Facts On Vitamin C

Vitamin C Boosts The Immune System

Vitamin C is essential for good health, and for preventing disease. Important Note: If you are on prescription medicine of any kind, then you should ask your doctor whether Vitamin C is good for you to use.  This is because some medications do not work with Vitamin C.  Also, Vitamin C is a natural blood thinner, so if you are already taking a blood thinning medicine, such as Warfarin,  then Vitamin C could be dangerous for you, as it could cause excessive blood thinning, combined with your medication.

Vitamin C is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and many dried fruits as well.   It helps rebuild tissue, oxygenates the cells, removes poisons, and prevents disease from attacking the body.  Taking ample amounts of Vitamin C in the diet each day will help to protect you against illness.

Vitamin C is a natural Antioxidant. Other important vitamins which are antioxidants are Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene, a form of Vitamin A.  These antioxidants have the power to negate and remove poisons from the body.  Vitamin C’s antioxidant qualities mean that it counteract the effects of ‘free radicals’.  ‘Free radicals’ is the term given to the effects of poisons such as car exhaust pollution,  cigarette smoke, radiation, herbicides and pesticides, food additives and other poisons.  Over time, ‘free radicals’ can cause cancer and clog the arteries.

Vitamin C To Avoid Stroke and Heart Attack. So – Vitamin C helps to avoid heart attack and stroke by naturally thinning the blood, and by removing ‘free radicals’ from the blood.  It also helps to protect the heart and arteries by keeping the arteries clean and free from plaque build-ups. Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing high cholesterol (some types), and in maintaining a balanced blood pressure.

Vitamin C Acts as a Mild Sedative: A dose of around 1000mg of calcium ascorbate powder, taken just before bed-time, will help to relax the nerves and the brain, and to induce sleep. Calcium ascorbate Vitamin C is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C which is tolerated better by most people than the standard ascorbic acid type.  Ester C is another non-acidic Vitamin C which I have found very good for sensitive stomachs, and for people with candida.  Vitamin C  calcium ascorbate works also works as a mild anti-depressant for some people.  It has this effect, partly, I think, because of its action in removing toxins from the liver and intestines.  Once the bulk of these toxins are gone, many people find that their depression is gone also.

Vitamin C is an  Anti-biotic, an Anti-Histamine,  an Anti-Viral, and an Anti-Fungal medicine.

Vitamin C in megadoses Is An Alternative Treatment For Cancer.

Vitamin C is a Cure For Constipation: Take 1000mg of  Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C with a large glass of water every 4 hours until you go to the toilet.  Then try taking 1000mg per day with that important large glass of water:  This will act as a preventative for constipation if you still have trouble.

Fasting on Fruits and Vegetables To Up Vitamin C: An abundance of Vitamin C in the diet helps you to stay healthy and boosts the immune system.  Fasting for one day a week on only fresh raw fruits and vegeatbles and their juices is a good way to get that extra Vitamin C into the body, and cleanse out toxins.  Vitamin C enhances the health and goes a long way to preventing and treating illnesses of many kinds. Fresh fruits and vegetables, or their juices, and plenty of salad material, should form part of the daily diet for everyone, as these things are rich in Vitamin C. These foods help to prevent you from getting sick.  People who have cancer and other serious illnesses often use cleansing raw fruit and vegetable diets for a time, until their condition has improved.

Vitamin C For Chemical Poisoning: Vitamin C can help to reduce the build-up of toxins in the body, so that degenerative disease, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, may be avoided or averted. A daily dose of 1000mg Vitamin C can be taken to keep those free radicals away. If you are suffering some kind of toxic poisoning, then you need to see a professional health therapist so that the correct remedial dose may be given.

In cases of chronic poisoning, say metallic poisoning from lead or mercury, or poisoning from agricultural chemicals, then high doses of Vitamin C may need to be given intravenously to promptly counteract the poisoning effects. In these cases, anything from 50 to 100 grams might be used intravenously. You need to see a doctor or naturopath to have intravenous Vitamin C administered.

Case Of Chemical Poisoning Cured With Oral Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate:I have had experience of severe chemical poisoning myself.  This poisoning occurred because of handling broken asbestos roofing, and clearing toxic ash, including lead and mercury from paints and plastics,  from a section which I had bought.  I used 1000mg of calcium ascorbate vitamin C powder to counteract the effects of having all those toxins in my bloodstream. I used this orally, taking it several times a day whenever necessary.  If there was a danger of imminent collapse,  I also used garlic, an antioxidant, and another antioxidant called  kawakawa, which is a native bush plant of New Zealand.

So, in combination with the Vitamin C treatment, I used my Celery and Tuna diet to detox, and also these herbal medicines: garlic and kawa kawa.  I chewed several cloves of raw garlic to avert the attacks of racing heart and collapse, and  munched up a couple of kawa kawa leaves from the bush once or twice a day, if they were needed.  All I could eat for many months was raw celery and tinned tuna fish in oil.  After about six months there was considerable improvement, but I still had to follow a strict diet and use the calcium ascorbate vitamin C on a daily basis for quite a long time.

Homeopathic Preparation Helped To Restore Health: After about 9 months, when I had improved quite a bit, I discovered the Weleda Homeopathic preparation which had Thuja occidentalis, eucalyptus, and some other remedies in it.  This was marvellous and acted as a tonic, increasing appetite and vitality hugely.

Vitamin C is anti-bacterial, so it is a natural anti-biotic. Vitamin C is anti-fungal. Vitamin C is anti-viral, which gives it the capacity to kill many viral infections.

Vitamin C kills the Swine Flu virus. Large amounts of Vitamin C taken intravenously, around 50 to 100 grams per day, depending on body weight, are needed to combat Swine Flu.  Of course this needs to be administered by a doctor or suitably qualified person. Many people have survived due to intravenous Vitamin C being given to treat Swine Flu, and there are many case studies which you can examine which support this claim.

Vitamin C For Infectious Disease: The work of Professor Ian Brighthope in Australia, and Dr Cathcart at the Hale Clinic in America, prove that Vitamin C is efficacious in treating infectious disease. Dr Cathcart has kept records of people who visited his clinic for a monthly shot of Vitamin C.  This was taken as a preventative medicine, a prophylactic, for the flu and any other infectious diseases which might be around.  After a year of keeping records, Dr Cathcart found that not one of his Vitamin C patients  had gotten the flu virus, despite there being a so-called flu ‘epidemic’ in the area.

So – Vitamin C Works As A Preventative For Flu.

Vitamin C is a Prophylactic For Flu, and is also a Prophylactic of other infectious diseases. There are many reports which indicate that Vitamin C, given in large enough doses during times of epidemics, will decrease children’s risk of contracting diseases such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, and whooping cough.  Vitamin C in large enough doses has been shown to minimize the effects of these illnesses if a child already has succumbed to an infection.

So Vitamin C can be used as a Preventative Medicine, instead of vaccination. However, you need to get professional advice on this.  If your child is sick, or anyone has the flu or another illness, then you need to seek medical help.

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