What Are The Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever?

How To Identify Scarlet Fever:

Scarlet Fever is an acute infectious disease which is mainly spread by coughing and sneezing.  The germ Streptococcus scarlatinae, which first affects the throat, is carried from the infected person, in air-borne droplets of water as they talk, sneeze or cough.  The germ is in the saliva, and this can be passed on, not just through coughing and sneezing, but through the sick person touching other people, or by touching books, clothes, eating and drinking vessels,  and food, and toys which have been handled by the patient.

The outbreak of Scarlet Fever in Hong Kong recently has caused people to wonder about the symptoms of the disease, and how best to treat it.

The Hong Kong variety of Scarlet Fever is not responding to the usual orthodox methods of treatment, such as penicillin and other antibiotics:  I have put up several posts on alternative treatment for Scarlet Fever, which may prove to be useful for some people. These posts appear directly before this one.  The most important preventative treatment to have handy is the Homeopathic Belladonna Remedy.

If You Think That Your Child May Have Scarlet Fever: Of course, it is best to have a Doctor or some other health professional look at your child, rather than make a diagnosis yourself.  Always take your child to a health professional if they are sick.  Children are vulnerable to the infection up to the age of about 15.  Children seem more vulnerable around the age of four or five.

Learn Now About Scarlet Fever: However, being forewarned can often mean that you are forearmed, and so it is sensible to learn something about the illness, and its treatments, before the actual event occurs.  Then, you can rush your child off to the doctor if you have assessed the infection is serious.  If there is Scarlet Fever in the area, then you would begin Preventative treatment immediately,  with that famous Prophylactic, the Homeopathic  Belladonna  Remedy.  You would begin taking this preventative medicine BEFORE your child gets sick.

The Common Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever:  How To Identify Scarlet Fever:  The following are the common symptoms.

Sore Throat – This is one of the first symptoms to appear.  The throat is sore well before the rash comes out.  The child finds it difficult to swallow and refuses food.

Temperature Will Rise

There may be Fever – Perhaps delirium as well.

Vomiting– Perhaps with pain in the stomach.

Tongue – White-coated tongue to begin with.   This changes to bright red after a day or two, known as ‘the strawberry tongue”.

Rash and Red Spots Fine red spots develop on the trunk of the body within 24 hours of the sore throat developing. This rash of fine red spots then moves to the limbs – legs and arms.  The rash moves to the face last, after the chest area and limbs are affected.

Pallor around the mouth – very white, perhaps grey-blue colour.  This may be evident at the beginning of the illness, but the pallor becomes more distinct when the rash on the body appears.

Peeling Of Skin Shows That The Infection Is Over: These symptoms of Scarlet Fever all start to abate after a few days.  The fever goes down, the rash turns from red to a brown colour, and it starts to fade. The skin affected by  rash begins to peel off, like sunburn, and at this stage the child is nolonger infectious.

Incubation Time: The common type of Scarlet Fever was thought to have had an incubation period of from 2 to 5 days after contact with an infected person.  The new strain of Hong Kong Scarlet Fever may vary a little in its incubation time.

Isolation Period Recommended: In the old family medical books, an isolation period of from 12 to 14 days was recommended, taken from the time the rash first appeared on the body.

Treatment: It is good to do everything possible to get your child better quickly.  It is important to bring the fever down with plenty of fluids, as there is a possibility that the heart could be affected from the Scarlet Fever toxins if the child is delicate.  A speedy recovery is important.  This is where your Vitamin C, Halibut oil capsules, and Belladonna, or some other Homeopathic Remedy, will help to speed up recovery.  Blue lighting while the patient is in fever, will help to bring the fever down, along with those lemon and ginger drinks.

Plenty of Hot Lemon and Ginger Drinks are helpful, perhaps with honey if you have it.  Fluids will help to dilute the toxins and prevent the kidneys and heart  from suffering.  Nephritis may develop in the kidneys if not enough liquids are taken.  A  light but nourishing diet while recovering from Scarlet Fever will help the kidneys to recover.

Plenty of Bed Rest is recommended.  Convalescence should not be hurried, as the patient will need time to recover strength again.  The patient should be kept warm.


Natural Treatments and Remedies For Scarlet Fever

Natural Treatments and Preventatives For Scarlet Fever

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There is an epidemic of Scarlet Fever in Hong Kong at present.  This strain of Scarlet Fever is proving to be very difficult to treat with orthodox medicine, as it seems to be resistant to the antibiotics, such as penicillin, which are commonly used to treat it.

This was reported on the BBC News website on the 21st June, 2011.

Before antibiotics were invented, other remedies were used to treat diseases such as Scarlet Fever.  People can get well without using antibiotics, though they can be a life-saver in some situations.  So –  since antibiotics are not proving effective in treating the new Hong Kong Scarlet fever, it could be useful for people to learn about some of the alternatives in treating  Scarlet Fever, especially if you live in Hong Kong.   Some of the best natural treatments and remedies, in my opinion, are: Homeopathic Belladonna,  Homeopathic Aconite, Blue Lighting, Vitamin C and Halibut Liver Oil.

There are some very good alternatives to using antibiotics in the treatment of Scarlet Fever.  However, if your child is sick, you MUST take him or her to the Doctor.  If there is a Homeopathic Doctor, or an Ayurvedic Doctor about, then all the better, but to the doctor you must go if your child is seriously sick.

You can then take the medicine which the doctor prescribes for your child.  Hopefully, you might have been given a Homeopathic remedy for Scarlet Fever.  But if you have been given an antibiotic, then you should use it.

Prepare Yourself Before Your Child Gets Sick: It is worthwhile doing some reading on Homeopathic medicine while you still have young children, who will get most of the childhood illnesses at some stage.  If you have learned the basics about Homeopathic Remedies, you will have an idea about what remedies to use if the need arises.  Check out Merrilyn’s basic list of homeopathic remedies:

List Of Homeopathic Remedies As Alternatives To Conventional Medicine

Often, I have found Homeopathy to be wonderful to fall back on, especially if your child suddenly becomes ill in the night.  You do not want to have to take your sick child out into the cold night, and doctors at that hour are hideously expensive, even if you could locate one.  Homeopathy often will work to abate the illness, before it sets in and becomes serious, which makes homeopathic remedies a very valuable thing to have in your medicine cupboard.

So – In case of an epidemic of Scarlet Fever, it is a good idea to get Homeopathic Belladonna to put into your medicine cupboard.

Homeopathic Prevention For Scarlet Fever: Belladonna is one of the prime Homeopathic Remedies for Scarlet Fever.  It is also a PREVENTATIVE, or  Prophylactic,  of Scarlet Fever.  If you have your Belladonna Remedy handy, you can begin giving it to your child when the first hint of a Scarlet Fever epidemic is on the rise, even before your child shows any sign of infection.

Hahnemann, who invented Homeopathy as we know it today, found Belladonna in Homeopathic form to be wonderfully effective in preventing instances of Scarlet Fever.  Sometimes children get just the mildest form of the infection if the correct Prophylactic is given before the infection begins.  Even given after the infection has started, the Prophylactic should help to reduce the fever.  Belladonna is the best preventative of Scarlet Fever, and one of the best remedies for treating it also.

Colour Therapy For Scarlet Fever

Whilst your child is taking medicine which has been prescribed for the condition, which may or may not be a Homeopathic preparation such as Belladonna, you can safely use colour therapy to speed up the process of healing.

Blue Lighting has the capacity to reduce a fever, reduce inflammation, and settle a restless brain and body.  Red is the colour of fever, and ‘Scarlet Fever’ indicates the redness of the skin which could be expected with a case of Scarlet Fever infection.  This is why you use Blue lighting to counteract the angry red of the Scarlet Fever infection.

Blue Ray Homeopathy: Actually, two of the best Homeopathic Remedies for Scarlet Fever, and many other feverish conditions, are Aconite and Belladonna, which both are Blue Ray medicines.

The Aconitum napellus has dark violet blued flowers.  The Homeopathic preparation of Aconite  is “a powerful nervous sedative and anodyne”, according to Edwin S. Babbitt, who wrote “The Healing Power of Color”. (p.37)  He points out that Belladonna, which is the main preventative medicine for Scarlet Fever,  also has an abundance of the blue colour.  The plant known as Deadly Nightshade, from which the Homeopathic Belladonna is made, has leaves which are a deep purple, with purplish coloured stems.  And this is ultimately why these medicines work to bring down a fever and reduce inflammation, because their blue ray soothes out the red of the infection.

Blue Light In Action: You will be amazed at how quickly blue lighting works to reduce and soothe an infection.  All you do is put your low wattage blue light bulb into the light socket near the bed of the sick child.  Leave it on, and go to check every half hour or so.  Generally, the infection will have abated after a couple of hours, in which case you can turn the blue light off for a bit.  But if the infection is very severe, then you may have to leave the blue light on for most of the night.

Note:  Blue light will not interfere with any medication your child may have been given. Homeopathic treatment will be enhanced by using some Blue light, as will orthodox medicines, if Scarlet Fever is present.  Blue light will only serve to hurry up the healing process.

Read More About Color Therapy: Edwin S. Babbitt’s book “The Principles of Light and Color” is one of the classic books on the healing power of color, and its proven applications.  This book is published by The Citadel Press, Secaucus, N.J., 07094.  My copy is a reprint 1967.

Vitamin C and Halibut Liver Oil

Halibut Liver Oil, or Cod Liver Oil, is of the Blue Ray, and it is very helpful in reducing infections and fevers. However, because of the recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, which has polluted our oceans with radioactive material,  I am reluctant to buy Halibut liver oil, or cod liver oil, and will not use this for some time.

These are great Vitamin supplements to have on hand in the case of any childhood infections.  Read the posts previous to this one for more information on these Vitamins.

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