Regrow Tooth Enamel

How People Have Regrown Teeth:

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There are some dental experts who specialize in growing new enamel on teeth.  This is done  with specially prepared natural formulas of minerals and vitamins which aid the reparation of the natural tooth enamel.

It is recommended that you see a health professional about your teeth if you wish to regrow tooth enamel. A dental expert should help you. This post is intended for information only, and so you might like to discuss these methods with your health professional before giving any of these methods  a go, of course, with your dentist’s  approval.

Tooth enamel and new hair can be regrown through diet and detoxification methods.  Whether you succeed in growing new teeth using the same method as Dr Gerson and Jacqui Davison will depend on how strictly you follow their methods,  and how long you follow their diet and detoxification methods.

If you are youngish, then your ability to regrow new tooth enamel will be stronger than if you are old with a weakened vitality.  However, it must be stressed that success  in growing new teeth naturally does  require a huge commitment:   following any type of  alternative method as  recommended  by Dr Gerson, Walter Last, Dr Anne Wigmore, Dr Eva Hill is not  easy by any means.

Cases of people who have regrown their teeth and their hair can be found, going back 50 years or so,  in some of Dr Max Gerson’s cancer patients who overcame the disease.

From written reports on his successes, and the book by Jacqui Davison who cured her own melanoma through following much of the Gerson treatment, we can deduce that these natural methods for treating cancer actually work to regrow tooth enamel and to regrow hair, as well as being effective in  curing cancer:  Many of those who recovered from cancer reported miraculous changes to the state of their teeth.

The recovery of the teeth occurred because the diet contained optimum amounts of all the necessary vitamins and minerals to cure cancer, and for the maintaining of excellent health.  These minerals and vitamins nourished the blood which fed the nerves of the teeth, and so the teeth regrew.

Those teeth which had the nerve removed, or which were ‘capped’, did not regrow, because there was no nerve left to feed the tooth. The nerve of the tooth must be intact for a tooth to regrow.

Hard Work To Grow New Tooth Enamel: These cancer patients had very specific diets which excluded cooked food, dairy,  wheat, sugar and flesh foods for very long periods.  That means NO dairy foods, NO meat, NO Wheat,  NO cooked food, but raw salads with almost every meal, and fresh organic vegetable juices on the hour every hour.  After several weeks,  two raw egg yolks a day were included in the diet to supply protein, fats and vitamins.

The diet also had specific  vitamin and mineral supplements  which aided recovery.  However, many people have recovered from cancer using  similar methods to Dr Gerson’s without the addition of nutritional supplements.

Dr Eva Hill, who worked in New Zealand about the same time as Dr Gerson worked in Americal and Mexico, cured many people of serious disease by raw food alone. Walter Last, and Dr Anne Wigmore are two other doctors who have cured people of life threatening disease by using diet and detoxification methods. These people have all written books on their successes which detail their use of diet, and detoxification.

Oatmeal Porridge: In the main, the only cooked food which was eaten at the beginning of the Gerson therapy was oatmeal porridge, which was eaten with a grated raw apple every morning.

The oatmeal porridge must have had a bearing on the recovery of the health and the hair, as oatmeal is very high in silica, which helps bone, hair and teeth to grow.  Silica, and calcium, are both necessary to combat cancer.

Iodine is another essential for treating cancer and for improving the health of the hair teeth and nails:  liquid iodine can be used for iodine intake.  Just several dabs onto the skin twice a week should be sufficient for most healthy people.

Calves’ Liver Broth for Enzymes and Iron: Walter Last used calves’ liver broth in his cancer treatments:  This supplies important nutrients and enzymes to the body, a teaspoon or two at a time, several times a day, without having to eat the meat. See my post on how to make calf liver broth. Eating the meat itself is avoided in treating cancer, as meat putrifies in the bowel, which must be avoided at all costs if you have cancer.  The idea is to keep the bowels as clean as they can be in treating cancer, and this must apply also if you are attempting to grow new teeth.

Castor Oil for Detoxification and Healing: The special diet  recommended by Dr Gerson was  used in combination with intense detoxification methods.  The integral parts of the detoxifaction process included the use of castor oil and enemas.

Castor Oil is a very powerful healer, as well as a detoxifying agent. Castor oil has the ability to draw out poisons from the body tissues.  It also helps to transfer valuable healing vitamins and minerals over all parts of the body.  I believe that castor oil was an integral part of the recovery of these cancer patients, including the regrowth of hair and newly grown tooth enamel.

Enemas are important in the Gerson therapy, and in Walter Last’s treatments. However, you really need the advice of a professional in using these along with any alternative cancer therapy.

One Case of Cured Gum Disease:  Years ago, I had one amazing success of curing a person with a gum disease which threatened the life of my friend’s teeth.  She had been tole by a dentist that each tooth must be removed, scraped, treated, and then reinserted back into her gums.  Each tooth was to be treated individually, one at a time, and these operations were going to take place over a period of about six months at a cost of around $5,000 per tooth, which, twelve years ago or so, was a large amount of money.

Basically, she could not afford to keep her teeth, and she came to me to see if I could help her.

Tooth Cavity Repaired Through Diet: Now I had seen tooth enamel regrow while my family and myself were on a totally dairy free, and wheat-free, and  sugar-free diet.  It was not a total raw foods diet, as we ate cooked vegetables and also  had meat, chicken, fish, and eggs, and rice, and other gluten free grains – but for years we did not touch dairy, wheat, or foods sweetened with white sugar.

One day, I noticed that my son, who was about 10 years old, had developed a cavity in one of his lovely front white teeth. I did not take him immediately to see the dentist, because the cavity was quite small – I resisted getting such a small cavity drilled out, as that would make the cavity even bigger, and I had a mouth full of teeth which were mainly fillings because of this kind of dentistry.

We kept on with the diet which was necessary because my son had chronic allergy to wheat, milk and sugar at that stage.  After around six months, when rechecking the mouth, I found that the cavity had simply disappeared.  The hole had completely repaired itself without us  having to  see a dentist.

This was entirely coincidental, as I had been treating eczema with diet, not holes in teeth.

I had had earlier success myself with this kind of diet in curing a breast lump. Anyway – I published a couple of little books on the subject, and so my friend came to see me about  the gum disease and the costly treatment which her dentist proposed for her.

Now not many people are really that keen to do the alternative cancer treatment seriously.  Many people, even those with cancer, will do a little of it, but not the works, which includes enemas and castor oil.

But my friend, to my surprise, did everything to the letter.  Three months later, the gum disease was totally cured and she looked about twenty years younger, full of vitality.

She went back to see the dentist to show him how healthy her teeth and gums were, and to say that she would not need this operation after all.  The dentist  told her that he must have been wrong in his diagnosis.  he said he had made a mistake, because  she couldn’t have had this gum disease after all, if she had ‘cured’ herself naturally, as she said she had. He said the disease was incurable.

But before she ‘cured’ herself, he was more than happy to go along with his undisputed diagnosis, remove all her teeth, and charge her around $50,000 to $100,000 for what he said was a necessary and urgent operation.

Regrow Teeth

It is possible to regrow teeth.

Of course, this does not happen over night, but given time, whilst following a very strict dietary regime, it is possible to regrow your teeth.  And your hair, as it happens:

A first hand account of how this can happen is written by Jacqui Davison, who followed the Gerson therapy for cancer sometime in the 1970’s.  I used to have her book, called, I think, ‘How I Recovered  Naturally From Cancer” .  This  book was a great source of inspiration for me when I had a breast lump around the same time, and wanted to use a natural cure.

Jacqui describes in her book how she recovered completely from terminal cancer.  She had a type of melanoma which had near eaten her up by the time she found out about Gerson’s cancer therapy.   She used a natural cure to regain her health.  While she was following this particular diet, without realizing it,  because it all happened so gradually, she grew a whole new set of teeth.

The other miraculous thing which happened was that her she also regrew her hair.  Her hair grew back in abundance, and in her natural colour of her youth, which was surprising, since she had had greying hair when she became ill.

The only teeth which did not regrow were the ones she had had capped at an earlier date:  since there was not nerve left in these teeth to supply blood to the nerve tissue, these teeth could not grow.  But all the other teeth which still had the nerve intact regrew.

Jacqui was bedridden and had been given only a few weeks to live when her daughter persuaded her to begin the castor oil-enemas-juices-raw foods-oatmeal porridge detoxification programme which Dr. Gerson was using with much success at the time,  in his cancer clinic.

Of course, Jacqui had a huge motivation in following the Gerson therapy:  She had terminal cancer.  She was bedridden.  She expected to die within a few weeks, and so had nothing to lose by trying out the detoxification programme which involved using enemas and taking castor oil, two things which most people would prefer not to do.

Jacqui bellieved she was dying.  the doctors had told her there was nothing else that they could do to help her.

Jacqui was fortunate that she had her daughter help her and to encourage her in persisting with the diet and the cleansing process.  Not everybody could sustain the same level of  determination as Jacqui did  in following strict adherance to this extremely disciplined therapy described by Gerson. She says in her book that she did not expect anything to happen by following the treatment, but agreed to do it rather more to pacify her daughter, who was, of course, distraught at the idea of losing her mother.  Following the regime  still demanded a huge effort, even with her daughter to help her administer enemas and make juices.

So the time went by – day by day, using enemas,  and sticking to this strict dietary regime.   At first, Jacqui was  surprised to be still alive  after a week or two had gone by.   This feeling grew into amazement  when she and the family realized after several weeks that Jacqui was getting slightly stronger by the day, and did not appear to be dying at all.

Jacqui did not give any thought to her teeth.  Apparently, the old fillings all fell out, but she was so still so sick that the last thing she thought about was visiting the dentist.  Her motivation was to beat the cancer and live.

After almost a year on the diet, with the use of daily enemas and castor oil taken every second day to detoxify, Jacqui was fully recovered.  By this time she had grown back a full head of hair, and also had new teeth.

The Best Foods and Vitamins for Hair Growth

In Chinese Medicine, there are  foods which strengthen the digestive Qi, or Chi.  These same foods  are recommended for encouraging hair growth by  many other health professionals who use other modalities of healing.   Many of these same foods, used in Chinese medicine to enhance Chi and to  promote hair growth,  also appear in Ayurvedic medicinal texts, as being  some of the best foods  for hair growth. In Western medicine, we would term these foods as being alkaline, rather than acid-forming.

IMG_6820Photo by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera, 25th December, 2012.

Ayurvedic medicine attributes hair loss to over active Pitta:  this causes an excess of heat in the body. Excess heat in the body causes stress, and this stress can make the hair fall out. Alkaline foods help to produce Qi, or Chi in Chinese Medicine.  This is the vital life-giving force in the body, which helps the body stay strong  and cope with stress. A body which is deficient in Qi will warn you with early tell tale signs:  These signs are often  the falling, or thinning of the hair, and brittle nails which break easily.  This is the time you really need to improve your diet with all those foods which will help to nourish it back to health and strength.

Most of these foods listed below are classified as cooling, but it is best to get professional advice from your Ayurvedic practitioner on the  best foods and herbs for your body type and condition:  or seek advice from a  practitioner of acupuncture,  Traditional Tibetan Buddhist medicine, or naturopathy on what foods will best suit you.

Here is a list of some of the main  foods which are high in vitamin content, and which are recommended for improving digestive function and for encouraging hair growth.   In Ayurvedice medicine, most of these foods listed below are classified as cooling.  In Chinese medicine, they are generally regarded as benefitting  digestive qi and the nervous system. They are universally regarded as helpful for the growth of hair, teeth, bones and nails.

These foods are:

Alfalfa sprouts



Apple:  Apple contains potassium, phosphorous,  iron, calcium, fructose, malic acid, tannic acid, pectin.  It promotes digestive Qi , which helps the spleen and stomach, and helps all functions, including hair growth.  Its high fiber content nourishes the digestive tract including the colon.

Apricots contain carotene, which is an excellent vitamin for the hair and the general health. It also contains vitamins B, C, and iron, calcium and phosphorous.

Avodaco is especially good for the hair. Avocado is high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants,  phytonutrients, and folate, potassium, and fiber.  It contains  the Vitamins A, B6, C, D and E.  and other minerals and vitamins which benefit hair growth, and also help to prevent cancer.  Note:  Avocado is not recommended for people  who are on medication.

Banana:  Banana contains potassium, phosphorous, iron, pectin, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E.  It is high in fiber, good for the intestines, and helps lower blood pressure.



Brazil Nuts, which come mainly fromBolivia, actually, are an extremely good source of silenium, magnesium and thiamine, and are rich in essential fatty oils.   Silenium, especially  is recommended for improving the hair growth, as deficiencies are common.  Eating about four or five brazil nuts each day is supposed to provide you with enough silenium in the diet.

Brussels Sprouts

Brown Rice








Comfrey – This is especially high in silica and is wonderful for the health and the hair. Eating a leaf a day cooked with spinach improves the hair, and the general health in combination with other therapies. Unfortunately, because comfrey is such a wonderful healer, it has made drug companies very jealous of the profit they are missing out on, and so it has been banned in most parts of the western world.

Cornmeal Polenta



Evening Primrose Oil is good for hair growth – DO check with your health professional regarding dose before using evening primrose oil. Check also to see if  it might affect other medications which may make it unsuitable for you.



Flaxseed, or Linseed – high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.


Grapes, especially red grapes – Grapes promote Qi in the body.  They are high in iron, and are good for the blood.

Grapeseed Oil – essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

Hazelnuts – these contain selenium, Vitamin E, calcium and essential fatty acids.



Linseed – or flaxseed, is high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.


Millet Porridge


Nettles – the sort which grow around chicken yards – are rich in minerals, includig silica, which is one of the best vitamins for hair growth. You can safely eat nettles by adding a handful or two to your silver beet or spinach.  Cook them on their own with just a little water to make a silica-rich tonic to massage into the hair.

Oatmeal Porridge – High in silica which is needed for hair growth. It is best to eat your porridge without dairy milk, or even soy milk, which is highly processed. Use either a  knob of butter, or some olive oil or grapeseed oil instead, with dates added for sweetening instead of sugar.

Olive Oil is good for hair growth and for the health of the skin. It is high in essential fatty acids ad Vitamin E.

Olives, preferably black olives,  are very good for the hair.





Pears – These contain phosphorous, calcium, iron, and the vB1, B2, and A. They  contain the complex sugars fructose, sucrose, glucose, and also malic acid, and pectin.

Psyllium husks


Pumpkin seeds

Rice  short grain



Sesame Seeds – These are rich in calcium – 1200mg per heaped tablespoon  They also  contain 60%  fatty acids, including the unsaturated fats  oleic acid, linoleic acid and arachidic acid.  These compounds  benefit the eyes, brain, and production of hair teeth and nails. Sesame seeds benefit the kidneys, the liver and are strengthening to the Qi.

Sunflower Seeds – These also have calcium and essential fatty acids, and Vitamin E.

Sweet Apples

Sweet Potatoes (Kumara)





Watermelon:  Watermelon helps the heart, stomach and kidney and bladder functions.  Good kidneys usually mean a good head of hair. It  contains potassium, phosphorous, fiber, and vitamins A, B, and C.  It is high in glucose, fructose and sucrose – complex sugars. (not for diabetics).  It contains the proteins citrulline, alanine, glutamic acid and arginine. Watermelon is a very cooling food, and is thus good for treating acne.

Acid-forming Foods: It is best to avoid the heating foods, or acid producing foods.  These are, generally speaking, the red meats, wheat products, especially bread, dairy foods, and polyunsaturated fats.

Eat healthy fats such as olive oil, canola oil, and grapeseed oil, which are monounsaturated fats.  Butter is still a good fat to use, and it does not spoil as readily as oils do when it is heated. Many people who have food sensitivity to dairy products can eat butter and ghee to the benefit of their health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are great for hair growth and are essential for good health and brain function.  To get your daily requirement of this important compound, you can get a supplement with omega-3 fatty acids, or

  • You can eat linseed daily.  Eat a tablespoon of ground linseed daily. It is great blended into drinks, or added to your oatmeal porridge in the morning.
  • You can take a tablespoon of canola oil daily.  This is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, which also nourishes hair.
  • Fish, especially the oily types of fish such as sardines and salmon, are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables such as silver beet, spinach, and broccoli and the brassicas, also contain some of the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avodado is especially high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin Supplements could include extra calcium, taken in the form of Dolomite powder, or bone broth, or sardines eaten daily, or merrilyn’s special home made calcium/magnesium tonic. (see post for recipe)  A generous tablespoonful of sesame seeds will give you 1200mg of extra calcium and magnesium- eat some every day. The oil from sesame seeds is also nourishing for the hair.

Zinc is also necessary for good, healthy hair, bones, teeth and nails. Zinc is found in most foods, but is especially high in onions, leeks and garlic. Alfalfa sprouts and pumpkin seeds are also good sources of zinc.  Shell fish are a good souce of zinc and other minerals:  Oysters are especially high in zinc.  Shellfish, though, are heating foods, rather than cooling, to the Pitta condition.

Iodine is another necessity in strengthening the hair growth.  Again, shell fish are a good source.  Any sea food is rich in iodine, and that includes the sea weeds such as kelp.  If you are vegetarian, or you have an aversion to eating fish and shell fish, then you could take some kelp powder every day. Two teaspoonsful taken every day should give you your daily requirement of iodine, and other trace minerals which are needed for the hair and for good health.

Iodine Applied to the Scalp  This is another alternative for taking iodine into the system.  By painting iodine straight onto the scalp, you are giving the hair roots an immediate boost of this vital mineral.  By painting it on the scalp, say three or four dabs twice a week, then you are ensuring that your whole body gets the benefit, as iodine is absorbed through the scalp tissues. Iodine on the scalp will enter the blood vessels and thus be carried around the entire body.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth – Either Pimiento, Horseradish, or Clary sage essences or oils can be added to coconut oil, or grapeseed or soya oil  to use as a massage hair treatment.

A good combination for head massage is to use 4 teaspoons of oil, one teaspoon of rum, 6 drops of horseradish and 5 drops of clary sage essential oil. Massage into the hair and leave on overnight.

Homeopathy for Hair Loss:  It is best to get professional homeopathic advice before assessing your own needs, but some homeopathic remedies for the hair might  be:  (generally,  only one remedy is to be taken at a time. A practicing homeopath might combine remedies, but  this is not recommended without expert advice)

Homeopathic Fluoric ac.:  Use 6c every 12 hours for a month if hair is brittle and falls when brushing.  Another good remedy is Calc. fluoride, which comes in a homeopathic cell salt.

Homeopathic Lycopodium : Use 6c every 12 hours for a month to help restore hair after childbirth, for premature balness and greying.

Homeopathic Selenium:  Use 6c every 12 hours for a month if the scalp is sore and sensitive.

Homeopathic Sepia:  Use 6c every 12 hours for a month if hormonal changes are a factor in your hair loss.  This is a good ‘woman’s remedy’, as it  is often useful to restore hormonal function after childbirth, or during or after menopause, especially if the subject is inclined to be depressed or disinterested in life.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss

Professional Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss  is recommended if you have an ongoing problem with hair falling out.  However, there are several good ayurvedic treatments for hair loss which you can use as a preventative, and to help nourish your whole physical being, including your hair, bones, teeth and nails.

Hair loss, in Ayurvedic Medicine, is regarded as a Pitta condition.  This means that  more cooling foods should be eaten, and that heating foods should be restricted.

The Pitta idea is interesting, I think, because, in my experience, radiation from electromagnetic sources such as cell phone towers and the like, have caused hair loss whenever I have lived for a period of three months or so near electromagnetic disturbances. Electromagnetic energy  definitely has a heating influence on the body. This is something you need to examine if you have ongoing bad health, your hair is growing thin, and you cannot fathom what the cause is.

Ayurvedic Diet for Hair Loss:  Hair needs a good supply of calcium, zinc and magnesium for a start, so it is a good idea to eat more foods which supply these minerals if you want to maintain a good head of hair.

One of these such Aurvedic remedies which is high in calcium is Coconut. For  treating hair loss,  Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and the flesh of the coconut itself can all be used.   Coconut is a very rich source of calcium, protein and fats, all of which benefit your hair growth. 

Coconuts are  a valued part of the daily diet in the South Pacific Islands, where people have marvellous heads of hair.  Coconut milk is widely used in the Pacifica region as a protein and flavour enhancer for many dishes.  It is also used as a baby food and as an invalid food.  The oil of the coconut is used externally as a skin oil, and as a hair oil, to nourish the hair and the scalp.

Ayurvedic Medicine texts commonly recommend the use of coconut milk and flesh for helping restore hair growth: 

  • One source recommends the inner milk of the young coconut to be drunk each day,  half a cupful each day.  (if you have high cholesterol, you should check with your doctor, or health professional before using cocnut milk in the diet)
  • Make up a coconut milk at home by blending together 1/2  cup grated coconut; 6 soaked almonds; 1 tablespoon sesame seeds; 1 cup warm water.  This milk is good to drink. You can put it on your oatmeal porridge, which is also high in calcium, silica and other goodies which nourish the hair.  You can massage some of this milk into the scalp at night.  Leave the milk on the hair and wash out in the morning. This is a wonderful tonic for the hair:  it helps regrowth and puts a great natural shine to the hair.
  • You can rub coconut oil into the scalp and into the soles of the feet.  Leave on overnight.  You absorb nutrients from the coconut oil through the soles of your feet, and these will find their way, via your bloodstream,  to feed the roots of your hair.  Remember to wear some old cotton or woolen socks to bed when you treat the soles of the feet with coconut oil.
  • Castor Oil is used in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat a variety of conditions, one of which is hair loss.  Castor oil can be massaged into the scalp to help hair regrow.  It is a good remedy to promote hair growth in babies and young children. 
  • Castor oil can be rubbed onto the soles of the feet at night to improve the health of the hair.  Put on those old socks so that your sheets do not get marked.  Wash off the oil in the morning with soap.
  • Castor oil can also be taken internally to improve the condition of the hair. Taking 2 tablespoonsful in the morning on an empty stomach, twice weekly, will help your hair to regrow.  This treatment will also improve your digestion, as taking castor oil internally reduces the toxins in the liver, and helps to flush out the gall bladder and the bowels.

Dairy, or Soy Milk Tonic

  • Drink 1 cup of your favorite milk which has been blended with 1 tsp ghee, 1 tsp sesame seeds, and 4 almonds.  This is recommended for the health of the hair.  You take this mixture each morning, as soon as you get up, and before you eat anything else.

Aloe Vera Juice

  • Taking a cup of aloe vera juice two or three times a day is another Ayurvedic remedy for hair loss.  This is to be continued for 3 months.
  • Aloe Vera Juice can also be used externally, to massage into the hair and scalp.  Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing out.

Eat Pumpkin Seeds and Alfalfa Sprouts for Zinc nourishment.  Eat a handful of sesame seeds each morning, unless you prefer to make up one of the above milk recipes with sesame.  A handful of sesame seeds contains about 1200 mg of calcium.  Eat plenty of the brassica family: these are cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale – all these contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium.  Eat carrots daily to provide you with Vitamin A.

You can supplement these home ayurvedic remedies with professionally applied shirobasti, which is an effective remedy for hair loss. See your ayurvedic professional about this.

A qualified ayurvedic professional can also apply nasya, which involves the application of special medicated oils into the nostrils.