Black Walnut For Restoring Tooth Enamel

Medicinal Herbs: Thankyou to Charlie, who wrote in asking about Black Walnut as a restorative herb for tooth enamel.

DSCO 1851Photo taken at Dunedin Botanical Gardens by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera.

Restorative Diets such as those used for cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, have proven successful in many cases, for restoring tooth enamel.  Often, people have discovered that their teeth have repaired themselves whilst following a strict dietary and cleansing regime to treat eczema, psoriasis, or a life-threatening disease.

However, there are some specifics which are helpful in keeping tooth enamel healthy, and even in repairing tooth enamel.  Black Walnut is one of them.  Comfrey is another.  Prickly Ash is another.  Nettles, called ‘Stinging Nettles’ are another.

So what is it about the Black Walnut,  the Juglans nigra, which gives it such a great reputation for facilitating healing, including the regrowth of tooth enamel?  Louise Tenney who wrote the book ‘Today’s Herbal Health’, 1983, gives a summary of the healing attributes of the Black Walnut, in which she includes its ability to heal tooth enamel.

Valuable Minerals in Black Walnut:  For a start, Black Walnut Husks and Leaves are rich in important healing minerals.  Some of these, according to Louise Tenney, are organic iodine, magnesium, manganese,  Vitamin B15, silica, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

Iodine, especially, is a natural anti-bacterial, which would make Black Walnut helpful for the teeth.  Iodine helps to keep harmful germs in the mouth at bay. So the use of Black Walnut and other herbs which have a high organic iodine content, will help to kill off those germs which eat away at the teeth.  In this sense, Black Walnut would be very helpful for the restoration of the tooth enamel.

Silica is another important mineral which helps to keep harmful germs at bay, as well as having an important function in building strong teeth, bones, hair and nails.  Silica is found in the Black Walnut husks and leaves, as well as in Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, and Prickly Ash.  Comfrey is one of the richest sources of silica, which is a good enough reason to have the plant brought back for the general public to use again:  At present, many countries have banned comfrey because the drug companies have convinced governments that it can cause cancer and should be banned.  But this is really so that they have the monopoly on all the healing ingredients contained in comfrey.  People have been using comfrey as a healing herb TO GOOD EFFECT for thousands of years.  Stinging nettles are another rich source of silica, but commercial herbicides and people’s desire to control our road-side verges have almost put this vauluable healing plant into extinction.

Avoid Chemcials including Food Additives: Of course, it is not enough to simply use Black Walnut tincture, or another iodine product, on a daily basis.  For Black Walnut tincture to be effective on the teeth, you would need to have a nutritious diet, with plenty of protein, green vegetables, and plenty of raw salad material to keep the teeth clean and the saliva alkaline.  The same goes for using Comfrey in the diet, or Nettles, or Prickly Ash rubbed onto the gums and teeth – You need to be following a sound and healthy diet, rich in green vegetables both raw and cooked, with adequate protein, and little or no sugary foods, for the teeth to restore themselves.  You also need to avoid any harmful chemicals such as those food additives which are put into all sorts of packaged food these days.  Even breads contain preservative, which are very bad for the teeth as well as the general physical, mental and emotional states of well-being.

Cleansing With Castor Oil:  Periods of cleansing, where raw foods are eaten for a day, or several days, depending on the advice of your health practitioner, can be helpful in removing toxins from the body.  Ridding the body of toxic chemicals, and avoiding contact with chemicals, can help the general health as well as the health of the teeth.  Jacqui Davison was following the cancer-cure outlined by Dr Max Gerson, who cured many people of cancer during his life-time.  Castor Oil was one of the most important ingredients of his cancer cure.  Dr Gerson’s diet for reversing cancer also healed the tooth enamel on Jacqui’s teeth.  However, it must be remembered that Jacqui followed this diet with its rigorous cleansing procedures, for almost a year before she realized that her teeth had repaired themselves.  Healing of the teeth takes as long as it takes to heal an invasive cancer, and it requires the same amount of vigilant effort.

19 thoughts on “Black Walnut For Restoring Tooth Enamel”

  1. Thank you Merrilyn for taking the time to answer my queries. I really appreciate it.

    From what I’ve read in this post, an alkaline based, silica rich diet will help to restore the tooth enamel.Thing is, patience is key. :))

    Kind Regards,

  2. Thanks for this selection of options to consider in my own program for my teeth which need some concentration. I had a truck accident 35 years ago in which I lost a front tooth and badly chipped a couple. I’m 59 years old now and I suppose going through a fine-tuning of my diet and lifestyle so am in the process of researching options for the first time in my life about non-surgical tooth restoration. I’m vegetarian now for 40 years, vegan for 24 years and 80% raw foods for 7 years. I do grow Comfrey in my garden now for decades and love its healing properties. Another plant which I love is the hollyhock of which I use the flowers and fresh gummy seed pods before they turn hard. I’ve just purchased some Black Walnut Hull tincture, some Horsetail for silica. I have access to some Stinging Nettle plants which I hope to transplant this spring.

  3. Great letter Douglas. Thankyou – lots of good info for readers on healing herbs.

    Comfrey is so wonderful as a healer of wounds, bones, and as a tonic to boost the health, isn’t it?

    And Hollyhock – I used to grow these when my children were little. I used the hollyhock flowers for treating flu and bronchial complaints, in combination with a few honeysuckle flowers. Just three blossoms of each, or two leaves of the Hollyhock with two or three honeysuckle flowers, in a pint of boiling water, to make a tea, which I served in half cupfuls each half an hour, until the patient showed signs of improving. It worked well to bring down a fever and to relieve coughs and colds. It also is a great healer, like Comfrey.

    Interesting that you use the gummy seed pods of the Hollyhock. How do you use these? How many? In how much water? And what complaints have you found this good for? Maybe for the gums and teeth?
    I have just been given some stinging nettle, which I have not had for years. Stinging nettle and comfrey are marvellous for their silica content, as you mention. Hollyhock, too, is high in silica, and has mucilage which aids healing.

    For the sake of readers – Silica is important in the diet for building and maintaining strong and healthy teeth, nails, bones and hair.
    Thanks again. Look forward to hearing how you use the pods of the Hollyhock.
    Kind Regards,

    PS Douglas has replied in an email which hasn’t shown up here for readers to read for themselves. Douglas’ letter tells a little more about how he uses Hollyhock seed heads, and his experience of Comfrey as a healer of bones and tendons. He says that he uses the Hollyhock seed heads as a tasty nibble. He collects them before they have matured and set their seed. His 11 year old son and his friends apparently really enjoy the Hollyhock seed heads. I am putting up a new post today, entitled: Natural Sources of Silica For Bones Teeth and Hair, and will include the reported experience of Douglas on the matter of Comfrey as a healer, and how he uses the Hollyhock seed heads.

    CAUTION: I would be cautious about giving Hollyhock seed heads to young children to eat.

    Hollyhock is not poisonous, but too much of anything is a bad thing. You can die from eating too many carrots for too long, if naught else is eaten. The Hollyhock is a mild diuretic and helps to cleanse the blood and to settle inflamed mucous membranes. Too much of it could cause irritation of the bladder, since it encourages urination. Too much of it could also actually cause the very things which it cures, if taken to excess.

  4. Thankyou for your 2nd letter Douglas. Unfortunately, this has not been sent as a comment but as an email which only shows up for me, and not for readers. Is it OK if I quote your letter on how you have used Comfrey and Hollyhock, etc? Alternatively, if you wanted to, you could send the email in as a comment for people to read.

  5. Hello,
    I have had a rough few years with my teeth. I developed gumline cavities and receding gums which led to 2 teeth being pulled, and another few possibly to come out (along the whole tooth, cheek side, of 5 molars I can poke a toothpick inside.). Now my front top teeth are showing signs of decay and receding gums and I just started drinking nettle infusion daily. Cutting out breads, grains, and even fruit for a while to see if that will help with healing. Such a shame….I have very nice teeth otherwise (strong, white, well formed mouth full). I was told that stress and stress eating may have caused this. Do you think there is hope for these teeth? Dentists are not even sure what they can do for me other than extract….and that just makes me sad. That is a lot of empty space in my mouth if that happens.

  6. Hi Annie
    I would strongly advise not getting your remaining teeth pulled out just yet.
    Teeth can be regenerated, so long as the root is still intact.
    It will take a lot of concentrated effort, and time, but you can restore your teeth and gums to health again.
    It will be well worth the effort. You have nothing to lose – since they want to pull your teeth out anyway.
    Cut out all wheat and bread from the diet, as well as sugar, and dairy products except for butter.
    Eat oatmeal, cornmeal, brown rice in moderation. Eat almonds and sesame seeds ground up, and linseed. Plenty of calcium and iron here. Have carrot juice several times a day, and sometimes celery and apple mixed with it for variation.
    Eat two raw egg yolks per day, organic and free range. These can be mixed with banana into a smoothie, or taken as aeoli mixed with olive oil.
    Eat plenty of mung bean sprouts and green salad vegetables.
    Proteins such as lean meat, free-range chicken and fish can be taken readily. Just make sure that you eat something raw with your protein – eg a salad, or a stick of celery and some sprouts. Try and have a glass of carrot juice with your protein.
    Take megadoses of non-acidic Vitamin C – Ester C or calcium ascorbate.
    Take between 4000mg to 6000mg per day. Keep this up for a few weeks, then reduce the amount when you start to note improvement in the gums.
    Don’t use toothpaste. Instead, use a mixture of half and half baking soda and prickly ash powder.
    Rub prickly ash or black walnut tincture over the gums several times a day.
    Take a bowl of oatmeal porridge every morning, eaten with a whole grated apple and a little butter. This treatment was recommended by Gerson who cured many cancer patients with his methods.
    Grate one whole apple and eat 20 minutes before every meal. This helps the bowels along, and is very cleansing and healing.
    The intestines are the main thing to cleanse and get working properly – once this is done,and the intestines are healed, then the gums and teeth will follow.
    I would take castor oil at least once a week. Take 1-2 tablespoons in the morning before breakfast.
    An enema should be taken several times a week, especially on the days when you take the castor oil.
    You can buy an enema from most chemist shops – or they will order one in for you if they do not have one in stock.
    Walter Last, a famous Austrian-born healer who worked in New Zealand, insisted on using the enema, otherwise he would not treat you.
    I was forced to follow his advice, and I am grateful for his insistence on this cleansing method. It is essential in healing degenerative disease. Dr Max Gerson said the same thing. He used the enemas as a routine measure for his seriously ill patients.
    It will take a while – cancer patients who have followed a regime similar to the one described above, have found that, not only has their cancer reduced or healed, but that their teeth have recovered too, after 6-9 months or so.

  7. Read my stuff about Jacqui Davison and Max Gerson therapy more carefully.
    I really cannot say whether or not you, personally, will be able to regrow the spaces where the fillings were.
    It IS possible – Jacqui did it and so have many other people, including Edie May.
    Unfortunately, most people imagine they are doing the therapy, when in fact, all they are doing is to add a few more carrots to the diet, whilst foregoing enemas, castor oil, and much else about the regeneration programme.
    This half-hearted kind of approach will do little to help you improve your tooth health or regrow any enamel, let alone cure cancer.

  8. Thank you for the reply about my concerns. Is there a way to know if my two really advanced decayed teeth are alive? I hear if you leave dead teeth in for too long you can have further issues with the jaw bone. I have yet to find a doctor or dentist who is helpful with any of this (teeth/bone health anf healing). Can you recommend someone in the Seattle area? I get so confused and overwhelmed (not to mention scared and worried) over all of this.

  9. Hi,

    Can you tell me where to find your diet on regrowing tooth enamel or on curing gum disease? I don’t see the diets on your site. Could you please send a copy to my email?


  10. Hello there,
    Sorry to take so long in replying – I have only just seen your comment here.
    There are several posts which will give you information on the diet which has helped some people’s tooth enamel.
    Diet To Regrow Teeth.
    Programme For Anthony
    Regrow teeth.
    Check this comment page again tomorrow – I will add any others which may be helpful..
    Basically, the articles which tell you about how people have cured cancer are the ones which will be useful.
    Search on my posts for info on Max Gerson, or Dr Max Gerson, Jaqui Davidson, Dr Ann Wigmore – These are the healers who
    used the diet for treating cancer – but the same diet is the one which has healed tooth and gum disease.
    Hope that helps
    Best Wishes

  11. Hi Merrilyn,

    I am 23 years old and have a couple of small (but noticeable) chips in my enamel. They wouldn’t concern me much if they were not on my two front teeth (they’re thinner than my other teeth). One chip is on the biting tip of a front tooth, and the other is on the 2nd front tooth’s flat surface (close to the tip). My dentist doesn’t want to do anything to them because they are small, and told me to “wait until they get worse” before he fills them.
    (He says that the bonding will just chip right back off and I’ll have to get them bonded again and again.)

    My question is: Can I regenerate/regrow the chipped areas of my front teeth?

    If so, could you please give me instructions on how to do so?
    (I have no idea who to ask for instructions, as everyone I talked to about it, including my dentist, tells me it’s not a possible feat..)

    -I’ve read on the Internet that it’s possible to heal cavities on teeth, but not chips, and it just makes me want to cry.

    Thank you very much in advance!!

  12. What about estrogen positive breast cancer? I am at my wits end and need help of a natural GOD given kind. I refused chemo and radiation. Thank you so very much and may GOD bless you!

  13. That is the modern idea which seems to be accepted right now – but comfrey has been used internally for many years – centuries even, as a tea for complaints of the digestion and other things.

  14. I have a black dot of decay on the side of my last molar, about 1/8 of an inch.
    I was going to buy some BLACK WALNUT HULL TINCTURE and use a cotton bud to dip in into the liquid and apply it directly to the decay on the tooth.
    But I am concerned the 60% alcohol will damage the surrounding tooth enamel. What do you think about that or is it supposed to be added to water and swallowed?

  15. Hi Andrew,
    I would definitely seek the advice of a dental expert, or a reputable naturopath on the subject of the decaying tooth.
    Black walnut tincture has been used effectively by many people to cure tooth problems, but the holistic picture should be looked at.
    Best Wishes,

  16. the best dental research ive read says dairy, fish oils, fish bones, bone broth , organ meats as vital for repairing teeth .. not at all alkaline .. and definitely avoiding grains .. my experience is that grains are a problem and animal / fish oils help a lot .. i like silica and greens most definitely of course 🙂

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