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Alternative Cancer Treatments:

How Vitamin C Inhibits Cancer Cells

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Very recently, in June 2015, it was reported on National Radio that New Zealand research scientists have proved for a fact that Vitamin C does have an effect on cancer cells. Actually, they are not the first, as the Australian doctor, Dr Brighthope, the American Dr Levy, and others have been writing about their studies into the effectiveness of Vitamin C for many years now.

There is a wealth of research which shows that Vitamin C can stop cancer from growing, that it can reduce the size of cancers,  and that Vitamin C can prevent cancer from developing in the first place.

The following quote is from

(OMNS September 15, 2010)

‘It is entirely false to assert that we do not know how much vitamin C is effective against cancer. Indeed, the opposite is true: we do know, and we are failing our duty to patients when we fail to recommend vitamin C as adjunctive cancer therapy.

There are many controlled studies that demonstrate that vitamin C is indeed effective against cancer, improving length of life and quality of life. Positive studies have typically used between 10,000 and 100,000 mg/day intravenously. As Dr. Fernando Cabanillas correctly noted, success with 10,000 mg/day by IV was initially reported back in the 1970s by Cameron and Pauling.’

NOTE:  Although I would take the alternative approach every time, readers should not necessarily follow my advice.  Different things work for different people. DO see a doctor or a suitably qualified health professional if you think you may have cancer or some other degenerative disease.

For years, the debate about Vitamin C and Cancer has continued, with some alternative health therapists using megadoses of Vitamin C to treat cases of cancer and other degenerative disease, whilst orthodox medicine stood outside the square insisting that their methods, which exclude the use of Vitamin C, were best.

The efforts and successes of the proponents of Vitamin C have largely been ignored, or minimized in many cases.  Medical magazines are resistant to publishing material which is controversial. The power of persuasion of drug companies, and their readiness to stamp out opposition, are managing to keep the wonders of Vitamin C a big secret.

Professor Ian Brighthope has said ‘Unfortunately, as long as IV/C (intravenous vitamin C) has the potential to bankrupt hospitals, it doesn’t matter how well it works.’  -Quote from

Using Vitamin C as part of a ‘natural’ treatment for cancer has been used for over 50 years:  Dr Max Gerson , who used it in his famous cancer clinics, was driven out of America by the drug companies and the FDA, really because these powerful organisations did not want Dr Gerson challenging the effectiveness of their drug and radiation methods for cancer, when his own methods were so hugely successful.

You can read Dr Gerson’s book, Cancer – 50 Cases, to get greater insight into his work.  The book by Samuel E. Epstein, The Politics of Cancer, gives many instances of drug coverups and how alternative practitioners such as Dr Gerson have been hunted down and ostracized by the strong arm of the FDA, which is backed by the pharmaceutical companies.

Alternative therapies are kept such a secret, most people don’t even consider a ‘natural’, or  alternative cancer therapy when they first discover they have cancer.  I met a woman at the Newmarket pools recently, who was due to have her breasts taken off because of malignant breast cancer.  I told her about the clinic in Remuera, Auckland, which gives intravenous Vitamin C for cancer and advised her to go there for advice before having the operation.  ‘Oh, I don’t believe in Vitamin C.  If it worked, then we would all hear about, and the hospitals would be using it,’ she said .  She was wrong. She believed implicitly in the medical system.  She was not even mildly aware that modern medicine is one of the biggest industries in the world, or that the medical profession are basically puppets for the multinational drug companies, who refuse to  accept alternative methods which could pose a threat to their monopoly on the health ‘industry’.

Another recent major happening which should elevate the status of Vitamin C in treating any serious disease, also occurred very recently, again, –  in New Zealand.

The case which has drawn attention to the media is one where  Vitamin C cured a case of swine flu and hairy cell leukemia. The man, who was in hospital, was not improving with the current regular methods of treatment.  The family of the man requested that he be given Vitamin C in megadoses: they had read somewhere that this could be effective.  However, the medics denied this treatment at first, saying that it would not do any good.

The family did not give up, and threatened legal action unless Vitamin C was administered before the man died. So the hospital authorities relented, gave the man the megadoses of Vitamin C, and the result is that the man recovered from Swine Flu and Hairy Cell Leukemia.

We had coverage on the case by reporters from Channel 3 and Channel 1, TVNZ, which was excellent.

I hope that the subject still remains ‘hot’ news, as it very well should be.  So often, when major alternative ‘findings’ come to light here, they quickly get drowned by other competing factions, and are then conveniently forgotten – sometimes it is years before we have any more reporting on similar issues.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science, as well as the Vitamin C therapists.

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Uses For Castor Oil

Castor oil Benefits Health in many ways.  It can be used as a detoxifying agent;  It can be used to clear residue from the liver and gall bladder and eliminate gall stones;  It can be used as part of treatment for cancer;  It can be used to improve digestion;  It helps the nervous system;   It can be used as an eye salve to prevent cataracts and to treat cataracts in the early development of this disease;  It can be used to improve the skin;  and it is an essential ingredient in quality lipsticks.

Castor Oil is now used widely as part of a natural treatment for cancer and other degenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s,  and other chronic illnesses.

Herbal medicine dates back to the ancient Sumerians.  There are written records which herbs such as laurel, caraway and thyme were used by this civilization.  Castor oil, coriander, garlic, mint and opium were used by the ancient Egyptians, according to current herbal texts.

Although castor oil, obtained from the castor oil bean, has been used for thousands of years in the healing arts of the Ancient Egyptians, Ayurvedic practitioners and Chinese and Tibetan medicines,  it became popular again through the writings of Edgar Cayce and  Dr. Max Gerson. These healers  reinvented it as an effective treatment for many diseases in the earlier part of  the 20th century. Max Gerson is famous for his use of castor oil in his treatment of cancer.

Castor oil  is effective, not just in  treating cancer and other disease,  but in treating candida and poisoning of any kind.  One of the best ways to detoxify the body from exposure to chemicals, and to treat candida,  is with castor oil and high doses of non-acidic vitamin C. Of course, these two items are not taken together, but are separated from each other in the dosage.
Taking a small amount of castor oil before breakfast can have a beneficial effect on the health.  If you take it fairly regularly, then you will absorb some of the oil into your body, which will help the vital organs,  help the skin and hair, and help the healing of long-standing  conditions. 

Conditions which may be helped by taking a few drops of castor oil each morning before breakfast are: colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema,  psoriasis, arthitic bone ache, weak eyesight, and falling hair.  Of course, adequate diet and exercise and meditation must also be sustained to effect proper healing.  Don’t forget the enema when using castor oil internally. Even with a small dose of castor oil, an enema once or twice a week is recommended.
Castor-oil-jelly formula:  This mixture is ideal for  treating skin conditions and for using as a hair and scalp conditioner.  It helps clear up dandruff.  It  can also be used  internally, one tablespoon of chopped jelly before breakfast taken for three consecutive days.  This can be used as a treatment to help clear the gall bladder of stale bile.  Don’t forget the enema if you use the castor oil jelly internally.

However, it is best to take castor oil in the usual way, one to two tablespoons at a time, if you have a serious disease such as cancer, or require a laxative effect, as castor oil taken in this jelly form is not potent enough to detoxify the bowel as well. Note that this uses gelatine which is an animal product.  If you are vegetarian, you will have to find a vegetable gelatine instead.  A good option is to use  agar agar, which is a sea weed.  This  is very nutritious and will set just as well as gelatine.

Note: Castor oil jelly made with either gelatine or agar agar  will keep no more than about three days in the fridge.  If you haven’t used the jelly  after three days, then use it only  externally,  for hair and skin treatments, as suggested below.

Reminder:  Most packaged gelatine  has sulphur dioxide added as a preservative, which means it should not be taken too often.

Castor Oil Jelly is as a great  Skin Treatment and Hair Conditioner:  Just apply the warmed, melted castor oil jelly  to the hair, and to the skin which needs nourishment or healing.   Let it set hard, then wash off in the shower under warm water. The face benefits from the castor oil jelly treatment, as it works to tighten the skin and to cleanse the tissues.  This castor oil jelly treatment also works to help cure acne.

  • Put four tablespoons of fairly  hot water into a half pint sized bowl.
  • Sprinkle on one and a half tablespoons of gelatine or agar agar powder.   Let this sink, and then stir it in until it has dissolved.
  • Let the mixture cool a little.  It should be warm, but not cold for the next step.
  • Now stir in one and a half tablespoons of castor oil. As the mixture cools, you will need to keep mixing so that the castor oil gets emulsified properly into the gelatine mixture.
  • When it is nice and thick, and just about to set, pour the mixture into a flat small dish about six inches in diameter, so that you can easily  cut slices of the castor oil jelly  once it has set.

To use, simply cut a slice of the castor oil jelly and take each morning on an empty stomach,  before your breakfast.  I think one or  two tablespoonsful  of the jelly is a good amount to use, but you can decide on the dose yourself. Just cut up a slice into small pieces, just big enough to swallow down in chunks with your cup of herbal tea, or ceylon tea, or coffee.

Cut up the rest into slices and put in a screw top jar. Keep the remainder in the fridge. Take every morning until finished.

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