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Organic Insecticides

September 2nd, 2010

Organic insecticides Which Really Work It is important to use non-poisonous insecticides on your pet. Poisonous chemicals which are in many flea killers, ant killers and cockroach products, are partly to blame for the many cancers, arthritis, and nerve and muscular diseases which our pets, and ourselves, are often afflicted with. Toxic chemicals put an overload on the body's organs, especially the liver.  Toxic chemicals also affect the heart, kidneys and bladder.  Toxic chemicals can  cause heart palpitations, fluttering of the heart, weakness of the heart, and heart attack.  Toxic chemicals can cause cancer. These affflictions can affect your own state of ...

Preventative Medicine

August 30th, 2010

Preventative Medicine is really what it should all  be about:  far better to prevent a malady of the health rather than wait for it to happen, and then have to seek  drug treatments which are expensive and which, most probably, will not cure the condition anyway. Just how popular is 'Preventative Medicine'?  How much do people really care about 'Preventative Medicine'? Today is the 30th August 2010, and there are only 11 searches recorded for the day in Google's search engine for 'Preventative Medicine', which is nothing really, considering that there are 177 searches for 'warfarin' and 177 for 'side effects of warfarin'.  Imagine that - 177 ...

Herbal Remedies For Depression

July 11th, 2010

Uplifting Herbal Remedies: There are many herbal remedies for depression which are easily obtainable, and which have been proven to be effective in treating depression. It is a good idea to get professional help if you are depressed. Go to your doctor, your acupuncturist, naturopath or health professional for advice. You should discuss the information below with your health professional before beginning any treatment. First of all - check that you do not have SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. If SAD is the reason you are depressed, then increasing exposure of the body to natural sunlight on a regular basis,  and  supplementing the diet with Vitamin D rich ...

Lupus Treatments

May 27th, 2010

Some Natural Remedies To Help Lupus. People with this condition need to be treated by a doctor or an alternative medical therapist. The suggestions given here could be discussed with your health professional. Lupus is a condition which affects the immune system. Many people have a genetic weakness which predisposes them to getting the disease, but there is usually an outside trigger of an environmental or emotional nature which causes the immune system to become weakened dramatically, which, in turn, leads to the onset of the disease. With lupus, the immune system literally goes hay-wire: instead of doing its job of attacking outside ...

Manganese Benefits

May 27th, 2010

MANGANESE The word manganese comes from the Greek word meaning 'magic'. This aptly describes the roles of manganese. Manganese helps to build strong bones. Low levels can cause bone problems similar to osteoporosis Children need  Manganese to build straight strong bones. Manganese is a  nerve and brain food. It is important for healthy brain function and in maintaining the body's immune system. It assists the thyroid gland Benefits of Manganese: Manganese aids the production of reproduction hormones It helps the flow of breast milk. It encourages healthy bowel movements. Manganese is important for the formation of collagen, used in the building of connective tissue. It helps to form ...
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