Home Made Lavender Lotion Insecticide

Lavender Natural Flea Repellant, Head Lice Repellant, Hair Conditioner.

Grow some lovely lavender.  It has many uses, apart from being a valuable natural insecticide.

Lavender is beneficial for the bees and for the health of your garden.  It will help to discourage pests, whilst attracting the bees.

Attracting bees into your garden will benefit the pollination of your other plants.

Lavender is good for the hair, making it shine and encouraging new growth.

Purple lavender is beautiful to behold, and its sight will have a calming influence on all who visit you and your garden.

Making Home Made Lavender Lotion is a very satisfying process.  Nothing like getting into your garden, picking a few handfuls of fresh lavender blossoms, and setting them down to ferment into something so lovely and as useful as your own brew of lavender lotion.

Home Made Lavender Lotion or Essence can be used neat, or as an addition to shampoos for the purpose of lice and flea prevention, and as a natural conditioner for the hair.

How To Make Homeopathic Lavender Solution: Lavender solution can also be used homeopathically as an insect repellant spray, for fleas or ants or vermin.  To use the lavender lotion homeopathically in this way,you use just one part of the home made lavender lotion to nine parts of water.  Then you succuss the mixture by shaking it vigorously around 100 times.  Sounds a lot, but really, it isn’t.  It takes just a minute or two of shaking, and – voila – you have a very potent but harmless insecticide spray.

This mixture needs to be used up within three days, or kept in the fridge, or, alternatively, use third vodka, two thirds water as your base solution.

Remember not to spray the homeopathic mixture  onto any blossoms which bees might visit, as it could harm the bees.

How To Make Home Made Lavender Lotion

Now is a good time to start your lotion. Pick the blooms in the spring,around September October in New Zealand,  when the blooms have begun to open out. It is best to pick your blooms early in the morning,  before the sun has dried off the aromatic oils on the flowers.

Fill a jar with the flowers. Any size jar can be used, depending on the quantity you wish to make. A jam jar with a screw-top lid is a good size to use for a start.

Once you have your jar filled with lavender blooms, squeeze the juice of one lemon over the lavender.

Add one tablespoon of brown sugar or honey to your jar of lavender blooms.

Top up with warm water to within an inch of the top, to allow for expansion with the fermentation process.

Loosely put on the lid.

Leave in a sunny spot such as a window-sill, but away from working areas and bedrooms. This is because it has a potent effect, even while it is fermenting, and you may not want to be dosing yourself with its energy all through the night or day.

Shake every day for 14 days. Remember to screw down the lid tightly before you shake the jar.  Then release the pressure on the cap again after the shaking.

After 14 days drain off the liquid and discard the flower material.  Pick some fresh blossoms, fill your jar again, and pour over the liquid which you have saved from the previous ferment.

You may need to top up the jar with a little more water.

Repeat the process, shaking each day for 14 days.

Repeat the procedure one more time after the 14 days are up, using  fresh flowers. Again let the mixture ferment for 14 days.

By the third time of fermentation, your lotion will have taken on a rich purple colour from the lavender blossoms.

All you have to do now is to drain the liquid lavender off and bottle it safely in a clean, dry jar or bottle.  Use a vessel which has a tightly fitting lid.  Keep your home made lavender lotion out of the sun in a cool place such as a bathroom cabinet or a dark cupboard, and high up on a shelf so that children cannot get hold of it.

Lavender lotion is highly concentrated, and would be very toxic if it were ingested, so it must be kept safe in a high place, well away from youngsters.

This lotion keeps indefinitely, so long as the storage is done as described.

Treatment Or Prevention of Fleas and Head Lice:

To help discourage fleas in your dog’s kennel, or to prevent head lice, use one part lavender lotion to 9 parts water and shake vigorously.  Spray a few squirts of the resulting homeopathic dilution onto the hair. You do not need to use very much, and repeat the application of a few squirts each day for about three days.  You do not have to cover the whole head, or spray over the whole area in a kennel.  Just a few squirts in one or two areas in a kennel should be enough to make a difference.

If necessary, repeat the application after a week, of just two or three squirts each day for another three days or so.

Repeat as described until the fleas or lice have gone.

Note:  The effect of homeopathic lavender solution is quite long-lasting.  So don’t use for long periods at a time, as this could have a weakening effect on the immune system.

Another Option For Treating Pets:   Alternatively, add the lavender lotion to your shampoo, using roughly one  lavender lotion to nine parts shampoo.

Shampoo which has been fortified with your home made lavender lotion will work as a flea and lice preventative, and it also works as a conditioner for the hair which is also helpful in maintaining good hair growth.

A bought conditioner, or hand or body lotion,  can be spiced up in the same way for use as a flea preventor. This can be a simple method of applying the lavender insecticide to your pets.

Simply add a portion of your home made lavender lotion to a portion of your good quality body lotion and shake it into the mixture.  Just make sure that you are using a GOOD commercial product to start with – one which does not contain parabens or any other harmful petro-chemicals or other bad stuff.

You need use just a smear or two under the chin and belly to repel those fleas from your pet.

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