Homeopathy and Home Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis Home Treatments

Many cases of arthritis have been cured with curative diets and additional remedies such as Vitamin C, especially the calcium ascorbate type, and Homeopathic treatments.

Arthritis often develops because of an acidic body, accompanied by toxic build-ups which emanate from the toxins harboured in the bowels.  When constipation exists, or the bowels are lazy, then this toxic material starts to be absorbed through the intestinal walls.  Thus auto-intoxication of the body becomes a permanent condition, and this leads to the joints and bones being affected.

Vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate has cured many people of arthritic conditions, especially when the condition is recognized and averted in the early stages before deformities set in.  Taking 1000mg per day, or more if necessary, keeps the body alkaline and stops acidity. Vitamin C also  helps to alleviate pain, and reduces inflammation in the joints.  Some authorities recommend 1000mg with each meal.  This causes looseness in the bowels, which is a good thing, as it gets rid of those poisons in the bowels.  The idea is to decrease the dose until the bowels are functioning normally.  For some people, this may be 1000mg a day, for others, 2000mg, or even 3000mg per day.

Castor Oil Treatment: Castor oil is a powerful rejuvenator.  It draws poisons out of the whole body, beginning with the intestines and liver.  If it is taken regularly, it will even begin to dissolve the calcified build-ups around the joints.  (Vitamin C is capable of doing this also).  Dr Gerson recommended 2 tablespoons every second day for his cancer patients, and for people suffering other degenerative disease such as arthritis.  A remedial dose for the treatment of arthritis, without adopting the strict Gerson method, would be to take 2 tablespoons of castor oil once a week, followed by a cup of ginger tea, or chamomile tea, or black coffee.

Homeopathy can be very helpful for some people.  The following are some of the more common remedies for treating arthritis, but there are many more.

Rhus toxicodendron is one Homeopathic remedy which is commonly effective for treating arthritis.  With Rhus tox, there is pain and stiffness in the joints which is made worse by cold weather. The symptoms are better for warmth and movement.  If you use the 30C potency, then one dose per day is recommended, whereas if you use the 12C potency, you would use two or three doses in a day. Stop the treatment when improvement is noted.

Homeopathic Bryonia:  With the Bryonia patient, the  symptoms are always worse for movement, no matter what the weather.   The patient generally feels better for remaining still and lying on the painful side. There is  dryness  and heat with Bryonia – the patient drinks a large amount at a time.  The joints are painful and hot, and there may be swelling.  Use the same dosage as for Rhus tox above.  Cease the treatment when improvement is noted.

Homeopathic Chamomilla is useful for the rheumatic pains which are common with aged people.  Oversensitive, bad-tempered and better for movement are the qualities of the Chamomila patient.  There is often intolerance to people, as well as  hyper-sensitivity to pain.  The patient is worse at night and often has to walk about to relieve the pain. J.N. Singhal recommends a 200 dilution.  But the potencies above, mentioned under the Rhus toxicodendron remedy, could apply also.

Homeopathic Cimicifuga can be useful for restlessness combined with aching muscles.  The symptoms are usually worse in the morning, and for cold.   Usually one 30C dose of Cimicifuga brings relief.

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