bad Effects of Zometa;
    Dear Denise, I am very sorry to hear of your father’s bad reaction to Zometa, which is another name for the drug Fosamax. For the sake of readers: These are different brand names for alendronate sodium, a biphosphonate drug which is meant to increase bone mass.
    Your Dad’s reactions sound like the classic symptoms which many people have reported.

    As you point out, like my friend whose case I have discussed in the post on the bad effects of taking Fosamax, there was not even an issue with weak bones to begin with, which makes you wonder why he was given this drug in the first place. My friend, luckily, heeded my advice and stopped taking the Fosamax after talking to me. He told the family that it gave him a headache, and so he stopped taking it.

    But another member of the family has been taking Fosamax for a couple of years now, for her osteoporosis. She has all the classic negative side effects of taking Fosamax. Her symptoms, since taking the Fosamax, include vomitting. So the doctor has just ‘put her on’ yet another drug to stop the vomitting, caused by taking Fosamax.
    If it were me, I would stop taking the Fosamax, discard all the toxic pharmaceuticals, and go for natural food supplements to help the bones, like daily Epsom salts, which is high in magnesium, a mineral which helps build strong bones, and clears toxins away at the same time. Vitamin C in the form of Calcium ascorbate is helpful. Calcium magnesium supplements, or Glucosamate combinations are other good natural alternatives for strengthening the bones. Homeopathic cell salts can be helpful too, such as Calc. carb., Calc phos., Calc.fluor., and Silica. These alternative medicines do not pose any risks to the health, unlike the pharmaceutical options.
    But drug companies do not want to go down the ‘natural’ path to make people well. They want people to remain dependent on their pharmaceuticals, because this translates into huge profits for them.
    I will send you any more information if it comes my way. I hope that readers might have something helpful to say to you.
    Best Regards,

  3. Dear Denise,
    I hope that your Dad is recovering. My guess is that he was given the Zometa because he was having chemotherapy and radiation to treat cancer. I would try to get the help of someone who could administer intravenous vitamin C to counteract the effects of both the Zometa and the chemo-radiation treatment. Vitamin C has been found to be very helpful for people, even when they have gone along with orthodox therapy for cancer. But you do need to check with a professional doctor or naturopath about this, as Vitamin C should not be used with blood thinning drugs such as Warfarin. This phrase should be rewritten by doctors and drug manufacturers, in my opinion, to state that ‘Warfarin should not be used if you are taking Vitamin C’. Vitamin C is a natural blood thinner, detoxifyer, and promoter of healthy tissue growth. Pharmaceutical preparations cannot compare with the health-giving effects of natural substances such as Vitamin C.

    Calcium ascorbate is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C which is taken orally. Check with your naturopath to see if this should be given to your Dad. You need to talk with an alternative therapist, as most doctors will simply tell you that the Vitamin C will do no good, or that it might cause complications. You need to tell the therapist exactly what drugs your Dad is taking, to establish whether or not the Vitamin C will be OK to administer. I can give you more information on this if you wish.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Hello Merrilyn, you were very helpful to me with your wisdom a year ago but have not had my computer since I moved. I now have access to a family member’s so am able to re-connect with you.
    Thank you for this information on Fosamax. I too have had a parent experience such disastrous side effects whilst on this. I can’t understand why people put up with accepting such treatment. Then again, the trust they have in their GP seems to over-ride questioning something they know just doesn’t feel right. The “Well they know best” response……WRONG.

  5. Hello Alison, You are right – ‘they’ don’t always know best. The nasty side effects of Fosamax are well documented, yet the drug continues to be used by many doctors, without regard to the consequences. There are many drugs, commonly used, which have adverse side-effects which should make all self-respecting doctors avoid using them.
    There is no need for doctors to prescribe these dodgy pharmaceutical chemicals, ostensibly to make bones stronger, when the food supplements, calcium, magnesium, and cell salts calc.fluor, silica and other natural remedies will do the trick.
    Comfrey is one herb which has abundant silica, as well as other goodies which strengthen bones, but this herb was conveniently out-lawed by the FDA in America, at the behest of the pharmaceutical companies who want the monopoly on its healing ingredients. However, there are other good herbal remedies available which will help the bones. Celery is meant to be a great bone strenghtener. Sardines and other small fish supply straight-out bone supplement which is readily picked up by the body. Dolomite powder, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds all supply good amounts of calcium and the essential minerals needed to digest it. No need for dodgy drugs, when the food that God gave us will heal and strengthen your bones.

    I think that vaccinations are another very bad thing for the health of children – again – there is plenty of documentation on the dangers of vaccinations, but it all gets swept under the carpet, and the myth is propounded that vaccinations are necessary.

    Vaccinations are not necessary, because there are good, sound, safer alternatives, and so vaccinations definitely should not be made compulsory. Of course, it is important to realize that one should not do nothing – no-one should simply not vaccinate their children without having some alternative to take its place. I studied homeopathic and herbal medicine so that I could use these modalities with confidence – but not everyone has the ability to do this – and so professional advice from an experienced homeopath or ayurvedic practitioner is really necessary if you are contemplating saying ‘NO’ to vaccinations and drugs for your children, or saying ‘NO’ to another pharmaceutical drug which might be given you.

    Of course, antibiotics have their place, but I think that the wide-spread use of them in mass vaccinations of children is a really bad thing – especially when there are alternatives available which do not pose a threat to the long-term health. There is a Homeopathic remedy, and probably a Herbal one too, for every childhood illness. There are Homeopathic prophylactic, or preventative remedies which your Homeopath could give you before an epidemic strikes. These Homeopathic remedies have been well researched, yet the results of this research is kept hidden from the public, so that they are not aware of just how effective homeopathic medicine really is. Then there is good old Vitamin C, which will cure almost anything, if given in big enough doses. This is another ‘natural’ remedy, the effectiveness of which is continually suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies, who have their ways and means of undermining such effective and inexpensive treatments.
    Nice to hear from you again.
    Best Regards,

  6. PS Ali – Have you had a name change? I don’t see your surname on record, but I do recall corresponding with Alison, called ‘Ali’, about a year ago.
    Best Wishes,

  7. hello my mother has been suffering from rectal cancer from 4 months we dont know about the stage first the doctors told that it is piles my mom got operated but then it wasnt piles it was infection of rectum and now after the operation of piles my mom went to usa n came back there she was suffering from blood motions she came back and went to hospital they told to admit immediately and now she has krukenberg tumours along with the rectum cancer she has been given chemotherpay and radiation for 25 days and now they told no for the surgery because the cancer cells got stuck to the rectum and now if they operate it may spread all over the body so doctors told no to surgery but my mom isnt able to take the pain she is suffering badly now we are taking her to homeopathy hospital is it safe and please suggest something soon please

  8. Hello Farzana,
    Sorry to hear about your Mother being ill with cancer.
    Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate, or Ester C, is one of the best natural pain relief medicines. It is usually taken in 1000 mg doses, up to three or four times a day initially. Dr Gerson used 2 crushed aspirins per day, taken with one of the doses of Vitamin C. Better still is intravenous Vitamin C, which can be given in megadoses. Megadoses of Vitamin C has not only reduced pain in cancer patients, but it has reduced tumours in many people who have been fortunate enought to be given this treatment. You need to check with the doctors to make sure about using Vitamin C treatment for your Mother. Intravenous Vitamin C has to be administered by a medical person.
    Homeopathic Coffea is another pain relief medicine. Homeopathic Arnica could also be helpful.
    Many people report that Laetrile, called Amygdalin or Vitamin B17, has helped with pain relief in some cancers. Jason Vale is one person who has had success with this treatment, as part of a holistic treatment for cancer. This vitamin can be found in apricot kernels and the kernels of other pip-fruits. Dr Edward Wagner and Sylvia Goldfarb recommend Vitamin B17, or Laetrile to help control pain from cancer. In their book ‘How To Stay Out Of The Doctor’s Office’, they state that Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) ‘has the ability to destroy the virus after its shell has been absorbed’, although they also say that ‘It does not cure cancer, but can stop it from spreading’.
    If your Mother has been given up by the doctors, then you could look at Dr Gerson’s therapy which uses castor oil every second day, daily enemas, with large quantities of juices and raw foods taken to help clean out the liver and intestines. Enemas must be taken if you follow this treatment. Enemas also help to relieve pain according to Dr Gerson’s case studies and other reports. Pain seems to be reduced when toxins are removed from the bowel. So castor oil and enemas are recommended to help alleviate the pain, as well as to detoxify.
    Another thing which can help to reduce the pain, and reduce tumours if other nutritional and detoxifying measures are taken, is the use of the castor oil pack. Warmed castor oil is poured onto a white linen or woollen cloth, and this is placed directly over the abdomen. The castor oil pack is then covered up with a piece of plastic to protect the clothing, then wrapped up in a cotton bandage or suitable underwear which will hold the pack in place. A hot water bottle can be put over the pack to increase its efficacy. Your Mother might not be able to tolerate the weight of the hot water bottle, though, with such advanced cancers. Normally, the castor oil packs are left on for several hours at a time, or overnight. They are used for three consecutive days, then three days are done without the pack, after which you use them over another three day period, and so forth….The same pack can be used on the same person over and over, adding more castor oil to it as necessary.
    Personally, I would get professional help from an alternative health practitioner, or an alternative doctor, and get on with the Gerson treatment as soon as possible.
    Read Jacqui Davison’s book which tells about how she recovered from cancer, after her doctors had told her she had only weeks to live. She used the castor oil, enemas, raw food and juices programme, similar to that which Dr Gerson used in his clinic.
    Regards and best wishes for your Mother’s recovery,

  9. Hello again Farzana,
    Fosamax is often given to people who are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. In my opinion, this will further debilitate your Mother who needs every bit of strength to fight the disease. The idea is to remove poisons from the body quickly, if you want to reverse the cancer. Adding more foreign chemicals into the body, especially ones which have bad side effects, such as Fosamax, is to be avoided if at all possible. Get professional advice from your Homeopathic or ayurvedic practitioner about this.
    Kind Regards,

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