Black Walnut For Restoring Tooth Enamel

Medicinal Herbs: Thankyou to Charlie, who wrote in asking about Black Walnut as a restorative herb for tooth enamel.

DSCO 1851Photo taken at Dunedin Botanical Gardens by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera.

Restorative Diets such as those used for cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, have proven successful in many cases, for restoring tooth enamel.  Often, people have discovered that their teeth have repaired themselves whilst following a strict dietary and cleansing regime to treat eczema, psoriasis, or a life-threatening disease.

However, there are some specifics which are helpful in keeping tooth enamel healthy, and even in repairing tooth enamel.  Black Walnut is one of them.  Comfrey is another.  Prickly Ash is another.  Nettles, called ‘Stinging Nettles’ are another.

So what is it about the Black Walnut,  the Juglans nigra, which gives it such a great reputation for facilitating healing, including the regrowth of tooth enamel?  Louise Tenney who wrote the book ‘Today’s Herbal Health’, 1983, gives a summary of the healing attributes of the Black Walnut, in which she includes its ability to heal tooth enamel.

Valuable Minerals in Black Walnut:  For a start, Black Walnut Husks and Leaves are rich in important healing minerals.  Some of these, according to Louise Tenney, are organic iodine, magnesium, manganese,  Vitamin B15, silica, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

Iodine, especially, is a natural anti-bacterial, which would make Black Walnut helpful for the teeth.  Iodine helps to keep harmful germs in the mouth at bay. So the use of Black Walnut and other herbs which have a high organic iodine content, will help to kill off those germs which eat away at the teeth.  In this sense, Black Walnut would be very helpful for the restoration of the tooth enamel.

Silica is another important mineral which helps to keep harmful germs at bay, as well as having an important function in building strong teeth, bones, hair and nails.  Silica is found in the Black Walnut husks and leaves, as well as in Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, and Prickly Ash.  Comfrey is one of the richest sources of silica, which is a good enough reason to have the plant brought back for the general public to use again:  At present, many countries have banned comfrey because the drug companies have convinced governments that it can cause cancer and should be banned.  But this is really so that they have the monopoly on all the healing ingredients contained in comfrey.  People have been using comfrey as a healing herb TO GOOD EFFECT for thousands of years.  Stinging nettles are another rich source of silica, but commercial herbicides and people’s desire to control our road-side verges have almost put this vauluable healing plant into extinction.

Avoid Chemcials including Food Additives: Of course, it is not enough to simply use Black Walnut tincture, or another iodine product, on a daily basis.  For Black Walnut tincture to be effective on the teeth, you would need to have a nutritious diet, with plenty of protein, green vegetables, and plenty of raw salad material to keep the teeth clean and the saliva alkaline.  The same goes for using Comfrey in the diet, or Nettles, or Prickly Ash rubbed onto the gums and teeth – You need to be following a sound and healthy diet, rich in green vegetables both raw and cooked, with adequate protein, and little or no sugary foods, for the teeth to restore themselves.  You also need to avoid any harmful chemicals such as those food additives which are put into all sorts of packaged food these days.  Even breads contain preservative, which are very bad for the teeth as well as the general physical, mental and emotional states of well-being.

Cleansing With Castor Oil:  Periods of cleansing, where raw foods are eaten for a day, or several days, depending on the advice of your health practitioner, can be helpful in removing toxins from the body.  Ridding the body of toxic chemicals, and avoiding contact with chemicals, can help the general health as well as the health of the teeth.  Jacqui Davison was following the cancer-cure outlined by Dr Max Gerson, who cured many people of cancer during his life-time.  Castor Oil was one of the most important ingredients of his cancer cure.  Dr Gerson’s diet for reversing cancer also healed the tooth enamel on Jacqui’s teeth.  However, it must be remembered that Jacqui followed this diet with its rigorous cleansing procedures, for almost a year before she realized that her teeth had repaired themselves.  Healing of the teeth takes as long as it takes to heal an invasive cancer, and it requires the same amount of vigilant effort.

List Of Foods To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel

Repairing The Teeth

I have had many letters about whether people can, or cannot, regrow their tooth enamel.  There is no answer to this question – For a start, I am not a dentist and cannot give advice on people’s teeth, especially when I have no idea about the age, the health, the circumstances of the individual, and so forth.

Each individual case is different, which is why professional help should be sought if you are contemplating to follow any sort of health programme for the purpose of reversing a serious illness such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, or for the purpose of regrowing your tooth enamel.  I would advise you to see a good experienced naturopath, an ayurvedic practitioner, or a homeopath or herbalist. Consulting a naturopathic dentist would be a very good option if you wish to repair tooth enamel, as it is possible that the dentist could apply minerals to the teeth to help them repair themselves.

The Jacqui Davison/Gerson diet, and other wheatgrass programmes have worked well for curing many cancers and have repaired teeth in the process.  But there are other therapies which have worked equally well, such as a macrobiotic diet which is based on the Japanese diet, or the traditional Indian diet of Ayurvedic medicine. Indian people who have been brought up on traditional Indian food such as dahl, rice, and vegetable curries, with or without meat, usually have beautiful teeth, which shows how good this kind of diet is for the health.

I have written much about the Gerson therapy for cancer, and Jacqui Davison’s case, where new tooth enamel was grown while she followed Gerson’s therapy for cancer.

But not everyone has the ability, the perseverance, or the time, or the money, to put into following such rigorous programmes as Gerson’s, or other strict therapies recommended for cancer.

So – a modified diet is the best approach for most people, unless they are extremely determined and wish to follow the Gerson diet to the letter, with its castor oil doses every second day, daily enemas, and vegetable juices every hour, among other things.

A Basic Diet For Good Health:  I devised a special diet for my family many years ago.  I found  this diet to be good by trial and error. This diet was formulated  mainly to prevent my eldest child from suffering from eczema: Basically, all pre-packaged food, or processed food, was avoided completely so that no preservatives, colourants, or flavourings  were consumed at all.

All food was made at home. We omitted dairy foods, wheat foods, bread, sugar and yeast foods.  No coffee, tea or alcohol was used.  After following the diet for 9 months, to help my son’s eczema, we discovered one day that the small hole which had developed in his new front tooth had healed itself.  This proved that good nutrition, and avoiding harmful things in the diet, really does help tooth enamel to regenerate itself.  Although being young helps as well:  I have heard of other children who have had small cavities which have healed themselves naturally.

Now, I know that this diet  I devised is a similar one which is promoted for prevention and cure of candida.  This anti-eczema diet of ours is similar to the macrobiotic and Indian diets, where any cooked meats and fish are used, with any cooked vegetables and rice. But I was not following any specified programme as such:  I simply used all the foods which were healthy, and abandoned all that were unhealthy for us.  My son’s eczema was my barometer:  Eczema would appear on his arms very soon after eating anything which he was ‘allergic’ to, such as cow’s milk, wheat, and sugar, or yeast foods. He had been subjected to 245T aerial spraying over our house in the Hokianga when he was not much more than a year old. This had affected our health very badly.

After a while, I found that goat’s milk was tolerated by the whole family.  At first, I used fresh, unpasteurized goat’s milk to supplement breast feeding my youngest child. Then, when he was a little older, I found that powdered goat’s milk did not cause any reaction to any of my children, and so this was included in the daily diet also.  But for a long time, we did not use milk at all.

Basically, the foods we avoided were all wheat, all sugar, all dairy except for butter. Using butter was recommended by Walter Last – I found butter to be very healthful, but not so cow’s milk.

So I am going to list all of the foods which proved beneficial for us in preventing eczema, and which eventually repaired the enamel on my son’s tooth

List of Basic Foods To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel

All Cooking Oils were good, especially Olive oil, Grape seed oil, Rice bran oil.

All fruits are ok in small amounts, although citrus  or very acid fruits were not so good.  I found that using oil or protein with fruit helped the assimilation of the fruit sugar.  A banana mashed with an egg yolk, and a tablespoon of olive oil, with a little rice, and dessicated coconut, made a very good desert which was assimilated easily, without skin reaction.  This might not suit everybody with eczema or allergies though.  But generally, if you have a sugar disturbance, then eating oils or fats or protein with a fruit will aid the absorption of  its sugar content. Remember to munch a stalk of celery after each meal, especially if you have had a sweet dish. This is very important for children.

Alfalfa spouts:  These are very alkaline – one of the most alkaline foods of all.  Very good to include these in your daily salads.


Almond milk is excellent, combined with sesame or sunflower seeds.  This is a good calcium-rich substitute for dairy milk





Avocado and Avocado Oil


Beans – All dried beans were good.  Also fresh green beans


Beetroot – Grated raw beetroot in salads with grated apple.  Or cooked beetroot.

Besan Flour


Brown rice

Brussels Sprouts


Cabbage – Raw in Cole-slaw, or cooked.




Channa Flour


Coconut – Fresh or Dessicated coconut

Coconut Milk or Cream

Comfrey – If you can get it.  Comfrey is especially high in silica and other minerals which aid the growth of the teeth, hair, nails and bone.  I used comfrey tea quite frequently, and occasionally put a leaf in with the silver beet, maybe two or three times a week.   Very good to use in the diets of growing children.

Cornmeal – Both fine yellow cornmeal and coarse grain. Tinned kernels were also good.



Dates – We used a lot of dates on Walter Last’s recommendation.  Walter wrote a wonderful book called ‘Heal Yourself’. Dates are an ideal substitute for sweetening. I used dates to sweeten desserts, with coconut as well.  These sweets were not as sweet as if you were to use sugar, but the family got used to these less sweet desserts. We found dates did not cause an allergic reaction, whereas sugar, wheat and dairy foods, except for butter, did.

Eggs.  Only use Free-range eggs. Preferably organic.  2 raw egg yolks are taken daily on the Gerson diet. Raw egg yolk is healthy, but not raw egg white.  The white must be cooked. Raw egg yolk can be used with olive oil to make aioli, a Mediterranean substitute for butter.  Aioli is a great way to add more protein and olive oil into the diet, as it can be used as a salad dressing, as well as a dip, or a replacement for butter.


Fish – All fish was good, except for smoked fish or flavoured tinned fish. Tinned tuna, sardines in oil were good. I avoided tinned fish in sauces.


Grapes and Grapeseed Oil


Kumara or sweet potato





Mung Beans – Cooked and sprouted. Sprouted mung beans for salads are a great food, as they are rich in enzymes, vitamin C, and are alkaline in nature.


Olive Oil and Black Olives

Onions – red and white. Spring onion and chives. All the onion family are very good.



Pea Flour

Peppers – All peppers green and red



Raisins – Like sultanas, we only used these occasionally.  Dates were better.



Sesame Seeds and Sesame oil

Silver Beet (in moderation – I would not use this two days in a row, as I found it had too much oxalis acid to use too often)

Spinach (in moderation – same as for silver beet)

Sultanas – I used these only in moderation and not very frequently.  Dates were better for sweetening.


Sunflower Seeds and Sunflower Oil






All meats chicken and fish were used. I would say that we used more protein to replace wheat, generally, although we did use rice and cornmeal breads, and other grains from the list above on a daily basis.

We avoided all fermented foods while on this diet, including tofu and tempeh.  No vinegars, tomato sauce or soy sauces were used. Vinegars are yeast foods, which can cause candida. The above foods, generally, were good for treating candida. Fruits are used in moderation.  Too much fruit sugar can cause candida and eczema, which is why we used fruit in moderation.  We found fruit best if almonds or sunflower seed, or a drink of almond milk was taken at the same time.

Clean the Teeth with Alkaline Foods:  We used raw celery or carrot or apple at the end of any meal, especially if there was a dessert.  My children also had raw carrot apple,  and celery in their lunch boxes, to finish their meal, although they say they didn’t eat it very often.  However, I made sure that they did so at home.

Help Teeth Regrow Reply to Becca’s Query

Key Points of the Diet for Helping to Grow Tooth Enamel

Hello Becca – I lost your comment somehow on my site – However, the answer, in a nutshell, has come to light, so here is the reply which I formerly had posted up for you.

Your comments on any of this material are welcomed.  I make every attempt to answer questions where I am able.

Thankyou to all my readers, especially to all those people who make valuable comments and provide us with new information.

Have a great Christmas and New Year – regards, Merrilyn.

2010/11/12 at 11:45 pm | In reply to becca.

Hi Becca, Thankyou for your comment.
The key things to avoid are sugar, dairy foods and wheat. Avoiding gluten is important. Use brown rice instead of wheat products. No bread or pasta.
The other key factor is to eat lots of RAW CELERY and CARROTS. End each meal with these.

Chewing a stick of celery after each meal keeps the mouth alkaline.  Eating raw celery – or carrot – cleans your teeth naturally.  Celery juice and celery fiber do wonders for the teeth.

Celery has natural antibiotic-like properties, and it helps to kill damaging bacteria in the mouth which cause decay. Eating raw celery and carrots also provides plenty of fiber for your digestion. Your intestines will be cleansed by eating these raw foods, which means that they will process your foods more efficiently.
Eat as much of your food raw as you can. All protein foods are OK – flesh foods and vege. Raw and cooked vegetables are good. Always eat something raw with every meal.
It takes a while to notice the effects of such a programme, especially to regrow tooth enamel. But you should see some positive results after about 3 months if you follow the diet faithfully.
Regards, Merrilyn

PS Remember that there ARE people about who have proved that you can regrow teeth.  Jacqui Davison is one such person who has written about her experience with cancer, and the diet which cured her.  After a year of following a specific diet and following detoxification procedures, Jacqui had grown new teeth as well as a full head of dark hair.  Her hair had gone grey before she got the cancer, but it grew back to its natural colour after she adopted the Gerson approach to cancer therapy which included lots of raw vegetable juices and raw foods.

My son grew back tooth enamel after 9 months of following a gluten free, wheat-free, dairy free, and sugar free diet. We ate plenty of protein during this period, as well as heaps of salads.

Regrow Your Tooth Enamel

The Key Points Of The Diet To Regrow Teeth:

DSCO 1845

I have just had a comment from Becca who is attempting to improve her teeth with diet.  Here is a summary for Becca and for anyone else interested in working on diet to help the condition of the teeth.

It takes a while to regrow tooth enamel, so you have to be prepared to follow the programme for at least 6 months.  My child’s tooth enamel repaired itself after 9 months on such a programme.

My friend who came for advice about her diseased gums recovered completely after only 3 months on the diet.  However, in this case, the tooth enamel itself was not the problem, but her diseased gums:  She was told by a dental specialist that she would lose all of her teeth if she did not have them all removed one by one and scraped.  Each tooth was going to cost $5,000 to fix.  After three months of putting all her energies into the diet and getting well, she went back to the dentist to show him the result.  He said that there couldn’t have been anything wrong with her teeth if she had got better by diet alone, even though it was HIS diagnosis that said she had an incurable gum disease in the first place.

Of course, there are multiple ways in which you can improve the health of your gums and strengthen tooth enamel. Here is just one suggested method, which is similar to that method which we followed.

Merrilyn’s new book is available on Amazon:


  • Remove sugar, dairy foods and wheat altogether.  Avoiding gluten is important.
  • Stay Gluten Free: Instead of wheat pasta and bread, use brown rice.
  • Avoid vinegar and other fermented foods. No alcohol.  No sauces such as tomato sauce, or soy sauce. It is important to avoid fermented foods, as well as gluten, dairy and sugar, because these foods feed candida, or yeast infection.  Candida albicans is the source of many problems with health, including poor gums and teeth.
  • No preservatives.
  • EAT LOTS OF RAW  CELERY and CARROTS;  The other key factor in regrowing your tooth enamel and improving the health of your gums is to eat lots of RAW CELERY and CARROTS.  End each meal with these. This improves digestion, as well as the health of the teeth.
  • KEEP THE MOUTH ALKALINE:  Chew a stick of celery after each meal to keep the mouth alkaline.  Celery is a natural germicide and antibiotic which will keep those tooth-eating beasties in check. Celery will help to discourage those damaging bacteria which cause decay.
  • Celery is well known for its ability to help build strong bones:  It helps to build strong teeth as well.
  • Celery is a high fiber alkaline food.   Eating raw celery and carrots too, helps to provide plenty of fiber for your digestion. Your intestines will be cleansed by eating these raw foods, which means that they will process your foods more efficiently.
  • Eat as much of your food raw as you can.  Begin sprouting mung beans and alfalfa at home.  Mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts are especially alkaline.  These clean the teeth as well, keep the mouth alkaline, and provide more fiber for the bowel.
  • All protein foods are OK. Eating meat will not do your teeth any harm as long as you eat enough alkaline salads and cooked greens to go with it. Generally speaking, high quality protein is good for those on anti candida diets. Protein eaten with raw foods will help your teeth to grow. If you are vegetarian, then make sure your protein is adequate:  supplement with plenty of sprouts, nuts and seeds and pulses.
  • Organic free range eggs are excellent.  Try to eat two free range egg yolks each day.  This is very nourishing for the body and easy on the digestion.  You can include these with your olive oil dressing for your salad, or put them into a smoothie such as a banana smoothie with almonds, sesame or sunflower seeds.  Two raw egg yolks per day is recommended for vegetarians especially.
  • Use plenty of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds,  and coconut milk, especially if you are on a vegetarian diet. These are all very high in calcium and essential fatty acids.
  • All raw and cooked vegetables are good.
  • Always eat something raw with every meal.

It takes a while to notice the effects of such a programme, especially to regrow tooth enamel. If you really put the effort into following this diet, and faithfully exclude wheat, dairy, sugar, and yeasts, then you should see some positive results  on your general health after about three months.  If you were to continue on for another 6 months beyond that, you should see your tooth enamel beginning to repair itself.

Calcium Ascorbate Powder: This is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C which helps keep the body alkaline.  It also kills bacteria and works as a potent digestive which maximizes your vitamin and mineral intake from the food you eat. It helps to detoxify the body.

Calcium Ascorbate was used in treating my friend’s gum problem.  My family also used this quite frequently, which would have helped my child to regrow tooth enamel.    You need to take at least 1000 mg once or twice per day.

Castor Oil Treatment: People on cancer diets who have regrown their tooth enamel have used castor oil as part of their treatment.  I think that taking castor oil even once a week will have a beneficial effect on your teeth.  However, if the person is young, or healthy, with a strong recuperative power, regrowing tooth enamel can be done without castor oil.

See Merrilyn’s other post

Diet To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel

Diet To Help Regrow Tooth Enamel

Regrow Tooth Enamel

There are many different natural ways to treat and cure cancer, and the same methods have been found to regrow tooth enamel.

Merrilyn’s new book is available on Amazon. Read more success stories on regrowing tooth enamel and treating cancer:

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight: The important thing is to sustain your chosen diet over a long period:  It took  Jacqui Davison a year to regrow her tooth enamel…….Jacqui was following an adapted version of the Max Gerson alternative cancer diet which her daughter had come across.  She was expected to die of cancer within a week or two, so she agreed to let her daughter have her way and try the diet out, because there was simply nothing to lose by doing so.  Medical doctors had given up on her case, and she had come home to die.

After a year on a special dietary regime, with a castor oil cleanse  every second day, Jacqui grew new hair,  and her tooth cavities  where she had had fillings before, all healed up.

Note:  Tooth enamel will only regrow on teeth which have the nerve still intact. If this has been removed, then the tooth cannot be fed from the inside.   Capped teeth will not regrow, as they are clinically ‘dead’.

So –  it was by accident that Jacqui discovered that you can actually regrow tooth enamel.  She was intent on staying alive and beating the cancer.  As she began to get well, the old fillings all fell out.  This was  after about 6 months of doing the diet.  She kept on the diet but did not bother seeing a dentist, as this was not a priority at this stage. After a year, she suddenly realized one day that she had great teeth.  She just had not noticed them repairing themselves over ther year, because she was more concerned about whether she would survive.

It was by accident that I, too, discovered that tooth enamel does indeed repair itself when the diet is kept alkaline and is  especially nutritious. My son had a cavity in his front tooth which had distressed me, but since it was only small, I decided to leave it for the meantime.  My own teeth were drilled excessively when I was young, and so I considered  it would be best not to make the hole deeper by drilling. ” We would just keep an eye on it”, I thought.

We were on a similar diet to the one which Walter Last had put me on about eight years earlier.  This was to prevent eczema, which my son and I were very prone to since being sprayed by helicopter with 245T – farmers collaborated to kill blackberry which covered the hills around our house which  we had bought, in the Hokianga.

Another outbreak of eczema  had resulted from eating some foods which we were allergic to, and this decided me on returning to the stringent  diet which avoided all wheat, sugar, and dairy products, with the exception of butter.

This particular ‘maintenance diet’  diet of Walter Last’s allowed lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, but emphasized raw foods, with the inclusion of green salads with sprouted mung beans and alfalfa.

Regrowing teeth was not what I was concerned about:  It was staying clear of eczema which was my prime concern.  My eldest child was the one who suffered from this, as well as myself.  After following the diet rigidly for six to nine months, I happened to notice that the tooth cavity in my son’s front tooth had just disapppeared.

This is a version of the diets which have been promoted by Walter Last and Max Gerson.   This information  might be helpful to those who wish to try to repair their teeth naturally.  Ask your health professional about this before attempting the diet.  There are also dentists about, though maybe  hard to find,  who treat teeth with combinations of minerals to fix those cavities.

The Diet We Used:

No Sugar – No Wheat – that means No Wheat BreadNo dairy products except for butter.

This is important.  I believe that the removal of these things from the diet is perhaps 75% of the reason the diet works.

Carrots and Celery: These are very alkaline foods which benefit the health enormously.   Eat several carrots a day, and a stick or two of celery.  My children’s lunches had sliced carrot and a half stick of celery every day.  We ate carrots and celery as snacks during the day, as well as almonds and sunflower seeds and fruit.  Carrots and celery are great foods to clean the teeth after eating.  I think that these two raw foods had much to do with my son’s  tooth cavity which healed itself.

Milk: If you had your own cow which was fed on wholesome  organic pasture, and your milk was unpasteurized, then that might be a different story.  But commercial dairy  milk, unless it is organic, contains all sorts of chemicals such as antibiotics, growth hormones, fertilizer chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  These get concentrated in the milk.  So – commercial pasteurized milk is not the best food for people recovering from serious disease like cancer, and I believe it is not the best for tooth enamel either.

Walter Last believes that milk actually DEPLETES calcium from the body, instead of enriching it, and that milk causes mucous build up in the intestines which creates toxins. This mucous build up interferes with digestion and upsets the intestinal flora, resulting in candida and other sickness.

Where Do I Get My Calcium From?

So – You give up milk. Do you know that the brassica family are very high in calcium?  These vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower.  These vegetables are excellent for the teeth. Some of these vegetables should be eaten every day with the evening meal.

Do you know that sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are very rich in calcium? Sunflower seeds are especially high:  One handful of sesame seeds is meant to contain around 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is more than you get in a glass of milk.  Masticating these seeds is very good for the teeth, as the fiber content is a natural cleaning abrasive.

Nuts and Seets: A portion of either sunflower seeds, or  sesame seeds  should be eaten at every meal.  Other nuts, and almonds are also good.

Almonds:  Eat five or six almonds every day. If  you are a tall person, then you could eat slightly more.  Almonds are an alkaline and  healing food.  They contain Vitamin B 6,  protein, and laetrile which has been shown to help cancer patients recover.  Very small amounts of cyanide are found in almonds, and this small amount is helpful to healing  if only a moderate amount is taken each day.  Again, munching on almonds is good for the teeth.

Eat Two Raw Egg Yolks a Day: Iron, protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, calcium, an lecithin are some of the valuable goodies found in  raw egg yolk.  Raw egg yolk is slightly laxative, which means that it does not congest the bowels.

Note:  You do not eat the egg white  raw, but discard this.  Raw egg white is difficult to digest unless it is beaten up in a smoothie, or cooked.

Raw egg yolk is easy to stomach if it is mixed into a fruit juice.  It is also pleasant added to a mashed banana, with a little olive oil, as a dessert.

Alkaline Greens – Mung Bean Sprouts:  These should be eaten in salads twice a day.

A large salad should be eaten at lunchtime and at the evening meal.  Mung bean sprouts are very alkaline.  they contain Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B, calcium and other minerals and they are high in fiber.  Their alkaline nature, and the fibrous quality of mung bean sprouts is good for the digestion and the teeth.

Alfalfa sprouts can be added to these two salads as well. Alfalfa is especially alkaline and is excellent for the teeth.

Celery is another excellent food for the disgesion and for the teeth.  Eating lots of celery is good for promoting saliva flow, and the high fiber cleans the teeth.  It is another high quality alkaline food.

Note:  Celery is high in sodium, so if you have blood pressure problems, it might be best not to eat too much of this.  Pregnant women and lactating women are not meant to have too much celery in the diet.  However, I find that it is in excellent food when eaten raw, for the purposes of keeping the teeth in good health.

Lettuce, avocado, tomato, peppers, garlic, spring onion, chopped celery, parsley and fresh spinach are all good salad vegetables.

Sample Menu For The Day

You can survive indefinitely on this diet. It is  a good all-rounder for improving the health, and is generally a  good one for gluten-sensitive people and for people who are  slightly over-weight.  This diet, combined with appropriate exercise,  should  help you to lose excess weight in a healthful way, and tone up the immune system.

Carrot Juice: Begin the day with a  glass of freshly juiced carrot juice.  Put one raw, free range egg yolk into the carrot juice and stir it up. The carrots should be organic carrots if you can get them.

Oatmeal Porridge and Apple: Follow the carrot juice with a large plate of oatmeal porridge.  Do not use sugar, or milk on the porridge, but grate up one whole apple instead, and put this on top of the porridge.   A knob of butter or some olive oil may be added.  Use about 5 dates for sweetening.  A handfulof sesame seeds can be sprinkled on the grated apple.  This gives you almost the daily requirement of calcium in one meal, without using dairy milk.

Max Gerson used  porridge with grated apple for his cancer patients.  Breakfast with porridge was the only cooked food taken for quite some time.

Morning Tea: Take a glass of juice, say freshly juiced celery and apple in a 50/50 combination.  Eat a few sunflower seeds, or some almonds.  Have a mashed banana with a handful of mung bean sprouts if you really are hungry.

Lunch:  Eat a LARGE SLALAD which consists of Mung Bean Sprouts and any of the salad vegetables mentioned above.  A small cupful of brown rice with olive oil or a little butter, and some tuna or a can of sardines can be eaten with the salad.  If you prefer, lean beef or chicken could be used instead of fish; or a helping of gluten-free cornmeal bread can be taken for protein.

Afternoon Tea: Juice a beetroot with an apple.  Drink this.  Or have celery and apple if you prefer.  Eat some sunflower seeds or a tablespoon or two of seame seeds mixed into a mashed banana. A little olive oil may be added. Munch on a half stick of celery to clean the teeth after the sweet banana.

Tea: Have a juice of apple and carrot, or celery and apple,  or beetroot and apple.  Add the second raw egg yolk to the juice.  If you prefer, the egg yolk can be added to an olive oil aioli dressing instead of having them in juice.  But try it – raw egg yolk in juice is quite palatable.

A large Mung Bean Salad with any of the salad vegetables as mentioned above.  Use olive oil for dressing.    Cooked greens such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower or brussels sprouts should accompany the meal for extra calcium and vitamins.  Have one cupful of cooked brown rice with the salad and cooked greens.

A helping of lean beef, or chicken, or fish may be taken with the rice and vegetables.  Or a slice of vegetarian and gluten free corn bread could be added to the meal to provide protein.

Dessert: One grated apple with chopped dates, olive oil, mashed banana and sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.

Finish with a stick of celery to clean the teeth.

If you are still hungry on this diet, then eat more of any of the allowable foods.  For a change, a  cup of pea soup may be taken in place of the brown rice for the evening meal, or eaten as well as the rice, salad and cooked greens.

Alternatives to Wheat – Gluten Free Bread:

At least one day in the week, I made cornmeal bread which was entirely gluten free.  My recipe used several eggs, so this gluten free cornbread was a protein-rich substitute for wheat bread.  This tasty bread was ideal for growing children. Eaten with plenty of salad,  it is easy to digest.

Detoxify With Castor Oil: In doing justice to the healing methods of Walter Last and Max Gerson,  more than a mention must be made of detoxifying methods.  Max Gerson used castor oil every second day for cancer and other degenerative disease.  Of course, the more strictly you practice your diet and detoxification methods, the more quickly you will heal.  But you need not take castor oil every second day to regenerate tooth enamel.  We only took castor oil occasionally the year that my son’s tooth healed.

Walter Last and Max Gerson both insisted that enemas be used daily for cleansing, in order for the body to regenerate itself and heal.  I think that if you are serious about regrowing teeth, then cleansing on a regular basis is essential.

Detox With Kiwifruit: Having said that, if you really are averse to using an enema, then a whole meal  of kiwi fruit taken once or twice a week will clean your intestines out very effectively.   You need to eat lots at the one sitting – about 6 or 8 kiwifruit for the one meal, or as many as you feel you can eat.  It is OK to take a vegetable juice such as carrot, or carrot and celery, or carrot and apple, with your breakfast of kiwifruit.  Even better to do this with an enema to follow, but………….

Adjust Your Diet To Your Needs: More protein may be taken.   More brown rice may be taken.  More greens and fruit may be taken.  More nuts and seeds may be taken.  More vegetable juices may be taken.  Adjust the diet to your needs.  If you work hard on a physically demanding job, then you will need more food than someone who leads a more sedentary lifestyle.

The most important thing is to keep the level of  alkaline raw greens ‘up’ in the diet, and to avoid wheat, milk and sugar.