Foods To Eat On A Candida Cleanse Diet

Curing your body of a candida infection is easy provided you do not have a serious chemical poisoning due to some exposure to a dangerous chemical: if chemicals have made you ill, then it will take some time on the candida cleanse diet before you are well. You would be best advised, in this case, to work with a health practitioner.

Curing candida is simple, but it takes a lot of perseverance: all you have to do is starve the candida of the things which feed it. The best foods to eat on a candida cleanse diet are those which do not contain sugars, or carbohydrates which are converted to sugars very quickly, or yeasts of any kind.

BUT FIRST:  Your new anti-candida diet will be most effective if you begin treatment by taking two tablespoons full of castor oil, followed up immediately with a cup of black coffee, made from real coffee grounds. This draws toxins from the liver and the intestines, and rushes through all the sludge and sugars which the candida is feeding on.

Dr Max Gerson, who used castor oil widely in his treatment of cancer, recommended that an enema be taken within five hours of taking castor oil, otherwise the rush of toxins exiting through your intestines can make you feel very ill. If you have an aversion to doing this, then you could go to a colonic clinic to have a colonic cleanse on the following day to taking the castor oil.

Here are the best foods to eat on a candida cleanse diet:

GREEN VEGETABLES are excellent. Eat plenty of these, especially raw greens. Try to eat a big salad at least once a day: this is good, but twice is even better, and three times is best.

CELERY: this is probably the best anti-candida food out of them all. Celery is alkaline, and an alkaline state is necessary  to reduce candida. It is also pretty high in roughage, which is another thing in its favor: the fibers of the celery help keep the  bowel walls clean. It also has an antiseptic effect in the body, which helps to keep candida albicans at bay, as well as other bacteria. The other attribute of celery is that it is good for building strong bones, teeth, blood and brains! It is an ACE health food generally, and an ace anti-candida food.

GREEN VEGETABLES: Those which you may put on your list of foods to eat on a candida cleanse diet are:

Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Lettuce, Parsley, Silver Beet, Spinach, Spring Onions

Note: cooked cabbage might be best left for a week or so, as it becomes very sweet once cooked. But raw cabbage in a coleslaw is OK. Do NOT use any  vinegars, honey or mayonnaise on your salads and coleslaw. Instead, you can use safely use oil on these -any amount of olive oil, or rice bran oil, or grape seed oil etc.

AVOID root vegetables initially. This includes potatoes, kumara, or sweet potato, carrots, turnips, parsnips, swede. These all turn to sugars too quickly in the body. After you have recovered from the infection, you can take these foods in moderation. When you do, eat them in a balanced way, with a good portion of salad and/or cooked greens, a good measure of quality protein, vegetable oil and garlic.

AVOID all fruit and fruit juices, alcohol, vinegars, and any food which contains sugars, yeast, or vinegars such as soy bean tofu, miso, cheese, soy sauce, tomato sauce. Avoid milk and yogurt also.

AVOID all wheat and wheat products like bread, pastries and biscuits or cakes.

AVOID all other grains and flours for the first week, except for brown rice in moderation.

EAT BROWN RICE: This is the best grain to eat whilst treating yourself for candida. Eat it with garlic, vegetable oil, quality protein and a large salad with some cooked greens if you like. Some people with chronic infections might need to wait for a few days before including brown rice in their diets, using only raw and cooked greens, oils, and some protein initially.

EAT PLENTY OF PROTEIN: Many people get candida because their diets do not include enough real protein. Vegetarians, for instance, might be using grain products and pulses to get their protein intake. But this can be problematic for many people. Include real protein such as fish, free range eggs, free range chicken, beef or mutton with every meal. Almonds are good, generally, but most nuts are best left until you have overcome the candida.

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  1. Good advice using Rice Oil as it is loaded with antioxidants. Rice Oil also contains Oryzanol which is more active than vitamin E in fighting free radicals. Rice Oil is also hypoallergenic and an easy oil to use everyday.

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