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Vitamin C Therapy for Infectious Diseases

June 24th, 2011

Common Childhood Illnesses Can be Treated With Vitamin C Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, even Poliomyelitis, can all be treated effectively with Vitamin C therapy.  Even serious cases of Swine Flu have been cured through megadoses of Vitamin C having being given.  Read the post on how a Swine Flu victim had been given up to die by an Auckland hospital, but how he recovered because his family insisted he be given Vitamin C When you think about it, if life-threatening illnesses such as Swine Flu can be healed with Vitamin C, then just about any infectious disease can be, if ...

Colour TherapyTo Counteract Radiation

April 21st, 2011

Colour Therapy Can Improve Health and Help Radiation Sickness Of course, if you have radiation sickness, then you will need expert help to recover.  Colour therapy can be safely added to whatever treatment you might be undergoing, and it can be applied at home. Radiation, as we might well guess, has a red colour. Red is a heating colour, so, to negate the heating effects of red in radiation, its opposite colour blue  is used to counteract the energy of red..  Green, another cooling colour, is also good to use when treating  the effects of radiation. But first,  - a brief explanation of ...

Alternative Therapies For Cancer Do They Work

September 22nd, 2010

Alternative Medicine Therapies. Alternative therapies for cancer - Do they work? Doctor Max Gerson, Dr Anne Wigmore, and two New Zealand healers, Dr Walter Last and Dr Eva Hill, are some of my favourite alternative cancer therapists. These doctors have all written books on their methods of natural healing.  They are  all highly qualified medical people who have turned to natural means to cure people of disease.  These people have  cured many, many people over the course of their careers, of cancer, and other degenerative disease, and helped many more to prolong their lives. One is not to assume, though,  that their methods are ...

Alternative Therapies on 60 Minutes With Mike McRoberts

September 21st, 2010

Alternative Medicine: Does It Work? 22nd September, 2010.  Last night, on 'Close-Up', Channel One TVNZ, we were given what I consider to be a very unfair  and misleading representation of alternative therapies in a documentary presented by Mark Sainsbury. I really think that the more recent documentaries on  Channel 3: 60 Minutes with Mike McRoberts have given us more valuable information on alternative therapies than any of the recent 'Close-Up' docos, but then, 60 Minutes perhaps has more time to prepare, with  only one whole hour of screening  once a week, compared to 'Close-Up's half an hour, week-days. Hocus Pocus: The whole of ...

Alternative Therapies for Cancer

August 2nd, 2010

Natural Therapies versus Chemotherapy and Radiation: Are there any  Alternative Therapies for Cancer that really work? I think that Dr Max Gerson's book  is still one of the best books around on the subject of healing cancer naturally. In this book, he gives the results of 50 cases which he treated using his methods of detoxifying the body whilst providing maximum nourishment, mainly in the way of raw food and juices. I have personally found the Gerson therapy to be of great value over the years in treating instances of severe ill health:  I used a combination of treatments which I took from ...
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