Lip Cancer Healed With Vit C Garlic and Ledum

Alternative Treatment For Basal Cell Carcinoma

This alternative remedy for a type of skin cancer took some time and much concerted effort, but I recently healed a lip cancer with megadoses of Vitamin C, Garlic Oil and Homeopathic Ledum.

The lip developed a major hole around October last year – 2013. A lot of RoundUp herbicide, which contains glyphosphate, was being sprayed around the flats where I lived, and about the town on all the grass verges. Spraying seemed to occur every two to three weeks. This stuff always affects my health adversely.

This was also a time, the beginning of spring, when I was doing a lot of gardening, and using commercial potting mix and so-called organic fertilizer.

The hole just would not go away, no matter how I kept it out of the sun, and no matter what sort of healing balms I applied.

I did notice that each time I went near the bags of organic fertilizer, and the pots which already had new potting mix in them, my lip became inflamed and sore.  I could feel the lip tingling in objection to my gardening materials.  It was also worse each time the glyphosphates was applied onto the grass near my flat.

So – I gave away all the organic fertilizer I had on hand, and moved my pots well away from the house.  That helped for a start.  I ALWAYS wore a sunhat and even a scarf, while the lip was not healing.  This went on for months, with several trips to the doctor to get a diagnosis and several prescriptions which had no good effect at all.

I was lined up to get a biopsy done at the hospital.  This has been done, a year later,  after I had healed it through natural treatments. The results show I have some basal cell carcinomas.

Now I know what works on this type of cancer, I will make the effort again to heal the other spots on my legs, arms and back.  These areas got much better while I was practicing my healing methods, but once the lip healed, I relaxed my efforts and so the other areas have worsened again.

This carcinoma has appeared on areas which have had excessive exposure to sun over the years, with the result that the skin is damaged.

How I Cured Basal Cell Carcinoma On The Lip

Vitamin C: Between 6000mg and 10,000 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C were taken each day.  I used whatever deals were cheapest – calcium ascorbate tablets of 1000mg – and ester C powder.  I took a tablet or two every two or three hours through the day.

This dosage was kept up for three to four weeks.  Then, on seeing how the carcinoma hole was getting smaller, with scar tissue showing on the edges, I reduced the dosage slowly to around half the original dose.

Then, around another month on, I reduced the dose to just a couple of 1000mg tablets per day, taken morning and night.  The Vitamin C treatment took around 3 months.

Garlic Oil:  This proved to be very effective, taken internally and also applied topically over the sore lip.  I bit a capsule open every few hours and applied the oil over the sore, then swallowed what was left of the capsule. I carried on applying garlic oil to the lip for around 3 months.

Homeopathic Ledum Cream:  Around twice or thrice a day in between the garlic oil applications, I applied homeopathic Ledum cream.  This had a wonderful soothing and healing effect. Right away you could feel the coolness of the Ledum, and the therapeutic effect it was having on the skin.

I continued the Ledum treatment for around 3 months, by which time the lip was healed.

Castor Oil: I took castor oil around once a week, to clear away toxins from the liver and intestines. Castor oil also has a healing effect on all parts of the body, as it seeps through to all body cells and helps to distribute nutrients. So that – combined with the neutralizing effect on toxins, and its cleansing effect, it is a remarkable healing agent.

Cut Out Wheat Milk and Sugar:  These were all eliminated from the diet whilst I was healing the lip. Instead, plenty of greens, soy milk, good quality protein and oatmeal porridge with grated raw apple formed the basis of the diet.  I allowed myself one good cup of brewed coffee per day, but took great care not to get the hot cup near my lip.  Heat on the lip was the worst thing, I found, so I reduced my hot drinks and used a straw to drink my coffee.

Homeopathic Thuja and Arsen Alb.  I used both these remedies for periods, using one remedy at a time.  Mainly, I used homeopathic Arsen Alb, as this remedy seems to work well for me as an immune-booster.  Whenever I feel a dose of flu or a cold coming on, I take Arsen Alb right away, and the flu is either avoided completely, or abated.

After a week or so on Arsen Alb, taking a few drops two or three times a day, I would switch to Thuja instead, and take that for a few days.  Thuja has a remarkable affect on the body by helping to neutralize poisons such as RoundUp and other herbicides and insecticides.  It is also good for the side-effects of vaccination.

Grated Raw Apple:  As well as the grated raw apple, eaten with a bowl of oatmeal porridge each morning, I ate one or two raw apples, grated before lunch and dinner.  Occasionally, I missed out on the lunch-time apple, but I always made sure I had raw apple at dinner-time. Altogether, I ate around 4 to 6 raw apples per day.

Dr Max Gerson used raw apple with oatmeal porridge in his famous cancer treatment.  He also used castor oil as part of his treatment, 2 tbsps taken every second morning, followed by a cup of black coffee.  I reduced the castor oil dosage this time, for the lip carcinoma, although I have strictly followed Gerson’s  castor oil method in the past, for healing a breast lump.


Home Made Lavender Lotion Insecticide

Lavender Natural Flea Repellant, Head Lice Repellant, Hair Conditioner.

Grow some lovely lavender.  It has many uses, apart from being a valuable natural insecticide.

Lavender is beneficial for the bees and for the health of your garden.  It will help to discourage pests, whilst attracting the bees.

Attracting bees into your garden will benefit the pollination of your other plants.

Lavender is good for the hair, making it shine and encouraging new growth.

Purple lavender is beautiful to behold, and its sight will have a calming influence on all who visit you and your garden.

Making Home Made Lavender Lotion is a very satisfying process.  Nothing like getting into your garden, picking a few handfuls of fresh lavender blossoms, and setting them down to ferment into something so lovely and as useful as your own brew of lavender lotion.

Home Made Lavender Lotion or Essence can be used neat, or as an addition to shampoos for the purpose of lice and flea prevention, and as a natural conditioner for the hair.

How To Make Homeopathic Lavender Solution: Lavender solution can also be used homeopathically as an insect repellant spray, for fleas or ants or vermin.  To use the lavender lotion homeopathically in this way,you use just one part of the home made lavender lotion to nine parts of water.  Then you succuss the mixture by shaking it vigorously around 100 times.  Sounds a lot, but really, it isn’t.  It takes just a minute or two of shaking, and – voila – you have a very potent but harmless insecticide spray.

This mixture needs to be used up within three days, or kept in the fridge, or, alternatively, use third vodka, two thirds water as your base solution.

Remember not to spray the homeopathic mixture  onto any blossoms which bees might visit, as it could harm the bees.

How To Make Home Made Lavender Lotion

Now is a good time to start your lotion. Pick the blooms in the spring,around September October in New Zealand,  when the blooms have begun to open out. It is best to pick your blooms early in the morning,  before the sun has dried off the aromatic oils on the flowers.

Fill a jar with the flowers. Any size jar can be used, depending on the quantity you wish to make. A jam jar with a screw-top lid is a good size to use for a start.

Once you have your jar filled with lavender blooms, squeeze the juice of one lemon over the lavender.

Add one tablespoon of brown sugar or honey to your jar of lavender blooms.

Top up with warm water to within an inch of the top, to allow for expansion with the fermentation process.

Loosely put on the lid.

Leave in a sunny spot such as a window-sill, but away from working areas and bedrooms. This is because it has a potent effect, even while it is fermenting, and you may not want to be dosing yourself with its energy all through the night or day.

Shake every day for 14 days. Remember to screw down the lid tightly before you shake the jar.  Then release the pressure on the cap again after the shaking.

After 14 days drain off the liquid and discard the flower material.  Pick some fresh blossoms, fill your jar again, and pour over the liquid which you have saved from the previous ferment.

You may need to top up the jar with a little more water.

Repeat the process, shaking each day for 14 days.

Repeat the procedure one more time after the 14 days are up, using  fresh flowers. Again let the mixture ferment for 14 days.

By the third time of fermentation, your lotion will have taken on a rich purple colour from the lavender blossoms.

All you have to do now is to drain the liquid lavender off and bottle it safely in a clean, dry jar or bottle.  Use a vessel which has a tightly fitting lid.  Keep your home made lavender lotion out of the sun in a cool place such as a bathroom cabinet or a dark cupboard, and high up on a shelf so that children cannot get hold of it.

Lavender lotion is highly concentrated, and would be very toxic if it were ingested, so it must be kept safe in a high place, well away from youngsters.

This lotion keeps indefinitely, so long as the storage is done as described.

Treatment Or Prevention of Fleas and Head Lice:

To help discourage fleas in your dog’s kennel, or to prevent head lice, use one part lavender lotion to 9 parts water and shake vigorously.  Spray a few squirts of the resulting homeopathic dilution onto the hair. You do not need to use very much, and repeat the application of a few squirts each day for about three days.  You do not have to cover the whole head, or spray over the whole area in a kennel.  Just a few squirts in one or two areas in a kennel should be enough to make a difference.

If necessary, repeat the application after a week, of just two or three squirts each day for another three days or so.

Repeat as described until the fleas or lice have gone.

Note:  The effect of homeopathic lavender solution is quite long-lasting.  So don’t use for long periods at a time, as this could have a weakening effect on the immune system.

Another Option For Treating Pets:   Alternatively, add the lavender lotion to your shampoo, using roughly one  lavender lotion to nine parts shampoo.

Shampoo which has been fortified with your home made lavender lotion will work as a flea and lice preventative, and it also works as a conditioner for the hair which is also helpful in maintaining good hair growth.

A bought conditioner, or hand or body lotion,  can be spiced up in the same way for use as a flea preventor. This can be a simple method of applying the lavender insecticide to your pets.

Simply add a portion of your home made lavender lotion to a portion of your good quality body lotion and shake it into the mixture.  Just make sure that you are using a GOOD commercial product to start with – one which does not contain parabens or any other harmful petro-chemicals or other bad stuff.

You need use just a smear or two under the chin and belly to repel those fleas from your pet.

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Pneumonia In Pet Rat Cured With Homeopathy

Homeopathic Arsen Alb and Arnica  to the rescue.

Who says homeopathic remedies are simply placebos?  ‘Nothing in them except water and a bit of alcohol’ say some advocates for the drug copanies’ pharmaceuticals.

Recently, a friend came to me with his pet rat called ‘Monty’.  Monty could barely breathe.  His chest was making an awful rattling sound.  His poor wee mouth struggled to open wide with every breath in an effort to find enough air. He was obviously suffering from a bad dose of pneumonia.

The vet could not see him for a couple of days, by which time we guessed he would be dead unless we could fix the pneumonia.

There was another problem: Poor Monty is getting near the end of his years and he now has what looks to be a   large cyst or cancerous growth underneath his arm-pit.  Considering his age, the vet had previously thought it would not be beneficial to operate.  It was decided to let him live a while longer, without operating, since the cancer did not seem to be bothering him at all.

We wondered if the pneumonia was a result of the cancer getting close to his lungs. Perhaps this time the vet might put Monty down next visit.

Anyhow – I got out the Arsen Alb homeopathic liquid. It probably would not cure the cancer, but quite likely  it would fix the pneumonia.

Arsen Alb is a fantastic remedy for preventing and curing flu in people, or animals, especially when there is a cough with it. Often it will fix a cough that lasts long after a person has had the flu.  It is a marvellous remedy for all kinds of coughs and, like Aconite, is a good remedy to start with if you are unsure about what remedy to use.

So Monty was about to have his very first dose of homeopathy.  I reckon he was lucky I had Arsen Alb on hand.

Since I had run out of the straight homeopathic Arsen Alb, I used a combination which has Cantharis and Antimon Crud added to it. I felt that the Arsen Alb remedy would do its work regardless of the added remedies. As it happened, the Cantharis was useful for treating Monty’s bladder, which was showing signs of weakening under the stress of the pneumonia.

That evening, I gave him several drops of the Arsen Alb combination in one dose, sprinkling the remedy around his mouth and nose. Around an hour later, I repeated the dose.

With the second dose of Arsen Alb I also gave Monty some Arnica/Symphytum drops.  Just a couple or three drops, again smeared around his mouth and nose.

The Arnica/Symphytum was given mainly to alleviate his stress, although these remedies are often useful also in treating congestion of the lungs.

By morning, Monty was very much improved. Nearly better.  The rattling had gone from his chest, and he was not gaping his mouth wide to breathe as he had been doing the night before. He was eating and drinking again, which is always a healthy sign with a sick person or animal.  My friend was very very happy to see Monty’s improvement, and grateful for the treatment I had given.

We gave him another dose of Arsen Alb.  Then a few hours later, just the Arnica remedy.  Then, at night time, some more Arsen Alb, followed by a sprinkling of Arnica again.

The next morning, the day which Monty was booked into the vet’s, he was almost completely recovered.

He was mobile again, and was looking extremely  alert and pretty pleased with himself. My  friend decided to keep the appointment with the vet anyway, and took him along  for a check-up.

Guess what?  The vet promptly gave Monty an antibiotic, ‘just in case’, charged my friend $40, and sent them both home after about 10 minutes’ consultation.

I told my friend, who had never used a homeopathic remedy before,  that the antibiotic would not have been necessary, as homeopathy had been effective in curing Monty’s pneumonia.

If the correct homeopathic remedy, or remedies, are used, then recovery from infection can be expected within a short time.

The main thing is that one way or another, Monty recovered from the pneumonia. And all due to our homeopathic first aid, in the absence of a ready antibiotic.

He is tearing around the house now, playing with his replacement rat, who is a couple of years younger, happy as a sand-boy for the mean-time.

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Homeopathy Awareness Week In NZ Not Given A Fair Go

Discussion on Radio NZ Unfair to Homeopathy

This is Homeopathy Awareness Week, recognized world-wide, from 10th to 16th April, 2014.   Interesting that Homeopathy Awareness Week has almost co-incided with the findings of the British Medical Association, who reported in the British Medical Journal recently that there is no proof that standard pharmaceutical flu injections work.

DSCO 1670

Great – at last!!!!  All anti-flu jabs and tablets should be banned in my opinion.  Homeopathy and Vitamins C  and A are better, safer alternatives.

I know many people who have been made ill by having a flu injection. I have written quite a bit on the potential dangers to health from having flu jabs or other vaccinations. One lady I know ended up in intensive care, such were her reactions to a dose of ‘Tamiflu’. It has taken her several years to recover from what appeared to be extreme allergies, asthma, and near nervous collapse, all of which transpired after her dose of ‘Tamiflu’.

But our NZ medical people, who have stock-piled masses of this useless and sometimes even downright dangerous drug, are insisting that the British study is ‘incomplete’.  They intend to go right on using it.  Because they have already spent a fortune buying in their stock-pile, they want to palm it off onto the public somehow.  Those drug companies must still be laughing their heads off.

Since it is World Homeopathy Awareness Week, one would expect that homeopaths might have been given the opportunity on radio (and TV, which I have not watched for ages) to describe how homeopathy works, to discuss what common ailments might respond to homeopathic treatment, and what homeopathic remedies you might consider using for those ailments.

But not so, apparently.  Homeopathy is under what I believe to be a co-ordinated attack by all those who protect the interests of pharmaceutical drugs, and if you look online under ‘Homeopathy Awareness Week’, you will see that my assertion seems to be correct:  Most of the listings favour those against homeopathy.

Today, the last day of ‘Homeopathic Awareness Week’, I heard, just before the news at 12 noon on Radio NZ, a damning account of homeopathy.  The reporter said, in unequivocal terms, that Homeopathy Awareness Week’s purpose was to show people why homeopathy should not be used or trusted.

She is wrong. This is NOT the intended message of ‘Homeopathic Awareness Week.

Homeopathy Awareness Week In NZ has not been given A Fair Go on our New Zealand National Radio station:  Attack is the best means of defense, they say.  I believe the medical authorities, backed by the drug companies, are behind the attack on homeopathy which I heard on radio today. The attacker, a science reporter, was astoundingly ignorant and misinformed about almost everything to do with homeopathy.

Either ignorant, or perhaps this reporter is being paid to say the damning and untruthful things she said.  The only thing about homeopathy which she appeared to know a little about, was that the remedies were ‘shaken’, she said.  Well, the word is ‘succussed’, dear reporter.  She also made the incredible allegation that homeopaths often did their ‘shaking’  (succussing) of their remedies over a Bible.

This unfounded belief of hers about some practitioners using a Bible to make their remedies, is a blatant lie, probably prompted by drug company interests, to make homeopaths look totally ridiculous.  The reporter uses this absurb Bible-bashing idea deliberately to give weight to  her statement that homeopathy is just a ‘magic medicine’, no better than a placebo, she said.

Well, homeopathic medicine, properly prescribed, is NOT a placebo, it is NOT MAGIC,  and it has nothing to do with the Bible.

The Royal Family have used homeopathy for decades.  They have been a long-lived lot.  The Queen has her own personal homeopathic doctor.  I would have hoped for more Royal stories about homeopathy during ‘Homeopathy Awareness Week’, especially with the Royals, Prince William, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, only leaving our New Zealand shores today.

Now, what about there being a potential cure for ebola in the form of a homeopathic remedy?  I have written myself about the possiblity of homeopathic remedies being used for a range of diseases which so far do not have any cures.  Homeopathic remedies, as well as megadoses of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, should be taken seriously by the scientists who are say they are looking for cures. Trouble is, these remedies are not on the agendas of most drug companies’ research items.

Anyway, this science reporter took up the issue of ebola – somewhere she had read that homeopathy could be a potential cure.  This was her response:

‘Homeopathy is just water.  There is nothing in it.  You cannot cure ebola with water’, she said. Personally, I have never cured a case of ebola, but I am quite prepared to believe that the right homeopathic remedy could work, since homeopathic medicine has worked for me and my family for flu, and a whole range of other ailments and childhood illnesses.  Homeopathic remedies can even be used, more safely, I believe, as an alternative to vaccinations of many kinds.

If this reporter would only visit me or any other person with a small amount of homeopathic knowledge, we could help her avoid the flu with so-called homeopathic water.  But we would have to use the right remedy.  I would use homeopathic Arsen alb.  There are some other good ones which you could use, but I find homeopathic Arsen alb particularly good as a prophylactic for flu viruses.

Homeopathy is NOT a placebo, as this reporter said.  Any old remedy will not do.  The right remedy can reverse the beginnings of a flu, scarlet fever, and help many childhood illnesses.  But the right remedy has to be used if you want to alleviate the symptoms, or reverse the condition. Conversely, I could make this reporter feel a little sick for a while by giving her a remedy which was entirely inappropriate.  So much for the placebo effect of her so-called magical ‘water’ remedies.

The reporter obviously has NOT done her homework into the history of homeopathy.  She declined to tell us that homeopathy practitioners were silenced about their findings way back in the 1920’s, when the pharmaceutical companies banded together to oust homeopathic science.  They formed the nucleus of what is now the  mighty and powerful American FDA – Federal Drug Administration.

Homeopathic doctors, no matter how well qualified in the medical profession, were not allowed to publish their findings on homeopathic medicine after around 1925.  This is why we have little evidence of homeopathy successes in the public domain today.

Homeopathy was silenced a long time ago by the powers that be.  It looks as if those powers that be are still afraid to let homeopathy into the public arena for fear that it might prove to be safer and more effective, and cheaper too, than their pharmaceutical medicines.


No Antibiotics For H7N9 Bird Flu Virus 2013 Human Killer

New Strains Of Influenza Are Threatening The Human Race.  Antibiotics and Immunizations are not working for some of these hybrid viruses.

DSCO 1556

Homeopathic Medicine could work for this new strain of Bird Flu,the H7N9.  When modern antibiotics do not work, homeopathic medicine and vitamins should most definitely be used instead to help save people’s lives.

See Merrilyn’s posts on the use of homeopathic remedies for various illnesses: 

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Of course, since I have not had Bird Flu myself, I have not tried Arsen alb or any other homeopathic remedy on the Bird Flu Virus, but Arsen alb could very well be effective.

Since Vitamin C has proved effective for the deadly Swine Flu and other life-threatening infections, I would be looking to use intravenous Vitamin C as well, if I contracted the Bird Flu Virus.

Over 100 people so far have fallen sick with the deadly H7N9 Bird Flu Virus.  Of these people, one third who have succumbed to the disease have died.

The medical profession would do well to explore the range of Homeopathic remedies, which are available for treating different kinds of influenza.   Appropriate Homeopathic treatment, along with Mega doses of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A, might have prevented these people from dying of the Bird Flu.

Remember that antibiotics did not work to cure swine flu either, but when megadoses of Vitamin C were given, taken intravenously, some people were saved from dying of Swine Flu.

This H7N9 virus is affecting people in parts of China, and others who have come in contact with the disease. Some travellers have caught the bird flu, after coming in contact with infected chickens.

If I had the disease, I would be powering into those 1000mg tablets of non-acidic Vitamin C, or heading for a clinic which could administer some megadoses of intravenous Vitamin C.

If I was taking 1000mg tablets, I would take one tablet each hour until an improvement was noted.  I would also take Vitamin A capsules to the tune of three times the recommended dose each day. I would take the megadoses of Vitamin A for up to three days only.

Depending on the specific symptoms, I would choose a Homeopathic remedy from one of the following, and change the remedy as needed, when the symptoms changed.

Note:  Each remedy has its own range of specific symptoms, so it is necessary to examine the symptoms for each remedy so that the most effective remedy can be used.  A homeopathic doctor should be sought in the case of a serious illness such as Bird Flu.

Homeopathic Remedies For Flu:


Arsen alb










Veratrum alb

Note about Iatrogenic Illness to Angus who commented on this post:  Read my post entitled:  ‘Medical Causes of Death’.

Accidents DO happen. We can never know just how many people suffer iatrogenic illness. But iatrogenic illnesses and deaths certainly do occur from time to time.

Only a year ago or so my cousin came back from Australia to have a cancerous portion of his bowel removed. Guess what? The surgeon removed the TOP part of his bowel, when it was the BOTTOM part of the bowel which should have been removed. The mistake was discovered just as he was waking up. So he was shot back into the operating theatre to have the bottom part removed. Too late to put back the good,top part of the bowel the surgeon had cut out.
This ‘accident’ was, like many, not reported as negligent practice. Many such-like mistakes go unrecorded, because people are too nice to complain.

My own daughter was initially made sick from aerial drops of 245T -same ingredients as Agent Orange which contains Dieldrin – We were intensively sprayed with 245T in a country area while I was pregnant. This caused chronic 245T poisoning which made us all very sick. It took several years for our health to recover after this spraying incident.

After my daughter was born, when her breathing was so bad, and she was so ill, doctors guessed she might have had cystic fibrosis, but this was never confirmed.

Anyhow, interesting to note that the actual CAUSE of her death was an overdose of Ventolin done by a young nurse at the hospital we were staying in. This caused heart failure and brain damage almost immediately after a whole test-tube full of ventolin was poured down her throat. I saw it happen. We eventually took her off life support after a month because there was no improvement. We had to let her die.

Interesting to note too, that I went to the doctor after the spraying, because my own health had suddenly become so bad, with asthma-like symptoms among other things. I wanted the doctor to note that the spraying had made me and my young son sick, so that our symptoms from 245T poisoning were recorded. My hopes were to get the stuff banned.
The doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with 245T – no record of it causing illness in humans – and that my illness was all in my imagination. What an ignorant doctor – the stuff was already banned overseas at that stage, but NZ was still manufacturing it.
This should give you some idea about the influence the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have on our society, how lies are told, and how rules are bent so that they can continue to profit where they can.

Lives could be saved if, as well as Vitamin C treatment,  homeopathic medicine were at least given a try in some of these ‘incurable’ illnesses.  Let’s pray that the pharmaceutical companies loosen their strangulating hold on the medicine industry, and let Homeopaths prove the worth of their science.

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