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The Key Points Of The Diet To Regrow Teeth:

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I have just had a comment from Becca who is attempting to improve her teeth with diet.  Here is a summary for Becca and for anyone else interested in working on diet to help the condition of the teeth.

It takes a while to regrow tooth enamel, so you have to be prepared to follow the programme for at least 6 months.  My child’s tooth enamel repaired itself after 9 months on such a programme.

My friend who came for advice about her diseased gums recovered completely after only 3 months on the diet.  However, in this case, the tooth enamel itself was not the problem, but her diseased gums:  She was told by a dental specialist that she would lose all of her teeth if she did not have them all removed one by one and scraped.  Each tooth was going to cost $5,000 to fix.  After three months of putting all her energies into the diet and getting well, she went back to the dentist to show him the result.  He said that there couldn’t have been anything wrong with her teeth if she had got better by diet alone, even though it was HIS diagnosis that said she had an incurable gum disease in the first place.

Of course, there are multiple ways in which you can improve the health of your gums and strengthen tooth enamel. Here is just one suggested method, which is similar to that method which we followed.

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  • Remove sugar, dairy foods and wheat altogether.  Avoiding gluten is important.
  • Stay Gluten Free: Instead of wheat pasta and bread, use brown rice.
  • Avoid vinegar and other fermented foods. No alcohol.  No sauces such as tomato sauce, or soy sauce. It is important to avoid fermented foods, as well as gluten, dairy and sugar, because these foods feed candida, or yeast infection.  Candida albicans is the source of many problems with health, including poor gums and teeth.
  • No preservatives.
  • EAT LOTS OF RAW  CELERY and CARROTS;  The other key factor in regrowing your tooth enamel and improving the health of your gums is to eat lots of RAW CELERY and CARROTS.  End each meal with these. This improves digestion, as well as the health of the teeth.
  • KEEP THE MOUTH ALKALINE:  Chew a stick of celery after each meal to keep the mouth alkaline.  Celery is a natural germicide and antibiotic which will keep those tooth-eating beasties in check. Celery will help to discourage those damaging bacteria which cause decay.
  • Celery is well known for its ability to help build strong bones:  It helps to build strong teeth as well.
  • Celery is a high fiber alkaline food.   Eating raw celery and carrots too, helps to provide plenty of fiber for your digestion. Your intestines will be cleansed by eating these raw foods, which means that they will process your foods more efficiently.
  • Eat as much of your food raw as you can.  Begin sprouting mung beans and alfalfa at home.  Mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts are especially alkaline.  These clean the teeth as well, keep the mouth alkaline, and provide more fiber for the bowel.
  • All protein foods are OK. Eating meat will not do your teeth any harm as long as you eat enough alkaline salads and cooked greens to go with it. Generally speaking, high quality protein is good for those on anti candida diets. Protein eaten with raw foods will help your teeth to grow. If you are vegetarian, then make sure your protein is adequate:  supplement with plenty of sprouts, nuts and seeds and pulses.
  • Organic free range eggs are excellent.  Try to eat two free range egg yolks each day.  This is very nourishing for the body and easy on the digestion.  You can include these with your olive oil dressing for your salad, or put them into a smoothie such as a banana smoothie with almonds, sesame or sunflower seeds.  Two raw egg yolks per day is recommended for vegetarians especially.
  • Use plenty of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds,  and coconut milk, especially if you are on a vegetarian diet. These are all very high in calcium and essential fatty acids.
  • All raw and cooked vegetables are good.
  • Always eat something raw with every meal.

It takes a while to notice the effects of such a programme, especially to regrow tooth enamel. If you really put the effort into following this diet, and faithfully exclude wheat, dairy, sugar, and yeasts, then you should see some positive results  on your general health after about three months.  If you were to continue on for another 6 months beyond that, you should see your tooth enamel beginning to repair itself.

Calcium Ascorbate Powder: This is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C which helps keep the body alkaline.  It also kills bacteria and works as a potent digestive which maximizes your vitamin and mineral intake from the food you eat. It helps to detoxify the body.

Calcium Ascorbate was used in treating my friend’s gum problem.  My family also used this quite frequently, which would have helped my child to regrow tooth enamel.    You need to take at least 1000 mg once or twice per day.

Castor Oil Treatment: People on cancer diets who have regrown their tooth enamel have used castor oil as part of their treatment.  I think that taking castor oil even once a week will have a beneficial effect on your teeth.  However, if the person is young, or healthy, with a strong recuperative power, regrowing tooth enamel can be done without castor oil.

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19 thoughts on “Regrow Your Tooth Enamel”

  1. I Think that the Castor Oil might the main ingredient for enamel,i say because if it were only a case of eating just raw vegies and avoid wheat and sugar then all we had to do was to become a vegetarians and grow a set of teeth.I think there is more to it then just eating more raw foods.

  2. Hi Merrilyn,
    I enjoyed reading your highly informative posts on tooth enamel re-growth.
    I’m a 30 yo vegan whose upper/lower front teeth enamel has worn out and gums are retracting/recceding due to my history of drinking lots of lemonade and fruit juices.
    My dentist has recommended costly veneers and gum surgery.
    I can’t afford such pricey treatment let alone organic foods.
    Please forgive me for my numerous queries as I’m really anxious.
    Is it alright I continue eating tempeh?It’s my main source of protein.I find protein shakes rather unappealing.
    Does flouride and glycerin in mouthwash affect the re-enamelling of teeth?
    I read that black walnut tincture helps restore tooth enamel.Is there any truth?
    Does rinsing the mouth with Comfrey leaf tea assist in gum healing?
    I read that you recommend taking calcium ascorbate.Do i apply it topically to my teeth or ingest it?
    Thank you so much,

  3. From Charlie….I read that you recommend taking calcium ascorbate.Do i apply it topically to my teeth or ingest it?
    Gums ,I meant.

  4. Hello Charlie, and thankyou for your comments and questions about tooth health and regrowth. You bring up some good points.
    I will give my opinion on the questions you ask, but I have to say that I am not an expert or a professional in the field of tooth regrowth: I am simply reiterating the experiences of other people, and my own personal experience as seen in the regrowth of tooth enamel on one of my children who was around twelve years old at the time. I cannot promise the same results for other people who may decide to try our methods for improving tooth enamel, and I advise readers to see a naturopathic dentist or other professional for advice before trying out any change in diet.
    I would think tempeh is a great protein food which would not harm the teeth in any way, especially if the diet is alkaline with plenty of green vegetables. We often used tofu and tempeh in our meals.
    Cleaning the teeth after eating using raw celery or carrot, or even apple, is just the best thing for the teeth in my opinion, as this not only cleans the teeth but makes the saliva more alkaline. This is very good for the teeth, and is better than using any toothpaste. Baking soda makes a good tooth cleaner, as it does not contain the harmful additives and artificial sweeteners which most toothpastes have. I think that many of the ingredients of commercial toothpastes actually are harmful to the teeth and to the general health. Baking soda is alkaline in its effect, which is another reason for using baking soda instead of commercial toothpastes.
    I would avoid using fluride and glycerine mouthwashes. Sea salt and water, or baking soda, or herbal teas, would be better.
    I have not used black walnut tincture specifically for restoring tooth enamel. However, it is probably very good for the teeth when used as a supplement to the diet. Louise Tenney states in her book of herbal remedies that ‘black walnut is used for restoring tooth enamel’. I would not apply the tincture straight to the teeth, but use it in dilution as a mouth wash.. Black walnut is a natural antiseptic and has healing properites which will certainly help the gums. It contains natural iodine, Vitamin B15, manganese, silica, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.
    Comfrey is EXCELLENT for helping bones, hair, nails and teeth, and I believe that it would be good for the health of society for this herb to be made readily available for people to use and grow in their gardents again. Drug companies have managed to wield their power to have this herb banned in many parts of the world where their drug empires flourish. Comfrey used as a tea,once or twice a day, or a little added to a meal once or twice a week, will help to heal gums and other disease and improve the general health. Hair is the first thing to show a marked improvement when you include a little comfrey in the diet. This is because of the high mineral content, especially silica, which comfrey possesses. Silica is one of the most important minerals for building strong bones, teeth, hair, nails, and for preventing disease.
    Do not apply calcium ascorbate to the teeth. Calcium ascorbate is fantastic for killing germs and repairing disease – It has a definite alkaline effect on the body and the saliva. However – care must be taken not to leave too much of this in the mouth, as this could adversely effect the tooth enamel in my opinion. We did not use calcium ascorbate during the time my son’s tooth healed itself. If you do use calcium ascorbate Vitamin C, or any other type of Vitamin C, it would be important to eat that raw celery, or raw carrot, or half an apple, straight after the dose of vitamin C. If your diet is high in raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, and you are not treating a chronic illness such as cancer or arthritis, then it should not be necessary to take large amounts of Vitamin C on a daily basis. Calcium ascorbate is a awonderful healter, of course – just remember that if you DO take say 1000mg a day, then make sure the residue is not left in the mouth. It will work from the inside out – helping the digestion, assimilation of vitamins, counteract poisons in the body, and by encouraging an alkaline state – but it will not in itself help the tooth enamel by direct contact.
    Thanks again for writing in with comments and questions. This helps keep the debate alive, and certainly brings up some good points.
    Yours sincerely,

  5. Hi Again Charlie – On Calcium Ascorbate Vitamin C and teeth – I have answered this question in depth in the answer below: Reminder: You do not apply calcium ascorbate directly to the teeth. Any residue of Vitamin C of any kind should be removed by eating raw celery, or carrot, or apple.
    Regards, and thanks,

  6. hi i just read the comment from charlie…problems with gums retracting was mentioned and enamel being worn out…ive been reading a lot about Dr. J R Christopher and he said that white oak bark powder was excellent in regrowing the gums and i think he said that it made some people’s gold fillings fall out because the enamel was growing back…what he had them do is put the powder in the entire tooth area like between the teeth and gums and night every night for 6 days at a time always taking the 7th day off…i hope this helps!! 🙂

  7. Great comment Zai. Sounds like White oak bark might be as good for regrowing tooth enamel as what black walnut and slippery elm are reported to be. Readers will be interested, I am sure. Of course, an alkaline diet which avoids chemical contaminants such as artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings will go a long way to helping the enamel regrow. A good diet is important, in combination with helpful herbs and vitamin and mineral supplements. And remember Castor Oil – this is a great detoxifyer, but it also helps carry important nutrients about the body, which aids healing. Dr Gerson’s diet which used Castor oil every second day for the treatment of cancer, had amazing results with many people in that they not only recovered from cancer, but regrew tooth enamel after about a year or more on his recovery plan.
    Note: Teeth were not regrown by Gerson’s method if the tooth had been removed, or where the removal of the root, or nerve tissue had occurred, as in root canal fillings.
    Best regards,

  8. Hi Zai, Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful nugget of information. I’ll most definitely give it a try. 🙂
    Warmest of Regards,

  9. hi there, thanks for this article. my enamel is severely eroded and i’d much rather try to grow it back than to have lots of dental work done. with castor oil, do you actually eat it? if so, how much?


  10. Hi Jackie, Have a go at reading the articles, for a start. These posts of mine will tell you exactly how much castor oil, and how often, was taken by the people who reported success with the regrowing of tooth enamel. Reading the articles will explain what else these people did, and how they were not expecting to improve their tooth enamel, but were trying to beat the cancer which threatened to kill them.
    Be warned – For the teeth to heal themselves, and to reverse cancer, you have to be really committed to a special programme which includes a strict diet and rigorous cleansing practices, which most people would not care to follow. Regrowing tooth enamel takes a long time of enduring these rigorous health practices – it doesn’t happen simply because you swallow castor oil several times a week.
    Best Regards,

  11. I wonder, if by fermented foods to be avoided you actually refer to pickled foods made with vinegar? Naturally lacto-fermented foods such as kimchi and real sauerkraut actually strengthen enamel and prevent the build-up of plaque. These foods are also high in Vit C. Also, white oak bark is an astringent, it will not act on the enamel of teeth but it will aid in healing and strengthening gums. Finally, comfrey is to be avoided as a rinse for the gums if there is any sign of infection present. It is so quick at healing tissues that infection can be trapped under the tissue and an absess could form. Horsetail contains far mor silica than comfrey but it can be hard on kidneys in some cases. Stinging nettle with a pinch of horsetail is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and silica.
    I healed my teeth and very bad gums through avoiding commercial toothpaste, rinsing with salt water, flossing with plain floss and eating fermented foods generously and using the above herbs. It is definitely possible, even in advanced cases.

  12. Thankyou Christine for your valuable comments.
    About fermented foods – Sometimes, when the person is suffering chronic candidiasis, all fermented foods, including those home-made ones, vinegars, etc, and mushrooms which have yeasts on them, have to be avoided completely for a time, until the Candida infection subsides. Once the body has been cleansed sufficiently, then lacto-bacilli-rich foods are good, and these foods will then keep candida at bay. But they can be difficult foods for the person who is suffering candida and is in severe need of cleansing.

  13. Hi, theres alot of info here. Can you simply tell me what plan you followed to improve your sons teeth? My 9 year old daughter has spots on her on her permanent teeth as soon as they come in-very discouraging for her! Dentist just says that after she grows up something can be done to help her. Mean while, I can see little holes forming in her enamel. I need a simple plan that she can stick to. Thanks for any help.

  14. Hi KJ
    I have actually described what we did that year my son’s tooth healed itself. Look at the comments – they will give you an idea.
    We did not have a plan for teeth, but were following a diet which I had worked out for eczema. Both my eldest son and myself had eczema when we had milk or wheat. Both of us had had severe exposure to 245T which was aerially dropped over our house and over our stream where we got our drinking water. Which reminds me – Once we had moved back to the city, following the death of my baby who was born after the spraying incident, I avoided using the city tap water as much as possible. For a time, once a week, I drove out to Huia to get pails of water from the dam before it got treated at the water treating station. But we did use tap water when this ran out.
    The gist of the diet was this: I cut all wheat and dairy out of our foods, as well as sugar. We ate lots of soy, lentils, rice, and mountains of fresh vegetables and fruit and protein foods. Two salads a day, or raw carrot and celery after each meal. No sweets at all, save for things sweetened naturally with banana or dates. Lots of protein – hard boiled eggs for school, almonds, cashews – sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in the cooking and ground raw – some fish, some chicken, which alternated the vbegetarian protein dishes I cooked.
    Cornmeal breads with millet, soy and rice flour – instead of commercial wheat or rye breads.
    Commercially produced food was almost nil, so we avoided all the preservatives, colourings and flavourings because of making the food at home. On occasion, for a treat, I would buy a soya icecream which was organically produced, but otherwise – no sweets.
    It took almost a year for this diet to make a change in the teeth. Around 9 months of following this diet very carefully, we noticed the small hole in the front tooth had disappeared completely.

  15. Note: Whilst living in the Weka Weka Valley, Hokianga, we had been using the fresh water from the stream. After the spraying, we moved back to the city, and that was when I decided to drive out west to collect fresh water from the dam, before it had been chlorinated or processed in any way.
    I don’t think I mentioned the water thing in my posts about the diet which we followed, but I think that using untreated water as much as possible, without fluoride or chlorine in it, may have been a key factor in this diet which had the effect of healing a small hole in the tooth.

  16. This is great!! I have been searching and searching and searching for positive results about teeth and this gives me so much hope!! I really hope it is true and I really hope it is possible to have such great results for everyone and not just for lucky ones.. It is my biggest dream to regrow my enamel and fix my teeth naturally.. I am 30 years old, so I guess it will take longer for me than your son though..

    But I would be so grateful if this really works!!

  17. Hi Michelle – Well, you may or may not regrow that tooth enamel, depending on how strong your general health is, and how rigorously you maintain a diet for optimum health – but a healthy diet will help your teeth to stay strong. It should help prevent new cavities from forming, at the very least.
    Thankyou for your comment.

  18. What do you think about chia seeds for enamel growth ? 🙂
    Also do you recommend to take things like spirulina or wheat grass?

  19. Hi I have severe receding gums was wondering if this would help regrow back the gums? I’m in desperate need of help… have no insurance or funds to go to dentist please help. My gums hurt!

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