List of Natural Treatments For Arteriosclerosis

Herbal Remedies For Arteriosclerosis

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All conditions of ill health are reversible.  The main requisites in reversing illness are the belief that healing is possible, a committment to avoid the things and conditions which have caused the state of ill health, and the desire to include all the foods and herbs which will make you strong again, and which will help facilitate healing.  Of course, the earlier that you can get onto a meaningful healing programme the better.  Diseases which have been tolerated for years and years can be difficult to reverse, and may take more energy and perseverance then what you are willing to devote to a new dietary programme.  Some people are more happy to simply take the doctor’s medication and put up with the diseased condition, rather than put the effort into changing the diet and thinking positively about recovering.

But it can be done.  If you do succeed in reversing a chronic condition of  ill-health, believe me, the rewards are very very bountiful.  You not only cure the disease which is hampering your health and happiness, but you will find that your physical well being will increase so  much so, that you once again will have that ability to be effective in the community, to help other people and your family.

Important:  Visit your naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner for advice on your planned change of diet and treatment before you attempt to heal yourself of arteriosclerosis.  This is especially important if you are considering stopping any medication you may be taking.

Herbs which improve the circulation are especially good for treating arteriosclerosis.   Cholesterol lowering herbs and foods, and those which help to eliminate toxins from the blood, liver and intestines are also helpful.

The following herbs listed below all help the circulation, help detoxify the liver and intestines, and they possess other therapeutic properties – all of which can help the arteriosclerosis sufferer.  For a cure to be effected, though, it is important to look at the diet and remove the acid-forming foods as much as possible.  An alkaline diet which has an abundance of fresh salad, with adequate protein, rice instead of wheat bread and other wheat products, and minimal or no dairy products and sugar, is the best in my estimation.  Get some advice from your naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner before changing your diet, to ensure that you are using the very best foods for you.  Also, do not use the following herbs or vitamins if you are already taking medication.

Doctors often tell their patients to avoid certain foods whilst they are on a medication such as warfarin, or another blood thinner.  This is because the foods they tell you to avoid are usually the ones that will naturally thin your blood anyway.  So if you double up the effect by using the prescribed blood thinning drug AND natural herbal blood thinners in your food, you could get very very sick or even have a stroke.  The sensible thing is really to use the food and herb items which work naturally to thin the blood, and do away with the artificial synthetic drugs which do the same thing.  But drug companies have conditioned doctors into accepting this practice of putting patients onto medication for the rest of the patient’s  life – they will give these patients a blood test every week or so, to test the effectiveness of the drug they prescribed, and adjust the dose accordingly.  Yet they do not do the most sensible thing – prescribe the food items and herbs which will have the desired effect in lowering cholesterol, or in thinning the blood, and then test weekly or monthly to see how the patient is doing.  They only do these blood tests if you are on their medication, which conditions the public into believing that there is no other way.  Madness.

Acupressure On Legs To Help Circulation:  My friend Bernhard in Spirit has just given us some advice for a friend who came today to ask about natural treatments for her condition of arteriosclerosis. She has been taking Lipex, prescribed by her doctor, and this Lipex  is having an adverse effect on her health. Bernhard gave us some alternatives, with acupressure points to massage nightly on the ankle and  up the side of the lower legs, a couple around the knee, one behind the leg on the calf muscle, one at the back of the knee, and one on the upper thigh.  Just three seconds on each point.

Colour Therapy To Soothe  and Nourish The Nerves:  He also recommended sitting under a green light for 20 minutes each night before going to sleep. Note:  She has already benefitted from the massage of acupressure points and the green light for 20 minutes.  Her sleep has improved already from these two simple remedial measures.

Avoid Synthetic Blankets and Clothing:  Bernhard also said that it was important for my friend to sleep with WOOL blankets, and not to use any synthetic blankets or sheets on the bed.  This makes sense, because synthetic fibres really interfere with the circulation of the blood, and so one must avoid wearing synthetics as much as possible, and one must certainly not use synthetic duvees or covers on the bed.  Since you spend most of the night in your bed, it is important that your body be given the chance for the circulation to run as smoothly as possible without interference from electrical currents or synthetic fibres.  It was particularly interesting to get this message, as my friend said after receiving this message that she had just taken off the woollen blankets for the summer, and replaced them with  a synthetic duvee.  My friend changed the bedding back to the natural wool which has also helped her sleep better.

Important To Avoid All Alcohol, Marijuana, Caffeine and Other Drugs when beginning a cure for any chronic disease.  Arteriosclerosis will not improve too much if you continue to take any of these things. I believe that many prescription drugs can give you arteriosclerosis, as well as party drugs, smoking cigarettes, and alcohol.

Specific Herbs Foods and Vitamins for Treating  Arteriosclerosis:  Of course you will take only a selected few of these possible remedies.  You can over-do these things, and so it is important that you visit a health professional such as a naturapath, homeopath, or ayurvedic practitioner for advice before beginning an alternative treatment for arteriosclerosis.



Birch Leaf

Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C – 1000 mg once or twice a day depending on the severity of the condition you are treating.  Reduce the dose if the bowels are working overtime.  But it is a good thing to clear out the bowels initially, before reducing the dose.  Poisons in the intestines are the root cause of any disease, so the saying goes.  Vitamin C has the power to break down calcified deposits and heal the capilliaries.  Taking calcium ascorbate or Ester C are good options when you need to take larger doses of Vitamin C, as these are non-acidic and do not affect the digestion adversely.

Vitamin C helps to prevent heart attack and stroke – It is a natural blood thinner and acutally strengthens the capilliary walls.  It helps to remove cholesterol.  It helps to negate poisons and remove them quickly from the blood stream, liver and intestines.  If it is used regularly as part of treatment, it helps to break down deposits anywhere in the body, whether it be in the veins, the liver, or other organs.

Capsicum – All members of the pepper family, which means fresh sweet peppers, bell peppers, fresh or dried chilli peppers, powdered cayenne pepper, powdered paprika pepper.  Peppers are just the best for improving the circulation.

Celery – Raw celery used daily is very good.  Try to get organically grown celery if you can.  Celery seed can be used as a condiment or made into tea with thyme, rosemary or lemon balm.

Chaparral  (Larrea divaricata):  Chaparral is a powerful antioxidant and cleansing herb.  It is used in many alternative cancer treatments to break up tumours of all kinds.  Chaparral also acts as a pain killer, and has antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.  It is a very useful herb to remove drug residues and deposits, such as LSD and marijuana, from people’s livers and brain tissues.  Louise Tenney claims that it has been used to counteract the effects of LSD.


Chicory – Cichorium intybus.  A good herb to help the condition of arteriosclerosis.  Like Dandelion, Chicory can be used as a substitute for coffee.  It is rich in Vitamins A, C, B, K and P.  It is a great cleanser of the blood and the kidneys.  It helps rheumatic conditions, arthritis, gout, and sore joints.  It is thought to help gall-stones to dissolve.

Comfrey Tea

Couch Grass

Fenugreek:  Fenugreek is a common component of Indian cooking.  It is a valuable cleansing herb which is capable of dissolving build-ups of calcium and other material in the blood vessels or anywhere in the body.  It is commonly used in natural treatments for cancer and other life-threatening diseases in combination with other remedies.  One report on-line states that 3/4 cup of fenugreek daily, taken for 20 days, has helped cure some people of arteriosclerosis.  This is quite a lot, and I would assume you would take it in divided doses throughout the day.  However, we are not told what else these people were doing to assist the cure, if anything at all.  And we are not told how far the disease had progressed – perhaps these people had not had the disease for too long, in which case it would have been fairly easy to reverse.

If you were taking this much fenugreek, you would not need any other herbs to compliment the fenugreek, in my opinion.  I should think that this treatment would be most effective if a diet of alkaline fruits and vegetables were eaten during the period of cleansing, with no meat or dairy foods  or wheat for the 20 day period.  I would follow a complete vegetarian diet using vegetables and  brown rice, with complete avoidance of  sugar,  bread, wheat and dairy foods.  And enemas to help quickly eliminate those poisons  always hurries up the healing process.  But ASK YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL FOR ADVICE before beginning the intensive fenugreek treatment.  Fenugreek is safe to take in moderation as an addition to the normal daily diet, of course.  From two capsules to six capsules a day is considered a moderate dose.

Note:  A friend of mine is currently doing the Fenugreek cleansing treatment in combination with 1000mg to 2000mg calcium ascorbate Vitamin C per day.  She is munching through 3/4 cup soaked Fenugreek seeds per day, which have got to the sprouting stage after soaking.  She stopped taking the  prescribed  Lipex medication which was causing headaches, poor memory and other things, and is now feeling a lot better on the Fenugreek plus Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate.  She eats salads with every meal and is vegetarian but uses yoghurt and cheese and chick peas for extra protein.  I find that, having experimented with the Fenugreek, that you need to UP your calcium intake in your food if you are taking large amounts of Fenugreek to dissolve deposits in the veins, liver or kidneys. Fenugreek dissolves calcium deposits in the blood but can leave you a bit short of dietary calcium.   But calcium supplements are best avoided – take a bit more cooked cabbage, which is very high in natural calcium, free range egg yolks, or organic milk or cheese  if it agrees with you – or SESAME SEEDS which are the highest vegetable calcium source.  The calcium in your food will counteract the tendency for the Fenugreek to whip away too much calcium from your body.  Treat it as you would rhubarb, which does the same thing – include calcium rich proteins with it so that calcium is not depleted. DO SEE YOUR DOCTOR OR NATUROPATH BEFORE BEGINNING ANY NEW TREATMENT OR STOPPING YOUR MEDICATION.  GENERALLY SPEAKING, YOU CANNOT USE PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES AND NATURAL CURES TOGETHER AS THIS IS DOUBLING UP ON TREATMENT AND COULD BE DANGEROUS – I AM NOT ADVISING YOU FOLLOW THESE TREATMENTS  WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.


Ginger – Use dried ginger in cooking, and freshly grated ginger or powdered ginger to make tea.  One teaspoon of fresh grated ginger with a cup of boiling water added is a  very good digestive which also helps the circulation.

Hawthorne This is one of the most popular herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and as a general heart tonic.  It is mildly sedative and has a favourable effect on all manner of heart troubles.  However, do not take it if you are already taking some medication for your illness.  Consult your doctor or naturopath first to see if Hawthorne can be added to your dietary regime.


Psyllium Hulls

Rutin:  This has a similar beneficial effect to Vitamin C on the circulatory system.  It helps to heal and strengthen the capilliary walls and to encourage better circulation.

Taheebo (Pau d’Arco):  This is another cancer herb which acts as an antibiotic. This is one of the best remedies for treating candida and chemical poisoning.  It helps break down deposits and tumours and kills viruses, and  is excellent for building up the immune system.  Louise Tenney says in her 1980’s book that it is used in some South American hospitals to treat infections.

Food Poisoning Home Remedies and Homeopathy

Natural Remedies for Food Poisoning:

These remedies may prove helpful, however, you must see your doctor or health professional if symptoms don’t improve after 24 hours.

Vitamin C: This is a powerful antidote to many poisons. In Australia, Vitamin C in megadoses has even been used to treat people with snake bite, when the hospital was too far away to save the patient’s life. In this instance, though, the dose was extremely large – around 1000mg every five minutes, until the symptoms subsided, or until the patient could get medical attention.  Carrying a pottle of Vitamin C  in 1000mg tablets could just save a person’s life when tramping through the outback in Australia.  It can keep people alive until they can get medical help.

Vitamin C is an antidote for  mild food poisoning:  For an adult of average build, take  a dose of 1000mg of Vitamin C with a large glass of water.  This might be enough to alleviate the symptoms.  If it does not improve symptoms,  take  a further 1000mg every hour for around two to four hours, so that you take between 2000mg and 4000mg in divided doses for the day. This should be enough to counteract the effects of poisoning and to kill the microbes which have caused it. I prefer calcium ascorbate which is a non-acidic variety of Vitamin C.  Ester C is another non-acidic option.

The following day, if you are still feeling queasy, you could take a further 1000mg of Vitamin C.  If no better – see your doctor.

Eating Dry Bread: This can help in some mild cases of food poisoning.  No other food is taken, just the dry bread.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Antidote Food Poisoning: This has been used to treat mild cases of food poisoning.  Put one tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar into a glass.  Fill the glass with water.  Sip this frequently over a period of around two hours.  If necessary, and you feel that the apple cider vinegar is working, repeat the dose again, with one tablespoon of cider vinegar to a glass of water. Apple Cider vinegar has an antibiotic effect and can help to ward off food poisoning microbes.

Lemon Juice To Antidote Food Poisoning: Use the juice of a whole lemon in a glass of water and sip frequently, as in the instructions for the Apple cider vinegar remedy. Lemon juice acts as a mild antibiotic and kills many microbes.

Ginger Tea:  This can work to avert food poisoning. Make the tea fairly strong.  You can use either dried ginger powder, about a rounded teaspoon full,  or  around a tablespoon of fresh, chopped  ginger roots which have been infused in boiling water.  The dose can be repeated a few hours later if needed.

Homeopathy To Treat Food Poisoning:

Arsenicum album can help some cases of food poisoning. A 6C or 12 C potency of Arsen. alb.can be used frequently as needed, until the symptoms subside. Follow the instructions on the bottle for frequency of dose.  A 30C potency would require only one dose, and then another 12 hours later if needed.

Other Homeopathic remedies which may be useful in counteracting food poisoning are Veratrum album and Carbo vegetabilis.  Similar doses as for Arsen. alb would be used.


Home Remedies For Constipation and Homeopathic Treatment

Help Clear Toxins Naturally With Homeopathy: “All Sickness Begins In the Bowel”. Homeopathy can normalize your intestinal functions which will improve your general health.  The old saying which says that : “All sickness begins in the bowel” happens to be  true. In curing any disease, the first thing in wholistic medicine is to clear the bowels and normalize their functioning.

No Cancer Notebook small

The bowel is responsible for many things.  The processing of food and the absorption of life-giving elements is one of the main functions of the bowel.  But the other main function, which concerns many of us from time to time, is the elimination of the waste products after the food has been processed.

Now it is important for these waste products to move quickly through the intestines.  Agricultural chemicals, and chemicals found in processed foods, make it even more important that the elimination processes work well, as when these chemicals sit around in the bowels, disease will set in.

If the action of the intestines is too slow, which results in constipation, then you will be absorbing the toxins from those waste products back through the walls of your intestines and into the blood.  This happens when the material in the bowel sits around for too long. If this is a habitual thing, then the poor cells of your body become poisoned over time, and weakened.  The liver  becomes overloaded, as it cannot rid the body of these poisons which are continually being fed back to it through the blood.  This state of constipation  sets the stage for degenerative diseases such as cancer and arthritis, or multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disease, to take hold.  You are also more susceptible to contracting infectious diseases such as the flu virus when your intestines are clogged.

Fasting and Roughage: This is why fasting occasionally, and taking remedial measures to keep those bowels functioning efficiently, is very very important.  Fasting regularly on raw fruits and vegetables and their juices, and eating plenty of raw salad material each day, which provide roughage and vital enzymes,   can do a lot towards preventing constipation, and preventing  cancer.

Drink Plenty of Water:  Many people suffer constipation because they forget to drink enough water, or any at all.  If you are a big coffee drinker, then you need to drink at least an equivalent amount of water compared to the volume of coffee you imbibe.  Coffee is dehydrating, and being dehydrated is one of the common causes of constipation.

So – You need to pay attention to the diet to prevent constipation, and  drink plenty of water to keep those bowels running smoothly and keep your health good.

The Grated Apple and Potato  Cure:  To Be Taken Before Meals: This is a very simply home remedy for constipation.  The recipe provides much roughage to clean the bowel out, and it also provides plenty of healing vitamins, minerals,  and pectin to nourish and heal the bowel.  A good amount of Vitamin C is taken into the body by using this apple and potato cure on a regular basis. All you do is grate one whole, washed potato, with its skin still on; then grate one apple, skin and all.  Mix the two together and eat the whole lot 20 minutes before breakfast.  Then repeat the whole procedure before lunch, or before the evening meal if you prefer.

This is very healthy for the body and the intestines.  It helps to prevent candida occurring, and will help your hair, teeth, bones and nails to stay healthy. You can keep doing the apple and potato cure indefinitely.  You will never get scurvy or constipation again.

As well as these dietary measures, you can do a lot to cure constipation and restore the regular functioning of the bowel by the taking of a Homeopathic remedy.  Three of the most effective Homeopathic remedies for constipation are  Nux vomica (called Nux vom.), Natrum muriaticum (called Nat. mur), and Graphites.

Dosage for Nux vomica: This is a good remedy if the patient is  sensitive and a bit run down and depressed.  Often there is a nervousness, and  sensitiveness to cold:  the patient feels chilly. These people often like stimulants such as coffee, tea and alcohol.  The Nux vomica remedy helps to counteract the effects of  these stimulants.  Menstruation is often copious with the period beginning early and lasting longer than usual.  A 6X dose can be taken several times a day, for several days or until the problem ceases.  The  30C potency would be taken once  a day.  Stop taking the remedy when you are better.  The 6C or 12 C potencies, can be bought at most health food stores, and some pharmacies.

How To Order Homeopathic Remedies: Weleda Products in Havelock North, Hastings area, New Zealand, make homeopathic preparations and also grow their own organic herbs and plants for the use in their medicines.  I like to support the Weleda brand whenever I can, as  they have a long tradition of making homeopathic remedies, and so their homeopathics are the ‘true blue’ and unadulterated recipes.

Castor Oil is a famous home remedy for constipation.  Castor Oil is a wonderful rejuvenator of the liver.  It is used in many  alternative cancer treatment programmes.  It is also used to help people with arthritis.  Cancer and arthritis can develop because of a life-time of constipation and clogged, toxic bowels. The fact that  this famous bowel remedy  is used to treat and cure cancer is indicative of the relationship between toxicity in the bowel and cancer.  A healthy, clean bowel  which is free of toxins will serve as an immunity against cancer and degenerative disease.

In treating serious degenerative conditions such as cancer and arthritis, Dr Gerson used 2 tablespoons of castor oil every second day for many months.  But of course, this dose would not be used by ordinary people for the sake of treating constipation.

Dose Of Castor Oil For Constipation for when the bowels are clogged. One or two tablespoons could be taken in the morning, followed by a cup of ginger tea, or black coffee, or chamomile tea.  This could be taken once a week as a remedial measure, to help to clear toxins from the liver as well as the intestines.  I believe castor oil is a preventative of cancer, arthritis, and other diseases, because of the fact that it attracts poisons to it.  This has a deep cleansing effect of the tissues throughout the body, not just in the intestines.

Vitamin C For Constipation:  Use 1000mg of calcium ascorbate, which is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C.  Take with a large glass of water.  Repeat the dose four hourly until you get results.  A remedial dose of Vitamin C can be taken regularly – 1000mg per day should work to keep those bowels regular.  Remember to take plenty of water with it.

Tamarind for Constipation: Tamarind is used in Indian cooking.  It is a complement to the curry spices.  Tamarind is an effective laxative.  Take half a teaspoon in a glass of hot water.  It is necesary to take a glass of milk, or yoghurt, or coconut milk straight afterwards, as tamarind tends to draw out calcium, as it is high in oxalic acid.  Milk of any kind, and fats and oils, help prevent this happening.

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Facts On Vitamin C

Vitamin C Boosts The Immune System

Vitamin C is essential for good health, and for preventing disease. Important Note: If you are on prescription medicine of any kind, then you should ask your doctor whether Vitamin C is good for you to use.  This is because some medications do not work with Vitamin C.  Also, Vitamin C is a natural blood thinner, so if you are already taking a blood thinning medicine, such as Warfarin,  then Vitamin C could be dangerous for you, as it could cause excessive blood thinning, combined with your medication.

Vitamin C is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and many dried fruits as well.   It helps rebuild tissue, oxygenates the cells, removes poisons, and prevents disease from attacking the body.  Taking ample amounts of Vitamin C in the diet each day will help to protect you against illness.

Vitamin C is a natural Antioxidant. Other important vitamins which are antioxidants are Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene, a form of Vitamin A.  These antioxidants have the power to negate and remove poisons from the body.  Vitamin C’s antioxidant qualities mean that it counteract the effects of ‘free radicals’.  ‘Free radicals’ is the term given to the effects of poisons such as car exhaust pollution,  cigarette smoke, radiation, herbicides and pesticides, food additives and other poisons.  Over time, ‘free radicals’ can cause cancer and clog the arteries.

Vitamin C To Avoid Stroke and Heart Attack. So – Vitamin C helps to avoid heart attack and stroke by naturally thinning the blood, and by removing ‘free radicals’ from the blood.  It also helps to protect the heart and arteries by keeping the arteries clean and free from plaque build-ups. Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing high cholesterol (some types), and in maintaining a balanced blood pressure.

Vitamin C Acts as a Mild Sedative: A dose of around 1000mg of calcium ascorbate powder, taken just before bed-time, will help to relax the nerves and the brain, and to induce sleep. Calcium ascorbate Vitamin C is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C which is tolerated better by most people than the standard ascorbic acid type.  Ester C is another non-acidic Vitamin C which I have found very good for sensitive stomachs, and for people with candida.  Vitamin C  calcium ascorbate works also works as a mild anti-depressant for some people.  It has this effect, partly, I think, because of its action in removing toxins from the liver and intestines.  Once the bulk of these toxins are gone, many people find that their depression is gone also.

Vitamin C is an  Anti-biotic, an Anti-Histamine,  an Anti-Viral, and an Anti-Fungal medicine.

Vitamin C in megadoses Is An Alternative Treatment For Cancer.

Vitamin C is a Cure For Constipation: Take 1000mg of  Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C with a large glass of water every 4 hours until you go to the toilet.  Then try taking 1000mg per day with that important large glass of water:  This will act as a preventative for constipation if you still have trouble.

Fasting on Fruits and Vegetables To Up Vitamin C: An abundance of Vitamin C in the diet helps you to stay healthy and boosts the immune system.  Fasting for one day a week on only fresh raw fruits and vegeatbles and their juices is a good way to get that extra Vitamin C into the body, and cleanse out toxins.  Vitamin C enhances the health and goes a long way to preventing and treating illnesses of many kinds. Fresh fruits and vegetables, or their juices, and plenty of salad material, should form part of the daily diet for everyone, as these things are rich in Vitamin C. These foods help to prevent you from getting sick.  People who have cancer and other serious illnesses often use cleansing raw fruit and vegetable diets for a time, until their condition has improved.

Vitamin C For Chemical Poisoning: Vitamin C can help to reduce the build-up of toxins in the body, so that degenerative disease, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, may be avoided or averted. A daily dose of 1000mg Vitamin C can be taken to keep those free radicals away. If you are suffering some kind of toxic poisoning, then you need to see a professional health therapist so that the correct remedial dose may be given.

In cases of chronic poisoning, say metallic poisoning from lead or mercury, or poisoning from agricultural chemicals, then high doses of Vitamin C may need to be given intravenously to promptly counteract the poisoning effects. In these cases, anything from 50 to 100 grams might be used intravenously. You need to see a doctor or naturopath to have intravenous Vitamin C administered.

Case Of Chemical Poisoning Cured With Oral Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate:I have had experience of severe chemical poisoning myself.  This poisoning occurred because of handling broken asbestos roofing, and clearing toxic ash, including lead and mercury from paints and plastics,  from a section which I had bought.  I used 1000mg of calcium ascorbate vitamin C powder to counteract the effects of having all those toxins in my bloodstream. I used this orally, taking it several times a day whenever necessary.  If there was a danger of imminent collapse,  I also used garlic, an antioxidant, and another antioxidant called  kawakawa, which is a native bush plant of New Zealand.

So, in combination with the Vitamin C treatment, I used my Celery and Tuna diet to detox, and also these herbal medicines: garlic and kawa kawa.  I chewed several cloves of raw garlic to avert the attacks of racing heart and collapse, and  munched up a couple of kawa kawa leaves from the bush once or twice a day, if they were needed.  All I could eat for many months was raw celery and tinned tuna fish in oil.  After about six months there was considerable improvement, but I still had to follow a strict diet and use the calcium ascorbate vitamin C on a daily basis for quite a long time.

Homeopathic Preparation Helped To Restore Health: After about 9 months, when I had improved quite a bit, I discovered the Weleda Homeopathic preparation which had Thuja occidentalis, eucalyptus, and some other remedies in it.  This was marvellous and acted as a tonic, increasing appetite and vitality hugely.

Vitamin C is anti-bacterial, so it is a natural anti-biotic. Vitamin C is anti-fungal. Vitamin C is anti-viral, which gives it the capacity to kill many viral infections.

Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus. Large amounts of Vitamin C taken intravenously, around 50 to 100 grams per day, depending on body weight, are needed to combat Swine Flu.  Of course this needs to be administered by a doctor or suitably qualified person. Many people have survived due to intravenous Vitamin C being given to treat Swine Flu, and there are many case studies which you can examine which support this claim.

Vitamin C For Infectious Disease: The work of Professor Ian Brighthope in Australia, and Dr Cathcart at the Hale Clinic in America, prove that Vitamin C is efficacious in treating infectious disease. Dr Cathcart has kept records of people who visited his clinic for a monthly shot of Vitamin C.  This was taken as a preventative medicine, a prophylactic, for the flu and any other infectious diseases which might be around.  After a year of keeping records, Dr Cathcart found that not one of his Vitamin C patients  had gotten the flu virus, despite there being a so-called flu ‘epidemic’ in the area.

So – Vitamin C Works As A Preventative For Flu.

Vitamin C is a Prophylactic For Flu, and is also a Prophylactic of other infectious diseases. There are many reports which indicate that Vitamin C, given in large enough doses during times of epidemics, will decrease children’s risk of contracting diseases such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, and whooping cough.  Vitamin C in large enough doses has been shown to minimize the effects of these illnesses if a child already has succumbed to an infection.

So Vitamin C can be used as a Preventative Medicine, instead of vaccination. However, you need to get professional advice on this.  If your child is sick, or anyone has the flu or another illness, then you need to seek medical help.

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Natural Remedies To Help Pre Menstrual Tension

Herbs, Homeopathy and Vitamins  For PMT

Pre-Menstrual Tension: Many women suffer from pre-menstrual tension.  According to Russell Setright, who wrote the “Get Well” book in 1990, 70% of women experience the symptoms which are related to pre-menstrual tension.

What Are The Symptoms of Pre Menstrual Tension? The typical symptoms are headache or migraine, mood swings,  anxiety, depression and fatigue.  Other  symptoms which you might experience before the period are: painful and swollen breasts, pain in the stomach, water retention, and cystitis.

Rule Number One: To prevent PMT, or pre-menstrual tension,  make your diet more alkaline.  This means eating more fresh vegetables and fruit, brown rice instead of bread, and eating less of wheat products, sugar and dairy foods.  Celery and alalfa and mung bean sprouts should form part of your daily diet, as these things are very alkaline.   Often, a gluten-free diet helps people with PMT.  Many people are sensitive to gluten in wheat flour and other products, and they do not realize it.  So experiment – do without bread, cake and pastries for a week, and avoid all products which may contain gluten and preservatives or chemicals of any kind.  This just could do the trick.

Supplements To Help Pre Menstrual Tension: For the emotional and mental symptoms, Vitamin B is helpful, especially B6 and B12. Another very helpful supplement is Evening Primrose Oil, which is  useful in calming the nerves, giving a good night’s sleep,  and in counteracting depression.  Evening Primrose Oil has been scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Tension.

Dandelion:  Blood Purifier and  Diuretic Herb: Most herbs  which encourage urine flow are useful in counteracting pre menstrual tension.  This is because toxins are expelled from the body through the urine.  Dandelion helps to remove  toxins, as well as excess water from your system:  If you get swollen legs, or swollen fingers, or a distended stomach before your period, then dandelion can help to reduce this fluid.  Dandelion is a great blood-purifier, which also has a beneficial effect on the liver:  It helps the liver to de-toxify, and  can help prevent gall-stones.  It is rich in many vitamins and minerals.   Dandelion is the herb which is most used in PMT.  Drink dandelion root coffee instead of that real coffee to help PMT.

Alfalfa Tea:  Alfalfa is a great detoxifier of the blood.  It is also highly alkaline which is healthful for the body.  A body which is too acidic can result in pre-menstrual tension.  You can drink up to five or six cups per day.  To make alfalfa tea, simply put a teaspoon of alfalfa seeds into a large cup, and pour on boiling water.  Let cool, to warm, then drink.  You can use the ‘grounds’ for a top-up before taking fresh seeds for another cup.  Again – drink less coffee, and more of the herbal teas such  alfalfa and dandelion root coffee to help pre menstrual tension.

Liquorice, or Licorice, is recommended by Russell Setright:  His dosage is 500mg per day, taken 5 days before the period. Liquorice can help soothe the nerves and detoxify the liver and intestines. However, in my experience,, while I just love liquorice, it has a tendency to lower the blood pressure.  If you are like me, and you have LOW blood pressure anyway, then too much liquorice will further lower your blood pressure, and this can make you feel terrible, and your depression worse.  So go easy on the Liquorice.

It is best to begin taking your supplements seven days prior to the period:  These will help stabilize your system, and aid it in its  natural production of  hormones.  Aldosterone is a hormone which is is linked to the menstrual cycle, and this is secreted seven days prior to the period.

It is best to avoid drinking coffee for AT LEAST  three days prior to the period.  Coffee depletes Vitamin B and other nutrients from the body, so it is good to limit your coffee drinking while you are suffering PMT.

Toxins in the body and the blood are usually the reasons that people get PMT.  Some chemicals which are used as preservatives, and herbicides and pesticides – even plastics – get into our blood-streams and cause havoc with our hormones. It is helpful to many sufferers  of PMT to fast on just fruit and vegetables for three days prior to the period.  This helps to reduce toxins in the body:  Being free of these toxins can have a remarkable effect in the curing of  pre menstrual tension.

Homeopathic Remedies which might be useful for pre-mensrual tension are:  Aconite, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Coffea, Nat. mur, Pulsatilla,  Sepia.  Of course, unless you know your remedies well, you should seek some advice from a health professional who understands Homeopathy.

I would recommend Homeopathic Remedy Coffea if you are especially irritable and cannot sleep, or if  you drink too much coffee.  In Homeopathy, the remedy Coffea comes from Coffee, but it actually has the opposite effect to coffee, in that it is a mild sedative.  Homeopathic Coffea can be helpful in reducing the desire to drink coffee.

One Homeopathic remedy which I have found to be useful in helping to dry up excess fluid in the body is Homeopathic Bryonia.  This can help depression and morbid thoughts too.  It is a useful remedy to have in the house for chest infections and phlegmatic illnesses, as it dries up fluid.   Worth a try if you think this might be suitable for you:  I would take the Bryonia a week before the period is due, and take it for only three days, three doses per day of just a few drops.  If you should feel worse, then stop taking the Bryonia.

Pulsatilla is a good one for PMT if you are excessively weepy and sad.  Again, I would take this about a week before the period, but you could try taking it as soon as you have the pre-menstrual symptoms.

Different remedies work for different people:  The professional Homeopath will take all your symptoms, and consider all sorts of things about you, your day, and your life before deciding on a remedy.  But there are some fairly standard remedies for some conditions which will generally work for most people.