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Key Points of the Diet for Helping to Grow Tooth Enamel

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Hi Becca, Thankyou for your comment.
The key things to avoid are sugar, dairy foods and wheat. Avoiding gluten is important. Use brown rice instead of wheat products. No bread or pasta.
The other key factor is to eat lots of RAW CELERY and CARROTS. End each meal with these.

Chewing a stick of celery after each meal keeps the mouth alkaline.  Eating raw celery – or carrot – cleans your teeth naturally.  Celery juice and celery fiber do wonders for the teeth.

Celery has natural antibiotic-like properties, and it helps to kill damaging bacteria in the mouth which cause decay. Eating raw celery and carrots also provides plenty of fiber for your digestion. Your intestines will be cleansed by eating these raw foods, which means that they will process your foods more efficiently.
Eat as much of your food raw as you can. All protein foods are OK – flesh foods and vege. Raw and cooked vegetables are good. Always eat something raw with every meal.
It takes a while to notice the effects of such a programme, especially to regrow tooth enamel. But you should see some positive results after about 3 months if you follow the diet faithfully.
Regards, Merrilyn

PS Remember that there ARE people about who have proved that you can regrow teeth.  Jacqui Davison is one such person who has written about her experience with cancer, and the diet which cured her.  After a year of following a specific diet and following detoxification procedures, Jacqui had grown new teeth as well as a full head of dark hair.  Her hair had gone grey before she got the cancer, but it grew back to its natural colour after she adopted the Gerson approach to cancer therapy which included lots of raw vegetable juices and raw foods.

My son grew back tooth enamel after 9 months of following a gluten free, wheat-free, dairy free, and sugar free diet. We ate plenty of protein during this period, as well as heaps of salads.

How To Get Calcium From Natural Food

Natural Calcium Supplements

Do you know that you can get enough calcium from your food, even if you do not use dairy products?

As a matter of fact, vegetarians who are strict enough to exclude dairy products  usually have better calcium absorption, and a higher bone density than people who eat meat and dairy foods. That is if they are supplementing their diets with natural, calcium rich foods.

Dairy-Free Calcium Foods: Making dairy free milks out of almonds, or sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds is an excellent way to provide your body with the calcium it requires.   Milk made out of these ingredients nutritious and has a healthy alkaline effect on the body.

You can use any one, or a combination of these seeds.  You can also add the odd chopped Brazil nuts, hazelnuts,  or a few cashews to enrich the milk.  Brazil nuts are high in selenium, so they are a good addition to your home-made, dairy-free milk.

Sesame Seeds Are Calcium Food:  Sesame seeds are one of the richest calcium foods.  One good handful is supposed to supply 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is more than you get in a glass of milk. Sesame seeds are also rich in essential fatty acids, which help brain and nerve function, and keep the skin and other organs healthy.

Put some in your dairy-free milk mix, and add to your home-made smoothies.  You can use the whole, or ground seed on your porridge each morning.  Get into the habit of adding  a  sprinkle over salads and cooked food.

You need to chew up the sesame seeds well to get the maximum benefit from them.  If your teeth are not so good, then you can grind your sesame seeds up in a coffee grinder, or blend them into a banana smoothie.

Sesame seeds are a wonderful food to add to your daily diet:  They will complement a vegetarian diet and are an excellent supplement for those in need of extra calcium nourishment.  Using just one generous handful per day will surely benefit your health

Sunflower Seeds Are Calcium Food: Sunflower seeds are also rich in calcium, as well as essential fatty acids. To get the best out of sunflower seeds, it is best to eat them raw. You can grind your sunflower seeds up into a meal to put on porridge, or to sprinkle over a salad or cooked food.

They are great to add to a smoothie for extra calcium.  If you are making a smoothie, then soak your sunflower seeds for 15 minutes before blending them up.

If you are making sunflower seed milk, then soak them for 15 minutes before blending.

Coconut and Coconut Milk: Coconut is extremely rich in calcium, protein,  and essential fatty acids.  Have you thought just how the Pacific Island people have grown into such a healthy, tall, strong people without the traditional cow which Europeans have relied  on as a calcium and protein source?  Pacific Island people eat a lot of fish, which supplies calcium and other nutrients, but the daily component of the diet is coconut milk.

Sardines and Mackerel: Small fish which are eaten with the bones are very good for their calcium value.  Try to eat some every day, unless you are on a strict vegetarian diet which excludes fish, in which case you will eat more of the alternative calcium foods such as sesame seeds and sunflower seeds

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage:  All the brassica family are very high in calcium.  These are very healthy, not just because of their high calcium content, but because  they are alkaline foods, and they provide your system with lots of healthy fiber. Other brassicas are cauliflower and kale.

The Apple Diet


This post is going to tell you  about the benefits of fasting on apples.

The apple diet is a cleansing diet.  The fame of the humble, healing apple goes back for centuries. Dr Max Gerson used the apple as part of his famous cancer treatment, and it is still used today by people who follow the Gerson treatment.

The apple diet is one of the simplest, one of the most pleasant, and one of the best ways in which you can detoxify your body of chemicals and slush.

Apples are such a great food. They are rich in pectin,  vitamin C, potassium and other trace elements. They have an enormous amount of good quality fiber. They have an alkaline efect on the body, so you can reduce acidity by eating an apple after a meal. Eating an apple after a meal also helps you to absorb vitamins, iron, calcium,  and other minerals from your food. Apples are great food as snacks, too;  instead of going for that pastry or cookie, you could eat an apple, or even a few slices while you watch television or prepare dinner.

Apples are great for the teeth, of course. Children should all be given one apple at least per day.

The Apple Cleanse Diet is simple: All you do is eat raw apples for a few days. You can munch away at whole apples, or you can grate the apple up,  skin and core and all. In the Gerson diet for treating cancer and other immune diseases,  a whole organic apple is grated up each morning, to have on the big plate of oatmeal porridge, which is the only cooked item used in the initial cleansing period on the Gerson diet.

Three days of  straight apple eating is a standard period for a cleanse, but if you do not feel up to it, then do only one day on the apples. You will find that each time you repeat this one day or so on the apple diet,  you get a little stronger, your resistance will improve, and tackling the diet will become easy.

You can eat just as many as you like. This is a great exercise for all those who wish to lose weight, or who have eating addictions: no need for guilt on the amount of apples you eat – there are absolutely no limits.  Eating lots of apples just on their own WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT. You will LOSE fat instead, if you can eat apples, and only apples, for three days at a time.

Your digestive system, especially your bowels, will benefit from the bulk of the fiber in the apple diet.  This bulk thoroughly cleanses the bowel of effete matter and any toxins it may be harbouring. The honorable apple contains high amounts of pectin, especially in the pips, and peptin has a great healing effect on the tissues of the body, including the intestines.

Your nervous system will benefit from a day or two on apples.

Your liver, gall bladder and kidneys and bladder will also benefit from a few days of eating only apples. If the apple diet is done regularly, say one day a week, or three days every few weeks, then you will be gradually diminishing any toxic deposits in these organs.

The same goes for the brain: after a few days on the apple diet, you will notice that your brain is much sharper, and so is your eyesight. The nutrients in apples help feed the nerves which affect the eyesight and brain. Because the apple diet cleanses the blood, there are less toxins in the blood which feeds your brain and eyesight: this, in itself, causes a rejuvenation of brain and eyesight.

Note- before attempting the apple diet,  ask your health practitioner if you  can safely do this diet, especially if you have any medical condition for which you are getting treatment.

Do not continue the apple fast for more than three days at a time.  Apples are great food, and they are wonderful for taking toxins out of the body and healing it:  However, after using apples to restore a healthy body,  you need  to include proteins , oils and fats, calcium-rich foods, and  iodine and iron in the diet again. A normal, healthy diet which includes proteins and plenty of fresh and cooked green vegetables should follow the apple diet.

The apple diet is made most effective in its detoxification effects when a bowel wash is done. If you have never done a cleanse before, then you might have large amounts of toxins to expel, and these can make you feel sick initially. Colonic irrigation  at a clinic is a good idea if you can afford it. The more you persevere with fasting on apples on a regular basis, the less toxic your body will become.