Arthritis/Cancer From Toxic Chemicals

Arthritis From Insecticides and Weedkillers
Many people could be ‘cured’ of arthritis forever.  For most people who have a good diet,  the simple life changing tactic of avoiding all  insecticides,weedkillers and drugs, including prescription medicines, and alcohol, would see most arthritic symptoms disappear.
In my own experience, herbicides or weedkillers, known also as pesticides or insecticides, have the most profoundly bad effect on the body and its functions than anything else.  Arthritic pain develops even if I am near a weedkiller or pesticide.  With many chemicals, depending upon how long I am kept near them,  I may also experience heart palpitations, or a racing heart, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, shaking nerves and hands,  blurred vision, and sudden lapse of memory.  These warning signs are a definite sign for myself that those things must be avoided if I am to avoid serious ill health. If I am not kept close to these chemicals for too long, then all these symptoms will disappear just as quickly as their sudden arrival.
I regard this hyper-sensitivity as being a very fortunate thing, as it enables me to detect chemical hazards in the environment, usually in time to prevent bad consequences, though not always:  I smoked for around five years, which has dulled my senses to a certain extent.
Many people are sensitive to chemicals, and this helps them to stay well, because they learn to avoid the potentially harmful things which make them feel bad.  They are given warnings, by being given a hint of the pain of disease, long before any disease is given the chance to develop.
This sensitivity is something which everyone can develop.
The more you avoid using toxic chemicals and taking toxic medicines, the finer your sensitivity becomes.  You become aware of smells and tastes which you haven’t experienced before, and this newly developed sensitivity will then become useful in detecting chemicals which are foreign to the body, and which cause harm.
All poisons, insecticides, herbicides, medications dull the senses.   The longer you use these toxic substances in your environment, or in your food, the less sensitive you become, and the more likely you are to develop diseases such as arthritis and cancer.
Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking also damages your senses.  Drinking alcohol on a regular basis has been shown to increase your chances of getting cancer, so a recent Australian study has shown.
The flavour of these poisonous chemicals get to blur your sense of smell and taste, and cloud your judgement to a certain extent.  This blurring of the senses  makes you more vulnerable to exposure to other chemicals, because you most likely will not even notice them.  Then, arthritis pain, and other health issues such a cancer, will not be associated with the true cause, because you failed to notice, or chose to ignore, the initial, small warning signs.
But once you cease using these toxic chemicals, and begin a cleansing diet to get rid of those unwanted poisons in your body, you will find that your arthritic aches and pains have gone.  Another positive effect from avoiding chemicals and cleansing them out of the body is that you  will feel happier, less inclined to depression and tiredness, and your mental alertness  will be much sharper.

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