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How People Have Regrown Teeth:

This post is in answer to Amalhator’s comment on one of  my recent posts about how to grow new teeth, entitled Regrow Teeth.

Thankyou for your comment Amalhator.

There are some dental experts who specialize in growing new enamel on teeth.  This is done  with specially prepared natural formulas of minerals and vitamins which aid the reparation of the natural tooth enamel.

It is recommended that you see a health professional about your teeth if you wish to regrow tooth enamel. A dental expert should help you. This post is intended for information only, and so you might like to discuss these methods with your health professional before giving any of these methods  a go, of course, with your dentist’s  approval.

Tooth enamel and new hair can be regrown through diet and detoxification methods.  Whether you succeed in growing new teeth using the same method as Dr Gerson and Jacqui Davison will depend on how strictly you follow their methods,  and how long you follow their diet and detoxification methods.

If you are youngish, then your ability to regrow new tooth enamel will be stronger than if you are old with a weakened vitality.  However, it must be stressed that success  in growing new teeth naturally does  require a huge commitment:   following any type of  alternative method as  recommended  by Dr Gerson, Walter Last, Dr Anne Wigmore, Dr Eva Hill is not  easy by any means.

Cases of people who have regrown their teeth and their hair can be found, going back 50 years or so,  in some of Dr Max Gerson’s cancer patients who overcame the disease.

From written reports on his successes, and the book by Jacqui Davison who cured her own melanoma through following much of the Gerson treatment, we can deduce that these natural methods for treating cancer actually work to regrow tooth enamel and to regrow hair, as well as being effective in  curing cancer:  Many of those who recovered from cancer reported miraculous changes to the state of their teeth.

The recovery of the teeth occurred because the diet contained optimum amounts of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to cure cancer, and for the maintaining of excellent health.  These minerals and vitamins nourished the blood which fed the nerves of the teeth, and so the teeth regrew.

Those teeth which had the nerve removed, or which were ‘capped’, did not regrow, because there was no nerve left to feed the tooth. The nerve of the tooth must be intact for a tooth to regrow.

Hard Work To Grow New Tooth Enamel: These cancer patients had very specific diets which excluded cooked food, dairy,  wheat, sugar and flesh foods for very long periods.  That means NO dairy foods, NO meat, NO Wheat,  NO cooked food, but raw salads with almost every meal, and fresh organic vegetable juices on the hour every hour.  After several weeks,  two raw egg yolks a day were included in the diet to supply protein, fats and vitamins.

The diet also had specific  vitamin and mineral supplements  which aided recovery.  However, many people have recovered from cancer using  similar methods to Dr Gerson’s without the addition of nutritional supplements.

Dr Eva Hill, who worked in New Zealand about the same time as Dr Gerson worked in Americal and Mexico, cured many people of serious disease by raw food alone. Walter Last, and Dr Anne Wigmore are two other doctors who have cured people of life threatening disease by using diet and detoxification methods. These people have all written books on their successes which detail their use of diet, and detoxification.

Oatmeal Porridge: In the main, the only cooked food which was eaten at the beginning of the Gerson therapy was oatmeal porridge, which was eaten with a grated raw apple every morning.

The oatmeal porridge must have had a bearing on the recovery of the health and the hair, as oatmeal is very high in silica, which helps bone, hair and teeth to grow.  Silica, and calcium, are both necessary to combat cancer.

Iodine is another essential for treating cancer and for improving the health of the hair teeth and nails:  liquid iodine can be used for iodine intake.  Just several dabs onto the skin twice a week should be sufficient for most healthy people.

Calves’ Liver Broth for Enzymes and Iron: Walter Last used calves’ liver broth in his cancer treatments:  This supplies important nutrients and enzymes to the body, a teaspoon or two at a time, several times a day, without having to eat the meat. See my post on how to make calf liver broth. Eating the meat itself is avoided in treating cancer, as meat putrifies in the bowel, which must be avoided at all costs if you have cancer.  The idea is to keep the bowels as clean as they can be in treating cancer, and this must apply also if you are attempting to grow new teeth.

Castor Oil for Detoxification and Healing: The special diet  recommended by Dr Gerson was  used in combination with intense detoxification methods.  The integral parts of the detoxifaction process included the use of castor oil and enemas.

Castor Oil is a very powerful healer, as well as a detoxifying agent. Castor oil has the ability to draw out poisons from the body tissues.  It also helps to transfer valuable healing vitamins and minerals over all parts of the body.  I believe that castor oil was an integral part of the recovery of these cancer patients, including the regrowth of hair and newly grown tooth enamel.

Enemas are important in the Gerson therapy, and in Walter Last’s treatments. However, you really need the advice of a professional in using these along with any alternative cancer therapy.

One Case of Cured Gum Disease:  Years ago, I had one amazing success of curing a person with a gum disease which threatened the life of my friend’s teeth.  She had been tole by a dentist that each tooth must be removed, scraped, treated, and then reinserted back into her gums.  Each tooth was to be treated individually, one at a time, and these operations were going to take place over a period of about six months at a cost of around $5,000 per tooth, which, twelve years ago or so, was a large amount of money.

Basically, she could not afford to keep her teeth, and she came to me to see if I could help her.

Tooth Cavity Repaired Through Diet: Now I had seen tooth enamel regrow while my family and myself were on a totally dairy free, and wheat-free, and  sugar-free diet.  It was not a total raw foods diet, as we ate cooked vegetables and also  had meat, chicken, fish, and eggs, and rice, and other gluten free grains – but for years we did not touch dairy, wheat, or foods sweetened with white sugar.

One day, I noticed that my son, who was about 10 years old, had developed a cavity in one of his lovely front white teeth. I did not take him immediately to see the dentist, because the cavity was quite small – I resisted getting such a small cavity drilled out, as that would make the cavity even bigger, and I had a mouth full of teeth which were mainly fillings because of this kind of dentistry.

We kept on with the diet which was necessary because my son had chronic allergy to wheat, milk and sugar at that stage.  After around six months, when rechecking the mouth, I found that the cavity had simply disappeared.  The hole had completely repaired itself without us  having to  see a dentist.

This was entirely coincidental, as I had been treating eczema with diet, not holes in teeth.

I had had earlier success myself with this kind of diet in curing a breast lump. Anyway – I published a couple of little books on the subject, and so my friend came to see me about  the gum disease and the costly treatment which her dentist proposed for her.

Now not many people are really that keen to do the alternative cancer treatment seriously.  Many people, even those with cancer, will do a little of it, but not the works, which includes enemas and castor oil.

But my friend, to my surprise, did everything to the letter.  Three months later, the gum disease was totally cured and she looked about twenty years younger, full of vitality.

She went back to see the dentist to show him how healthy her teeth and gums were, and to say that she would not need this operation after all.  The dentist  told her that he must have been wrong in his diagnosis.  he said he had made a mistake, because  she couldn’t have had this gum disease after all, if she had ‘cured’ herself naturally, as she said she had. He said the disease was incurable.

But before she ‘cured’ herself, he was more than happy to go along with his undisputed diagnosis, remove all her teeth, and charge her around $50,000 to $100,000 for what he said was a necessary and urgent operation.

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  1. Very interesting theme thanks for the info but i would like to know about more about this diet because i have a lot of dental problems not extreme but i some of my teeth have enamel erosion. Please help me! I would apreciate it for ever if you can send my more info to my mail [email protected]

  2. Hi Alan. Thanks for your comment regarding regrowing tooth enamel. Do see a professional for advice on your teeth. However, I will put up a new post for you tomorrow, for information purposes only. It takes a long time for the teeth to repair themselves, but it can be done. The people who have regrown tooth enamel, and subsequently written about the phenomenon, have actually been treating themselves for degenerative disease, and they have therefore taken the diet very seriously. They have followed a specified diet almost to the letter for about two years: Improvement in the teeth was noted after about a year.
    However, I will give you the diet which myself and my family were on which helped my son to repair tooth enamel on a front tooth. We followed a diet which was very Walter Last inspired, with some additional tips from the Max Gerson diet. This is pretty much the same diet as the one I gave to my friend for a gum disease: She cured her gum disease in three months, but it takes about nine months to a year of following a specific diet for the teeth to begin to repair themselves.
    I will work on this post for you tonight. Cheers, Merrilyn

  3. I never personally met people who actually regrew enamel. I read that it is possible to only remineralize and demineralize but not possible to replace lost structure. There should be more studies done on this. I believe it’s possible to regrow teeth but the probability is very low and if it does, it will take a long time and you would be pretty old.

    If everyone can regrow teeth within a reasonable time, they can easily avoid metals and other toxic or allergenic dental materials. I read Dr. Hal Huggin’s book It’s All in Your Head and many people had tremendous healing after amalgam removal.

    Last week, my mercury fillings were removed. Is it possible that mercury causes teeth grinding. Mercury can travel through dentin and would that be possible to cause irritation of surrounding tissues? It also depletes magnesium. Some sites claim that mercury destroys intestinal flora, allowing parasites and yeasts to inhabitate. Parasites may cause teeth grinding.

    There were cultures according to Weston A price that rarely develop cavities and dental problems even without oral hygiene. They often (including Inuits) emphasized organic organs, meat, raw milk, and sea food which are high in fat soluble vitamins. They carefully prepared grains to degrade the phytic acid content.

  4. Thankyou for your comments amalhator. Good information here. I, too, have read about tooth enamel being regrown, but I have also observed the effects on tooth enamel when specific foods were eaten and others left out.
    Like methods to heal cancer, I am sure that there are several different methods that will work. It is just a matter of perseverance, and of sustaining the chosen diet over a long period, which is important. I am putting up a post today for another reader who wants to know what we did. Regards Merrilyn.

  5. Thanks Merrilyn. So this method also works for gum diseases like peridonditis? You think is also posible to heal gums and regrow them?

  6. Yes – In a way, gum disease is easier to treat than regrowing tooth enamel, because the gums heal quite quickly when the right things are done. Whereas it takes some time for tooth enamel to grow – You need to allow about a year, really, on a very high maintenance diet. There are a few dentists about who treat teeth cavities with nutrients, rather than drilling the teeth and filling them. it might be worth investigation this option. However, at the same time, the high maintenance diet which I suggest can only do good, I believe, both for your general health and for the health of your teeth. Cheers, Merrilyn.

  7. Hi Merrilyn,

    Please send me more info on the diet, links, etc. I have been losing tooth enamel now for a few years and am beginning to panic. I am not interested in veneers or gimmicky products. I do have a thyroid issue and am on Synthroid…am wondering if that’s what is causing this. My dentist hasn’t been very helpful (just patches the spots where the enamel has disappeared completely w/composite that chips out or stains), and I’m not sure what my next step should be. I’m 41. Thanks!! R

  8. Hi R.,
    Thankyou for your question. I really have no personal experience with thyroid issues and using this diet which has helped people to recover their teeth. Dr Max Gerson claimed that it didn’t matter what disease you had, you could recover if you followed his methods without fail. However, if you are taking medication of any kind, then you really need to discuss the matter with your doctor. I would then get a second opinion from an alternative therapist who has experience in helping people with degenerative disease such as cancer – It is important to have someone who knows your condition and the medications you are on, and also to talk to someone with experience in the field of alternative medicine so that an assessment can be made to suit your needs.
    If you were going to treat the programme as seriously as if you had cancer, then you might succeed in regrowing your teeth, but given your health issues, one needs professional guidance to assess your needs and monitor your progress as you go.
    Kind Regards, Merrilyn.

  9. Hi
    I had about 70 – 80 % of the enamel removed from my front upper teeths by a destist in a venner procedure even after i told him that i didnt want that to happen . Now i want to regrow enamel , i have seen that cientists are close to regrown enamel , but i want to know about a diet that can help me regrow the enamel , i use venners because my real teeth look awful , anybody now about a diet to regrown enamel or anything that is being developed for this ?

    by the way i take alot of calcium , vitamin d and silica suplements , i hope that is helping .

    contact me [email protected]

  10. Hi silvio, The best tips for home treatment are in my article ‘Diet To Help regrow Tooth Enamel’. However, if you have the money, it might be good to seek out a professional naturopathic dentist near you. Excluding wheat, sugar and dairy products are a good idea, and this procedure has helped many people. Eat plenty of protein – nuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds, fish, and free range meats if they suit. Eat also large salads with each meal. Finish each meal with raw carrot or celery is very helpful. Supplementing those vitamins you have is also beneficial – you could also use calcium ascorbate powder each day. 1000 mg dose can be taken, once or twice a day. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
    Take vegetable juices in between meals as often as you can. Castor oil once or twice a week is also therapeutic for the healing of tooth enamel. Take 2 tablespoons in the morning, followed by a cup of black brewed coffee, or a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea.
    Perseverance furthers. It takes a long time to restore the teeth, but it can be done with a lot of effort.
    All the best. Regards,

  11. Hi merrilyn

    I have seeing the article about the diet to regrow tooth enamel and will start this tomorrow

    do you think that its possible to completely restore enamel in teeths that had 70 % of the enamel damaged ?

    i use venners on the damaged teeths is that a problem to regrown the enamel ?

    Do you use somekind of instant messager system like MSN or Skype ?

    Thank you for your help . Silvio Luis

  12. my teeth are my only let down in regards to aging- i would consider myself perfect otherwise. however my molors are half amalgam now and i got appointments to refill (some are chipping) and one of them has completely shattered- imagine a broken light bulb- all pulp and dentin gone, a black stubb that is dead, but solid in the gums. i fear to remove it due to bone re-absorbtion and i guess most of my filled teeth may be dead too. is there any chance in hell i might grow new teath if i get rid of my damaged ones? if i remove amalgam now- i will essensially have open cup shaped teath with little to no pulp- i see no chance to heal such damage so its sad the human species might neglect to cater for such a scinario- i read massaging gums might stimulate roots but if no root preasent, would it at least halt the bone from receeding?

  13. I had my teeth grind to be used as support for fixed partial removable denture. Can i rgrow my the enamel again and how?

  14. just one more question ? How tooth enamel can regrown if they say that enamel is dead (amenoblast cells ) ?

  15. Hello again. Tooth enamel is not dead. It is only made dead if the nerve centre is taken out, or in other words, if you have ‘capped’ teeth which are filled all the way to the gum with filling. Tooth enamel continues to grow itself through out life. That is why, if you have a good diet, or put yourself on an intensive therapeutic diet, you can regrow tooth enamel. Best to find a naturopathic dentist to help you with things.
    Teeth will not grow,, unfortunately, if you have had your teeth extracted, or if the nerve has been interfered with. It is the nerve which feeds the tooth nutrients. Your saliva, too, helps to feed nutrients to the teeth. An acidic diet is bad for the teeth, but an alkaline one helps enormously in keeping the saliva nice and clean. Note- It is VERY hard work to grow new tooth enamel, but if conditions are right, then it can be done, as Jacqui Davison has proved. She has written an account of how her teeth regrew whilst she was on a special diet to cure her cancer. Her teeth all grew back again – the ones where the nerve was left.

  16. I would like to know the name of the books you’ve used that have helped you and your family. I recently notice that my teeth have lost its smooth porcelain texture and am terrified about damaging my teeth any further. I brush twice a day and floss, but i have recently cahnged my mouth rinse and notice that two days later after eating a fruit salad with a bit of lemon my teeth had a chalky texture to them. Thats when i decided to look for a natural remedy and saw your helpful website. Thanks

  17. Hello reader – Thankyou for your comment and question regarding books. The very best book to read is the book by Jacqui Davison – will get the details for you. She recovered from melanoma after a year or more on the castor oil regime as recommended by dr Max Gerson –

  18. Hello,

    I am from holland btw and I am also interested in this diet to be honest. But I doubt about it if it will works. Because i did have a root canal therapy for one teeth. I dont know what he has done but I think he removed a nerve. The tooth didnt change in colour. He said that the tooth is ‘dead’. I also think even after the therapy my tooth still has a feeling. The teeth has thin enamel but this was before I needed a root canal therapy and has not changed since then. Is there any change my teeth that did have a rooth canal therapy will benefit from this diet and that the nerve maybe will regrow? And after that my teeth enamel ofcourse will regrow.

    I hope somebody responds.

    Thx for answering.

  19. Hi Jan – Thanks for your Question. You are right – it IS difficult to actually regrow enamel. People who have done it have sustained very strict and nutritious, and alkaline diets, for around a year or more. But eating a good diet with lots of alkaline foods does help the teeth. There is no doubt about it – diet affects the teeth. So, even if you do not have the wonderful benefit of restoring all those teeth which have their own nerves intact, you will be preventing further damage, and nourishing the teeth by following a diet rich in raw foods, protein, and avoiding wheat, sugar, much of the time.
    Where the nerve is removed, you cannot grow new tooth enamel, however, a good alkaline diet, where you make an effort to eat that celery or raw carrot after each meal, will help to stop this tooth from decaying. It really is worth making the effort anyway, whether or not you manage to restore all the tooth enamel.
    Hope this helps. Kind Regards, merrilyn.

  20. Hi Merrilyn,did you regrow your teeth using diet,did you experience it for yourself?

  21. Merrilyn,you said that Jacqui grew a new set of teeth,thats i asked when did she lose the teeth.
    Also,this type of healing on tooth enamel maybe only works on women,because of the genetics,who knows.

    Merrilyn Replies: Jacqui grew new tooth enamel on the teeth which still had the original root. Where she had had root canal fillings done, the enamel did not regrow. Where teeth had been removed, the tooth did not regrow. Where I have said she ‘grew a new set of teeth’, this means that the holes in her teeth healed up.
    Her story is an example of how diet DOES affect the growth of tooth enamel. However, Jacqui was not on a diet to fix her teeth. She had been told that she would die of cancer within a few weeks. So she decided to give the alternative treatment a try. It worked, and the bonus for her was new hair growth, and new tooth growth. But for most people whose life is not threatened with cancer death, they would not be persevering as hard as what she was.
    Hope this helps. Regards, Merrilyn

  22. Hi Filipe – I replied beneath your comment – did you see it? Hope that answers your question. Had a run of comments which weren’t serious, so I apologise if I seemed rather off-hand. Kind Regards Merrilyn

  23. Hi Merrilyn,
    I have written to you before but I had no answer. This is very important to me. My daughter (11 years) broke a part of her two upper teeth and the dentist used composite bonding. They stain quickly and look unnatural. I have read about the diet that helps with the regrowth of teeth enamel. I started this with my daughter about 3 weeks ago, but I still have questions. My daughter drinks green juice and apple/carrot juice every day app. 3 cups. But she actually doesn’t eat the vegetables. So is it important to chew on them, or merely drinking them would do the job? Of course I’ll make her more juice once there is time after school is over. I also stopped all wheat, sugar and dairy products. She only eats nuts, potatoes,rice(not brown, white) as we don’t have it in Egypt. I wanted to ask why is dairy harmful? I also give her a grinded organic eggshell everyday. And switched to tooth soap instead of regular toothpaste. She also takes a vitamin 3D supplement. Please tell me if there is anything else I could do? And if this would suffice to make a difference? Would the composite hinder the enamel regrowth or would it push it off? I am going to get a cod liver and butter oil supplement too. Is there any other food that she could eat without being harmful? Thank you in advance. Please send me your advice. If you need my email :
    [email protected]

  24. Hi Sue, Thankyou for your letter and your questions. I must stress though, that I am not a dental health practitioner – I am simply the messenger. Apart from the one experience in my household, and that of an adult who restored the health of her teeth and gums on this diet, all my stories come from books on alternative cancer therapies. Many people who have treated life threatening diseases such as cancer have ended up with the bonus of having good teeth again, when they least expected it. I would advise you to read the book of Jaqui Davison and also Edie May, to get some more insights into how the diet works. Of course, with a child, you would not use the same stringent measures which these adults used to get rid of their cancers.
    My son did recover tooth enamel after 9 months of being on a wheat free, dairy free and sugar free diet which included lots of good quality protein. Plenty of raw celery and carrots and nuts and boiled eggs in the school lunch box to replace that bread. Apples and bananas too. We also ate quite a bit of chicken and fish, as well as almonds, sunflower seeds and nuts.
    Some alternative cancer therapies use milk. Milk is used a lot in Ayurvedic medicine, especially in the form of yoghurt. Unless you have an allergy to milk, or your milk is pasteurized, homogenized, or somewhat polluted with chemicals as ours was in New Zealand in the 1970,s and 1980,s, then milk should be OK for you to use. I think many people were made allergic to dairy milk in NZ because of the many herbicides and pesticides which were used in agriculture. Milk is best if it comes straight from the cow, unheated, unpasteurized or homogenized. Goat’s milk is best as it is very much like human milk. I remember now, that I supplemented breast milk with organic goat’s milk for my youngest child, so my other children would have occasionally also have had a little goat’s milk. We used mostly soy milk, except for the baby food.
    About the discolouration in your daughter’s front teeth – I cannot guarantee that you will have the same success as we did with my eldest son: He had not had any dentistry done on the small hole in the front tooth, and so, since it was a small hole, it was relatively easy to mend through diet. (Although I had no idea at the time that his tooth would mend. We were simply avoiding all foods which gave him eczema, and eating plenty of the other healthy foods which didn’t give him eczema.)
    It is possible that the nerve fibre has been impaired through the filling. Jaqui Davison and Edie May talk about the old fillings falling out and new enamel growing – but they persevered with a radical diet, with cleansing foods and juices taken at regular intervals during the day. They also used enemas.
    We found success with our simple diet, but my son did not have cancer, did not have any fillings in the new teeth, and was young, with plenty of vital energy to help him along the way to recovery.
    About the egg shells for calcium: I think it is a good idea to put those ground eggshells into apple cider vinegar for a day or so. Keep the mixture in the fridge, otherwise it will go off in the heat. Apple cider vinegare helps the calcium, silica, and other minerals to break down so that they can be absorbed more easily as they travel through the intestines. Much of the ground eggshell will go through the body unabsorbed unless you put fruit juice or apple cider vinegar with them. The same goes for calcium supplements – I think much of the tablet is wasted because it is not absorbed unless something acidic such as fruit, or fruit juice, or apple cider vinegar is used at the same time. Edgar Cayce recommended gelatine granules for helping the body to maximise its use of minerals and viitamins. Gelatine is very nutritious. It is good for the hair and nails and eyes. I should think it would also be helpful for keeping healthy teeth. A little could be used every day – Say half a teaspoon twice a day for a child. Or make up a fruit jelly with real gelatine.
    I think it might be good for your daughter to see a professional naturopathic dentist. They are in the minority, but they are around. This action would ensure that you were not leaving out something very important.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards, Merrilyn.

  25. Thanks Merrilyn for the tips. It really helps knowing such information. I know that it may be impossible to regrow my daughter’s teeth, yet I’ll just give it a try…….maybe. This diet won’t do any harm, I think,even if it does not do any good. I just have one question about the ground eggshells: I tried putting it in an apple/carrot juice but it did not dissolve. How can I make it dissolve in the juice? Thanks.

  26. Hi Sue/Soheir, Thanks for your reply. The eggshells will be softened by putting them in fruit juice or apple cider vinegar (cider vinegar is best). It doesn’t matter that they are not fully dissolved. Soaking the crushed shell overnight in vinegar will start the breakdown process – This helps assimilation because the stomach acids may not be strong enough to break them down on their own.
    Also – some mineral cell salts have proved to be helpful for some people in growing strong teeth. Children, especially, benefit from the cell salts whilst their bones and teeth are still growing. Ferrum Phos, and Calcarea Phos. are two cell-salt remedies which are recommended for children, to harden the teeth. These two are also good to take in pregnancy, as they help form strong bones and teeth in the baby, and help protect the mother from deficiencies in calcium. I think the Silica cell-salt is another good one for teeth, bones, hair and nails. You could alternate the tablets each day: Give Silica one day, Ferrum Phos the next, Calcarea Phos the next. Keep this up for two weeks, then stop for two more weeks. Then repeat the procedure, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. You could do this over six months to a year. I think that this would be helpful, as the cell salts help the body to absorb those important minerals out of the food and drink which is taken.
    Keep in touch and let me know how you go. Stop the cell salts if you feel that they are doing no good, or that there is any untoward reaction. I have never heard of anybody getting a reaction, but these things are always possible.
    Best Wishes and Regards, Merrilyn

  27. Very interesting post!! Thank you! Just to add, I have been reading a lot about phytic acid which is present in a lot of healthy foods, but it basically binds to the minerals in your body and leaches them. So even if you are eating nuts, and whole grains which are high in phytic acid, it will still lead to cavities. I am on a serious mission to heal my teeth, they are in a shocking state, so thank you for this post.

  28. Hi Megan – Neat to get your letter. But we found nuts and seeds to be good. We used lots of raw carrot, and celery too. I made a point of using these to finish off our meals, even if we had had a gluten-free desert….Raw carrot and raw celery are great cleaners of the teeth, and they are also very alkaline, so they help to restore the alkalinity of the mouth. It worked with my young son, whose new front tooth healed up within 9 months of this diet. Of course, these measures may not work with everybody. I had already had my own teeth removed when I discovered that diet really does have an effect on tooth enamel….Alas. … Never mind.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  29. Thanks for the reply Merrilyn, its always good to go with what works for you! I am pleased to hear that your cavity healed, its great when we can prove conventional medicine wrong! Thanks for the blog, keep posting please, I really enjoy reading. To healthy bodies, and healthy teeth 😉 Have a great day Megs.

  30. Greetings again Megan – and thanks – Yes – lots of different methods to heal the body – great for us to be sharing these ideas to let people know that there ARE alternatives. It was my eldest son who benefited from our alternative methods – Unfortunately, I had already had my teeth pulled out at the age of 26 going on 27. What was I thinking? Regards, Merrilyn.

  31. Hello, I am a 20 year old guy who has REALLY bad teeth. I know this diets purpose was to help Jacqui through her cancer, and that the teeth and hair were a bonus side effect. However, I am interested in doing it. Does it REALLY work? I have been eating Celery and Carrots like no bodies business. Please e-mail me back.

    [email protected]

  32. Hi Sam – Maybe. Who knows? These stories I relate are from people who thought that they were going to die. Jacqui had been given up by the medical profession, and as good as pronounced dead, when she went on a diet which pretty much followed the Gerson regime for cancer. This regime was incredibly rigorous – she took enemas throughout the day -wheat grass juice and other vegetable juices throughout the day – castor oil every second day, and did anything and everything she could to stay alive. Not many people would have the dedication to the programme which she did. Also, I am not suggesting that people try to follow her example just to get their teeth regrown. The message is that DIET TRULY DOES AFFECT TOOTH GROWTH. However, that does not mean you should stop seeing your dentist.
    Go to see your dentist for advice.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  33. Hi John – Best thing is to get some professional advice, of course. But it might be helpful to read the posts, and then the comments and questions from Sam, a few comments down the page, with my answers. The answer to the question about whether ‘it works’ is the same – I really cannot say, as there are so many variables. The fact is that diet really does affect the growth of, and the quality of, the teeth. So – you may be able to improve the condition of the enamel if you are vigilant, and rigorously follow somebody’s plan for healing – but don’t stop seeing your dentist.
    Regards, Merrilyn

  34. Dear Merrilyn Can I regrow my tooth enamel and original size of my teeth after I had slenderizing for a orthodontic procedure? I am in my fifties and have good health habits. I want my original beautiful smile back with the big teeth and wide smile I used to have. Can I please talk to you about this?

  35. Dear Louise, It can be done, but it is a very difficult thing to do. Jacqui Davison managed to do it, but she followed a healing programme for a year or more, only because she had terminal cancer: Following the Gerson therapy was her last shot at life, as the doctors had given her up for dead. Jacqui was very fortunate, because she had her daughter to help her get all those enemas done, and the fresh juices made, the groceries bought, and to encourage her to keep at it.
    It is very difficult to follow such diets to the letter, which you would have to do, I think, to regrow the tooth enamel. In my experience, I have been able to sustain such diets only during the periods of crisis in my life, when I was severely sick.
    It takes an enormous amount of perseverance to follow a regime such as Gerson’s: Most people would not have the determination or the perseverance to do it unless they had an illness which they feared might end their life.
    The lesson is that diet really does affect the teeth. you may not be able to sustain a health regime such as the one Jacqui used, but I believe that the teeth can be improved greatly by improving one’s diet and removing all the harmful things.
    Regards, Merrrilyn
    So – yes, it can be done, but for most people, recovering the teeth as Jacqui did, would be a difficult thing to achieve.

  36. Hello there,I really appreciate your advice for all those who wish to regrow their enamel back.However,
    what about regrowing size – By making small teeth grow bigger n thereby filling gaps? Your previous posts say that if the nerve of root is intact then only,
    it can work if teeth are sensitive due to some treatment,does it mean that the nerve is still alive?
    I am 23 yrs old female from India.
    I have ceramic veneers on my upper front
    four teeth ;basically my dentist reduced the size of my teeth to accomodate the veneers.I remember:the colour of the central front two teeth has been affected due to his procedure.However the other smaller
    two (first and last of the four) still have the same natural colour.But the sizes of all four front teeth have reduced! So can the enamel and size especially increase;so that the gaps( made by him) are filled naturally.Also will the veneers stuck on these four teeth interfere with the regrowth…if at all it starts growing;because if I remove these veneers then the gaps and small sizes will be seen.So please give me some hope,my orthodontist says that braces cannot be used as this procedure is not reversible.
    Kindly help,I dont want to replace these veneers again.Regrowing my natural teeth size n also the natural colour is what I want.Thanks for reading such a long query;you seem to be the only hope.

  37. Hello there, It sounds to me as if the nerves may have been affected: Only teeth which have the nerve intact are capable of restoring themselves. So regrowing those teeth sounds nigh impossible. But nevertheless, a good alkaline diet which is high in nutrients, fibre, and low in sugar and clogging foods will benefit your teeth and help to stop decay. Ask your orthodontist for advice.
    Thankyou for your question.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  38. Ten years ago I had a root canal and gold cap on a back tooth. Two weeks later the gold cap came off. I was in a foreign country for a year and didn’t want to risk another bad dentist, so I left the stubb open and without a cap. There wasn’t much of the tooth left and there was a little filled hole where the dentist had supposedly drilled out the blood vessels and nerve. Within two years the tooth was fully grown. Ten years later it is doing fine. I am looking for a dentist who is interested in helping people regrow their teeth. BTW, dentists will tell you that even if you have the root, teeth will not grow back, yet in the same breath they will tell you that if you have a top tooth out, the bottom tooth will keep growing. Clearly teeth regrow and we should be harnessing this regrowth capacity when fixing people’s teeth. My fb account is zak rymill!/profile.php?id=100002635973597/

  39. At last – Thankyou Zak – someone who has REGROWN their tooth enamel through natural means. Your comments are really valued here -Thank you for sharing your story with us. This will encourage other people to do the same.
    Regards Merrilyn.

  40. thank for such a website. ?t is good to know the existence of people trying to fight with the cancer and trying to regrow their tooth enamel. ? have broken my tooth four days ago and 1/4 of my tooth is broken now. ? went to a dentist and he told me ? have tooth decay and the only way to cure is a root canal. ? searched the web and it look ?t is almost impossible to regrow my enamel. People who say they restored their enamel here is ridicolous. I hope ? had such a chance but ? dont understand why there isnt a scientific research proving it is possible to do it.I would appraciate any information about any research proving it is possible.

  41. It is not ridiculous. It has been experienced by Jacqui Davison who wrote a book on how her teeth repaired themselves whilst she was following a diet to cure her of cancer which was supposed to kill her within 3 weeks. She recovered from invasive melanoma and lived to tell the tale. That, you might say, is also ridiculous. But these things HAVE been done, and books written about these miracle recoveries. You have to ask yourself WHY ISN’T THIS INFORMATION ABOUT SUCCESSFUL NATURAL TREATMENTS PROMOTED TO THE PUBLIC ? Why is it that the causes of cancer are hidden, when it is obvious that chemicals in our environment are the main cause of ill health? The same goes for dental decay – it is not really a mystery as to why people’s teeth are generally so bad, needing continual expensivew visits to the dentist. I will leave you to think about these questions.
    Regarrds, and thanks for your comment.

  42. This woman is so full of misinformation it’s pathetic. Tooth enamel is created by amneoblasts which die off once the tooth erupts and tooth enamel cannot regenerate itself. Her claim that “unless the pulp is removed” has to do with the nerve of the tooth. Your tooth enamel cannot regrow anymore than a crack in a sidewalk will repair itself. Do I wish it were true – yes. Is it true, no. Can porous enamel repair itself – yes. We are talking slightly porous because it contains the frame work for calcium/phosphorous to build onto the network.

  43. Whatever your theories are – people HAVE regrown tooth enamel using specific diets –
    mainly while they were treating themselves for cancer using alternative means. There are naturopathic dentists who can treat holes in teeth by using minerals to heal the teeth – The idea is that holes in teeth can be repaired by supplying the right minerals, and by avoiding certain foods so that an alkaline effect is achieved in the body and the saliva.
    I suggest you read Dr Max Gerson’s books on his cancer treatment cases – and also the book by Jacqui Davison. This might enlighten you. I am not making it up.
    And your analogy to a crack in the side walk is perfectly ridiculous – Unlike a tooth, a side walk is not a living thing which is connected to nerve structures, blood supplies, etc etc, and its survival is not dependent upon the food it eats….. so of course a side walk cannot be expected to repair its own cracks.

  44. If a tooth can grow out of nothing while it is connected to a living blood supply in a growing individual, then it follows that, given certain circumstances, that same tooth can also recover from tooth decay at a later stage in life. This has been found to be the case where the nerve of the tooth is still intact.

  45. Hi Merrilyn,

    Very interesting and informative article! I recently learned that I have a gluten intolerance and I believe this is what caused my bad teeth. I have a number of cavities that needed to be filled, as well as little enamel, some white spots, translucent sections on the bottom, and an overall light yellow glow.

    Do you think my teeth will heal at all by just cutting out the gluten or do I definitely need to get rid of sugar and dairy too? Are you just talking about white sugar? Are sugars in fruit ok?

    What would you suggest we brush with.. Is all toothpaste ok or should I use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide? Also, have you ever heard of black walnut husk being gargled to heal teeth? Would you recommend that as well?

    Finally, can my teeth regrow even though I have fillings? If my teeth do regrow will my fillings just be pushed out?

    Thank you so much, I really hope I can get this to work for me because I’m only 21 and don’t want to loose my teeth!

  46. Hi Emily. Thankyou for your comments and questions.
    Well – the wheat-free diet is now termed a ‘gluten-free’ diet. Of course, there are one or two other foods which contain gluten, such as barley, and rye, and buckwheat, and these are best left alone if you think you are gluten-free.
    But I believe that it takes a bit more than simply leaving out gluten, to rebuild the teeth, or to cure degenerative disease such as cancer or arthritis.
    Having said this, I cannot promise anything at all as far as the reults which might be expected from following such a diet which helped Jacqui Davison regrow her tooth enamel, and which beat her cancer. Not everybody is successful with these diets. Some people do not actually provide enough nutrients in the diet when they tackle, for example, a 70% raw food diet. They can suffer deficiencies because they do not substitute the right foods for the ones which are being omitted from the diet. This is why it is best to have a health practitioner to monitor your progress when you are attempting a radical diet for the purpose of healing any part of the body.
    But I do know that diet, and eliminating some foods from the diet, can, and has worked for some people. Not only for reversing cancer, but in regrowing tooth enamel as well. Jacqui Davison is one person who benefitted from her anti-cancer diet which was mainly raw foods and juices.
    I found that one of my children regrew tooth enamel which completely healed one of his new front teeth.
    Interesting about your question about the fillings falling out – during this time when my son’s tooth healed itself, we did not see a dentist. So the tooth was given a chance to heal itself. Like-so with Jacqui Davison, who thought that she would be dead any time soon – she did not see a dentist because of the death expectation. Her fillings fell out. After a year of being on the diet, her teeth had all repaired themselves, except for where she had had root canals done.

    Like Jacqui Davison, we were not following any diet specifically to heal the teeth. At the time, we happened to be on a diet to prevent both my son and myself from getting eczema. – one which I had discovered through visiting Walter Last when he was still practicing healing in New Zealand. This diet completely excluded wheat, dairy products, and sugar. And, of course, no food additives such as artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. And no artificial sweetener either.
    It really was as simple as that. For us, we used everything that did not include these foods. We ate salads every day, sometimes twice a day, and I always gave the children a carrot or piece of celery or apple to finish off a meal.
    After nine months or so of being on the diet to prevent eczema and detoxify our bodies from the effects of an earlier aerial spraying of 245T, we found that the hole in the front tooth of my young son was totally healed. And so was the eczema, so long as we avoided the problematic foods mentioned earlier.

    The diet which we followed was really interesting and tasty. I learnt how to make nutritious and delicious corn-bread to use instead of wheat bread. On several occasions, I remember, I tried cheese to put in the corn-bread, but this was problematic as far as the eczema went, and so I either made the corn-bread plain, which is delicious anyway, with butter, or used roasted sesame seeds, or Tahini, to substitute the cheese flavouring. Butter was considered by Walter Last to be the only permissable dairy food one could use on such a healing programme. I found butter was OK.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards,

  47. I’ve have really appreciated your advice and guidance here, Merrilyn, along with your patience in some instances! Thank you! It is unfortunate that some people won’t accept anything as true unless it is spoken to them by a ‘medical professional’ or they won’t swallow anything unless it has been made by Big Pharma. I have a sister like this.

    My reason for writing is just to confirm that teeth can and do grow. I lost two front crowns about two years ago and had to have the roots removed. I live alone (I’m 68) and, because I refuse to wear my dentures when I’m at home (which is most of the time), I have noticed that the two corresponding bottom teeth have grown around 1/8th of an inch in that time! If I continue to keep my dentures out, then I would suspect they would keep on growing until they reached the top gum. This has proved to me how very clever the body is. It’s simply attempting to fill the missing gap! I eat a gluten and lactose free diet now so, as I believe you’ve mentioned, this could be helping with this ‘repair’ work.

    Fyi, I also read on a health blog recenty how someone has regrown a tooth where a large filling had fallen out, by brushing their teeth with magnesium over a long period of time. This also falls in line with everything you say about minerals.

    Thanks again and my very best wishes to you.


  48. Hi Brenda. Thankyou for your feedback on the regrowth of teeth. Your own experience, and the success of another person who used magnesium, will be encouraging for some of those people who are considering repairing their teeth through diet and minerals.
    Those are great stories.
    Best Wishes and Thankyou for your comment.

  49. hello how can i restore tooth enamel from home instead of going to the dentist my teeth are really bad. when i was pregnat with my second daughter she took all the calcium from me and now my teeth are bad i hardley have any enamel on my four upper front teeth and i cant afford a dentist what can i do to regrow enamel on my teeth from home?

  50. Hi Michelle. You should see a dentist. Meanwhile, you could follow the diet as suggested, omitting wheat, sugar, and processed dairy milk. Black walnut tincture is supposed to be very good for killing bacteria in the mouth, and helping to heal up holes. Prickly ash – the dried herb – is another one which you can rub into the gums and on the teeth too. Using milk of magnesia to brush over the teeth is another remedy which some people have found to be effective. And don’t forget that calcium ascorbate, or another neutralized form of Vitamin C – but don’t put this onto the teeth – swallow the non-acidic vitamin C down with water.
    Eat plenty of green salads and try to eat raw carrot or celery or apple after each meal. This keeps the saliva alkaline, helps fight germs, and helps to clean debri from the teeth.
    The cell-salts, or tissue-salts, which are homeopathically prepared, can be useful in helping to make bones and teeth strong, though they are not a ‘stand-alone’ treatment. You would use these with a nutrient-rich diet. The best ones for teeth and bones are: Silica, Calc.fluor, Mag.phos. You can take these as a nutritional supplement. Take these remedies in rotation, one dose only. Start with the Silica. Take one dose of three wee pillules. Next day, take the Calc. fluor., one dose only. Then on the 3rd day, take the Mag.phos, one dose only. Then leave off for three days. You can repeat this procedure over several weeks. Then give the whole thing a break for a month. Then start again. These remedies will not do you any harm, but I would not keep taking them indefinitely without a break.
    Do see that dentist.

  51. Hi Merryilyn my names is Allen I wrote you a month age about the crown that still have the nerves intact my question is if I didn’t have a root canal do that mean I still have my nerves and is it prossible to regrow that tooth and if so what diet or natural ways I can do this with and if it start to grow back will it push the crown off If you can guide me throw this I will appreciate and thank you

  52. Hi Allen. You need to see your dentist for advice on this matter. Maybe you can find a dentist who treats teeth with minerals? Such a dentist would give you the best advice.
    I cannot advise on any particular case. My posts are based on my own limited experience and that of other people who have been on very strict diets to cure cancer. It is very hard to regrow tooth enamel so that major holes repair themselves. The only people who have done it have been very dedicated to their diets and cleansing regimes. My son managed to regrow tooth enamel on a wheat-free, dairy-free (except for butter) and sugar-free diet.
    Best Wishes,

  53. Hi Merrilyn, I came across your blog after searching for alternative ways to help my son who was diagnosed by our dentist as having hypoplasia on some of his teeth. He’s 8 years old, extremely healthy and has no allergies. The dentist explained that the teeth affected are very weak and may need alot of work on them when he’s older. We believe very strongly in natural methods and have put him on a dairy, sugar, wheat and gluten free diet. He loves the food we give him and are encouraged that something natural can be done to help him. Have you heard of hypoplasia and had any encouraging testimonies relating to this in children?
    BTW our other son who is 11 has no problems with his teeth but we all feel that everyone in the family should go along with the diet. My husband has had masses of dentist work done – all his mercury fillings removed and replaced with non mercury but has on going issues with his teeth.

  54. Hi Sarah,
    I hope the dairy free, wheat and sugar free diet will help. I don’t know anything about the hypoplasia condition, but will look into it. The same diet which we did healed my son’s tooth, but he did not have any specific disease of the teeth or gums which we knew about. Another person had great success with the diet – she was told she had to have each tooth taken out and scraped, as she had some dreadful gum disease which the dentist said would end with her losing all her teeth unless they were scraped and replaced. She did the diet rigorously, but also did bowel cleanses too, if I remember correctly. After three months or more, she had cured her teeth of the gum disease. She went back to the dental specialist who told her that she can’t have had the disease he had said she had if she had gotten better through a diet.
    But this is exactly how she recovered. She also saved herself the sum of $5000 per tooth, for which she would have had to have mortgaged her house.
    The thing is that, while you avoid certain foods, as long as more than ample nutrients are provided through added carrot juice, ground up sesame seeds and almonds, and lots of fresh salads, with plenty of protein foods, the general health gets better, and so does the health of the teeth. So you can’t really go wrong with it, so long as enough food is provided.
    Homemade cornbread with fresh free range eggs was a real stand-by for us, as a substitute for wheat bread. The children loved it. Great that your son enjoys the food you are giving him. That’s half the battle. Like your family, the whole of my family ate the same food, and so no-one was treated like an invalid.
    I hope you have good results with the diet.
    Best Wishes,

  55. Hi merrilyn, I read you blog and I’m very interested in you diet! Would there be any way that maybe I could get the program from you? I’m currently trying to heal my cavities plus a root canal, I’m using black walnut right now plus butter oil and cod liver oil. And I know I’m going to have to change my diet but I’m looking for one that’s going to work for me. So your feed back would be appreciated. Thank you

  56. Hi Meya,
    I cannot advise anyone on doing this diet. All I can do is report what has worked for other people.
    The cancer diet used by Dr Max Gerson obviously has worked for some. This is probably the best way to regrow teeth, but not many people would have the motivation to keep to such a strict and demanding regime.
    The modified diet which I used for me and my children also worked to heal my son’s tooth – but he was only around 12 years old at the time, or less, so his age might have had a lot to do with it.
    We used all vegetables, fruit, but not much citrus, plenty of protein foods of all kinds – but no dairy – no milk or cheese – we did use butter.
    The important things in our diet were:
    Salads or something raw at EVERY MEAL. I insisted on the children eating either raw apple or carrot or celery after breakfast or snacks. We had large salads with the main meals.
    NO SUGAR, NO WHEAT, (no bread or cakes or thickening of any kind made with wheat flour),
    We ate chicken or fish maybe twice a week only, with vegetarian and egg dishes on most days.
    Vegetarian dishes were made with any of the following:
    Almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, millet, yellow cornmeal, mung beans, chick peas
    We often had baked potatoes or kumara, sweet potato cooked in butter or olive oil.
    We used lots of good quality olive oil in our meals – plenty on salads or in aioli egg dressing, or on things like baked potato. Butter as well in dishes like cornmeal bread made with eggs.
    Cornmeal bread was a regular item on my menu – you can add things to it like chopped onion, grated carrot, etc, to make delicious variations. Add sesame seeds or ground sunflower to increase the protein content.
    We ate well on such a diet. Avoiding wheat, milk and sugar does wonders for the health if you replace these foods with something better.
    The thing is that these cases, the Gerson diet as followed by Jacqui Davison, and my own experience with my eldest son, prove that diet does in fact have a great effect on healing disease in the body, as well as helping to restore the teeth.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

  57. hello my name is Tashan and i am 21 years of age. I had a great set of teeth but have sadly lost allot of enamel on my front four top and bottom row of teeth. I’ve been to the dentist at King’s College hospital in London and they told me that my teeth are not going anywhere, and that i have great bone structure which is nice to know. I’ve been doing my research and came across the book cure tooth decay. i would really love to grow my teeth back. would a strict diet of raw grass fed organ meats and fish, bone broth, raw vegtables and cooked vegtables, blue ice cod liver oil and x factor gold butter blend combined with camu camu which a berry that has 35 times the about of vitimin c than oranges and it very pontent as well as pure milk, yogurt and ghee ( i have a diet meal plan worked out) im also boiling shell fish’s shells to get their minerals and drinking it, like a broth. will all this help me grow back my enamel?

  58. oh sorry I apologies, where are my manners. thank you for your page i have learned allot and i look forward to your reply.

    Many Thanks

    Tashan 🙂

  59. Hi Tashan,
    Great to hear from you. It sounds as if you have done a lot of research on the subject of improving tooth enamel health through diet.
    I think that the dietary regime you have worked out for yourself should help enormously.
    I think that castor oil, in conjunction with a diet of optimum nutrition which avoids problematic foods such as wheat and pasteurized milk, really helps a lot.
    Castor oil seeps through all the body tissues, and even reaches the nerve tissues of the teeth. For this reason, it acts as a wonderful healing aid, as it helps to create pathways for healing nutrients to travel, and in those remote parts of the body which are usually difficult to heal.
    I really would recommend that you use castor oil at least once a week for a couple of months. Using an enema once a day or two will also be very beneficial. The idea is to remove any toxins lurking in the liver and intestines as quickly as possible, so that the nutrients can work to heal the body cells as optimally as possible.
    I will re-read your comment and give some more feedback if any useful ideas come to me – My computer skills are such that this comment will be deleted if I check on your comment right now. So I will reply again.
    Feel free to talk some more about your diet to heal your teeth. It is really great that you are seriously tackling the problem. Not many people actually get onto it – it takes a lot of courage and determination and a lot of ‘know-how’ to be successful.
    Best Wishes

  60. Thank you so much! I will get back to you by October to let you know how my diet is going. 🙂

  61. Hi Merrilyn,

    I have been practicing the fasting method since mid October of last year; I only eat within a 6-8 hr window (mostly I skip breakfast and have a late lunch or early dinner). I focus on eating well within that time frame, so I don’t really watch my dairy, gluten, and sugar (although I did go vegeterian for about two months). In January of this year, I began noticing several awesome changes: the hair on my temples is re-growing slowly (I’ve been nearly bald in that area for about a decade), and my metal fillings are being pushed out (most of my teeth are filled) because enamel is regrowing in my cavities The only consistent change has been that I’ve become a consistent faster. I’ve done some research on the internet, and aparently the body starts repairing itself after about 12 hrs of fasting. I feel like I am running an experiment on myself. I’ve even noticed recently that a small scar on my pinky seems to be getting shorter. It’s really unbelieveable to me. I will follow the diet to see if the bod-repair process is accelerated with both fasting and the diet change.

    Thanks for you research!

  62. Thankyou for your letter. Great results from your fasting. Keep us posted on your progress. I am sure readers will be very interested.
    Kind Regards,

  63. Hello Merrilyn:
    It sounds like regrowing enamel can be done whether you follow an omnivorous (except wheat and pasteurized dairy), or a strict vegetarian diet, especially if you are all raw. Is that right? Whether you follow Weston A Price, Max Gerson, or Ann Wigmore? As long as you are getting the nutrients?
    In “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent…” by Ramiel Nagel, the author ‘lists’ nutrients that are needed, but I question whether there is a book on healing your teeth that is strictly vegetarian, especially if the individual trying to heal the teeth is also doing a detox program. If all raw, do we really need to have organ meats to do this?
    One of your earlier inquirers (before mine) mentioned a very potent berry containing high Vitamin C content. In an attempt to stay local and keep costs down, I wonder of other sources of VitC. I have heard a very rich source of Vitamin C is pine needles (by boiling them?). There are different kinds of pine, so does this work for all or any of them?
    So, if regrowing enamel can “push” out fillings, what about teeth that have been capped by some of the “newer” composites? Will these be kicked off/pushed off, and will the length of the tooth be restored by the body?
    It sure looks like you have done a lot of research on all of this. Will you be writing a book of your own on this (and these different methods). I am a strict vegetarian, which means no meat (beef, pork, mutton, venison, etc.), no fish, no fowl, no eggs, no insects, no lard, no broth, etc. I have used (and still do) some dairy, especially butter. I understand Castor Oil is plant based: how much should be taken, and how frequently (every week, every other day, daily)?
    Thanks for doing what you do! It is so neat to find a source of information that the ‘system’ will not touch, for whatever reasons.

  64. Hi Rick,
    Thanks so much for your informative letter about diets for regrowing tooth enamel. Yes – omnivorous or vegetarian – as long as the right nutrients are provided, and as long as harmful foods are omitted from the diet, then it seems that teeth can be regrown.
    This approach worked for healing a hole in my son’s tooth, but, unfortunately, it was too late for me, as I got all my teeth pulled out at age 26 or 27, against the advice of my naturopath at the time, who believed I could restore the teeth. I was too young and ignorant to know any better. But I have used similar diets to cure a breast lump and other serious ills.
    I also cured a woman completely of a serious gum condition which would have had her get all her teeth drawn, cleaned, and restored at a cost of $5000 per tooth, so her dentist told her.
    I consider processed cow’s milk ie pasteurized, to be harmful in the long run. If you are using milk, then raw milk is best, especially goat’s milk.
    But you can restore the teeth using no milk at all – we did this, occasionally using soy milk or raw goat’s milk, but used daily portions of almonds, peanuts,sesame and sunflower to replace milk, as well as some bone broths.
    I used to cook up a chicken once or twice a week, bones and all. This gave us plenty of calcium as well as protein.
    There were some side effects to using so much commercially produced chicken, though – you could not buy organic free range chicken in the city at the time, and so I used cage-produced chicken, which I would not use again.
    Nowadays, I would use sesame seed meal instead of chicken or milk or any kind.
    Sesame seed is one of the most calcium-rich foods known to us. I believe the well-thought-out vegetarian diet to be superior to an omnivorous one.
    The commercial, cage grown chicken had the effect of producing male-like hairs on my chest – just a few, but a few too many. When I stopped using chicken in our diet, chickens which were obviously filled with hormones and other unhealthy stuff, the hairs simply disappeared and have never returned.
    By the way – my site has been hacked and undermined over the past three years. Unbeknown to me, someone got into my site around election time three years ago and put up an ad for viagra-type drugs onto my website, advertising them for sale. I couldn’t understand why traffic, and consequently, adsense, had dropped so dramatically, but I felt sure someone had done something malicious. Then I remembered a comment a while ago which had accused me of promoting on-line drugs. Since I do not believe in drugs of any kind, and would never promote them, I had thought this comment was spam, and so I deleted it.
    Eventually, my son, after much pressure from me to do so, discovered the malicious ad which advertised viagra,and took it off.
    But the hackers have not stopped there – the site is still subject to attacks which lower my ratings, which makes my stuff difficult to access. Instead of being on page one or two of googles searches for some important posts, I now am 303, or do not appear at all in a search. You simply cannot find some of my posts on homeopathic arsen alb, for instance. One is there, but another more informative article did not show up in a search I made on my own post.
    I have removed all the political stuff off my web-site, which seems to have helped a bit. No use having political opinion and social issues on it if these posts are being undermined. But the hackers are still at work. They regularly send me an email of an excerpt of my own writing, which they somehow put straight into my spam box on the email.
    Google then think that my merrilyn hope website is spam, and decrease my visibility.
    The ‘Dirty Politics’ saga is not a surprise to me. I have suspected this for a long while now, since the hacking began when I started to criticize the present right-wing government, and to protect Labour and the Greens as best I could. Also – I have quite a bit on toxic dentures, and I suspect that the people who provided my last two sets of dentures might have had a hand in the hacking, since they are such big-business operators. Also – pharmaceutical companies would not like my promoting drug-free options to their drugs. So I probably have many adversaries.
    Anyhow – great to read your letter, and thankyou for keeping this topic alive.
    Best wishes and hope to hear from you again,

  65. Hi Faviola,
    About this fasting method – thankyou so much for all the gen on this.
    I haven’t tried this particular method myself, but I do know that the old three-day fast works wonders.
    During your 6-8 hour window per day, in which you take food, what sort of foods are you eating, and are you also doing fresh juices? I would be interested to know the quantities and types of food you are using before doing the daily fast of what must be 16-18 hours fast.
    Thanks again and I look forward to your reply.
    Best wishes,

  66. Faviola, can I have your email to ask you about your tooth regeneration technique. I’m trying to regrow a chipped tooth that had some bonding on it. The root is there, and the rest of the tooth is healthy. I want to be able to eat and drink nutritiously in order to push the filling out by regrowing the enamel.

  67. Hi Faviola,
    Can you post your email address so I can contact you regarding your diet for regrowing teeth? This would help me a lot if you could tell us what you ate and when you ate it. I’m very interested in finding this information so I can push out my fillings by regrowing enamel. Thank you!!!

  68. I am looking for some advice regarding regrowing tooth enamel. I have had an extreme problem with bruxism for a few years and have only recently been trying to bring it under control and end it. Almost all of the tooth enamel has been removed from my first four teeth located at the bottom front. I have one year, maybe two, to regrow my tooth enamel. If I don’t regrow it then I will definitely need porcelain veneers in the next one to three years. I was wondering if its possible to regrow entire layers of tooth enamel on the tops of teeth with the special diet? I lost at least 1mm worth of enamel on the tops of those four teeth. Do you think its possible? I also have one small chip on the corner of another tooth.

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