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Pneumonia In Pet Rat Cured With Homeopathy

October 10th, 2014

Homeopathic Arsen Alb and Arnica  to the rescue. Who says homeopathic remedies are simply placebos?  'Nothing in them except water and a bit of alcohol' say some advocates for the drug copanies' pharmaceuticals. Recently, a friend came to me with his pet rat called 'Monty'.  Monty could barely breathe.  His chest was making an awful rattling sound.  His poor wee mouth struggled to open wide with every breath in an effort to find enough air. He was obviously suffering from a bad dose of pneumonia. The vet could not see him for a couple of days, by which time we guessed he would ...

Homeopathy Awareness Week In NZ Not Given A Fair Go

April 16th, 2014

Discussion on Radio NZ Unfair to Homeopathy This is Homeopathy Awareness Week, recognized world-wide, from 10th to 16th April, 2014.   Interesting that Homeopathy Awareness Week has almost co-incided with the findings of the British Medical Association, who reported in the British Medical Journal recently that there is no proof that standard pharmaceutical flu injections work. Great - at last!!!!  All anti-flu jabs and tablets should be banned in my opinion.  Homeopathy and Vitamins C  and A are better, safer alternatives. I know many people who have been made ill by having a flu injection. I have written quite a bit on the potential ...

Homeopathic Arsen Alb For NZ Flu May 2013

May 30th, 2013

Arsen Alb in Homeopathic Dosage is considered by some homeopaths to be a prophylactic for the Flu.  See the book by Dr James H. Stephenson, M.D. 'Helping Yourself With Homeopathic Remedies'. Unfortunately, right now on the 5th August, 2015, there is a website block on B. Jain's available booklist, and so I cannot ascertain the date of Dr Stephenson's publication, since I do not have this book in my collection. I do hope that this block is not some sort of prohibitive action to stop us from accessing these valuable homeopathic books. I have also discovered that the list of praciticing homeopaths, ...

No Antibiotics For H7N9 Bird Flu Virus 2013 Human Killer

May 2nd, 2013

New Strains Of Influenza Are Threatening The Human Race.  Antibiotics and Immunizations are not working for some of these hybrid viruses. Homeopathic Medicine could work for this new strain of Bird Flu,the H7N9.  When modern antibiotics do not work, homeopathic medicine and vitamins should most definitely be used instead to help save people's lives. See Merrilyn's posts on the use of homeopathic remedies for various illnesses: Of course, since I have not had Bird Flu myself, I have not tried Arsen alb or any other homeopathic remedy on the Bird Flu Virus, but Arsen alb could very well be effective. Since Vitamin ...

Homeopathy And Planting Lawn Flowers For The Bees

February 13th, 2013

Why Are Bees Dying? This year I have not seen more than a couple of bees at a time in my small garden here at Morrinsville.  There are plenty of flowers there of which bees are very fond, but the bees just do not arrive in their numbers as they used to. Well, we all know about those insecticides and herbicides which kill bees off.  If we want to protect our bees so that we still have them around to pollenate our food crops for us, then we all have to stop using toxic chemicals on our soil and plants. It has been ...
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