Black Walnut For Restoring Tooth Enamel

Medicinal Herbs: Thankyou to Charlie, who wrote in asking about Black Walnut as a restorative herb for tooth enamel.

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Restorative Diets such as those used for cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, have proven successful in many cases, for restoring tooth enamel.  Often, people have discovered that their teeth have repaired themselves whilst following a strict dietary and cleansing regime to treat eczema, psoriasis, or a life-threatening disease.

However, there are some specifics which are helpful in keeping tooth enamel healthy, and even in repairing tooth enamel.  Black Walnut is one of them.  Comfrey is another.  Prickly Ash is another.  Nettles, called ‘Stinging Nettles’ are another.

So what is it about the Black Walnut,  the Juglans nigra, which gives it such a great reputation for facilitating healing, including the regrowth of tooth enamel?  Louise Tenney who wrote the book ‘Today’s Herbal Health’, 1983, gives a summary of the healing attributes of the Black Walnut, in which she includes its ability to heal tooth enamel.

Valuable Minerals in Black Walnut:  For a start, Black Walnut Husks and Leaves are rich in important healing minerals.  Some of these, according to Louise Tenney, are organic iodine, magnesium, manganese,  Vitamin B15, silica, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

Iodine, especially, is a natural anti-bacterial, which would make Black Walnut helpful for the teeth.  Iodine helps to keep harmful germs in the mouth at bay. So the use of Black Walnut and other herbs which have a high organic iodine content, will help to kill off those germs which eat away at the teeth.  In this sense, Black Walnut would be very helpful for the restoration of the tooth enamel.

Silica is another important mineral which helps to keep harmful germs at bay, as well as having an important function in building strong teeth, bones, hair and nails.  Silica is found in the Black Walnut husks and leaves, as well as in Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, and Prickly Ash.  Comfrey is one of the richest sources of silica, which is a good enough reason to have the plant brought back for the general public to use again:  At present, many countries have banned comfrey because the drug companies have convinced governments that it can cause cancer and should be banned.  But this is really so that they have the monopoly on all the healing ingredients contained in comfrey.  People have been using comfrey as a healing herb TO GOOD EFFECT for thousands of years.  Stinging nettles are another rich source of silica, but commercial herbicides and people’s desire to control our road-side verges have almost put this vauluable healing plant into extinction.

Avoid Chemcials including Food Additives: Of course, it is not enough to simply use Black Walnut tincture, or another iodine product, on a daily basis.  For Black Walnut tincture to be effective on the teeth, you would need to have a nutritious diet, with plenty of protein, green vegetables, and plenty of raw salad material to keep the teeth clean and the saliva alkaline.  The same goes for using Comfrey in the diet, or Nettles, or Prickly Ash rubbed onto the gums and teeth – You need to be following a sound and healthy diet, rich in green vegetables both raw and cooked, with adequate protein, and little or no sugary foods, for the teeth to restore themselves.  You also need to avoid any harmful chemicals such as those food additives which are put into all sorts of packaged food these days.  Even breads contain preservative, which are very bad for the teeth as well as the general physical, mental and emotional states of well-being.

Cleansing With Castor Oil:  Periods of cleansing, where raw foods are eaten for a day, or several days, depending on the advice of your health practitioner, can be helpful in removing toxins from the body.  Ridding the body of toxic chemicals, and avoiding contact with chemicals, can help the general health as well as the health of the teeth.  Jacqui Davison was following the cancer-cure outlined by Dr Max Gerson, who cured many people of cancer during his life-time.  Castor Oil was one of the most important ingredients of his cancer cure.  Dr Gerson’s diet for reversing cancer also healed the tooth enamel on Jacqui’s teeth.  However, it must be remembered that Jacqui followed this diet with its rigorous cleansing procedures, for almost a year before she realized that her teeth had repaired themselves.  Healing of the teeth takes as long as it takes to heal an invasive cancer, and it requires the same amount of vigilant effort.

Homeopathy and Home Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis Home Treatments

Many cases of arthritis have been cured with curative diets and additional remedies such as Vitamin C, especially the calcium ascorbate type, and Homeopathic treatments.

Arthritis often develops because of an acidic body, accompanied by toxic build-ups which emanate from the toxins harboured in the bowels.  When constipation exists, or the bowels are lazy, then this toxic material starts to be absorbed through the intestinal walls.  Thus auto-intoxication of the body becomes a permanent condition, and this leads to the joints and bones being affected.

Vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate has cured many people of arthritic conditions, especially when the condition is recognized and averted in the early stages before deformities set in.  Taking 1000mg per day, or more if necessary, keeps the body alkaline and stops acidity. Vitamin C also  helps to alleviate pain, and reduces inflammation in the joints.  Some authorities recommend 1000mg with each meal.  This causes looseness in the bowels, which is a good thing, as it gets rid of those poisons in the bowels.  The idea is to decrease the dose until the bowels are functioning normally.  For some people, this may be 1000mg a day, for others, 2000mg, or even 3000mg per day.

Castor Oil Treatment: Castor oil is a powerful rejuvenator.  It draws poisons out of the whole body, beginning with the intestines and liver.  If it is taken regularly, it will even begin to dissolve the calcified build-ups around the joints.  (Vitamin C is capable of doing this also).  Dr Gerson recommended 2 tablespoons every second day for his cancer patients, and for people suffering other degenerative disease such as arthritis.  A remedial dose for the treatment of arthritis, without adopting the strict Gerson method, would be to take 2 tablespoons of castor oil once a week, followed by a cup of ginger tea, or chamomile tea, or black coffee.

Homeopathy can be very helpful for some people.  The following are some of the more common remedies for treating arthritis, but there are many more.

Rhus toxicodendron is one Homeopathic remedy which is commonly effective for treating arthritis.  With Rhus tox, there is pain and stiffness in the joints which is made worse by cold weather. The symptoms are better for warmth and movement.  If you use the 30C potency, then one dose per day is recommended, whereas if you use the 12C potency, you would use two or three doses in a day. Stop the treatment when improvement is noted.

Homeopathic Bryonia:  With the Bryonia patient, the  symptoms are always worse for movement, no matter what the weather.   The patient generally feels better for remaining still and lying on the painful side. There is  dryness  and heat with Bryonia – the patient drinks a large amount at a time.  The joints are painful and hot, and there may be swelling.  Use the same dosage as for Rhus tox above.  Cease the treatment when improvement is noted.

Homeopathic Chamomilla is useful for the rheumatic pains which are common with aged people.  Oversensitive, bad-tempered and better for movement are the qualities of the Chamomila patient.  There is often intolerance to people, as well as  hyper-sensitivity to pain.  The patient is worse at night and often has to walk about to relieve the pain. J.N. Singhal recommends a 200 dilution.  But the potencies above, mentioned under the Rhus toxicodendron remedy, could apply also.

Homeopathic Cimicifuga can be useful for restlessness combined with aching muscles.  The symptoms are usually worse in the morning, and for cold.   Usually one 30C dose of Cimicifuga brings relief.

Home Remedies For Constipation and Homeopathic Treatment

Help Clear Toxins Naturally With Homeopathy: “All Sickness Begins In the Bowel”. Homeopathy can normalize your intestinal functions which will improve your general health.  The old saying which says that : “All sickness begins in the bowel” happens to be  true. In curing any disease, the first thing in wholistic medicine is to clear the bowels and normalize their functioning.

No Cancer Notebook small

The bowel is responsible for many things.  The processing of food and the absorption of life-giving elements is one of the main functions of the bowel.  But the other main function, which concerns many of us from time to time, is the elimination of the waste products after the food has been processed.

Now it is important for these waste products to move quickly through the intestines.  Agricultural chemicals, and chemicals found in processed foods, make it even more important that the elimination processes work well, as when these chemicals sit around in the bowels, disease will set in.

If the action of the intestines is too slow, which results in constipation, then you will be absorbing the toxins from those waste products back through the walls of your intestines and into the blood.  This happens when the material in the bowel sits around for too long. If this is a habitual thing, then the poor cells of your body become poisoned over time, and weakened.  The liver  becomes overloaded, as it cannot rid the body of these poisons which are continually being fed back to it through the blood.  This state of constipation  sets the stage for degenerative diseases such as cancer and arthritis, or multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disease, to take hold.  You are also more susceptible to contracting infectious diseases such as the flu virus when your intestines are clogged.

Fasting and Roughage: This is why fasting occasionally, and taking remedial measures to keep those bowels functioning efficiently, is very very important.  Fasting regularly on raw fruits and vegetables and their juices, and eating plenty of raw salad material each day, which provide roughage and vital enzymes,   can do a lot towards preventing constipation, and preventing  cancer.

Drink Plenty of Water:  Many people suffer constipation because they forget to drink enough water, or any at all.  If you are a big coffee drinker, then you need to drink at least an equivalent amount of water compared to the volume of coffee you imbibe.  Coffee is dehydrating, and being dehydrated is one of the common causes of constipation.

So – You need to pay attention to the diet to prevent constipation, and  drink plenty of water to keep those bowels running smoothly and keep your health good.

The Grated Apple and Potato  Cure:  To Be Taken Before Meals: This is a very simply home remedy for constipation.  The recipe provides much roughage to clean the bowel out, and it also provides plenty of healing vitamins, minerals,  and pectin to nourish and heal the bowel.  A good amount of Vitamin C is taken into the body by using this apple and potato cure on a regular basis. All you do is grate one whole, washed potato, with its skin still on; then grate one apple, skin and all.  Mix the two together and eat the whole lot 20 minutes before breakfast.  Then repeat the whole procedure before lunch, or before the evening meal if you prefer.

This is very healthy for the body and the intestines.  It helps to prevent candida occurring, and will help your hair, teeth, bones and nails to stay healthy. You can keep doing the apple and potato cure indefinitely.  You will never get scurvy or constipation again.

As well as these dietary measures, you can do a lot to cure constipation and restore the regular functioning of the bowel by the taking of a Homeopathic remedy.  Three of the most effective Homeopathic remedies for constipation are  Nux vomica (called Nux vom.), Natrum muriaticum (called Nat. mur), and Graphites.

Dosage for Nux vomica: This is a good remedy if the patient is  sensitive and a bit run down and depressed.  Often there is a nervousness, and  sensitiveness to cold:  the patient feels chilly. These people often like stimulants such as coffee, tea and alcohol.  The Nux vomica remedy helps to counteract the effects of  these stimulants.  Menstruation is often copious with the period beginning early and lasting longer than usual.  A 6X dose can be taken several times a day, for several days or until the problem ceases.  The  30C potency would be taken once  a day.  Stop taking the remedy when you are better.  The 6C or 12 C potencies, can be bought at most health food stores, and some pharmacies.

How To Order Homeopathic Remedies: Weleda Products in Havelock North, Hastings area, New Zealand, make homeopathic preparations and also grow their own organic herbs and plants for the use in their medicines.  I like to support the Weleda brand whenever I can, as  they have a long tradition of making homeopathic remedies, and so their homeopathics are the ‘true blue’ and unadulterated recipes.

Castor Oil is a famous home remedy for constipation.  Castor Oil is a wonderful rejuvenator of the liver.  It is used in many  alternative cancer treatment programmes.  It is also used to help people with arthritis.  Cancer and arthritis can develop because of a life-time of constipation and clogged, toxic bowels. The fact that  this famous bowel remedy  is used to treat and cure cancer is indicative of the relationship between toxicity in the bowel and cancer.  A healthy, clean bowel  which is free of toxins will serve as an immunity against cancer and degenerative disease.

In treating serious degenerative conditions such as cancer and arthritis, Dr Gerson used 2 tablespoons of castor oil every second day for many months.  But of course, this dose would not be used by ordinary people for the sake of treating constipation.

Dose Of Castor Oil For Constipation for when the bowels are clogged. One or two tablespoons could be taken in the morning, followed by a cup of ginger tea, or black coffee, or chamomile tea.  This could be taken once a week as a remedial measure, to help to clear toxins from the liver as well as the intestines.  I believe castor oil is a preventative of cancer, arthritis, and other diseases, because of the fact that it attracts poisons to it.  This has a deep cleansing effect of the tissues throughout the body, not just in the intestines.

Vitamin C For Constipation:  Use 1000mg of calcium ascorbate, which is a non-acidic type of Vitamin C.  Take with a large glass of water.  Repeat the dose four hourly until you get results.  A remedial dose of Vitamin C can be taken regularly – 1000mg per day should work to keep those bowels regular.  Remember to take plenty of water with it.

Tamarind for Constipation: Tamarind is used in Indian cooking.  It is a complement to the curry spices.  Tamarind is an effective laxative.  Take half a teaspoon in a glass of hot water.  It is necesary to take a glass of milk, or yoghurt, or coconut milk straight afterwards, as tamarind tends to draw out calcium, as it is high in oxalic acid.  Milk of any kind, and fats and oils, help prevent this happening.

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Almonds For Health And Edgar Cayce

An Edgar Cayce Anthology

How exciting to rediscover this book which I bought years ago.  I have just unpacked it from a box where it has been stored for several years.

‘An Edgar Cayce Anthology’ was published by the Edagar Cayce Foundation in 1979.   In this book is an article by W.H. Church, on the spiritual and healing qualities of the almond, and its value as a cancer preventative. This article has much information which is gleaned from Edgar Cayce’s pyschic readings on the almond.

Almond As Cancer Preventative: An excerpt from reading number 3180-3  of Edgar Cayce’s says: ” …..and if an almond is taken each day, and kept up, you’ll never have accumulations of tumors or such conditions through the body.  An almond a day is much more in accord with keeping the doctor away, especially certain types of doctors, than apples.”

Almonds are high in potassium, phosphorous, calcium and iron. All these things are found to be important for preventing and treating cancer. Almonds also have amounts of laetrile, or vitamin B17, which is known to be effective in reducing cancerous tumours. Almonds have good amounts of Niacin, an important B Vitamin which is essential in preventing and treating cancer.  Almonds also contain Riboflavin.  They are rich in protein, and contain all eight of the essential amino acids.

It seems, from W.H. Church’s account, that the iron and phosphorous in almonds are in a combination which makes them easily assimilated by the human body.

Almonds benefit the brain and the nervous system generally.  It has been found that two of the body’s Endocrine glands, the Pituitary and the Pineal gland, require large amounts of phosphorous for their healthy functioning.  Edgar Cayce equated these two glands with Spiritual Realities, or Divine Realities: The Pineal Gland corresponds to the “Name”, or the Christed Consciousness, and the Pituitary Gland corresponds to “The Kingdom OF Heaven”. These terms are to be found in Cayce’s readings, and also in his commentary on the Book of Revelations.  See page 71 of  ‘An Edgar Cayce Anthology’ for more details on Edgar Cayce, Almonds and the Endocrine Glands.

These glands are important for the hormonal functions of the body, and the immune system.  Thus, almonds  will go a long way in preventing diseases and maintaining good health. Almonds should help, as well as protecting against cancer,  to also prevent diabetes, high blood pressure,  alzheimer’s disease, and other  degenerative diseases of the circulation,  brain and nervous system.

Almonds would seem to be of great benefit to people who are trying to maintain a healthy immune system following effects of radiation fall-out from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The phosphorous in almonds, combined with the other nutrients such as laetrile, or Vitamin B17, or amygdalin, will help to keep the thyroid healthy and hold cancer at bay.

Edgar Cayce advised from one to three almonds to clients. Each client was given a specific amount – some needed only one a day, while others were given more.

W.H. Church explains that the almond recommended  in Cayce’s readings was more a tool to “assist  the evolving of  the human personality in raising the consciousness in each cell to a recognition of the Divine within”.

to be continued ….

Arthritis/Cancer From Toxic Chemicals

Arthritis From Insecticides and Weedkillers
Many people could be ‘cured’ of arthritis forever.  For most people who have a good diet,  the simple life changing tactic of avoiding all  insecticides,weedkillers and drugs, including prescription medicines, and alcohol, would see most arthritic symptoms disappear.
In my own experience, herbicides or weedkillers, known also as pesticides or insecticides, have the most profoundly bad effect on the body and its functions than anything else.  Arthritic pain develops even if I am near a weedkiller or pesticide.  With many chemicals, depending upon how long I am kept near them,  I may also experience heart palpitations, or a racing heart, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, shaking nerves and hands,  blurred vision, and sudden lapse of memory.  These warning signs are a definite sign for myself that those things must be avoided if I am to avoid serious ill health. If I am not kept close to these chemicals for too long, then all these symptoms will disappear just as quickly as their sudden arrival.
I regard this hyper-sensitivity as being a very fortunate thing, as it enables me to detect chemical hazards in the environment, usually in time to prevent bad consequences, though not always:  I smoked for around five years, which has dulled my senses to a certain extent.
Many people are sensitive to chemicals, and this helps them to stay well, because they learn to avoid the potentially harmful things which make them feel bad.  They are given warnings, by being given a hint of the pain of disease, long before any disease is given the chance to develop.
This sensitivity is something which everyone can develop.
The more you avoid using toxic chemicals and taking toxic medicines, the finer your sensitivity becomes.  You become aware of smells and tastes which you haven’t experienced before, and this newly developed sensitivity will then become useful in detecting chemicals which are foreign to the body, and which cause harm.
All poisons, insecticides, herbicides, medications dull the senses.   The longer you use these toxic substances in your environment, or in your food, the less sensitive you become, and the more likely you are to develop diseases such as arthritis and cancer.
Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking also damages your senses.  Drinking alcohol on a regular basis has been shown to increase your chances of getting cancer, so a recent Australian study has shown.
The flavour of these poisonous chemicals get to blur your sense of smell and taste, and cloud your judgement to a certain extent.  This blurring of the senses  makes you more vulnerable to exposure to other chemicals, because you most likely will not even notice them.  Then, arthritis pain, and other health issues such a cancer, will not be associated with the true cause, because you failed to notice, or chose to ignore, the initial, small warning signs.
But once you cease using these toxic chemicals, and begin a cleansing diet to get rid of those unwanted poisons in your body, you will find that your arthritic aches and pains have gone.  Another positive effect from avoiding chemicals and cleansing them out of the body is that you  will feel happier, less inclined to depression and tiredness, and your mental alertness  will be much sharper.