Homeopathy Articles In NZ Sunday Star Times Ill-Informed By Ignorant Doctors

‘Kiwis Big Believers in Homeopathy’ reads the head-line of the Sunday Star Times. January 22nd, 2012.

But Homeopathy Has Been Proven.  It is not just a belief.  I will explain further on, how Homeopathy has been subjected to suppressive laws which have meant that research findings are not published in regular medical journals.

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Many medical doctors use Homeopathy in their practices in New Zealand, yet one NZ doctor has been trying to get doctors banned from using Homeopathy. This is the doctor who the Sunday Star Times quote in the first of two articles on Homeopathy.  Both these articles attempt to discredit Homeopathy.  The  doctor quoted in the first article, Shaun Holt, has stated in other newspaper articles, that the reason that Homeopathy works for some people, is because of a placebo effect, and not because the chosen Homeopathic remedy has any innate power to reverse certain conditions.

But his point of view simply shows his ignorance, as does the view of the university researcher who derides Homeopathy in the second article.

In these two separate articles on Homeopathy which appear on the same page, The Sunday Star Times has come out on the side of two medical people, one a doctor, the other a university researcher, who,  in the second article, objects to the use of Homeopathic principles in a flea collar for pets.  Both these medical people  illustrate their ignorance about how Homeopathy works, and  are obviouslyignorant about the many thousands of success stories which Homeopathic science can claim.  Both these articles  in the Sunday Star Times appear at first glance to be giving Homeopathy a ‘fair go’, but on reading further, one discovers that they damn Homeopathy with faint praise.

The first article reads:  ‘Kiwis big believers in homeopathy’ –  as if homeopathy is only a placebo, something which the patient believes will help him, without there being any physiological effect from taking a Homeopathic medicine.  This, of course, is what Shaun Holt would have us believe. He has stated in previous articles that he thinks Homeopathy is ‘quackery’ and that, in the cases where it has worked, it is only because the patient has believed that it will help him.  He is one who promotes pharmacuetical drugs above all other treatments, and would,  if he could, make sure that all alternatives are banned.  Only last year, an article was published in a NZ paper which quoted Shaun Holt as saying that he thought doctors should be prohibited from using Homeopathy in their clinics.

You can bet your bottom dollar that neither Dr Shaun Holt, nor the university researcher who is quoted on the same page, will have tried a  professional Homeopathic treatment for any ailment, and nor will they have watched the progress of a patient who has been successfully treated by an experienced Homeopath over the course of an illness.  These are ‘book learned’ people who really have NO  idea what they are talking about when it comes to the effectiveness of  Homeopathy.

One has to wonder what the pay-off is for these two medical people, if any, from pharmaceutical companies behind the scenes.  Perhaps their ‘research’ is funded by the pharmaceutical companies.  This is how the big drug companies maintain their control of the health scene.  They  manage to get herbs banned, and Homeopathy and other alternative medicines discredited, through paying doctors and certain researchers  to say what they want them to say.

Some doctors are as corrupt as some people  are in any walk of life, and will take on a fight which they know is amoral just to get at the money.  Others may take on the fight unwittingly, because they are nit-wits, and not very intelligent, except that they once had the ability to learn their craft by rote, to pass their exams.  This type of doctor lacks the ability for real,  unbiased, critical analysis, and they are easily influenced by drug companies who indoctrinate them with the results of their research, which is always designed to make the pharmaceutical product look good, even when it turns out to be extremely harmful and damaging to people’s health.

Time and Time Again,  Homeopathy has cured infectious diseases, and been of great benefit to people with ailing health.  Homeopathy does not have the risk of negative side effects which pharmaceutical drugs do.  The very fact that Homeopathy is a safer alternative to drugs drives the drug companies, and many doctors, to distraction in their attempts to find fault with it.

People like Dr Shaun Holt, who are agin Homeopathic medicine, are forever coming up with the argument that ‘Homeopathy has not been proven’, but this is plain nonsense.

The reason that the value of homeopathy is kept silent, and the reason that ignorant people like Shaun Holt claim that ‘no papers have been written to validate the use of Homeopathy’, is because the drug companies in America made it illegal to publish any research on Homeopathy in medical journals, a long time ago. Homeopathy has a long history of suppression.  The result is, as these two latest articles in The Sunday Star Times illustrate, that the media generally are STILL perpetuating the myth that Homeopathy ‘does not have anything in it, and is just a belief, just quackery’.  The media is still working on the side of big business in opposing Homeopathy without allowing an expert in the field to have his say, and without divulging the results of research into Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is NOT quackery.  There are still reputable Homeopathic hospitals functioning in the UK today.  The Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London is one of them.

This movement to kill Homeopathy began after Homeopathy ‘took on’ in Europe.  The Royal family and their elite friends converted to Homeopathic medicine after its success was illustrated in Europe, when an epidemic of cholera  in the 1890’s was treated effectively with Homeopathic medicine.  Drug giants, who, in the early part of the 1900’s  were already beginning to exert their power and influence over the medical profession in the USA, and on the government via the FDA, began to vehemently oppose Homeopathic medicine, which they obviously saw as being a threat to their ever-growing empires.  A legislation was passed in the 1920’s which effectively silenced the researchers of Homeopathy, and those practitioners of the science.  This silencing of the Homeopathic fraternity occurred because the medical authorities decided that no research would be allowed to be published.

This has effectively kept the public from being properly informed about the efficacy of Homeopathy and how it works.  The effect of this censorship has been to keep Homeopathy under wraps and for it to be perceived by many as ‘quackery’.  All to the financial benefit of the pharmaceutical companies, of course.

These Sunday Star Times articles are following the patterns of old.  They discredit Homeopathy without making any attempt to explain the science of Homeopathy, and without using any of the learned articles by doctors which have been published in alternative health journals and books over the years.

The writers of these articles in last Sunday’s ‘Sunday Star Times’ are content to use the ill-informed judgement of ignorant people who portray  Homeopathy as a belief, no better than a quackery instead of a science, which only goes to serve the interests of the pharmaceutical companies yet again.

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